17-Scooter - Suck my megamix (by DJ VF)


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    An official title. All rights to Scooter and Kontor records

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    1. xsuszix

      2021 Mega power😁💪

    2. The Pod Master

      Yep, I'm still listening

    3. в поисках серебра #кладоискатели


    4. Barbora Dejlova


    5. F F

      Fav mix

    6. F F

      2021 ?

    7. Alicia Sessamen

      Never get tired, my FAVORITE workout sounds thank you SCOOTERS, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2021. WHO'S WITH ME.

    8. I. Anthonysz

      Scooter, Retro-Scooter, or Just; ' Scoo-ter ' ??????/!!!!!! 😂🤣😅😆😉😊 They're Insane, ... Insane in the 'Membraine' (Just Kiding) !!!!!! 👯😻💩👻🙃😝😇👼🏽🤭🤩🥰🤶🏻🧔🏻

    9. Adam D

      75 nasza muza

    10. Rymis19


    11. young- curry

      "fuk 2020"

    12. tavi anghelina

      I do! With pleasure...

    13. Григорий Горбунов

      Its nice to be importante But Its importante to be nice

    14. Catherine Ancelet

      j'adore encore

    15. Maxime

      26:33 song plz?

    16. Włodzimierz Ratajczak

      Polecam megamix Scooter

    17. Brian Smed Christensen

      Wow, great mix

    18. Neo

      Techno God 4Ever. He is like a character out of the Matrix world. Techno Merovingian.

    19. 4a 61 62 72 6f 6e 69


    20. Pascal Schmidt

      Thanks for the upload! I have that "Suck My Megamix" on CD when it was released in 2011! 🥳🔊🔊

    21. Andre Thiel

      Einfach nur Geil....

    22. Zoki G

      Thank you, this is the best mix ever made so far! I'm really enjoying it!! 😎

    23. David Thirkill

      When you just need to bounce 🤪

    24. Алексей Борзов

      Красава Супер

    25. Андрей Ермолаев

      Scooter ваще огонь. Еееее

    26. john smith

      Anybody in 2030?? Lol

    27. Matej Drnovsek

      Scooter is the beast hardcore we have a energy yeah yeah 😛

    28. BAD Trump


    29. bertus versluis


    30. Bee-Bot Prime



      Greatest mega mix ever

    32. MŘ. MarkoW

      27:22 song name?

      1. Grzegorz Płochocki

        Elvis Crespo - Suavemente

    33. Adrian Fischer

      Merken :) are you ready hufast.info/plan/vide/nXi1g8lmkYnapH0

    34. Adrian Fischer

      Tonight party with us......Here we go....Make it louddddd

    35. Bojana Bojana


    36. Johan gamer

      Title of song from 8:06 ?

    37. Danny Vermeulen

      Goede mix en goede nummer en goede DJ en ik ga helemaal los gaan op de spiet en match deze ja ja jo jo oke tot later matje 04-12-2020

    38. rafal t

      17:00 what is that!!??

    39. Daz

      I'll be listening to them in 2030

    40. funcarpe ray

      scooter is legende !

    41. Daz Fisher

      I am always listeiing tu scooter

    42. Marcin Mionsko


    43. Никита Ратушняк

      кто вкурсе что за песня на 38-39 минуте. напомнило клип какойто там роботы были. или нет. ну кто вкурсе плиз трек. клип)

    44. Владимир Фёдоров

      Заебала ваша реклама

    45. Maris Sirsons


    46. Евгений Рй

      бля только вчера я слушал альбом "sheffiel" на диске ,на DVD плеере в 2002 году,а сегодня уже 2020 как так!! ??

    47. Barnabás Kiss

      Who else is listening to Scooter in 2021? What?! It's like one month away and I wana he the first to ask this

    48. Neuro

      What is the song at 1:10:21?


      Best mix when you get drunk during Covid. At 11 pm to six in the morning

    50. Tony H

      I still listen proudly in 2020 , fkk mainstream society/media . Scooter for Ever!!🎵🎵🎵🎵👍👍

    51. RK

      19:28 for Brüno and Black Guys

    52. fanynamjining


    53. fanynamjining

      los escucho desde mi infancia, su música es enserio muy buena no dejare de escucharla SOY EL UNICO COMENTARIO EN ESPAÑOL JAJA

    54. Alucard

      The real question is who has been a fan of Scooter since forever?

