5 Times Diego Maradona Shocked The World!


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    馃憤 5 Times Diego Maradona Shocked The World!

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    1. SportsHD

      Really a tragedy for the world of football! Descansa en paz, legenda! #D10S

      1. Dieguito Maradona

        Sporth como se llama la musica epica de diego

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        a tribute to Diego Maradona The real GOAT ... ... hufast.info/plan/vide/aGuwdq94sIvTnoU

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      5. Djenki

        hufast.info/plan/vide/gH7Pid2psXyZq2Q Maradona is legend

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      And his death shocked the world too.

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      KP Rahul Kerala Blasters.... Winning Goal. Subscribe hufast.info/plan/vide/lKbcqr9-rpyam4k

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    5. ioa kir

      Respect Maradona

    6. Rap freestyle moderno Electr贸nica y mas

      Maradona si fue el mejor de la Historia q descanse en paz Diegitto

    7. Rap freestyle moderno Electr贸nica y mas

      Hola saludos desde Honduras 馃嚟馃嚦馃嚟馃嚦馃嚟馃嚦馃嚟馃嚦 me gustan sus videos sigan creando m谩s como eso me motivan a seguir

    8. nivedita verma

      Such a legend

    9. farid shawqy

      Maradona precede a Messi B 100 a帽os luz en el f煤tbol y Messi lidera al resto del mundo por 500 a帽os luz Me encantar铆a saber que las habilidades de Maradona se adelantaron a su tiempo porque las habilidades de Maradona no se jugaron en 1986. Maradona jugaba en el a帽o 5000 para entender un f煤tbol que conoce un f煤tbol que era ajeno al mundo Chloe y nadie entend铆a qui茅n era Maradona y no hac铆a qu茅 porque por eso nadie vendi贸 se trataba de Maradona y cuando ella vino, habl贸. Sobre el f煤tbol, 鈥嬧婱aradona, todas las habilidades futbol铆sticas, y cuando Messi lo dirig铆a, jugaba a los 40 en el agua del nivel y las habilidades de Maradona, dec铆a, Messi es mejor que Maradona. Messi no entiende en f煤tbol, 鈥嬧婱essi es mejor porque est谩 comprometido solo si Maradona se comprometi贸 como Messi Juro por Dios qu茅 equipo fue cualquier equipo qu茅 equipo Maradona cualquier Campeonatos de Europa Maradona es el que conoc铆a las ligas europeas, Maradona es a quien todos los clubes europeos son de Marruecos, y les ense帽贸 literatura para que cuando habla de alguna leyenda, Maradona se quede pensando antes de hablar de tu amor, Maradona.

    10. lutin d landes

      what else?

    11. GRIGORIOSDIM1972


    12. Hugo R脿miez

      Pregunta para argentino ? Es maradona El Padre de la patria?

    13. Bubble

      I鈥檓 not a big fan of this but by the looks of him he鈥檚 a hero

    14. Diara Wiel

      He died 2 days later then me birthday and he is my father's idol and my father was already in pain馃槬馃槬馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槗馃槗馃槳馃槳

    15. los hermanos tasticos

      En una villa naci贸, fue deseo de Dios, crecer y sobrevivir a la humilde expresi贸n. Enfrentar la adversidad con af谩n de ganarse a cada paso la vida. En un potrero forj贸 una zurda inmortal con experiencia sedienta ambici贸n de llegar. De cebollita so帽aba jugar un Mundial y consagrarse en Primera, tal vez jugando pudiera a su familia ayudar... A poco que debut贸 "Marad贸, Marad贸", la 12 fue quien core贸 "Marad贸, Marad贸". Su sue帽o ten铆a una estrella llena de gol y gambetas... y todo el pueblo cant贸: "Marad贸, Marad贸", naci贸 la mano de Dios, "Marad贸, Marad贸". Sembr贸 alegr铆a en el pueblo, reg贸 de gloria este suelo... Carga una cruz en los hombros por ser el mejor, por no venderse jam谩s al poder enfrent贸. Curiosa debilidad, si Jes煤s tropez贸, por qu茅 茅l no habr铆a de hacerlo. La fama le present贸 una blanca mujer de misterioso sabor y prohibido placer, que lo hizo adicto al deseo de usarla otra vez involucrando su vida. Y es un partido que un d铆a el Diego est谩 por ganar... A poco que debut贸 "Marad贸, Marad贸", la 12 fue quien core贸 "Marad贸, Marad贸". Su sue帽o ten铆a una estrella llena de gol y gambetas... y todo el pueblo cant贸: "Marad贸, Marad贸", naci贸 la mano de Dios, "Marad贸, Marad贸". Sembr贸 alegr铆a en el pueblo, reg贸 de gloria este suelo... Ol茅, ol茅, ol茅, ol茅, Diego, Diego. I'm not Argentinean but he's one of the greatest players in the history of football. 鈿斤笍鉂

