Adele Monologue - SNL

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    Adele talks about returning to SNL as a host, how the show launched her career in America and trying her best to not swear on live television.
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    1. Juice Lord

      Being skinny is her GREATEST accomplishment.

    2. Robert Souza

      If the man that broke her heart ain't kickin' himself in the ass lol

    3. 444 han

      the audience and comments r so dry omg

    4. Sun Flower

      New music alert! Liar!!! This song is amazing! Check it out now!

    5. Mike Yang

      I..... I can’t tell Adele and Kate Winslet apart anymore. 🥺

    6. durr clips

      Shes so hot now she lost all that weight. Get real people. Fatties arent attractive.

    7. springalingading

      Come to Jesus. He will help your swearing problem among others. He gave you your talent. Give it back to him and watch true beauty blossom.

    8. Don 2scoops

      This show is woke fake bs Adele is great. I know, shes young, got to wake up.

    9. Traveling Kaspers World

      They say there are no role models left.....I wonder , this is one singer who seems to have a good heart.

    10. JammyJoey94

      Reading all the comments about ADELE'S ACCENT. I guess American's always did think us Brit's speak with very posh, upper class accents and we say things like "Pip Pip", "Tally Ho", "Jolly Hockey Stick", "Old Bean", and singing "RULE BRITANNIA" whilst wearing a top hat and a monocle to a tea party. If you really want to hear what us Brits ACTUALLY sound like, come to London, we all sound like Adele in London Town... or as we would say with the local working-class dialect, "LANDAN TAAN!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

    11. Kawaii girl

      No es hate pero me gustaba mas como se veía adele gordita 😘

    12. lavresha

      I fell in love with her again. She's so...I cant even find words to describe how much I love her. She's just perfect and she looks so happy I cry

    13. Monika k

      She looks so Beautiful!!!

    14. Taly G

      Huda’s double 😍

    15. Jonny

      I like British humor... I just don’t think she’s funny and her timing is off. Great singer, looks amazing... just not the best host. Definitely not the worst either.

    16. austin goff

      (She had always been and always will be) BEAUTIFUL! MY GOD!

    17. Hemantha siriwardana

      SUPER bass headset you can BUY now

    18. Dani Ly

      She’s such a beautiful person in and out and all around haha 😍😍❤️

    19. Rori Gillmore

      completley different person. and it is a big deal you over sensitive idiots. because she was fat even as a kid, being healthy is a big deal you idiots.

    20. KDP

      It's her business what size she is. Nobody else's - her choice.

    21. John Mayfield

      Looking good girl

    22. SusieLa1

      It's like watching a different person. I was expecting her to not have the cockneyish accent.

    23. سبيس ماكس Space Max

      thr legend

    24. WillyoArt

      Damn she looks fantastic! 😍😍

    25. Mr Spankington

      she looks good

    26. idyllil

      aaaaaa adele looks gorgeous

    27. SH4R 3

      She resembles Margot Robbie in this, absolutely stunning

    28. Emad Hamdi

      I can only handle a minute or so of that accent.

    29. J Gonz

      So Covid only goes after bands and not hosts? So sick of Covid bull shit... no rhyme or reason for these stupid rules.

    30. Sky Kang

      she looks GLOWING

    31. Chief Runner

      Adele has a huge house in Florida,USA; cause taxes in England (Uk) are very high; as a write off. She also has a house in Bahamas.

    32. Jonathan Seth

      I'm all about being positive in your own skin. But I hope her changes doesn't make her sound cocky in her music.

    33. Through My Lens

      Her behavior reminds me of Rihanna

    34. Charlie Hookham

      Felt kinda forced at times but it's really nice to see her back, she looks happy

    35. juandotcom

    36. Heather Arts

      She looks and sounds Gross one way or the other.

    37. Macafee

      She’s like 1000X more attractive now... like Holly hell.

    38. Joe Cervantes

      My wife is starting to wonder why I keep watching her skits.

      1. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

        🙏❤✌ Catch me up on WhatsApp with +4915218559185 or add me on my private hangout ( ❤❤✌

    39. Razi Redding

      I missed her so much

    40. james eustace

      She looks great. But the accent is awful.

    41. kkkfts

      She's still a bit big tbh

      1. Char

        shut up and get over yourself

      2. Reg. Pson

        @kkkfts who even are you? Projection

      3. kkkfts

        @Beauty always xx She should lose a bit more

      4. Beauty always xx

        She is tiny what you talking about


      it’s funny how she cusses so damn much but literally doesn’t cuss in her music (except for one song 😂). surprising. i love adele ♥️.

    43. Одиссей Нептун


    44. LaLa Smith

      She inspired me to lose weight. If I knew she could do it than I could! I’ve lost 47lbs! I have 20 more to go! It took me 5 months

    45. Mahan Arya

      simply adorable

    46. Johan Yousef

      Her accent really reminds me of Right round the roo (or something like that)

    47. Amelia

      She looks incredible 😍. She have never looks so good.

    48. Gi Na

      She's glowing✨✨ And it's not about her weight loss, it's her soul....

    49. Joe Schmoe

      She's the only one in New York who can understand James Cordon. Lol.

    50. Trevor Madden

      She makes me miss my mouthy south london ex from her old ends. Sounds so like her

    51. Angela Foster

      She’s always been BEAUTIFUL ❤️

    52. White Thread

      She looks stunning.. great desision to lose weight..

