Adele Carpool Karaoke

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    While home in London for the holidays, James Corden picks up his friend Adele for a drive around the city singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj's "Monster."
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    1. Andre Chiakka

      Beautiful..! Absolutely love her laugh..!

    2. Diede nicolai

      I’m reading all the comment in a British accent:)

    3. Diede nicolai

      I love how this comment section is still alive after five years

    4. Diede nicolai

      It’s even funnier because they’re British lol

    5. C W

      The time i was a fan of Adele its when Chester Benington did a cover on Adele song rollin in the deep

    6. Feeshah H

      Adele rapping (with the faces) gives me life.

    7. Poppy Jones

      mate my biggest flex is when i was 10 i went to adeles concert on the 28/06/2017 and it was her last one before she cancelled the other shows, i was standing at the front and because i couldn't see some girls in front of me and my mum lived me onto their shoulders. biggest flex is that.

    8. Sia Wright

      There is no way anyone can watch this video and not smile, sing or carry on bad the whole time Or all three cus that’s what I was doing

    9. Maeve Czaplewski

      this will forever be my fav carpool karaoke

    10. Carlos Peraza


    11. Lori Richardson

      So entertaining. I really loved it.

    12. Xavier Jhon

      People who wants Adele release more music❤️Make it blue

    13. Golden Games

      So lovely 😍😍

    14. Calum Boylan

      James officially has the best job ever

    15. Kayra Kutlu

      I come here everyday to get daily dose

    16. JJ J

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    17. Aiswariya Ray

      The way she raps damn she is so versatile.

    18. Alyssa McKee

      This is the best one🤣🤣❤️

    19. Catriona Charis Montalbo Maranan

      "Shut up and let adele sing" - Rebel wilson

    20. THE XCAPE

      She stole a piece of my heart with that rap!😍🔥

    21. Khareen Gail

      The accent definitely kills me. Help me 😭

    22. pau Murillo


    23. nyi nyi

      Someone Like u

    24. Amarilis Piña

      En español por favor

    25. John Karlquist

      I don't think you can deny this guy can sing. Adele, beautiful.

    26. Leonardo Ornelas

      13:37 sounds awesomeeee ! ahaha

    27. Angie Ando

      I love her!

    28. Raghad Sami

      I’m here to celebrate Adele’s birthday 🥳❤️❤️ I’ve never left tbh

    29. Adela HRNJIC


    30. melody grace

      i knew adele was a barb. this is too good

    31. Roseanne

      The best carpool karaoke ever, and the most viewed carpool karaoke 😍

    32. Dan Dykema

      That was the best. They are so much fun together.

    33. thekellynetwork

      The best . 🤣🤣🤣

    34. Andie Villa

      Wow nice guest my idol and lovely Adele😍😍😍

    35. Teguh Widodo

      Wamest Greetings from Borobudur Sunrise!

    36. Savannah Portis

      I’m in pure amazement! This made me fall in love with Adele! Her voice is flawless and her vibe is everything

    37. Lloyd Fletcher

      Severe weight loss does nothing for your looks

    38. Rachael Harper

      Adele: no I don’t put my name down in case they call the paps 😂😂😂😂

    39. Big Boss


    40. flexible K

      It will be amazing to move her as an uber driver to anywhere

    41. Sajani Erandika

      Happy birth day *QUEEN ADELE*

    42. nokesbob2

      My 3 favorite drives are Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga and Adele. If I had a day or two to hang out with someone, I think hanging out in London with Adele and James would be so much fun. Love you guys!

    43. Kim Hoffman

      I adore u both 💓

    44. Radha Rajguru

      5:35 what just Adele said !? The accent my god I didnt understand a bit she said at 5:35

    45. Nicoleta Vago

      Happy Birthday Adele !

    46. Ademir Isaac

      Adelle canta muito bem ! Que DEUS abençoa voces !

    47. King Timmy


    48. dean roberts

      Adele here though 😍😍😍

    49. Anbreen Ehtesham

      Idk how many times ive seen this!

    50. STYLIST #1d

      Happy Birthday Queen! ❤️

    51. Erin Voight

      This one is awesome! James should and Adele should do an album together!!!

