A new journey. [Dream SMP]


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    pretend i put a cool quote here im in a RUSH
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    1. Technoblade

      Hey everyone! I've been experimenting with leaving my streams public temporarily to farm views from the algorithm (gotta grab those trending spots!). These streams will become unlisted in the future, but they'll always be viewable in the Past Livestreams Playlist: hufast.info/top/PLQSoWXSpjA3-egtFq45DcUydZ885W7MTT.html

      1. Jesiah Resnowski


      2. Rei EXE


      3. Luna Ruiz


      4. Strawberry Fudge

        Says in Trending 1 ✋😔

      5. Joe Baker


    2. Draco

      gets new enderman friend, kills first one

    3. Draco

      techno tsundere

    4. Draco

      he never remembered to name the one collie the guy age sback said he'd give 100 per stream for

    5. Not James


    6. Mr Tv


    7. Masked Cucco

      1:26:10 “It’s a gender reveal party!” I think the gender was abortion.

    8. Not Zxyn

      dream donates money and tells technoblade to name one of the name tags : Dream has a house”

    9. Kev Diamond


    10. Kev Diamond


    11. epics kevin


    12. Nathan Gonzalez


    13. Kev Diamond


    14. Xijan Gamer

      48:55 trust me funy

    15. Atlas Hendricks

      That’s my dream

    16. Atlas Hendricks

      I wish I saw you in real life

    17. Atlas Hendricks

      I’m your biggest fan

    18. Samuel Denton

      The look of fear in that villagers eyes

    19. ok nice

      1:39:41 Doesn’t the bottom left corner where the map didn’t load the rest of the map, kinda look like a face?

    20. Kyren Burnstick

      R.I.P. Edward 2020-2021

    21. Horus


    22. Jayg1mer 09

      techno watching this video and remebering when the plushies werent off sale his reaction: :0

    23. spooky panda

      techno receiving his axe is like me receiving clothes for christmas

    24. ZEG WALKER

      48:56 Technoblade Singing

    25. Taco Bell

      Nooo don’t kill Edward nooo get out of the fire nooooooo

    26. sem plaatsman

      First time he didn't say "Starting the stream" at the start of a stream.

    27. PianoBench

      How do u get tipped arrows without the end?

    28. MinmassGaming

      This is technoblade -----> 🐷

    29. username username

      "We've got some reports of underaged singing"

    30. Dr. Coomer Clone

      22:16 video checkpoint

    31. Vrinda Garg

      the concern in techno's voice was real when edward died

    32. Vrinda Garg

      28:33 is it just me or when ranboo said "mountain" there was a voice in the back saying"shack?" and sounded like fundy's voice

      1. Just a hellsing fan

        I heard it to

    33. raisinx

      EDWAAAAAARD!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!

    34. Dr. Coomer Clone

      I can’t remember was this before or after Pandora’s vault

    35. FancyRaccoon22

      1:30:04 does anyone else see bedrock in techno's ender chest

    36. The Random Gamer

      Hello Technoblade

    37. Erica is epic

      What a cool quote in the description! Truly life-changing

    38. ik woodruff


    39. Galaxyprosboy

      Rip edward

    40. Shroom

      I can’t tell who’s talking bec the both sound the same 🤣

    41. Mimixk


    42. Zyad Osman

      3:00 1:22:00

    43. Øoga BoΘga

      sacrificed a cricket to an ant hill and told to them "subscribe to Technoblade"

    44. Micha Blueflamestar

      Edward nooo 😥😥😥😭😭😿😿

    45. Gerardo pascual mendez

      Whats happen when a player kills a pig infront of you technoblade

    46. Gracy Szedeli

      27:53 you’ll thank me

    47. Toy_Bonnie


    48. F

      F for, Edward we all love him

    49. Joybree Gaming

      How did the wolf get the fall while climbing death message? It’s supposed to be impossible to get without commands

    50. Google Account


    51. Kim Chan

      Tecno: is this the new Edward Llama: -nods- 31:56 Me: wtf xD

    52. Skyfury

      RIP Edward

    53. ApplepiError

      “Was he a relative” “I hope not” Mood honestly...

