A$AP Rocky: 1 Hour Of Chill Songs


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    0:00 L$D
    4:01 Better Things
    7:23 Been Around The World
    11:26 Purple Swag
    13:25 Peso
    16:16 Wassup
    18:57 Houston Old Head
    23:19 Acid Drip
    26:06 Roll One Up
    28:49 Demons
    31:53 LVL
    35:33 Phoenix
    39:27 Purple Kisses
    42:47 New York Bittersweet Symphony
    45:34 Bass
    48:54 Back To The Future
    51:55 Kissin' Pink Ft. A$AP Ferg
    55:30 Leaf Ft. Main Attrakionz
    1:00:25 Ridin' Ft. Lana Del Rey

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    2. e41c

      if you can study, and listen to music... you're blessed

    3. Oliver

      Damn Better Things is crazy

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      hellll yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    11. 명광옥

      best playlist I've ever heard

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    13. Jody Lambert

      I love lsd! I also like the song

    14. PTr Rshtn

      PHOENIX ❤️


      🌮DIAMOND-DD🌮🌮 🌮[989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]🌮🌮


      🌮DIAMOND-DD🌮🌮 🌮[989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]🌮🌮

    17. xWeak [vxncnt]


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      is the track at 55:30 a remix? i cant find it and its pretty fire

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    27. Kezzaboy

      A$AP Rocky is one of the greatest/most unique rappers of all time. Dude invented "stoner rap" if that's even a thing.

    28. Miqdad Ali

      I want this as a spotify playlist

    29. daniel londoño

      I wish this playslist on Apple Music but most of the songs are not in that shitty platform 🙄

    30. YAWSH

      Man this dude has some toxic songs

    31. Johny R

      I'm so glad I was a 90's kid what the fuss is this absolute bag of turd ..sad times

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      thank you for public this

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      is fucking good

    35. Hrishabh Bharti

      this playlist is cooler than my other side of pillow.

    36. ilovehotmom.69

      for the weirdest reason i started floating

    37. Blacc Gun

      I Feel Like Excuse Me Should Be There Too

    38. sxdistic

      Thats that real music

      1. sxdistic


    39. danna king

      Perfect for smashing 🔥

    40. hipopotomusman

      brings me back to finishing highschool when these albums came out. Best times ever just after high school.

    41. Tiny Timmy

      I mean if you start it with LsD man that’s a mix

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    44. 1 FILM


    45. MrtBEATS

      check it out cool deep remix on G-Eazy hufast.info/plan/vide/r6ypaZd4p3mWkH0

    46. Lil Nasir

      im eatin hot cheetos in art class listenin to this

    47. Fionn

      I'm genuinely confused as to how this can stay up without the record label flagging it

      1. Kostasoflow

        The person doesnt make any money from it... meaning the record label can claim it and put ads on it or the person(creator) can mute it in the video process but why would he do that? either way the music doesnt get taken down it is the creator that does it not the label, the label can leave it up and make money from it.

      2. Raphael S

        They put ads on it and get the ad revenue

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      assap best

    50. 〽 Pablo Picasso〽


    51. Graylight Films

      I can smell the weed through the screen

    52. Commode Commode

      🔥🔥🪄A$AP Rocky👌🏾

    53. Jeff Santos

      still playing this whilst rolling some ksh in 2021

    54. wojkoks 73

      Everyone knows what "chill" means

    55. deepzenpills

      Houston Old Head got its own vibe tho

    56. Chris Tweten


    57. Sangal Quanty


    58. CaptainSAMP

      i'm sorry guys

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      anyone have a link to a spotify version of leaf

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    64. F R

      I fond all i want ur list is crazy

    65. Christopher Satterfield

      Just missing Trilla and it would be complete

    66. Sandra 2635

      Don't know how you guys can work on your studies from school with these lyrics. Doesn't work for me but yeah chill for smokes.

    67. Kyle

      I just got into A$AP Rocky like last month or so, and I gotta admit, I love his music. It has a unique sound to it. And Im glad this was in my recommended becaus eIve never heard of some of these bangers before.

      1. Colin De Jong

        I feel you man his sound is crazy. Found out about him about half a year ago and I barely listen to anything else now

    68. Javi Jalapeno

      2020 KINDA TOXIC BUT CHILL OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS!!! hufast.info/up/87WT3G69elwldDwricxK-A.html

    69. Shy'Nyce Designs

      I did not know you had them jewels ASAP. Im just not clicking on this and distorted beats 😍😍😍🔥 I love both

    70. jonathan

      you forgot fine whine

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    74. Sanjay Gupta

      but other than that its a good playlist

    75. Sanjay Gupta

      where keep it g at

    76. Hip Hop D H yoP'

      kalm and nice thnk u

    77. Kevin Cruz

      These comments are so last year 😂

      1. Denisia Wardlow

        Well duh 🙄

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      are the comments still active in 2021?

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      47:18 Ноггано - Улыбнись (feat Неизвестность)

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      I love how the comments are still active 3 years later

      1. Hanna Abous

        asap vibezzz

      2. sxdistic

        ASAP forever 💯

    87. Odesso

      right now during a big acid freak flip out this helped me i love u rocky apread the love all around the world bro

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      other than the fact this song is complete dogshit he did a good job of copying the the entire beat of that mac miller song and tried to steal his style. Close one!

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