    53. David Cole

      OMFG you’ve always been a stunning lady. I love the new COVID look but I will always take you as you are, no matter what. You’re incredible XX

    54. Eva Martha Hernández Hernández

      Te amo mucho Adele

    55. John Casor

      she is one of the Greatest singer of all time ... this is true true true she has won 6 grammys in one night no one has ever done that... and won 15 grammys over time wow just wow..

    56. Beautiful Life

      She looks like Ninel Conde lol

    57. Artem Klimov

      Now she looks perfect. Not too big, not too small!

    58. Michelle Cordeiro Grant

      Why is no one commenting on the fact that she said “My album isn’t finished.” WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER ALBUM!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

    59. alina kouzouian

      no one laughed at “hello, it’s me!” and i’m so upset with the audience.

      1. alina kouzouian

        @Lizbeth Acuna Saucedo okay chill

      2. Amar Nadeem

        no one except you commented it so I'm thankful to you.

    60. Shocking Honesty

      I see a lot of comments on this video and other videos directed at all the supposed haters when it comes to Adele's weight loss. Where are people finding all the negative comments directed at Adele. A lot of false media hype if ya ask me. Gotta make that money right??

    61. ChaoticDoll

      Adele always was and always will look like a goddess given all the accomplishments she has achieved so we shouldn't treat her weight loss like it's such a big achievement. I'm just thrilled knowing we have yet another adele album coming.

    62. Rigoberto Hernandez

      well I just can't believe she's so beautiful now and still gorgeous voice but yet had to go black just like the Kardashians ,,,,ugggghhhhh. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    63. I AM KING

      Man she would’ve gotten that work back then , she DEF would get that WORK NOW !

    64. Bob Doubter

      She looks great. I prefer the older version. She's funnier on Brit tv where she can cuss.

    65. N. Haʻalilio Solomon

      She looks gorgeous!

    66. Thegazelle1000

      She looks like Kate Winslet!

    67. CardinalKaos

      God i love her so much, shes just real

    68. crafty kitty

      i didnt even recognize her

    69. PerrySport

      She either got a ton of loose skin or she's covered in scars from having the loose skin removed. She was huge af at her biggest.

    70. Sally S

      GooooooooooD Job

    71. T. Ann

      My Queen looks so freakin beautiful. Can't wait for the new album to drop.

      1. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

        🙏❤✌ Catch me up on WhatsApp with +4915218559185 or add me on my private hangout ( ❤❤✌

    72. Musa

      She looks so happy and I think she's living the best time of her life :)

    73. Cal Wizzarak

      💎💟💟😄😄😄😄💸💸💸🛬❤🧡💛💙💚💜💥💤💦💨🖤💔💝💘💖💗💓💞💕❣💟💢💥 *Isus Krist je Božji Sin, koji je umro i uskrsnuo iz mrtvih kako bi nam dao vječni život. *Također je obećao da će ozdraviti vaše tijelo.* *Ovo je prava ljubav!!! (pogledaj u nebo i pitaj ga)*

    74. loklo101

      Academy Award winning singer Adele

    75. Al-Malik Pressley

      I never heard her speak, she’s actually sexier wants you hear her accent.

    76. Taylor Peters

      2:54 gross

    77. ReneVaeli

      Should have bought Adele instead of a Lenovo

    78. ozanoutcast

      Curvy ladies rule!!!

    79. Henrietta


    80. Foodlover Yum

      You look amazing!!!!! So healthy!!!!

    81. Sri Lankan Stuff

      She looks younger than ever ❤

    82. Hamish Hamish

      OMG THIS ADELE???????? OMG 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    83. Joanne Morales

      Ladies and gentlemen, she said her album is not finished yet. I’m so looking forward to this new music, and she looks beautiful.

    84. sew1835

      Love, love, love her, and hopefully I always will, but to be completely honest about it, I thought she looked better before she lost the weight. She wasn't fat, far from it, it's just that to me, she appeared to be more like the average wonderful woman who had a wonderful voice who could sing she looks to "glamorized" or too made up or something; just doesn't look like herself.

    85. Sandra-Mae Lux

      Thank you for posting! Do you have a minute? I shared a new song of mine on my page. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you would check it out. I hope you enjoy :)

    86. Daftrok

      That's ADELE?!

    87. katherine m

      Omg she’s drop dead gorgeous

    88. lizzy F

      She looks great wooooooowwww

    89. Dan Ellis

      Adele looks so different ,.looking good even though I hardly recognize her now I liked her as she was She sure looks like Kate Winslet now... Like her twin sister lol

    90. Vivien Martin

      Lmao SNL only having Adele on cause she’s skinny

    91. extreme8808

      You could've made a 10 minutes of a proper monologue and you've only put a swear jar? Really?!? Shame on you, SNL :(

    92. Mahdi Chopanzada

      I love you Adele ❤❤❤

    93. Random girl

      Shes an angel

    94. Kuma in Kana

      That’s not adele!!!! Thats gaydele!!!

    95. Al'set Barnabi

      She looks like Brook Shields - absolute gorj!!!

    96. Armanii Hollywood

      She is Soo Beautiful🥰

    97. Sarah Louis

      ok but like she was a baddie back then but now she's A WHOLE BAD BITCH 🙈❤

    98. Paul Kellerman

      Adele is one the biggest legends in music and i’m not even talking genres she took over the whole world a few times✅

    99. lucy

      she looks great