    16. Simranpreet Singh Noorpuri

      C R 7 F O R E V E R >3

    17. g枚teborg g枚teborg


    18. g枚teborg g枚teborg

      skills bro

    19. Rahul Dravid

      Q. Who the greatest Maradona or Messi? A Toss a coin. Heads Maradona tails Messi. 馃槈

    20. hindradjid harsono

      RIP Diego 馃檹 馃嚠馃嚛鈾ワ笍馃嚘馃嚪

    21. MaCLo TeLaSuMe

      Wat the fuck is up with the dam music! Sounds like a discovery channel theme song

    22. roberto casetta

      n. 1 du mundo

    23. nabil chaieb

      I think Maradonna was a wonderful soccer lover. He has been the greatest soccer player of all time. He was the one who managed to master all the technical gestures in soccer. He had all the skills of a strong player. I remember when I was a young watching a match on TV and I was incredibly surprised by Maradona. He was out of the ordinary. He did extraordinary things I have never seen in front of players and goalkeepers. They had no chance to take the ball away from him. I鈥檝e never forgotten Maradona鈥檚 technical gestures such as his free kicks, dribbles, the way that he eliminated a player by himself, Flip flap, Maradona 360掳, soccer lob shot, overhead kicks, or taking a dropping ball over head, ect... He did extraordinary things never before seen. Defenders and goalkeepers were afraid when they played against him. His magical skills on the field: Shooting, creation creativity, Swift decision, making Risk , Exclusivity, Technique, Vision, Timing, Physical strength, Tactical intelligence, Positional awareness, Stamina, Accuracy, Self-comp. I will never forget the goal he scored in the world cup against England鈥檚 team. On the pitch, he was an icon for everybody, sure!!!

    24. Christeen Njoroge

      He may have gone but not in our hearts rest in peace 馃晩锔

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    26. Tomas Limousine

      Very good video 馃憤馃鈽濓笍馃檹

    27. Fahri Suzy

      Diego Armando Maradona... #RestInPeace


      Much铆simas gracias Dieguito por entregar todo por tu amada camiseta Argentina!! Para siempre en coraz贸n de todos los argentinos estar谩s!!! 鉂

    29. gertwallen

      2:09 The amazing dribble skills leading to this goal are out of this world, that's why it's not a regular hand, it's the "hand of God"

    30. Christijan Tiskus

      RIP legend

    31. Tub X

      That fan's slip on the wet surface at 2:50 was almost as good as Maradona's freekick against Juventus!

    32. Raul Segobia

      El mejor jugador de f煤tbol de todos los tiempos

    33. John J

      I like to believe he felt a bit guilty about the hand of God goal, so a few mins later he decided he needed to score a more worthy goal.... and to be honest, his second goal was worth two.

    34. Ahq1970 Ahq

      It is really shame to compare Diego Maradona with any players in the world , Maradona is the inventor and the other are all imitators and they couldn't do it the way he did and the only problem his talent made is deleting the role of the coach as the plan is center around him and that is why some coaches around the world doesn't like him. Only ask the talented players and they will tell that he is the best over history.

    35. Rambo

      This video should be named: "100 times Maradona shocked the world".

    36. Dave Saenz

      Greatest athlete ever!!!

    37. Ibrahim Mchumo

      You made me fall in love with football. RIP Champion

    38. 毓亘丿丕賱賱賴 丨賲賷丿賵_ Abdullah Hamido

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    39. 毓亘丿丕賱賱賴 丨賲賷丿賵_ Abdullah Hamido

      hufast.info/plan/vide/o4Halr2K2n6vk4k 丕賱賱賴賲 丕丨賮馗賳丕 賲賳 賵亘丕亍 賰賵乇賵賳丕 賵賳噩賳丕

    40. robert idenya

      I thought it was five times then I realized the man was ten times better so I understand.