    54. NevvR

      Rip Edward and mackenna

    55. *LDM* gaming

      Uhhhh how did i got the link here its said its unlisted

    56. XaviarTheBoss

      Noooo edwaarrrddddd

    57. Raaf DeVogel

      Nooo Edward!

    58. Anime is life :3


    59. Gogy

      1 like 1 respect for the dogs obeying techno and 1 for Edward

    60. dreqdful

      RIP Edward... 2020 - January 14th, 2021.

    61. xXDustii StarzzXx

      Edward noooo

    62. Paradox07

      F for doggies and edward. And rest in peace edward

    63. banana bread

      i actually cried when edward died

    64. Zack is Corrupted

      the fact i=this is now unlisted is quiet sad

    65. Rattle Six


    66. Jerry Huang

      "Tsundere technoblade"

    67. Зоя Паничкина

      Fantastic. Thanks you for that.

    68. Voidxzy

      48:55 99 bottle of beer on the wall

    69. Zapcircuit ideas

      what happend to ph1lza minecraft

    70. Propelhue

      «Achievement unlocked» Techno will now die for you 27:00

    71. JamieFlame Animations

      Techno singing bottles on the wall 48:46

    72. sky2358

      F for eward

    73. undergroundwarnewbie plays

      I love how techno blade says starting the stream

    74. Stardestroyer 062


    75. arnold pabilona


    76. Carter Devisser


    77. Secret Garden

      *I Miss Edward-*

    78. • KylaOrGalaxy •

      27:34 *Wholesome*

    79. melxdiq dooms


    80. tarso dicas

      27:00 "January is the worst and december is the best" Me: *cries in 01/09*

    81. Ben Wright

      "Dream has a house was blown up by a creeper" Well I guess that means Dream doesn't have a house CONFIRMED

    82. SkyGamerツ


    83. Ben Wright

      Tsundere Techno is so cute with that Ranboo axe gift

    84. Midnight Bloom

      27:32 tsundere blade 👁〰️👁💕💕

    85. Error_My_ Guy

      Thai should be re-titled to: Techno and Ranboo bonding time.

    86. Keyboard Ghost

      War criminal befriended by funky new neighbor also here me out: Tommy and Wilbur, Tubbo and schlatt, Ranboo and Techno! Idk I just feel like each dynamic works really well in that kind of mentor type way

    87. OutragedHD


    88. Fl__w209

      Techo’s home area is now considered an asylum for the outcast or people who have definitely lost their way.

      1. Fl__w209

        Exactly 🤣🤣

      2. Joybree Gaming

        Yep it’s just like oh no I was exiled from the government let’s go crash at this super powerful anarchist and then betray him once we’re welcomed back into society

    89. Juan Carlos Martinez

      Other youtubers viewers when they sell out: EWWWW ThEy OnLy cArE aBoUt tHe mOneY. Technoblades veiwers: YAAAAAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY SELLOUT TIMER YAY!!!!!!!

      1. Juan Carlos Martinez

        @KittyPlayz1 I know. Its because techno is better

      2. KittyPlayz1

        Because Techno is blatant about it and makes it fun for us too, rather than pretending to be above it all

    90. Sir Sofa Shark


    91. FlameRz Gaming


    92. Jacob L.

      32:04 :)

    93. Romina Arredondo


    94. Winnie Ntsoane


    95. Bronte Ferguson

      RIP Edwards you be loved for ever 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    96. Winnie Ntsoane


    97. HeroSansYT

      Hey Techno, what's 98 - 1? I can't sing the song because I am a minor.

    98. floofmymoo


    99. Dusk- Magical Sister


    100. Dusk- Magical Sister