A$AP Ferg - Jet Lag (Official Video)


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    Official music video for ”Jet Lag” by A$AP Ferg
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    Celine bag (Woo), got a lot of chips (Yeah)
    Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Right)
    Celine bag (Woo), got a lot of drip (Yeah)
    Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (That's right)
    Celine bag (Right), got a lot of chips (Yeah)
    Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Woo)
    Celine bag (Yeah), got a lot of drip (That's right)
    Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Grr)
    #JetLag #ASAPFerg #FloorSeats #HipHop #ASAPMob

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    1. Mike B

      This banger definitely deserves more views

    2. Кантуженный Танкист

      Spasibo podeochil

    3. Dustin Jordan

      Yo this is the real ASAP

    4. swit150 ✔

      this song got me levitating

    5. Reijo Mysteerio

      Paul London cast as plain hijacker must be the most random casting choice in a music video lol


      I want that hoodie

    7. Ruby Ann G. Chapa

      Now I'm blocked.. oh wells hahaha. Marks in hell where he wanted to go. Bye💤😁👏😛

    8. Ruby Ann G. Chapa

      You meant the two evil towers that loves starving babies and denying medical.. yup they died oh wells..

    9. Kyle Rowland

      It’s been a year already?

    10. Morad sar

      lyrics💯 [Intro] Yeah, uh Yeah (Yeah) [Chorus] Celine bag (Woo), got a lot of chips (Yeah) Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Right) Celine bag (Woo), got a lot of drip (Yeah) Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (That's right) Celine bag (Right), got a lot of chips (Yeah) Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Woo) Celine bag (Yeah), got a lot of drip (That's right) Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch (Grr) [Break] Yeah Uh, yeah That's right Hoo-hoo, damn [Verse 1] Rollin' down the window, got two Asians with me (Yeah) Livin' a fast life, my uncle prayin' for me (That's right) People losin' in this game, this shit is fatal to me (Yeah) See them turnin' on they brothers, shit like Fredo to me (Woo) I just pulled up in the Benz and I'm feelin' like the goat (Yeah) I just woke up on your bitch, I pick 'em eeny, miny, moe (That's right) I got chips with a lot of drip, comin' by the load (Yeah) Prada trench, too legit, 30,000 dollar coat (Grr) Tiffany give me diamonds, that's a different kind of glow (Yeah) Got bitches like Frankie Lymon, that's a different kind of ho (Yeah) Came a long way, used to try to work at Club Monaco (Hoo) Hittin' the stage, covered in sauce, 100,000 dollar show (Hey) Goin' guerilla, Fergie Ferg that nigga, count my checks (Hey) She on a nigga, wanna get up in my chinchilla flaps (Hey) Her ass is realest, she ain't got no silicone up in her breasts I was born to do this shit, I see my dad up in the light (Yeah) [Chorus] Celine bag, got a lot of chips Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of drip Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of chips Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of drip Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a- [Verse 2] Made a lot of millions off a plain Jane (Yeah) Ben and Billy on the track, we do the same thing (Right) Rose gold, pink diamonds in my ring-ring (Yeah) Got a bitch from Crenshaw and she gang bang (That's right) Blood walkin' and she listenin' to YG (YG) She scream, "I dare a motherfucka try stop me!" (Try to stop) She a ghetto bitch, I fuck her in Versace (In Versace) And then I took her to Philippe for shrimp and broccoli (Shrimp and broccoli) Put in work, a nigga lookin' awky (Grr) Diamonds blingin' called me Niggarace (Yeah) Niggas wanna, but they cannot copy (Cannot copy) I paint the biggest picture but they try to crop me (Cannot crop me) I'm on a newer level, high-key (Yeah) Still be walkin' through your block to get a chopped cheese (C'mon) Turn a Honda to a Masi' (Yeah) You my son, my baby boy, go get Taraji (Hoo-hoo, grr) [Chorus] Celine bag, got a lot of chips Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of drip Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of chips Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a bitch Celine bag, got a lot of drip Got jet lag 'cause I'm flyer than a-