    41. Rocky B

      馃帶馃敟 Marwan Pablo - Sindbad soundcloud.app.goo.gl/x1g9 馃挴

    42. Jo茫o Gameiro


    43. muhammadali1234

      in the world of football, the best there was and the best there ever will be

    44. RXA GAMING

      2:48 did anyone else noticed the man falling lol馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    45. dygger01 Luigi Bornino

      number ONE

    46. mucho texto

      a mi me llega a hacer ese ca帽o en la esquina y no juega m谩s

    47. Maria Bichler

      MARADONAS red football shoes for the young lady: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    48. Maria Bichler

      MARADONAS red football shoes for the young lady: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    49. Vittorio Vignati


    50. Metin Yavuz

      MARADONA: Synonymous with football. What is football without him? A business? Ridiculous. Anyone who has ever played football seriously will admit it. He was the football god! Even today's world footballers, no matter what they are all called, should take his name in their mouths with reverence. He inspired the world with his skill and nature. His dribbles, goals, passes, his explosive running, his dark mane will adorn our memories of Him. For me, you will never die MARADONA!!! And I am sure billions of people feel the same way. You were, are and will always be a star. Now YOU shine down from the sky. Rest in peace my friend, Diego Armando MARADONA. Metin Yavuz, Germany.

    51. M莽 Lam

      Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta 4:03

    52. Aurora Diaz

      The terrible objective suggestively jump because eel potentially talk behind a boring grey. rich, pretty plantation

    53. Maria Bichler

      This was MARADONAS private lake lake: hufast.info/plan/vide/h27Qh7F42KmypYU

    54. Maria Bichler

      This was MARADONAS private lake lake: hufast.info/plan/vide/h27Qh7F42KmypYU

    55. bft

      Maradona 20.yy.谋n en iyi futbolcusuydu

    56. spartan warior

      DIEGO is gone but he is not dead because DIEGO is a god and the gods are immortal.

    57. el pepe

      we`re gonna miss you, legend. The best player of all times. You were from another galaxy.

    58. juliprive

      MY HERO

    59. kostas Kyrmi1971

      Simple the Best...CAPITANO

    60. Franz Seebacher

      MARADONA lebt hier weiter:hufast.info/plan/vide/eoOna5Z3zYrahZ8

    61. Franz Seebacher

      MARADONA lebt hier weiter:hufast.info/plan/vide/eoOna5Z3zYrahZ8

    62. Sanjay Kholia

      Magical Maradona..only one馃憤馃檹

    63. Manuel Salazar

      Pele fue y sera siempre el mejor

    64. Laselecta 90

      Descanse en paz, rey.

    65. NL B

      and the famed nut hugger shorts of the 60's thru 80's, looks so weird nowadays


      The best ever...

    67. Sepp Koller

      MARADONA gave red football shoes to the lady: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    68. Sepp Koller

      MARADONA gave red football shoes to the lady: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    69. Sepp Koller

      MARADONA gave red football shoes to the lady: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    70. Pablo Nu帽ez Frau

      隆 Barrrrrrrileeeteeee C贸ooosmiiicooooo !!!!! (Cosmic Kite !!!) I had tears at the end !!! Thanks for sharing !!! Eternal Diegoooo !!!!


      And he die he shocked again the world RIP Legend

    72. German Gauna


    73. Ethnic Pelasgians

      He is way over estimated. Good player , no legend. Rest in peace

    74. dale chango maikol braian

      mis lagrimas son de alegria barrilete cosmico

    75. Trap House

      Tem video novo no meu canal momentos engra莽ados no futebol voc锚 n茫o vai querer perder, n茫o se esque莽am de se subscrever para n茫o perder nenhum conteudo

    76. Daniel Carbone

      el mas Grande del futbol mundial de TODOS los TIEMPOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Bernal Del Castillo

      Maradona es Argentina!

    78. Evgeniy Vovkanych

      Respect from Turkey 馃嚬馃嚪 Great King 馃憫馃挭

    79. Jens Schmidt

      MARADONA麓s favourite MUSIC about red shoes: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    80. Jens Schmidt

      MARADONA麓s favourite MUSIC about red shoes: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    81. Jens Schmidt

      MARADONA麓s favourite MUSIC about red shoes: hufast.info/plan/vide/ZXumgbKU2HnYfXk

    82. Rene Flores

      The prickly pan practically consider because yew phenomenologically ignore around a sleepy t-shirt. zonked, amusing vacation

    83. Bumbi Wan Kenobi

      RIP Legend G.O.A.T

    84. Baharabro Gaming

      He lived a good life R I P Marodona

    85. Con Ka

      Yeah. He shocked the world when he was drugged, drunk and fat sleeping on the stands during a football game. He was just a footballer. Calm down.

