AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)


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    Director : David Mallet
    Producer : Dione Orrom
    Set Design : Peter Bingemann
    Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
    Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. Twin Pipe

      Is it me or does Brian look a lot fitter than he did, health wise of course.

    2. Not Confirmed

      Pretty sure I’ve hit repeat on this song for about 3 hours straight

    3. Макс Тищенко

      My God! This is Awesome! and Above!

    4. Classic Rock

      Oups And i forget,,, LOW RATING

    5. Row

      Listen up kiddos, this right here, it’s what we call music, not the shit full of autotune you like so much. 😎

      1. Classic Rock

        Musics ????????????? LOL 4 Chords MASTER Oh Yessssssssssssssssss LMFAO

    6. Roy Jenkins

      They are tight tight tight . I want concert tickets.

    7. Classic Rock

      Pure Joke All the Way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but this band is over since the Razor's Edge 4 me,,,, All this 4 chords MASTER Same Boring Solo's No Way All Is About CA$H BORING

    8. Jose-Antonio Barros-Poblete

      I guess Brian Johnson will retire from singin Rock 'n Roll the day he dies, and not before.

    9. Jose-Antonio Barros-Poblete

      I guess Brian Johnson will retire from singin Rock 'n Roll the he dies.

    10. Fernando Mtz

      Estos señores han estado conmigo a través de su música en las buenas y en las malas y siempre estarán acompañandome hasta que ya no pueda más,,gracias AC/DC forever rock n'roll 💪⚡🤟

    11. Юлия Юлия

      Австралийские легенды

    12. Юлия Юлия

      Просто бля...

    13. Simon Refalo Guitarist Official.

      2020- Angus must look around on the stage and think 'how did I pull this classic band back together?'

    14. Renegade 80

      This sounds phenomenal

    15. David Hackett

      When I get my COVID vaccine I'm going to ask my doctor turn off the lights. She'll ask why. I'll tell her it beats a walk in the park.

    16. Ale Nafeesa Alnahyan

      Survivor Series 2020 brought me here❤️

    17. Yarngam Makan

      16 million in two days.. hmm

    18. John Penner

      The dislikes are just people that searched for how flashlights work and got this instead...

    19. A.Rivas

      This sounds really good, definitely AC/DC is back and rocking 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

    20. Sharon Munn

      RIP malcom young

    21. Laila Mamesh

      why is trump in the thumbnail

    22. Rockhopper Adventures

      Now kids, study this closely...this is how you play rock n roll.

    23. Boogiewoogie

      Good to see them. back and glad they've ditched silly gimmicks for this lp

    24. Ronnie Adams

    25. Gregorio Lopez Carpintero

      Los putos amos

    26. Micke

      Stevie Young gets too little cred⚡

    27. Darrell

      that stomp wont ever get old

    28. Natalie Collins

      Me and my dad listens to this song and I can sing it

    29. D3ath8yBac0n

      RIP Malcolm, we miss you but your kin is still rocking! You and Bon wait a few minutes more, the boys still have a message mate!

    30. Big Chungus

      1973 - 2020 still rocking. AC/DC

    31. Hansbaua 17


    32. zoran ilijin

    33. mercer

      i clicked because there was Donald Trump in the thumbnail

    34. Jean WHITFIELD

      Thanks ACDC you have saved 2020.

    35. Mr Draper

      ACDC are the best ever!!

    36. Dima Motorov

      Браво 🤟, Bravo)))))

    37. Roland Rongen

      the album it 20 milion better like Rock or bust

    38. pinkfloydforever november74

      top top top !!! ANGUSSSS

    39. Danilo Rangel

      Now I see why rock and roll never dies

    40. DLN

      Can't wait to open this christmas morning and rock all christmas day and night jammin' to the new acdc album just like I did 6 years ago when rock or bust came out. Acdc Christmases are the best!!

    41. Giovanni Costagliola

      Great Brian!!!!!

    42. Blanca Rock and Metal


    43. Blanca Rock and Metal

      POWER UP

    44. Kyle Smile

      First song by AC/DC was Big Balls. And that's when I became a fan. Also saw them back in 14 when they were on tour for Rock or Bust. In San Francisco at Oracle Ball Park

    45. Wojtek Tkaczyk


    46. Johnathan Raye

      Admittedly it is the same AC/DC formula........ but it works !


      When in doubt old-school schools the new allways even in the afterlife ain't that right Eddie Van Halen 🧡🥰💜

    48. Руслан Я

      The best!

    49. Steffman

      Great comeback! The guys are giving it hot!


      ACDC copying ACDC which previously plagiarized ACDC after they draw inspiration from ACDC, but honestly also them are a facsimile of ACDC. ACDC RULEZ !!!!!!

    51. la nona arte

      I played this song to my cute kitten ... he can talk and he said: "FUCK YEAH! SEX, DRUG AND ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!"

