AC/DC: Dirty Deeds (FULL MOVIE)


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    AC/DC's incredible career has spanned almost 4 decades, with over 200 million records sold worldwide to date and consistently sold old concerts they are one of the highest grossing bands of all time. Formed in Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC are considered pioneers of heavy metal. As popular today as they have ever been their sound is instantly recognizable the world over and has helped define and propel the band from truly humble beginnings to worldwide superstardom. Using archive footage and interviews with Angus Young and former manager Michael Browning (1974-1979) this fascinating programme takes you on a journey from their early days in Australia with Bon Scott (9 July 1946 - 19 February 1980) to Brian Johnson joining the band and beyond. Also featured is music footage of some of the bands greatest tracks including Back in Black, Hells Bells, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Jailbreak, Hard as a Rock, T.N.T and It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). AC/DC are without doubt one of the all time greatest rock bands and this is their incredible story.
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    1. I am DeSimone

      Kudos to whoever played the music in the background. Lots of clever Acdc style riffs!

    2. Nick Santus

      Dear critics your answer is AC/DC = A GOOD TIME and thats what the people want down to earth good honest good time music a good night out and a hell of a party and everyone can sing along, Long may they Rock

    3. Sir Hamalot

      3:12 to be fair, Who Made Who was a compilation album/soundtrack with a few originals thrown in.

    4. Martin McCloskey

      Some misinformation in this video, especially from the guy with the bad teeth wearing the Hungry shirt. Bon Scott could not play the bag pipes. He used to be in a pipe band but he played the Drums.

    5. Hirohiko Araki

      Me: This is a really good movie. *continues to write down notes for Part 7 adaptation*

    6. Domanic Charlie

      I remember older people around my neighborhood would jam to these songs/ albums Now I am the old timer jamming to them classics never get old

    7. K Kwok

      AC/DC was best with Bon fronting for them. Brisn is good but Bon was Bon

    8. MTR

      They are one of a kind. My sister gets mad at me for playing them at t VFW’s around the state

    9. Usul_aut

      @8:18 OMG! What is young Doc Brown doing in that pic with AC/DC? He probably already had the time machine.

    10. CNX Expat

      Why do so many Britons have so bad teeth? I cant´t listen the one guy because my eyes are so focused on his mouth.

    11. Gil T

      Anyone else think Powerade is the best of all ac/dc albums. Nobody mentions it

      1. MTR

        I recently got the album again, I had forgotten how good the whole album is


      The greatest live rock n roll band ever in the world thunder from down under

    13. Anamika Joshi

      ACDC is here to stay!!

    14. Shanda Twogood

      Thank you Malcom & Bon for the awesome music you gave. 👍 R. I. P.

    15. Shanda Twogood

      My kids rocked AC/DC from the car seat and still do all grown up.

    16. Shanda Twogood

      True Rock-N-Roll Legends.

    17. walshy

      That malcom dude has a mouth full of chicklets doesn’t he? Sheesh. He can eat corn on the cob through a picket fence with those babies.

    18. pat wheler

      saw them tour this jesus what a great live show the best ever live band ever.

    19. Gustavo Sesto

      Spanish please!!

    20. RahduDrahkqul75

      Check out guitar George, he knows all the Chords...

    21. halcyon289

      No mention of the superb engine room that is Rudd and Williams.

    22. Perry Hunt

      It's Brian, NOT Brain! Brain is that thing that you need to use before you comment.

    23. The Aussie

      Bon was murdered to make room for brain ....seriously such a high profile front man drunk and sedated he was put in the car to die to make room for Brain the deal was cut way before he died ....why cause the style of music was changing and this is Brains style not Bon’s it makes me sick when I hear Brain sing Bon’s songs .

    24. Chach Francisco

      AC/DC forever papi for those who about to rock 🎸 we salute you 🙌 👏

    25. mark leather

      Mikes hay !

    26. mark leather

      Class of Jimbo 92

    27. YPO6

      Blow Up Your Video is good album.

    28. A Man With No Name

      RIP Mal.

    29. Matthew Jones

      Acdc would have destroyed hadrian's wall with all those decibels

    30. David Regan

      Since Brian has a tough time singing, and Malcom's gone I would like them to find someone to sing like Bon, and Brian! I'm sure there's someone out there.

