Adele Carpool Karaoke

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    While home in London for the holidays, James Corden picks up his friend Adele for a drive around the city singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj's "Monster."
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    1. Frankie Vincent

      So f fun!

    2. Lucas Rochas

      Man. What a voice. She's the best. Ready to pay 200 pounds to see her live

    3. Xplicid100

      he actually sounded good singing with her too. Lovely

    4. Tihomir Gochev


    5. Chael Tobias

      They did not set sing Fire on the Rain :(

    6. Anastacia Holtjer

      love you like you kein king anastacia qeen merry

    7. Gorgeous Look

      Ooooh, yes , Adele, so amazing show, beautiful 💞💞🧚🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄

    8. WOW Christmas


    9. Sucs For You!

      I don't know how I just got this but Spice Girls totally ripped off Salt 'n Pepa !

    10. ччч сссс

      I’ve never seen a more British person she got that tea down her like nothing

    11. Evan Bullman

      Cool person

    12. Data Two

      I'm not from England, but would anyone be able to tell me what accent she has? I've heard that there many different accents in England.

      1. Ludovica Mancini


    13. Jeremy Ankamah

      i love british people!!!! no cap

    14. DinosaureEnFeu

      Paul mccartney was for me more heartwarming

    15. Joshua Tobiasz


    16. YouTube Hoe

      Binge watching Adele with expectations to get the new album in 2021 😎

    17. Tamar Silverman

      I havent lived...howd i miss this?

    18. Tarun Lohani

      That British accent ❤️

    19. Chris Lawrence

      shes shredding the drums

    20. Juls

      Thanks for making me sing along and smile! 2020 has been 💩 🤮. I needed this. Love you Adele and James! 🥰❤️🥰

    21. dayankkumarasinghe

      The best carpool karaoke ever... \m/

    22. anonymous alien 2.0

      Wtf Adele is British?!

      1. anonymous alien 2.0

        @Randomized Content goodness gracious yes fml

      2. Randomized Content

        ...Are you just now realizing this?

    23. Hollis P

      Absolutely the best carpool karaoke... I visit this karaoke every other month since it was posted to get happy... but seriously James keep both hands on the wheel to keep that treasure safe

    24. M No

      the amount of times that I have seen thiiiiiiiiis it's NOV 2020

    25. Marcelo Morales

      Adele una godmachine song...yuo are de queen...not exkusse

    26. Beautiful content

      Who's watching this video in 2020?😁❤️

    27. H2Online

      What's happening in the background at 12:58 lol

    28. Brook Woods

      Is it just me or is Adele the person that everyone wants as a mom or like a friend

    29. Abdul Ibrahim


    30. clules_s hamad

      adele is a straight up legend and i barely listen to her

    31. SA

      I am a sick disabled person with a progressive genetic disease. Every single day right now is a terrifying struggle without reprieve. And the weight of that fear and struggle for myself and for my family members ('cause that's how genetics do) is crushing. This video just lifted that terminal weight a bit for a whole 14:51 minutes. .I am truly grateful. Thank you James THEJames, and Adele.

      1. annabelvb

        ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sorry you’re having to endure that, wishing you love, comfort and hope

    32. Kate Waller

      The best oneee ❤️❤️❤️

    33. Julie Solis

      James is killing it!

    34. Big Vape

      Everyone is saying: „Autotune left the chat“ But Autotune was never in the chat...

    35. Phillip Simpson

      She is ADDICTIVE ENERGY!!! I don't want this ride to end!!! Cheers All *~}

    36. Thevan De Silva

      Even James couldn't dominate the voice of Queen 😂

    37. Giovanna Hideg


    38. Hot Weather

      Wow, the smile of adele is dangerous. I am crushed..❤️❤️❤️

    39. Александр Ко

      When Bryn Terfel drives taxi..

    40. akwo89

      Adele is funny, down-to-earth, has such a big-heart, has NO diva complex, and by god her musical talents are incomparable. She is THE perfect human.

    41. Cumulus Terraticus


    42. Suyash Kumar Bhagat

      The world needs a Adele and Sia collaboration

    43. sofia sofi

      10:58 i want her to be my cool friend

    44. sofia sofi

      I love her

    45. Crikey_Mo

      4 years later and this is still awesome!

    46. Yessi Raheem

      Come here to see the old lovely Adele before her body transformation. Still looks great and humble. But, the most honest of all, I'm here because this is the best look of James, the shirt looks amazing on him 😍

    47. Kevin Hwang

      well... Adele is so cold hearted

    48. Jhonrey Cayanan

      Oh my i want taylor swift whos with me?

    49. Alicia Carmona


    50. sofiabarriga711

      what's the song in minute 9?

    51. Marc Jamieson

      True singing

    52. Ladi Dadida

      I’ve never seen a more British person she got that tea down her like nothing

    53. dgnty

      1:27 thank me later 😂

    54. martim abreu

      Corden and Adele look like brother and sister so cute!

