50 Facts You Didn't Know About the Fast and Furious

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    Here's 50 Facts You Didn't Know About the Fast And Furious!
    Hi guys Im Cambria, just uploading a video I did to The Why Guy's channel. If you guys like it ill upload more in the future. Big thanks from me and The Why Guy!
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    1. ASTRO_Xotic

      she really called han han solo

    2. Mikaila Fraser


    3. 23 Lazie

      She tried to make 150 sound impossible for a qtr mile .. people actually reached 180

    4. Jordi

      dope vid

    5. gavi admon

      bruh she really called hans "hans solo "like the disrespect

    6. KaawiiTV

      The 1st fact everyone knew about lmao rip Paul

    7. Joshua Ting

      5:08 i heard han solo instead of han lue

    8. Cartasticly

      Only clicked on this video to say this, Go fuck yourself because I already knew the thumbnail. Making a video on something that you clearly don't watch.

    9. faadil cm

      F you Porche man walker coulve been in the 8th movie but noo porche had to be a bitch

    10. Taylor Redwine

      At 9:39 clearly says that was Paul's car in rl!!

    11. Delenas coven

      So is no one talk about the fact that paul & jordana and vin and Michelle had a thing in real life

    12. transfactory

      9:42 i didn't know that fact because it's wrong the skyline actually belonged to Craig Lieberman who helped out with the cars in the films (he hates the paint job given to the car for the film and changed it back to black after filming) however the supra brian drives at the end of furious 7 did belong to Paul walker

    13. Fiene Janssen

      HOLD UP: Letty was supposed to cheat on dom with BRIAN?!

    14. Veronica Pavlenco

      The way “ los bandoleros” was said 😂

    15. TheWayMMM


    16. Rudy Sanchez

      Imagine mark wall berg as Brian

    17. C- 4

      I always thought Paul's eyes looked different...now I know why😥

    18. Lamar Brown

      Fast 10,fast11,untitled hobbs and shaw sequel.

    19. Lamar Brown

      $25 millions

    20. Sumanth M

      Major respect for this video 👍

    21. Darius 123

      1:33 who is the ken barbie doll ok that pissed me off even Though it was before he passed rip Paul walker btw but I love all the cast

    22. Supriya dash

      But Paul was the right decision for this movie...He just nailed it.❤️Love him so much

    23. kerth

      i still miss paul man, its just sad that we never got a chance to see him on 8-10, he's my main reason why i got into the movie series, he's even one of the reasons why i love f&f

    24. Gerardo Torres28

      Paul walker dose not own the wen he was in 2fast2firius

    25. Crusard Modding

      The Nissan Skyline GT-R Paul Walker drives in 2 Fast 2 Furious is not his own. It belonged to Craig Lieberman.

    26. Mansi Mhatre

      I knew all of these btw!!!

    27. Gurranplayzz

      ThE dRiFtInG wAs NoT cGi...... like fucking no shit??idiots

    28. nathan settle

      I thought I heard somewhere that the r34 from 2f2f was actually a directors which was repainted for the movie maybe I’m wrong and another interesting fact is that all the sounds for Brian’s eclipse weren’t actually from an eclipse

    29. Christopher Chocktoot

      Did she say han solo

    30. Abxdi

      I already knew that’s not the real Paul in the ending of f7

    31. Jefferson Cruz

      50 facts you didn’t know Fact #1 one of the most known facts of the franchise 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    32. Kable Games

      Would love to see Paul's daughter do a few films in honour of her dad

    33. N B

      I think in 3 movies time there will be another 5000 unknown facts...

    34. GTX_Senpai

      She forgot Ludacris…

    35. Pranav Talwar

      Why the scary music

    36. Cervly Cracked

      5 10 Han Solo I’m laughing in my boots

    37. Polo Mani

      Number 25 sounds like a mrbeast video

    38. Sean Mitchell

      The face is not CGI , that is Paul walker's twin brother , vin diesel stated it in a interview

      1. Makuac BOL

        hes not a twin they used caleb and cody to do the unfinished scenes they put paul walker face in their bodies it was cgi

    39. Eric Garza

      Letty says a few words to Brian in the first movie after dom tells Brian he still owes him a 10 second car

    40. XDFROSTY 420

      After fast and furious 6 Cody walker done the rest of the filming for fast and furious 7

    41. Mickie Barber

      I can’t imagine anybody but Paul playing Brian.

    42. qadri rulzdood

      0:58 I forgot how smoking hot Michelle Rodriguez was...dammmmn.

    43. Sawages

      5:09 did she just said han solo ?

    44. FR. Mico Porog

      11:45 artists

    45. LilleLasse

      Everybody knows that Paul walker died before the movie was done

    46. Courtney Morgan

      The fact i knew 95% of these

    47. X Ozzy X

      I see why eminem was not picked lol. JARULE

    48. Vastfire

      5:09 Han Solo????

    49. Ethan

      She said “Han solo’s death”

    50. Stoolbend XYZ Boys

      In the thumb nail of the video, the picture on the right is actually paul from the 4th movie during the cop car charger race.

    51. RHYAL Boyzz in da hood

      Lette and Brian had a conversation before but it wasn't shown in the film. In fast and furious 4 dom and Brian have a fight and then brian tells dom that lette came to me because she wanted to clear your name....