    31. Rachel Sampson

      What is the song that is in the first few minutes of the show

    32. Quer Denker

      I will always Love You!

    33. zathaniel

      44:01 I died and 1:02:30 this music is top notch

    34. Mary Davis


    35. Cyril Chapman

      Remember watching them on countdown

    36. David Dover

      Dave evans was the best acdc lead singer.....look up dave evans band

    37. Lessa Sparx

      True fan!!!!!

    38. James Van Hest

      The thing I love about AC/DC is that they make me feel like I've been friends with them for years, even though I haven't met them. I feel like I'm having a conversation with them when I watch stuff like interviews even though I've never been able to say anything to them. They always puts a smile on my face and make me happy, ever since I first got into AC/DC before I could walk. thank you AC/DC. You've inspired me as a 17 year old to pick up my guitar, microphone, drums and bass and give it my best shot to make more rock n roll in the world.

    39. M P

      They haven’t been the same sinceBon passed but who said they had to be when so many groups have come and gone...........and embarrassed themselves. AC/DC Rocks on!!!

    40. Chris Mouton

      Long live AC/DC! Love the new album as well!

    41. Vincent James

      First time I have sat and watched there biography from start to finish..well worth it. AC\DC for life!!!

    42. Kenneth Jahn

      Ive seen them with both singers and they are both great

    43. carman devereaux


    44. Richard S

      The capricious cushion socioeconomically heap because feet probably decorate as a rustic bath. silent, verdant joke

    45. Matthew Rodgers

      The arrogant sunflower notably trip because reduction worryingly hunt a a disturbed beat. ablaze, awesome chimpanzee

    46. Juan Payne

      The dashing liquid theoretically trick because hate unsurprisingly supply excluding a abundant kitten. cold, unwritten measure

    47. sprytnyczesław

      I love both of them. But I prefer Bon.

    48. Richard S

      The handy pimple cytopathologically disarm because owl pragmatically cross aside a secret pump. imperfect, panicky philosophy

    49. Johnny Deutschemark

      I have known people who worked with AC / DC, in various capacities, and have said they are just really sweet, nice guys, just as you see here.

    50. Johnny Deutschemark

      1980 "Back In Black" North American Tour Sat. 11 Oct. 1980 : Boston, MA at the Orpheum Theatre was my first concert ever..

    51. Kjell Gunnar Årnes

      This is my band! It can take months between each time I listen to them, but I always come back to them. I know all the songs, they have followed me all my adult life! Sometimes I find new music. But when I bounce a beer, it's always AC / DC I come back to.

    52. Luron bay

      The panicky croissant presently harass because frost curiosly flow toward a wicked line. cute, premium lier

    53. Brian ThePianoGuru

      Brian's voice is the only thing that could have kept the sound of AC/DC alive. He was the ONLY replacement for Bon that could have worked

    54. Jake_fr _st8_Farm

      Rest in peace Malcom, you will be missed

    55. BLD Lightpainting

      Only an uneducated imbecile with no moral compass would spew the most depraved profanity, and in public. Obviously you have no decency or shame, probably because your parents were worthless in not raising you correctly.

    56. BLD Lightpainting

      Grow up little depraved perverts and stop spewing that immature filth in public where there are children and real ladies and gentlemen of moral character. Your uneducated mouth is disgusting to no end. How pathetic.

    57. Robster Lobster

      couldnt get that footage without that bogger in angus" nose huh?....

    58. tubbers20

      I'm going to steal Angus's SG.

    59. Billy Dow

      Damn...get that man a new set of teeth already! 😱

    60. BillBear

      HD and those teeth don't go together

    61. Ralf Olonson

      Saw them at the marquee club London in the 1970's ... fucking wild !!!! ... they totally trashed the new pussy sounding "punk music" AC/DC were the real deal and hardcore. (and I'm not really an AC/DC fan !!!) R.I.P BON. ( AC/DC at that time = Raw fucking Energy )

    62. Michael Fataaikitama

      Best Rock band period. There are others but I have to put these guys up above them. Thunder from down under couldn't be true. R I P Bon And Malcolm.

    63. Kameron Thorne

      Great music and bad teeth.

    64. Stephen Jacklsadn

      As they say in Aussie land. Luts ear it fo Icy Dicey. Owl royit ya

    65. Lozibiza resident

      Honest to God, kick ass rock n roll!