    52. Miguel Acosta


    53. Miguel Acosta

      Hahaha caraore

    54. Sabrina Street

      I have watched this a zillion times and I love it more every single time!!!!!!

    55. RockstarKaboom

      Who came here on Adele's Birthday?

    56. Rubel Miah


    57. Ahsanul islam tapadar

      I like to hear Adele.

    58. Unicorntwins forever

      Who was singing with 👇are how jany

    59. Muhammad Ariff

      This is 2021. I miss Adele.

    60. Bethany Baarda

      I love Adele so much!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

    61. Amanda Duerk

      I love how sometimes, when he’s really feelin it, he stops singing and he just fully takes in the moment, of getting to hear this beautiful voice right next to him! He just listens 🙏🏻

    62. Pirate58

      I love it. Adele is absolutely zany.

    63. Daniel Rabago

      Still waiting for nicki minaj to be in this

    64. tee36044

      This makes you appreciate white people so much more.

    65. Judith Jolly

      I would love to just karaoke in a car with Adele!

    66. Bleu Chiro

      You have to be there.

    67. Ludmilla Porto

      Amo Adele. Admiro

    68. Аурика Ашибокова

      I always come back to watch and listen to this again. Love both of them😍

    69. Adiele Greatman

      Best 15 minutes of my day. Even 5 years later

    70. afizzle

      hands on the wheel bro

    71. Lex R

      Forget the celebs for a moment. James, you are adorable. And you're more interesting and exciting than some of these people anyway. This isn't a slight against Adele. I'm actually happily surprised by her rambling and humor. She's awesome. However, some of the others were so-so, but you really make this show fun anyway.

    72. Henna Kröger

      Life is so unfair! How can someone be so beautiful and talented at the same time?

    73. mkwtnb

      I don’t remember how many times I came back here😊

    74. Melanie Tibi

      adele is the best ♥️

    75. Ahmed Badr

      Who’s watching this in 2021 ♥️♥️

    76. mrbuck49

      What an awesome idea for a show, please keep it going, the world needs it.

    77. Dominator

      She sings great She should start doing covers on youtube

    78. J.T. Evans

      I’ve watched this so many times, at this point I’m not ashamed.

    79. Shelley Gregory

      Just watched again. Ready for more!

    80. Play On Android

      James is the perfect host. He doesn't outperform the guests but just enough to keep up with them

    81. biski

      Adele you are fantastic!!

    82. Mackenzie Pittman

      literally me and my dad in the car listening to Adele, me singing the original part and him harmonizing

      1. Jay Hudsin

        Its so cute!which song did you and your father sing?

    83. D P

      honestly, he should've just STFU and let her sing...

      1. Shan

        Bye asf. Y'all love to find problem, adele...all guests has no problem with James singing along

    84. Viki Carts

      Adele downing a cuppa is the ultimate U.K. mood. Even in the fucked up year of 2021.

    85. Malcolm Gorrie

      Thats what i think i sound like singing in the bathroom


      shut up and let adele sing

    87. Oana Grosu

      Everytime Adele sings, someone starts cutting onions in front of me! The most amazing voice ever! So effortless and so much soul! 🤘🖤 Oh, and oh so funny!

    88. J.T. Evans

      If I don’t marry Adele, I’ll be single till I die. Damn, I LOVE this woman

    89. shimul nazrul

      I don't know why but her accent is giving me Louis tomlinson vibes.

    90. Nicki P

      Love from Myanmar 🇲🇲😘😍🥰

    91. Abdulrahman Asad

      Amazing show , and the good vibe wow Performance central 🥰

    92. Chelsea Araba Mwinla Kongwieh

      I can't believe I'm now watching this

    93. belu barreto

      Siempre será la Reina

    94. Estrella Rono


    95. Swirl Blue

      Love her giggle during "Hello"

    96. Paul Murray

      Oh my God how can you not like Adele

    97. Paul Murray

      Love you guys

    98. Random Gaming

      James has not a chance to even follow this beast!

    99. Mr. Ashley

      She is so down to earth for such a fantastic DIVA !! Love her!!