    11. Remi F

      jarod termine 2019

    12. Aaron Filip


    13. Qihang Shen

      tbh this song should get more popularity

    14. Ruby Ann G. Chapa


    15. Ruby Ann G. Chapa


    16. Ruby Ann G. Chapa


    17. Jacob Fardella

      Bad ass


      Me n my twin flame got the same color hair!!!😻😻😻💖💖💖

    19. Faisal Alenzi


    20. Sascha Deew

      2:27 One Piece Fans be like: "I´m on a newer level haki"

    21. Ace Solomon

      Dawg A$AP Ferg the King of NY

    22. Erik Fekete

      wOw :o

    23. The Wizard Games

      Im actually mad that they want to kick ferg, WTF, yeah some of his songs are mediocre, but THIS, THIS IS FIRE AF

    24. AMAN KUMAR

      This song made me rob my own home .

    25. Mohamad Benaissa vloger

      wow 1 year !!!!

    26. Ash Bryan

      Exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    27. JA W

      Recovering From the Parallax Effect of the 9.11 Date

    28. Percy Smith

      Jet Lag cuz im fly than a bitch

    29. Connor Troha

      anyone know where i can get that hoodie

    30. seaira davis

      Happy thanks giving everyone had to play this while I was cooking 🥘

    31. Ostravský Čávec

      This song makes me let my dog walk me outside

    32. D Dac

      I black fist pump to this down i24 everyday

    33. Teddy KGB


    34. ruslan_video

      What do these whites allow themselves? (⊙_ ◎)

    35. Lena

      Playing it loud while I'm pregnant the last 9 months...Gotta make sure she know the good shit young

    36. Alien Octopus

      This song makes me wanna stay up until 8:15. My bed time is 8:00

    37. kd 876

      "Бройлер 747" прям

    38. Hugh Vupy

      This song makes me wanna sit down and study hard for a test i don't have.

    39. Second Wave Division Agent

      underrated song

    40. Luis Serrano

      Fin 🌹

    41. Luis Serrano

      Yams hit the End 🌹🐎

    42. Frederic Reid


    43. Frederic Reid


    44. Myles Sexson

      this song makes me wanna wear my car without a seatbelt

    45. Bird of paradise

      I like it. That's awesome and cool. Really. Ferg make a good flying cinema. Situation in sky - crap 🧨

    46. Filipp Boreiko

      this song males me wanna go to alaska in shorts

    47. Rəvan Cəfərov

      Oyyy bləəə

    48. Ioannis Kalevas

      When I will travel to Greece , can I have these girls for passengers ?

    49. Enrique Esquivel

      I just pulled up the Benz

    50. Hold Up WAIT WUT

      am i the only one who saw a bray wyatt and a daniel bryan from wwe??

    51. Akili Mckie

      TOOOO FIRSE IN 2020 hit a little differnt

    52. Jay Arts Official

      Asap music Gang AF,Goat we need you.

    53. Roman Vasquez

      Seath JOHNSON seth metal of freedom why ya know ROMAN GABRIEL JARAMILLO VASQUEZ 12:25 a.m fri October 16. 2020

    54. Jeffrey Liu


    55. Cheyenne Brannon

      Mad love this song bumps!!! Ueaaa!!

    56. ChemicalXII

      Ill Lou The Sickest.

    57. nightmarethunderfist

      I'd love to make a video with this man

    58. akbar bodamer

      that Asian girl hits hard

    59. Dienamic


    60. The Wizard Games

      how the fuck do they wanna kick ferg

    61. Rass -El rimador de vida-


    62. Deuzi


    63. Noob TV

      what happen if you party on a plane? its gonna be fly

    64. Loco18

      His flow and voice reminds me on Young Dolph. Salute!