    52. Jesus 2030

      Jesus still loves you...HE is the Lord...He is the Alpha and Omega...HE is the beginning and the end...He is the first and the last...He is the King of kings.. HE is Lord of lords...repent from alkahol, pornography and prostitution, drugs and read the BIBLE and accept Jesus as your Lord and you Will have eternel live...Jesus will come back soon, very soon, maybe 2030 or 2031 according to 2 BIBLEVERSES : HOSEA 6.2 and 2 Peter 3.8 ...after two days he will revive us...1 day is like 1000 years...we think that Jesus had left this world in the year 30 or 31 and Jesus said, that he will come back as he left. We can calculate : 2 × 1000 + 30 or 31 = 2030 or 2031. Another very important message : the darkness is the last sign (Luke 21.25) before the arrival of our Lord Jesus on the clouds (Luke 21.27). After the arrival of Jésus on the clouds there will be the rapture (Luke 21.28). Are you ready for the Kingdom of Heaven? REPENT SO YOU WILL BE READY !!!tt

    53. Rhonda Baker

      Friggin Yes!. R Kay Baker Thank You

    54. PUBG EXE

      Survivor series 2020🔥🔥

    55. Carlos Ortero

      old dawgs gotta show these suposed new rockbands HOW ITS DONE, SON... ahahaaaahhaaa gotta love it

    56. nword boi

      i showed thi to my grandpa he grabbed his guitar and shredded

    57. Jim Scott

      I hope I still can rock like that when I'm that age. Definately impressive!!

    58. Kevin Helgeson

      I’m 25, and I was raised on AC/DC for as long as I can remember, this is exactly what I needed for a happy 2020, the rest can go fuck itself!!

    59. Shim Gaming

      Sad without Slade

    60. Chris Phelan

      You always know what you are getting with AC⚡DC, they never change. This is awesome 👍

    61. Marco Nespoli

      1:12 not impressed

    62. Austen Mann

      Goddamm acdc never changes 😂 this is why I've always liked em, they never sold out to the trendy sounds of the time, they just kept on rocking and smoking out them tube amps. Hell yeah

    63. Aure Garza

      Legends on film... 🎬

    64. James Colimbo

      R i p malcom yung

    65. Serkan AYKUT

      We need ZZTop style music videos... Forever AC💈DC, but also; sorry, not sorry 👻🇺🇸

    66. M Jaeger

      can we get this as bonus track ? dog on the road .................. XD

    67. Shaun Myall

      Who says all ACDC tunes sound the same? This is classic ACDC and classic rock. Keep going boys.

    68. Jim Lampert

      old time rock!

    69. Eldibs

      I can listen to the whole album for free, and I still paid them to send it to me on CD. They earned it.

    70. Matt Logsdon

      Best tune on the album!🤘🤘

    71. RurouniK95

      It's great to hear Brian Johnson back in AC/DC

    72. frank newt

      Just fricking awesome , a trip into the past . Well done boys , Bravo !!

    73. M.rafie Roslin

      Survivor series 2020 anyone

    74. Monica Garcia

      Amo demais

    75. Ivan Arellano

      2020 no es una completa basura 🤘😎

    76. Ryan Saiadaminhamente

      Queria deixar aqui meus agradecimentos ao meu amigo Victor Lisboa por me fazer eu me interessar pelo rock novamente e em especial a essa banda incrível. Não sou fã da banda n faz nem um ano mas reconheço que o trabalho dos caras são muito bom e gosto muito deles por isso. Viva o AC/DC!!!

    77. Luke Bartman

      The Best thing that has happened all year..Thank You AC/DC

    78. bocoy noiu

      This 73 year old has more energy than Gen Z does

    79. MWFE Wrestling


    80. Rayn Wolfsbane

      lol Phil looks so disinterested

      1. bocoy noiu

        That school boy never grows old

    81. M D


    82. venuspluto67

      I think this is the first AC/DC song I've actually liked in 30 years.

    83. Joe B

      I mean no disrespect to AC/DC by saying this but every time I hear this song, Cars by Gary Numan gets stuck in my head.

    84. goodwill

      So let me get this straight. Brian was 33 years old in 1980 when he made back in black.

    85. MNSA Music & Entertainment

      AC DC still AC DC ,not like Panic At Disco to be Pop Band

    86. Jimmythepin


    87. Adam Fuller

      Haven't aged in 30 years. Top shelf, great to see Brian back in top form!

    88. ken anderson

      Still sounds great don’t he

    89. Nick Renzo

      Real fuckin music, not all that rap shit.

    90. Diva Joker

      They 've created fucking music, don't you get goosebumps when the song starts, like 🤯LEGENDS

    91. Patrick McQuillan

      73 he sounds like he always did , his voice has not changed

    92. Matthew Kramer

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    93. Bill Frater

      Was surprised and sad to hear Cliff Williams KILLS ANIMALS or FUN.

    94. Sebastian Marquez

      y se salvo 2020 gracias a ac/dc!!!...quien se quedo con ganas de que la cancion fuera mas larga?..que gran banda!!!!..gracias ac/dc!!!!!

    95. Ferds Garcia

      That school boy never grows old

      1. Omar Ríos Calderón

        His like bart of rock

    96. Neil Duffy

      Cannot believe these legends keep producing absolute rock, glad Brian is back. WHAT AN ALBUM

    97. Sir Yàdāng

      The second time listening to rock, AC/DC. This shit is fire! 🔥

    98. ben white

      So basically in a nutshell AC/DC is the best thing to come out of 20/20

    99. Drummer Christian Hoffe

      Awesome song! Unique sound! Top!

    100. Mastermind41

      The fact that Brian Johnson sounds this good at 73 is fucking insane...