    55. amelia harding

      She's just. PERFECT.

    56. Orvelyn herrera gutièrrez

      Que herrrrmosa mujer, la amo

    57. scorps Tjon


    58. Digangana Sen

      Me: Watches Adele's carpool Karaoke video Also me: let me just update my bucket list real quick and add *Attend an Adele live concert*

      1. PotatoLand

        Same here :))

    59. adamwnt

      77, just me and my cats 😂😂😂❤️

    60. Rainer Schenk

      I like britts FFS

    61. Dion Paris

      November 2020 still the best duo to date

    62. Akash Sharma


    63. The Fool On the Hill

      I'm missing every other word cause their accent is so DIFFICULT to understand! LOL But I'm loving every moment!

    64. Viral Mobile legends Highlights

      Adele carpool karaoke has more views than music videos, adele effect❤️

    65. Tagam Komut

      Oh wow!! the comments section are full of recent comments

    66. Fj Freestyles

      She's so British 😍

    67. Luna 333

      It's Nov. 2020. James & Carpool karaoke is JUST what is needed to bring cheer during 2nd lock down. This one with Adele is one of my favourites. ` `James actually has a set of lungs, eh? ~Wishing everyone well around the world. Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦

    68. Junioria

      adele: speaks in an brittish acent adele: sings in american

      1. hunnerdayEDT

        @Suzanne McGowan Apparently, the American accent is easier to sing in. There's a lot of videos about it.

      2. Lucy H

        Bc it sounds weird to sing in an English accent lol

      3. Suzanne McGowan

        Yes so many do, don't know why they have to sound American. Its a bit fake unless you are American if course.

      4. Elizabeth Hall

        Everybody loses their accent when singing. Dont know why...

    69. A Chetty

      Lyrics: 🎶 Hello, can u hear me? I’m in California music 🎶 Subs: HELLO. DHEERS PLAWS TOAT IM IN CALIFORNIA

    70. Maria Dennis

      They’re so much enjoying that car pool. Like old old friends 💝

    71. Maria Dennis

      I love love love the British accent!! Sooo cute!! Lovely!!!

    72. Gisele Guimarães

      Wonderful! 😍😍😍 She is better singer of world ❤️ Love You Adele, kisses from Brasil 🇧🇷

    73. Chris Ward

      Driving around London in a range rover in the rain with a cup of tea. It can't get more British than that.

    74. Krissie WG

      Noora from Skam really look like Adele???

    75. Anvesh Jarabani

      my guy must have reharsed years for this.

    76. Asd Asd

      Love you adele 💜💜

    77. Kaitlyn Dela Torre

      they should do blackpink

    78. Rika budiarti

      Wow.. i am from Indonesia.. Adele is number one female singer in the word.. i love adelle

    79. Anvesh Jarabani

      One of the best carpool Karaokes ever

    80. Keisha Williams

      Would the Nets become title favorites with this trio? Stephen A. weighs in ▶️

    81. Louise Cordier

      Imagine Adele telling you your singing is very good. Wtf

    82. Pamela Appleman

      Love them both soooo much!!!!

    83. Emre Taskir

      Watched it a thousand times and there will be thousands more - yes, still in 2020

    84. Ro

      James Harmonizing with her was actually really good

    85. King Kazama

      These added laughs are fucking annoying, it's not even a live show, they are in the car, fucking alone. WHAT is the point in adding that shit in the background?

      1. walterhartwright

        The laughs are the recording of the studio audience when they showed it in the studio, dubbed over the top. They're a real response.

    86. Fight More Films

      @10:01 “they’re amazonian... and they’re also tall...” 😂😂🤣 best diss EVER. Jus sliiiid right in there... 🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

    87. Maya DZC

      She seems to be someone you could steel horses with

    88. Braden Ostle

      U need Eminem!!!

    89. Emil Helgås lind

      I love that laugh

    90. Melissa Ngai

      "I got drunk three days in a row recently!" "NO!" "Yeah - 'cause Christmas!" "Right." ALWAYS gets me laughing

      1. Zockerlenchen

        I also only drink water to surprise my liver. Joke xD

    91. Consultoria Programador

      Watching 10 X

    92. Kim Jisoo

      Adele has been real quiet after James' vocals...

    93. Casey Cooper

      No one actually talks abt how good James really is

    94. Eleona Ching Bautista

      It’s the smudged ✨eyeliner✨for me😂After years of years of watching this I really wanna wipe it for her

    95. That Trucker

      Is he saying "She's never had man meat"?

      1. walterhartwright


    96. Tyler McCauley

      Watching her do that karaoke of Monster...holy shit...

    97. Anthony Boyer

      Best damn carpool karaoke!! Adele please make and album soon. Or a single 😩 I need you.

    98. sadas fasfsaf

      Everyone is saying: „Autotune left the chat“ But Autotune was never in the chat...

    99. sadas fasfsaf

      what a voice