    65. Ivan Cariaga

      This makes me dance in circles

    66. Derion Lewis

      Wwe Paul London in the back😂😂😂

    67. eyüp Sabri

      so fuckin underrated

    68. Артём Рахматуллин

      A$AP Ferg ну очень сильно недооценен, он просто ебаная пушка

    69. Amber Fortson

      All my babies were raised wrong, we need a community. No satelites and we want that shit gated cuz we all tts

      1. Amber Fortson


      2. Amber Fortson

        We love all our diddies** equally. And Ambie bambi is the higher than fuck* My V is my queen tf cuz my royalty is in ALL of our DNA****

    70. Juice Power

      Ferg your one of my favorite rappers no cap

    71. Даниил Дидык

      good song bro)

    72. DANNY D

      A$AP Ferg 🔥


      MEGA 👌

    74. Priyanka Kumar

      Voice beautiful, ❤️🔥, beat wow, sound wow mixing wow, beat wow, fast beat nice, 🎹, SX wording 🔥❤️, song wording 🔥❤️, back ground beat sound wow mixing 🔥❤️, rapper voice,🔥❤️,Raper wording beautiful 🔥❤️, beat wow,sound wow mixing, ending beat sound wow, Mixing wow.

    75. Godplayer

      sooo everyone in the plane screaming and yelling are white people...double standards.

    76. Roman Vasquez

      Go weed to hot water helper me 1234567889. Rankie yo eagggie

    77. carlos ramos

      this song is so hard. Had my subs flexing

    78. Emilio Roberto Fabriciano Contreras Gonzales

      lol the final really got me

    79. rush peeples

      If you're reading this , I hope you get rich homeboy!

    80. June Xu

      This is 🔥 make me wanna throw those green right in front of my clients faces

    81. Coldsummer YT

      Favorite Rapper ! 🙌🏾😤


      This song makes me deposit $10 then Withdraw $10k 🤪👍

    83. BLACK BOY 12

      A$AP ferg I like u

    84. Tyrone Elbourne

      This song so hella lit it'll light my joint for me!

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    86. Living_Dead

      Yoo this shit is so underrated like da fuck?

    87. Ernest Ca

      Wait is that 69 dancing in the ✈️ plane! Wait don’t he says free Bobby and free Rowdy’ yo does anyone think shotti would of be loyal to Bobby or Rowdy girl if they al chill together ‘ and they doing that time , stay strong Bobby and Rowdy!!! 😇 man that’s like buying ur friends dominos pizza in a box and u come back from the bathroom to wash ur hands due to the cornvirus and there’s no piece for u’ when u return!! man I I could see 69 and shotti. 69 be like u ate all the cheese pizza But then u want turn around and call me a rat ‘ lol u ate all the ate’ cheese 🧀 ! 69 And U also , ate all the cheezy bread sticks ! 🤣🤣🤣Lol and I brought the pizza to share ! But iam a rat!!! But u ate all the cheese 🧀 pizza 69 would chime in ‘ lol the love! But iam the rat lol !!!!! love for Ferg and asp rocky and stay strong Rowdy and Bobby 😇 home soon be at peace ✌️

    88. Popeyes

      Glad to see people in Russia like this song too

    89. Steven Just Steven

      The best Jet Lag song is Juice WRLD 🤴

    90. indicaud

      Ferg delivers when we need him most.

    91. SSW FiRD

      Song at the end?

    92. Rudy Jimenez

      Paul London coming in here looking like John Wick

    93. duda rodrigues


    94. Dennis Moore


    95. Alex Ross

      bueno no necesito volver a xnxx, con este video basta

    96. Roman Vasquez

      Olympic SPECIAL OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    97. Roman Vasquez

      We ready now. Asap. 10:35wed sept 16. 2020. Rjv. Artist and ponies need a jam. A.s a.p........ trained ready. Cotpits. Shake that olive tree. Ecards. By alll. Schools. Asap. Please. Lady. Gaga. Britney spears. Clean rides. Who. Psy. And. Children. Roman. Gabriel JARAMILLO vasquez . Thank you. Teachers. Good year. Fly. All. Navy's.

    98. Степан Дубровный

      Why are all whites on the plane screaming out of fear, but blacks don't care? racism.

    99. Elmita Jeune

      Sound like cube a lil bit

    100. AckzaTV

      another video for 2020 with pandemic masks and orange