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    Director : David Mallet
    Producer : Dione Orrom
    Set Design : Peter Bingemann
    Lighting Designer Steve Nolan
    Camera Supervisor: Barrie Dodd

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    1. Fernando Razzino


    2. Leonardo Henao

      My dream is to meet these Gods

    3. Нилус

      ACDC tiene muy abandonada a los fans de habla hispana, nada os cuesta poner subtítulos. :)

    4. Thronguald Knight

      Angus = Donald trump

    5. Felix Langstieh

      Bow down to the masters o yea 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🙇‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏼🙇🏽🙇🏾🙇🏿🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏿‍♀️

    6. Deep Pulper

      it is Very Rock of all time!!

    7. Chris Evans

      Had no idea Brian was a Geordie!

    8. Ronald Lucero


    9. Affordable Profitable

      If you don't know AC/DC your shot in the dark



    11. Slosh MaGee

      Seriously guys I get it been a fan for years but it's the same 'ol lame crap on every album since 1981. ZERO creativity.

    12. de rock

      Podrían traducirlo a esta altura..AC DC es mundial

    13. STONE


    14. Proud Sjw Boy

      When the Vaccine comes I want my Shot in the dark ;)

    15. licks n kicks

      Angus and the boys came saved the world just on the nick of time!!! The Pandemic looming over our heads as a constant, ppl going bankrupt, ppl dying from this COVID. Ppl having more mental health issues. AC⚡️DC came and blessed us with some of the best rock n roll ever. Perfect timing!❤️🇨🇦AC⚡️DC💕

    16. Ярослав Кривонос


    17. Валерий Кирсанов

      ACDC -- FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. herber jimmy gutierrez jaen

      No hayb disco a la venta aún?

    19. Владимир Зенькович

      Мне 53 года вас слушаю с 12 лет! Лучшие!

    20. Vitaly Kalinin

      АC/DC 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

    21. Силыч Тарту

      Вы лучшие ,привет из РОССИИ.

    22. Monkey Revolution

      BRAZIL we play Rock&Roll , any good ?

    23. Александр Саша

      Красавцы! Моя любимая рок-группа!

    24. Jacky Depaz


    25. Gres GPS

      when I was 16 in 82 we wore out a cassette a week of back in black / then highway to hell. No our car didn't have one we had boom box in back of a 68 beetle. And we rocked, still to this day at 55 I still rock and yes I still turn heads playing it loud. Thank You AC/DC for a life of freedom loving of music that did set us free to accomplish all we could with out limits. Keep it pounding, And we will keep it loud the world over. Thank goodness I was in the 80s as a teen, Bring back the 80's MTV, the world needs it.

    26. fenomeno

      At 0.44 Trump?

    27. juniar baresi

      When your grandpa is way cooler than any of your friends

    28. Panheimer

      Gald AC/DC is back :)

    29. олег васькин

      AC/DC 👍 класс!!! 🖐

    30. Пет Куш

      Здоровья дедушкам на долгие годы!!! Это самые зажигательные дедушки планеты!!!

    31. Barton Ofarrell

      These guys are class.great band .

    32. Анатолий Лебедев

      Force! Power!! ENERGY!!!

    33. Ionut Alexandru Oprea

      Now I know how good is a Gopro hero 7 for a song. Very creative

    34. Алексей Тихий


    35. FTATF

      Gotta give the guys credit. At this point they are just doing it becasue they love to do it, and that in turn translates into their success.

    36. Julie Baker

      Love the band!!!!!

    37. Nagore Frutos Gomez


    38. gordão lindão

      Eu amo essa banda barbaridade

    39. Dewayne Tucker

      Sounds like vintage ACDC to me. That's a GOOD THING by the way 😊😊😝😝😝🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    40. Nagore Frutos Gomez

      Sin ninguna duda es unico en la vida

    41. Martin Schultze

      Alte Männer aber immer noch spitze

    42. Dohtoor Dok

      Единственная группа у которой каждая песня мне нравится. Просто абажаю AC/DC. Долгих лет на сцене. Все будет rock n' roll 🤘🤘🤘

    43. Del ler

      It's so good to see them rocking on.

    44. Rambo Firstblood

      The ONLY good music from 2020. AC 🌩 DC.

    45. Robert Fraser

      A lot of Fly On The Wall and Flick Of The Switch vibes on this album... Mid eighties ACDC sound... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    46. Fael SAMP1

      Kd o br❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. Арлекино Тимур

      Long Live Rock n roll

    48. Mark C

      So is this just the Angus and Brian show ? - Cliff and Phil almost non existent here - shame

    49. Sujith muthukumarana

      SUPER 🎸🎸🎸😁😁😀😀👍👍👍🙆🙆🙉🙉

    50. Julian Jamerson

      Very cool

    51. James Wagner

      Happy 2021

    52. Jane Smith

      I'm speechless! Brilliant! Welcome back guys. Love you Angus. I salute you all. 💌⚡

    53. Ballbreaker

      I hope they keep pumping out albums. There is no other good music out today.