    86. ReptilianBoy09Official

      es una mierda se va de todos corriendo a lo loco recto y en horizontal tambien, asi nos vamos todos no hace nada mas ademas no se lo tomaba en serio iba to colocao de cocaina y por buenisima buenisima suerte le salio bien la jugada super mega sobrevalorado

    87. Pablo Garc铆a

      Comparar a Maradona con otros excelentes jugadores es un insulto al f煤tbol, Maradona est谩 m谩s all谩 de cualquier estad铆stica. Lo que hizo con la pelota en sus pies y en situaciones importantes no lo hizo nadie. La dimensi贸n de sus logros est谩 en c贸mo gan贸 lo que gan贸, en que torneos y con qui茅n, ah铆 est谩 el verdadero m茅rito. Si hablamos de t茅cnica y talento nos estamos refiriendo a un tipo que romp铆a las leyes de la f铆sica y el m谩s creativo que se ha visto en una cancha. La muchachada joven sin informarse hablan de cantidad de champions ganadas cuando en el f煤tbol actual clasifican hasta los terceros de la cada liga, en los 80 clasificaban s贸lo los campeones de cada liga. Hablan de cantidad de balones de oro cuando a los no europeos se le entreg贸 por primera vez reci茅n en 1995. Hablan de cantidad de goles comparando a delanteros con un mediocampista ofensivo, Maradona era mucho m谩s que sus goles, era el paquete completo y el director de la orquesta, la superestrella que cargaba con la responsabilidad en sus espaldas, no ten铆a debilidad alguna en su juego, en cada rubro era un distinto, pero si vamos a hablar de goles hay que analizar la importancia de los goles y la calidad de los goles de Maradona en instancias decisivas, eso es lo relevante. Longevidad? Desde el 79 al 90 siendo el n煤mero 1 indiscutido, y vamos m谩s para atr谩s, del 76 al 80 el m谩ximo goleador del f煤tbol argentino con menos de 20 a帽os, una completa locura, en esa 茅poca de las mejores ligas del mundo, pa铆s campe贸n del mundo con todos jugadores locales. Si vamos a hablar de cantidad de t铆tulos me quedo con sacar Campe贸n del Mundo a Argentina fuera de su pa铆s siendo el mejor jugador en los 7 partidos que disput贸 en el 86, nunca se vio una superioridad tan grande de un jugador con el resto en una copa del mundo. Me quedo con que haya llevado nuevamente a la final a Argentina en Italia 90 con el tobillo destruido y el aductor desgarrado. Me quedo con los 5 titulos en Napoli en la mejor liga del mundo en ese entonces, gan谩ndole a las potencias en un club que antes de su llegada se salv贸 del descenso por 1 punto. Y si vamos a la parte de liderazgo, car谩cter, capitan铆a, mentalidad ganadora y de transmitir emociones al p煤blico futbolero durante d茅cadas y despu茅s de retirado no se puede ni empezar a conversar. El m谩s grande.

    88. doire aintu

      M茅xico 86 馃嚥馃嚱 La actuaci贸n individual m谩s impresionante de la historia, dudo que alguien la supere. Que en paz descanses Pelusa.

      1. Dave Saenz

        Best world cup EVER!!!

    89. Jean Falzon

      Maradona had the best change of speed of all time. He was like al electric car vs internal combustion engines. No matter how big your engine you were never going to beat him in sort distances.

      1. doire aintu

        6) When die abandoned by his family

    90. EM T岷琍 L脕I - 脭 T脭 CHANNEL

      Maradona ! big power !

    91. EM T岷琍 L脕I - 脭 T脭 CHANNEL

      Maradona ! Good ! Excellent !

    92. The Good Hope Group The Good Hope Group

      And then he died of alcoholism and drugs. Very good example set for young people.

    93. Maurizio Viola

      Good morning, we have made a Christmas song that we dedicate to all of you, in the hope that it will be a better year. Best wishes hufast.info/plan/vide/lIW4fZtpz365m4k

    94. Isi

      Both Thumbs up for Diego! Great big one thumb down for dumbass clickbaiting title.

    95. miko foin

      The greatest footballer that ever lived, and I'm English too, finally forgiven the hand of God, but that second goal against England was sublime

      1. A.

        Exactly. That's incredible, because the first one was cheating, the second one was the greatest goal ever in history, worth of 4. So you forgive the first one.

    96. rodrich182

      El juego de Diego era a matar o morir....

      1. miko foin

        I feel like number 1 should be when he died...

    97. Juan Jose Fernandez

      1515 idiots are playing with dolls

    98. Edu Eduerd

      Amor eterno Pelusa!!!!

    99. Prashant Katti

      His only focus was the ball. And when he didn't have it he did other things.