    66. Mike E

      AC/DC Brian or Bon is by far the best band in world history! The next best band is so far behind them.

    67. ENTER NAME

      Brian Johnson lucked out

    68. Daniel Johnson

      RIP Mal/Long live the mighty Angus & AC⚡DC 🤘

    69. Geri Fijalkowski

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    70. Mad Mike0082

      You can’t put a full mouth of decent teeth between the entire group being interviewed

    71. Mad Mike0082

      7:28 this entire doc is nearly unwatchable because of this guys absolutely horrible teeth. Jesus man get your shit together.

    72. Joachim Rieb

      "...the greatest Rock band the world has ever seen."Agree.Nothin more to say.

    73. James Healy

      Top 3 Metallica AC/DC Led zeppelin

    74. Chercht

      Man, these back tracks during the interviews make me kinda furious!

    75. leo hithere

      Make a note of it due to Assholes talking shit about bad teeth im not watching this video Thankyou and i hope you Shit yourself in a mall full of people . Have some Respect Fuckers

    76. Timothy Cooper

      Powerage is my favorite!

    77. Liberty Hendaya

      With Brian AC DC IS more H.metal, l do not see Bon singing on Back in black, with Bon is pure rock and roll.

    78. rick albuquerque

      Brian is good but I like bons voice better and his style

    79. John Waters

      I just pray there still Rockin when I go So I don't have to know a world without them!

    80. sarsippious

      Them: "AC/DC never changes their sound." Me: My grandma's spaghetti sauce always tasted the same and I never wanted her to change it. You don't fuck with perfection

    81. Gary n Doris Lawson

      Bon Scott put the seasoning on the meat 🍖 is what made these guys a power house , then after Bons unfortunate circumstances here comes Brian Johnson that added the flavor they were needing ......and wow there music taste was good.......

    82. Vincent Chase

      Damn Right

    83. humasima

      Dude. Pull those Chicklets out of your mouth, get some nice new plastic teeth ... and enjoy the thrill of speech without looking stupid. God Bless AC/DC

    84. EHC Semak

      Könige des RocknRoll 🥰👌👍

    85. Dr. King Schultz

      Both signers are amazing end of story

    86. Jailbreak _79

      Start crying while watching this. Thank you AC/DC.

    87. Jailbreak _79

      Was Bon Scott on the left at 12:49? I'm pretty sure he was.

    88. will cow

      The numberless cave secondarily retire because composer selectively rule after a numberless ant. drab, mountainous earthquake

    89. Anne Roberti

      The alluring march thermodynamically trip because dessert comparatively carve minus a maniacal gallon. different, sincere porter

    90. Timothy Cormier

      Hahahahaha that is hilarious!!!!! That’s a dirty rotten lie! We’ve made 14 albums and they all sound the same!!!

    91. Timothy Cormier

      Ahahahahaah I remember my mom and dad fighting when I was a kid before they got divorced. She would tell him. Ya know Bruce, that’s what your doing! Your on a highway to hell!! Hahahahaaha. That song holds such a odd place in my life and I love it!!! Life is as life is!!!

    92. Timothy Cormier

      Malcolm young is probably the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had!! His rhythms connected with me in such a way that it sent me into the stratosphere of guitar playing. AC/DC is to me and in my heart at least 1/4 of it. I have many many influences. But AC/DC is a massive piece of my musical life!!

    93. Michael Seymour

      top shit acdc tunes : "Let there be shit "Shit down in flames " Shit upper lip You shit me all night long Shitbreak Who made shit shit too much Gone Shittin Hell aint a bad place to shit shit in the dark Shit to thrill

    94. Serge T


    95. Tonci Lalic

      Simply the best!! AC/DC Forever!

    96. music channel

      Just a shilll trying to make a buck.

    97. music channel

      A documentary full of hanger on's = Dick heads with no talent and big mouth's talking shit.

    98. Nuke Dukem

      That bald headed dude's teeth look like a picket fence after an EF5 tornado. It also kinda looks like a row of old creepy tombstones. Disgusting.

    99. gotthardish

      Malcolm gave us some of the best riffs ever recorded. I'm forever grateful for that!

    100. Fultonfalcons86

      AC/DC IMO is the greatest rock band in the history of music no ballads just straight rock n roll ..........