AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train (Official Video)


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    Music video by AC/DC performing Rock N Roll Train (Black Ice promo clip). (C) 2009 Leidseplein Presse, B.V.

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    2. Lostand Found

      Who else took delight in a train passing by???

    3. Elliott Mayer

      I’ve been on an AC/DC And ZZ Top binge recently. My two favorite bands

    4. My name Skye my nickname willow

      AC/DC ⚡️rule forever 🤟✌️

    5. CMT Productions

      Amazing song, but the fuck do those lyrics mean?

    6. Benjamin james Roch

      one of acdc best song

    7. blue dream

      Who's listening at 2021😀🤩?

    8. Victor Cavalheiro


      1. Victor Cavalheiro

        Rock AC/DC

    9. 10Amp SloBlo

      Ringo Starr of rock n roll drummers

    10. Adam Holtz

      Fantastic Rocker released in August 2008 !!!

    11. Davíð Rúrik Martinsson

      The odds of finding Brian after Bon passed away must have been around 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001

    12. Ginel Lupascu

      best song ever with love from Buciumeni!!!!!!!!!!

    13. HUE Larry

      my left ear: nice music my right ear: death

    14. The Crimson Knight

      When I'm feeling down, I listen to AC/DC, always brings me up

    15. Kendrick Britto

      It took me 13 years to realize that it’s runaway train

    16. J Thornton

      drivin that train high on cocaine


      🍉💥 ABSOLUTELY 💥⚡

    18. Tesseract95

      Give it a litle eq punch

    19. diego innocenti

      Rock in peace Malcolm

    20. Arild Buran

      Good rock n roll ac/dc song,and it is the best hit since Thunderstruck!

    21. Rich Lewis

      Rock n roll will never die......

    22. Aiden

      They should've saved this for Power Up, in my opinion. Black Ice didn't need this song.

    23. Lee Clair

      This song says after all these years, AC/DC still rocks and keeps rocking on! No slowing down!

    24. Jared Alejandro Flores Estrada

      hello mr bon scott

    25. rafael pintar

      literLY THE mw thih g

    26. Mr. Nomad

      does anybody else think that shot in the dark sounds a little bit like this?

      1. Aiden

        No, but Anything Goes sounds like Witch's Spell.

      2. RandomBotDude 05

        No completely different pace.

    27. Mr. Nomad

      this song is so underrated

    28. AguPixel

      Gran tema a todos.

    29. Putra Purnama


    30. Cristian Altamira

      En Argentina se les hizo Real no teniendo público ficticio 😎

    31. Hardeepsinh Jadeja

      They made Iron Man movie for this particular song only.

    32. Jason Harris


    33. John DeF

      Took my wife to this tour live. She wasnt a huge fan before but was after. Glad she got to see Malcolm🎸💖

    34. Skinno

      my grandpa linstens to this everyday i just luv it

    35. Luis Ruiz

      AC/DC es mi banda de rock favorita y para mi la mejor banda de rock de la historia.

    36. cheesenips89

      This is my top 10. Just can't get it out my head and my 4 year old daughter loves it! Result!

    37. DJ Jeff_GamingYT

      I love this song 🎵 for life

    38. Joel Israel Ramirez Gonzalez


    39. Jailbreak _79

      This is absolutely a well oiled machine.

    40. Frank

      Watch what happens...........

    41. Spamus Music

      Underrated song with an amazing riff

    42. Lars Schoofs

      ik luister dit tjidens winskunde

      1. Lars Schoofs

        wat een gangster zijt gij

    43. Rafael Furtado de Aquino

      A melhor banda de todos os tempos.

    44. Elena Harte

      Can't wait until the pandemic is over and we can rock out live with the Bands again!!!!

    45. Lorraine Lousich

      Classic a c d c rocking right off the track

    46. D J

      Awesome song!

    47. John Smith

    48. Andres nova

      the live version in river plate probably answer to the few visits in this video.

    49. Matthew Austin

      How To Go To Heaven

    50. Che Mex

      AC/DC is back

    51. James Williams


    52. Tom Gee

      I love it. #MickyGeeGuitarist Facebook:

    53. Clyde

      "You mouse is just a wanker" 3:32

    54. evil me

      heroes of 202...who dares to fight me on that 1? :p haha, i have an ACDC army by me to prove my claim ;)

    55. stacey lautenschlager


    56. Jason Zajac

      I like the video. Drunken noodles

    57. David Broadhead

      acdc suck

      1. David Broadhead

        @RandomBotDude 05 idk I just heard ma friends talkin bout this song so I searched it an its shat

      2. RandomBotDude 05

        Then why are you here?

    58. Gabriel Moreno

      This riff is so underrated.

    59. João Silvério

      Masterpiece ! History !