    55. Nagore Frutos Gomez


    56. Relaxing Music

      I would imagine your life is like being on the razors edge I would not like it!!

    57. Ekaterina& Надин

      Под салат ик в самый раз!!!! Люблю!!! С Новым годом!!!!

    58. ramunas blazulionis

      is very gut

    59. Иван Кальчук

      My favorite band 🤘🔥⚡⚡⚡ Hello from Russia. We love AC/DC 🤘🤘🔥🎸✊

    60. Diego Caprio

      Aguante AC/DC 🤘😎

    61. Ri3he GunPro

      Back in Black (1980) The Razors Edge (1990) Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Power Up (2020)

    62. Gary Mumberson

      IS there a 11 button on the Marshall amps? it's just not loud enough on the computer, someone please send me the CD, Please...

    63. Jesus 2030

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    64. JunkBoxHero

      Brian Johnson: "There were SO many dancers, you couldn't get on!" US: "Hell yeah, that's AC/DC...PLEASE don't ever stop!!"

    65. Rock Metal head

      They're old but they still make it

    66. James Wagner

      Hi I’m 12 and love the song am I wrong

    67. Xyvo

      Fuck yeah

    68. Den Zoo

      Старички жгут!!!!!!AC/DC Forever!!!

    69. Persona Non Grata

      AC/DC and rock&roll keep curing people's soul. There is nothing better than that in 2020. LOVE YOU AC⚡DC ..!!

    70. Angela Baiers

      Long time AC/DC fan. I just want to say how much I appreciate all the great music, videos, documentaries of the band. The energy & passion you put into your work, craft & performances. I think you the greatest band that has really stood the test of time & losses yet still Ride On with sheer Grit, Heart & Soul while keeping it real & fresh. Malcolm was amazing & although his energy transformed he is very much with you still in different ways. He lives on. Bon Scott too. I would very much like to hear & see more in depth interviews of personal recollections, favorite memories & stories of both Malcolm & Bon Scott. Retrospectives. I was only 10 when Bon Scott passed away. There are so many conflicting accounts I would like to hear your opinions & feelings about it now. Brian is disrespect meant truly. You have had two of the best front men & singers ever in Rock History. That is truly magically in itself. All inclusive perspectives of AC/DC members on their history & subject matter is worth recording for AC/DC fans. The Good, Bad & controversial.

    71. Олег Зимовик

      Старики - разбойники.

    72. Nicholas Patton

      Fucking Great!!!

    73. Florian Wolf

      Finally the boys are back, and in full swing. We will see & hear something marvellous from these guys. They are world-class, no shit !

    74. Håkan Sundström

      Is it me or is the singing top notch....

    75. Heartback official

      Was Nice to see this production in Amsterdam

    76. The Bismarck

      One of few rock bands that doesnt age. Still sounds just as flawless as 40 years ago

    77. Felix x

      SGs are neck heavy anyway so with all that crap hanging off of the little beast you'd be struggling to keep the neck up straight.

    78. พจนี คงเมือง

      สุดครับ สุขเสมอครับ

    79. nico metal

      0:42 better call saul

    80. 오스트 랄로 피테쿠스

      형님들 코로나 끝나고 한국에도 방문해주세요!!! 제일 먼저 달려가겠습니다!!!

    81. Nancy Carlos

      Hay q recuerdos tan pudientes de llevan 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🎉❣️

    82. Diman S.

      Сколько лет его шортам?

    83. James Wagner

      You guy are the best band and great full for a noher song

    84. Jacob011

      Thunder from down under. These guys are the epitome of good old no bullshit rock'n'roll.

    85. 中原芳一


    86. Fernando Cordisq


    87. lawnboyfreak

      I think we all miss Malcolm, but Stevie has been great! Thank you AC/DC!

    88. Michael G.

      Absolutely loved Angus and Brian cutting up! So glad I've been an AC/DC fan since the late 70s. Truly a class act.

    89. Da-Angel xD

      i was born in the right generation..

    90. Isaiah Turner

      Jesus is coming That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. .

      1. B. Vaughn

        Then he can rock too! lol

    91. The Great Monarch

      ACDC is Number 1 ! I'm happy for the return of Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams and RIP for Malcom Young and Bon Scott

    92. Leonard Ibarra

      This year sucks!!! AC/DC: hold My beer!!!

      1. Jaime Chagoya

        @dnash I thought it was bad and then AC/DC put out new music that sounds the exact same from 40 years ago and made everything worse.

      2. dnash

        yup, though most of my aussie friends would say "hold my piss"...

    93. Old School

      🇨🇱Chile is waiting for you guys!👏🏻

    94. James Parisi


    95. James Parisi

      AC/DC Rocks

    96. James Parisi

      I love ac dc

    97. Susan Hamlin

      Love ACDC for close to 40 years now.

    98. Manuel Fernando

      Long Live Rock'n'roll!!!


      malcom young took the highway to hell to heaven

    100. innocenti daniel

      Super cool toujours avec style encore bravo