10% Nidalee Player - Best of LoL Streams #1043


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    Jankos finds out his true skillshot % on Nidalee
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    Froggen: www.twitch.tv/froggen
    TheBausffs: www.twitch.tv/thebausffs
    GrossGore: www.twitch.tv/grossie_gore
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    Nemesis: www.twitch.tv/lol_nemesis
    LS: www.twitch.tv/imls
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    Scrubnoob: www.twitch.tv/scrubnoob
    Shadowmelons69: www.twitch.tv/shadowmelons69
    0:00 Jankos
    0:44 Nemesis
    1:04 Perkz
    1:22 TheBausffs
    1:45 Drututt
    2:02 Missbaffy
    2:07 GrossGore
    2:18 Missbaffy
    2:23 GrossGore
    2:53 Froggen
    3:04 Tyler1
    3:24 Perkz
    3:33 Amazing
    3:53 LS
    4:08 King Nidhogg
    4:28 Yassuo
    4:41 TheBausffs
    4:53 Jankos
    5:24 Froggen
    5:36 Karasmai
    5:55 Imsoki
    6:06 TheBausffs
    6:22 Jeeterlive
    6:30 Azzapp
    6:44 Scrubnoob
    6:52 Masterofwzstysko
    7:04 Dzukill
    7:22 Allahakgnar
    7:36 TheBausffs
    7:49 Justmtk
    8:01 GrossGore
    8:15 TheBausffs
    8:29 Manco
    8:40 Yassuo
    8:54 Shadowmelons69
    9:03 Soulmario
    9:19 Jankos
    9:41 Erick Dota
    9:55 TheBausffs
    10:20 Soulmario
    10:36 Aesirprenke
    10:48 Soulmario
    11:18 Dankek5
    11:43 GrossGore
    Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
    Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
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    1. dana

      10? I would give a solid 5...

      1. Edith Laurio

        @Monsieur Sunflower you mean 0.1-

      2. Dorian

        elo www.twitch.tv/ciastekk_lol dajcie follow pls

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    5. Neopolitan

      No one: My cat at 3 AM: 6:45

    6. Rick Van Gog

      11:18 is in this video, most bronze aatrox moment I've seen in a while, but a 1v3 vlad outplay I made isn't? this guy legit used e completely wrong against the yi, then q's completely the wrong way and then kills them because of the healing he gets for hitting q, only spamming q in the proces? Worst play I've seen in a vid from synapse for a while, every donkey could've done that 10 times better

    7. Mychael Jones

      Latta Bitch 5:25

    8. guillermo lemonnier

      me after scoring sum pints with me mates 2:24

    9. ューマシ

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    11. Capalot

      this for all the kled players that think he needs a buff

    12. Mladá Klobáska

      10:36 please tell me name of this song

    13. honcho emoji

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    14. The Black Music

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    16. Not Carpett__

      There were as many kled clips in this video as how many titles kled has

    17. Cláudio Carapinha

      i lked the "uh fodace"

    18. Jorge Perez

      11:11 because Kled is so balanced

    19. Miloš Popović

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    22. Marko Muller

      5:00 my girlfriend telling me she wants sex without telling me she want it

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      that aatrox play at min 11:18 has to be in iron or bronze lmao

    28. Thunder Rider


    29. Yung Alx

      song at 1:45?

    30. Jonatan Jakub January

      2:00 Missbaffy Music? I was lookin for it for A Long Time. Does anyone know?

      1. PelicaN

        Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer - Party Don't Stop

    31. Walalo 135

      kled is disgusting

    32. Cameron Toper

      I have never fast forwarded thru a video as fast as when Aesprenke is playing

    33. Slick Willy

      the kayne otp is the most obnoxious player ive ever seen and your videos would be 1000% better without him in them

    34. Joaquín Figueroa

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      Should've named it Best of Kleds plays

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    43. Anton kjellman

      Lol dat aatrox canceled his auto 20 times with passive up 🤦‍♂️

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      *streamer ints ands up getting dived* streamer: "must be fanboys" or maybe youre just the weakest link that game

      1. Psionic

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      11:18 this is litterallly the worst aatrox play ive ever seen. He miss all qs, cancelled his passive auto and fucked up his e auto cancel! Edit: AND didnt use his goredrinker when it came off cd. Like holy fuck, why is this here?

    73. Pico in weiblich

      Netflix: are u still watching? someones daugther: 4:53

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      The feeling when you were there during those clips is like you can see the future

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