      1. djckcheryl

        me since 1996

    55. The Fister Fister

      das geht ins Bein....immer noch und für immer🤘🤘🤘🤘

    56. János Ecsek


    57. Edward K.

      How a video where 15 yr old boy tries to drift with a shitty 20bhp miata has more views than this?

    58. Frostbiten

      Who else is listening to Scooter in 2021?

    59. Piotr Nowak

      The Scooter is and will be immortal to fans of this muzyki👍👍👍

    60. Dougie’s dashcam And various places

      Who’s listening in 2020

    61. Stefanie Gerbig

      𝑌𝑒𝑎ℎ 😍😍🤩🤩❣️❣️

    62. marcin rychlewski


    63. Sergey Sobolev

      How old this megamix?

    64. Zibi


    65. Riku Vainio

      Scooter has succeed to create an amazing mash up. I've listened to Scooter since the 90's, seen them live on stage as well. Scooter was one of the techno or EDM as its called today, which lead me to the raver's path.. 👍

    66. JaggaMac

      How come that HUfast knows I have this CD?

    67. Alicia Sessamen

      I can work out hard in this album, thank you SCOOTER, LOVE IT

    68. krilstian


    69. Anthony Gleeson

      Great weight training music 🎶🎶

    70. Sven Moreiko

      Ravers of the universe - you keep the spirit alive :-)

    71. cybmanijak

      Best day's 📴 lifetime 1990 im 40 and still going hardcoreeeeeeeee

    72. Mitchell Robinson

      It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!

    73. jožef zdešar

      scoter is a legend

    74. Megan

      Scooter is fucking its the best I love scooter

    75. Jodie Grayson


    76. Justinminers

      Scooter is a fucking legend

    77. Dennis M

      Who is the woman singing in the 17 min of the mix? Really injoy this one. Great mix 👍💪

    78. Marta Radecka


    79. Ian Watson

      Me forest..lol..clasics

    80. JamesDIcaprio

      Make more New Text Bring iT tu Me Feeling

    81. operatorgarnka

      Who will be listening to the scooter in 2021? :P

      1. KosmoShice

        Plenty of people - at the illegal raves out in the woods (which will surely be the only way to overcome the corona rules),

      2. Кэптен Блэт

        Suddenly, me. The disk is always in my car. Hi from Russia!

      3. Ron Küringen

        Scooter is timeless. Great Music, even for me as a metalfan!

      4. Elsass Rider

        forever scooter

      5. john blonde

        Count me in 02.01.2021 started my day with Scooter earlier just like every Saturday morning! No better way to start the day. Have a great new year everyone!!

    82. Kaspars Leikarts

      Scooter the best forever... :)))

    83. George Rustic

      Always Hardcore SCOOTER!👍👍👍👍

    84. Гуля Ешкеева

      SCOOTER...!!!!!! ЛЕГЕНДАААА!!!! НА ВСЕ ВРЕМЕНА.....!!!

    85. Сергей грюза

      ИСЛАНДИЯ 95 год ....fire!! 9 мая 50 лет победе

    86. Marcin Chmielewski

      Scooter jest prekursorem muzyki techno i rejw

    87. Żuczekdrive#

      Scooter the best 👍👍👍

    88. green Cookie

      Me. I'm going to see them . Best happy hardcore, intellectually meshed up dudes ever.

    89. marcin rychlewski

      Winner !!

    90. marcin rychlewski


    91. Antonio Dapoto

      57:34 that Horse , magnificent

      1. Pascal Schmidt


    92. Patrik Mikušiak

      2..:20 song please??

      1. Andre Kauertz

        Ti Sento

    93. MrKang

      Is that you billy? PepeHands

    94. Николай

      валентайн! так отдельная тема!

    95. Николай

      и женился он на Русскрой!

      1. Наталья Никонорова

        Чё внатуре?😲

    96. Николай

      сцуко на кассетах есть!

    97. Franco Ruiz

      Scooter sapeeee!!!!🔉‼️

    98. PaladinX LP

      missing the old Ricky times

    99. Валя Данисько


      1. Наталья Никонорова


    100. Wayne Brown

      A big help during the lockdown. Thanks scooter for making the whe covid BS so bearable