    52. amazingly cool

      This is fals at 3:54 vin disel is a director of fast and furious gas been scince day one

    53. Peter Radecki

      At 5:09 she said Han Solos

    54. Scale Hangar 182

      No, the GTR from 2fast wasn't Paul Walkers own car, its a myth and you should do a better researgh

      1. Makuac BOL

        im sorry i knew 95% f the video

      2. Makuac BOL

        @Scale Hangar 182 i wasnt insulting i just replied

      3. Scale Hangar 182

        @Makuac BOL English is not my first language, so i dont give a s**t

      4. Makuac BOL

        and you should spell right

    55. Scale Hangar 182

      Han Solo's death??

    56. KeatonGames1234

      2f2f literally got me into loving cars

    57. Galvin Fan

      Who miss Paul walker

    58. Eric : o

      Back when the charger actually looked good

    59. SeanTheMan1

      The GT-R actually was not Paul’s real life owned car.

    60. SeanTheMan1

      She sounds so enthusiastic.

    61. Arthur Morgan

      Some of these are not true. Just refer to Craig Liebermans HUfast channel. He was a technical advisor for the first 2 films and actually owned the orange Supra and Vinces blue maxima in real life. Universal rented them from him for the movie.

    62. TruenoG7

      5:08 Han Solo? Interesting!!

    63. 乂eroツ

      she really said Han Solo💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    64. sean roland

      This was actually a very well researched list! Thank you! Learned me something new today

    65. Henry castellon

      The way she pronounced Tego Claderon was so funny.

    66. BigBoss kirk

      Must be nice when you can turn down 25 million $.

    67. Mike Renlund

      Uhg,this girls voice is annoying and monotone,uhg!!!

    68. joe schneider

      eminem as brian not a bad idea

    69. DragonVoid

      Actually 33 is false Paul never owned the skyline

    70. Louis Mills

      Does twelve mean on screen as Brian must talk to letty to put her undercover before letty supposedly died

    71. Trucker Dave

      Some of those "facts" are not correct lol

    72. CoxMcDeadly

      High key thought this was charli D’amelio at the start

    73. Don Le

      The car that Paul Walker drove in 2f2f was actually Craig Liebermans personal skyline get your facts right

    74. Don Le

      20 of the facts you listed are wrong I follow Craig Lieberman on instagram and HUfast

    75. Kasey Pipkin

      The scene where Roman talks about how she should hide her baby oil was not script

    76. Efai

      very bad voice for these kind of videos..

    77. Jake STRADBROOK

      Paul's Skyline that was in the movie isn't actually his, they got it off of a bloke that had it in his yard and they had to keep it as clean and none destroyed as possible. It's in the behind the scenes on one of the movies.

    78. Linex GG

      5:08 Han SOLO's death lololololol

    79. Paul Arlukiewicz

      Fuck poser vespy

    80. Shawn Elliott

      Wait, what? I'm confused at #5. Pretty sure I recall him driving off in a red Supra at the end of the film. You know after he hits the truck racing Paul in his Charger. Edit: it was orange, but still hufast.info/plan/vide/mn21eJuXuYy3lp8

      1. HenchBloke1234

        At the end of the credits he drives a red Chevelle

    81. Ryan Vang

      2 fast 2 furious is a completely different movie from the original? ok...lmao.

    82. James Jacobs

      His name isn't Han solo

    83. Drew A

      i wish paul didn't die

    84. William Morgan

      Ferrari said you can have any color you want as long as its red not Ford

    85. William Morgan

      did she just say h-p not horsepower, and chassis not chasee

    86. Krishang SHARMA

      R.I.P Paul Walker. He was a Legend!. Also When His Brother Cody Smile It reminds of Paul🥺🥺🥺

      1. Elizabeth Zijlstra

        @Krishang SHARMA yes i know the look a like

      2. Krishang SHARMA

        Wait am I Because Cody Looks Like a Twin To Paul

      3. Elizabeth Zijlstra

        @Krishang SHARMA is the truth

      4. Elizabeth Zijlstra

        It was not his twin brother he was 10 years younger..

    87. Wxlliam

      5:08 wow this bitch really called him han solo XD

    88. Anton Berg

      ''like most of you i grew up watching these movies'' 5:09 ''Han-Solos death''

    89. Hunter D

      bruh han solo?

    90. COBRA

      She said Han Solo bru

    91. Dj FusionMixMaster

      Oh ironic vin didn’t go in the second movie but he came back for the 4th one which is really different for the of movie

    92. Angel Serrano

      Is fake

    93. elimz zz

      I jus like how ludacris reaction was real 😭😭

    94. JKRX.minievo

      Never disrespect paul

    95. MJ Knight


    96. It Is Written

      They really thought eminem wouldve been a good role ? Smh

    97. Shosh Hardner

      Can you name some sources? So far the story for 2F2F missing Diesel was, that Diesel demanded 20mil after the success of XxX and he regarded himself as a top tier actor in Hollywood. At this time 20mil have been the maximum payment. Nevertheless the producers told Diesel he ain't getting 20 and moreover he ain't top tier, so Diesel was dropped. Actually Diesel is mediocre at best and beside xXx he never had notable success outside the Fast franchise. Riddick, Pacifier and Babylon all flopped, wether it was the box office or the acting performance.

    98. Divij


    99. Jake H

      i knew about the first fact so the title is wrong

    100. kiano Doyle music

      I love eminem