    60. daveb6214

      This is a feckin Great track , you Guys are Amazing you came back when the fans needed you the most, you will go down definitely in history for what you have done !!!! Godspeed Bon and Malc

    61. Daniel Melo


    62. Sean VanAssen

      To the people that gave AC/DC a thumbs down, apparently you need to re-evaluate your music choices.

    63. Orange Highlighter

      My favourite AC DC song And you shook me all night long Anything goes These guys really rock 🤟

    64. Leonardo Costa Arrais


    65. Daniel Farquhar

      Who's watching this after POWER UP has came out ?

      1. Audrey Allen


      2. Stephen M

        me \m/

      3. 24 24

        Hell yeah

      4. Nolan McDavid

        not i

    66. Sam S

      Interesting maybe only to me, Angus Young recently admitted that all the songs on Power Up that were co-written by Malcom Young back when this album came out in 2007-2008. The irony is that while no single from this album went to #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock charts, their first single from Power Up, "Shot In the Dark" did just that in November 2020 - and the song was essentially written 12-13 years ago and shelved until released in October 2020. In fact, according to Angus, for Black Ice they wrote nearly double the songs needed for that album so most of that material now appears on Power Up.

    67. Solitary Hipster

      This video was uploaded in 2012 and has like 7million views while the new single A Shot in The Dark was uploaded like a week ago and already has 14 million views!!!! Damn!

    68. Moises S


    69. El spider man

      1112 people deserves to be crashed by the Rock n roll Train

    70. Timo Watzke

      Did I played this song on max volume on my big Speakers: yes Did I forgot it was Wednesday 1am: yes Am I in trouble now with my neighbors: maybe Will I do it again: definitely yes

      1. IBR

        Do I want to be your neighbour now: yes

      2. Nicholas Deacon

        Who cares lol

      3. Aiden

        I would do it every night.

      4. Elena Harte

        If you're not in trouble with the neighbors you're not playing the music loud enough, lol!!

    71. jacob Aittauq

      I was 6 years old when this album came out, i reremember sitting in my living room when black ice came out and i was absolutely blown by the trailer of the album. Never really had the entire black ice album but i had live at river plate once. i'm 17 now and i'm so bored with life. 11 years gone so fast.

      1. RandomBotDude 05

        I was I think 4 when it came out. Already listened to them, but had no clue about most of their music. Wasn’t until Rock or Bust that I actually became a huge fan and started memorizing lyrics, songs names, albums, and the members.

      2. jacob Aittauq

        @Henry Guy oh you're so lucky. i've been listening to AC/DC all week and playing quake 2 on Xbox 360. This quarantine really killed my mood.

      3. Henry Guy

        Similar story to you. I was 9 when black ice came out but i remember staying up all night listening to it on a portable cd player. Love it 🤙🏻

    72. D Rivs

      Yeah as a team, let's just finish and fuck them up. No guns, no drugs. And no misunderstanding. Yeah check it out Eagles exclusive PRAYER/Super Bowl Champions 52 you tube D Rivs . Yeah check it out.

    73. thefivepoints

      This is their best ever song.

    74. eirik olsen

      Like i wanna cry, so good too have them back ! Awsome as ever the boys , RIP Malcom u never gonna be forgoten !

    75. Doudou The Badass

      AC/DC is the greatest Rock and Roll band for eternity. 😛

    76. Tidu Patrick

      This is m'y baby boy lullaby

    77. christop Lakx


    78. Michael Schultz

      Wow nice see that Southern Rock back in this One!

    79. Dragonmoth


    80. Adam Vitovský - Free Music For Videos

      I love this song from new era!

    81. beeShal kcey


    82. Eve Bridenbaugj

      As a train kid I approve

    83. stephenw181057

      Great singalong chorus

    84. R2 estelar

      AC DC música Brutal 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

    85. Walter W. Heisenberg

      Best AC/DC song in this century.

    86. angela Bender

      Love you acdc

    87. Aaron Peters

      Killer hook. Great. All day long.

    88. Christopher Mas

      God I love AC⚡DC

    89. fundhund62

      Some nice chemistry between Angus and Brian :)

    90. Pizan's Stocks and Scratch Offs

      Their version of Crazy Train

    91. Stephanie Parton

      Wish I could of seen them in concert. When they came here and I wanted to get tickets it was already sold out. Ugh.

    92. Antoine-Arthur Breton

      Fun fact: This video is underrated, but the song isn't. (133 millions of views on the live one at Liverplate)

    93. Tesseract95

      Living on extasy, that what i ask.



    95. Ryan Sanders


    96. Manish Show

      The same song got 120+ million views in live at river plate

    97. Cristina Adami

      Sarà semplice rock ma nel mio lavoro mi da molte soddisfazioni e tanti risvegli firmato una operatrice socio sanitario di Verona

    98. widya Maulana

      Orang indo nyasar😂

    99. Jim Woodcock

      Nostalgic seeing and watching Malcom play


      Antes y después.