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    Foam airplanes are the jam
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    1. Vinicius Ferreira

      Oi Renato

    2. しおrem

      watasihaeigoganigatedeperaperasyaberukotogadekimasen🙇 syokendesugahitomedemitadakedewakarimasita……karerahakamidesu😇


      YOU NOT videos

    4. Inesa S

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    5. callmegamer ph

      2020 anyone?

    6. Josettan media

      Recommendation recommendation recommendation HUfast-:)

    7. brenda lucia villareal

      Jaja dude perfect.sres

    8. Spectacular Legends

      Dude perfect in 2079. Real life airplane trick shots

    9. Keagan Vaness-Mowdy

      that was so cool when tyler said this is going to be lit and the plane lit the match😂👏👏

    10. Chan Victor


    11. Prajjwal Batoliya

      I think... *Read more*

    12. Benjamin Dunlop

      Have they ever gotten bored of trick shots??

    13. david jacinto

      Estan chingones 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    14. david jacinto

      Que suban mas videos

    15. Haunter

      Nobody: Dude perfect after tricks YEEEEEEAAAHHHH

    16. Руслан Петров

      Привет я руслан посмотри мой канал на ютубе я снемаю видео о машинах из пластилина и унечтожаю их 😛😜🤪🤯

    17. PariahHQ

      Most of the stuff in this video anybody could probably do, they over react.

      1. Jonah Haskin

        So dp r still this bet HUfastrs on the planet

    18. про челик

      Я хоть и руский но этот канал топ

    19. สุพรรณี สุทธิเกิด


    20. Kanak Ram

      Yea aeroplane kahan milaga

    21. Enrique Taliaoa

      And like the video guys

    22. Enrique Taliaoa

      Check it out

    23. Shari Hermosillo

      Plane goes downward

    24. Shari Hermosillo

      1:37 commiting suicide be like

    25. Ильнар Валеев

      54 млн. Подписчики 🤔

    26. Gabriel Navarro

      I like dude perfect when I’m mad I’m not when I watch

    27. Walter Lonardi

      Di che materiale e fatto

    28. Big Red

      Never lose your inner child.

    29. الباشا العراقي

      🇮🇶اكو عرب بطياره

    30. Danielle Bander

      On one trick shot it did not go threw the loop

    31. rk vince

      1:28 watch

    32. oscarina mosetlhe


    33. TrickShots_ Master

      I can buy this airplane???


      hacker in real life

    35. Neville S

      where did you get the airplane

    36. Gianco Boy Adventures

      Love this. Please subscribe to my channel too. I am 4 yesr old aspiring youtuber.

    37. Phylliss Bell


    38. KLanky Burd

      The camera man filming a styrofoam plane with a knife on the end coming at him😭

    39. Igor e Angelo

      ue fala em portugues

    40. Danyale McAfee


    41. Lourival Domingues

      Aviador vouder tecnic ar tospenc americam

    42. aydanbot

      why is this on my recommendations

    43. Thys Herbst

      Hello Dude Perfect i love you're awesome videos

    44. Josiah the pro

      Dude Perfect: plane trickshots Me: mom can you buy this for me please

    45. Master Relaxing music video

      Nice video 😊

    46. Ahlam

      اريد هذه الطاره


      can i have one of the airplanes ✈️ please

    48. Nathaniel Xiros

      Do you edit your tricks

    49. Nathaniel Xiros

      Do you edit your tricks because my friend told me you did edit it

    50. Daguinod Melda


    51. Ítalo Costa

      3:45 what??

    52. 6kdevs U

      Whos here in 2020?!?!

      1. Melinda Balsay

        Im in 2020

    53. Vaso Petro

      Very fake

    54. Peyton Gaming lara

      so thats how people felt on september

    55. Priya Aunty


    56. Haight Renee

      Nice my favorite shot was bottle banger

    57. Vindian86

      Rewatching this in 2020.


      Wow.​ How to.create plane

    59. Vedant Kumar

      Who is the panda?? Is it jeff toney?? Or cory cotton? Or someone else.... Edit: please tell us

    60. bảo võ


    61. Khaizan Al Akhtar


    62. Chihheng Wang

      You guys are so crazy like mr beast

    63. Sandy Chen

      Wow you guys are so crazy like mr beast!!!

    64. E K

      Nothing sadder.

    65. Yuri De Oliveira Campos

      Como fazer um desse ai

    66. Cassie Maduscha

      Dude perfect is the best

    67. Cassie Maduscha

      I have a twin



    69. احمد امفور Ahmed Aemfor

      What is your opinion of Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq 💪💪

    70. Benjamin Fife 2

      as hard as i have tried i have not been able to throw those planes its amazing how they do it

    71. Experiments Hackers

      माइंड ब्लोइंग

    72. Donny Azarela

      The last one

    73. Magical menagerie

      where is the red cross?

    74. fitness 100 day fitness challenge

      CORY FANS 👇👇

    75. YTBacano

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    76. Jayden Courtney


    77. Ihckhckgd Hfs hi

      Ffxi h

    78. Erica Whitcomb


    79. Ham

      Where can i buy this plastic air plane?

    80. Kimberly Hernandez

      I liked and subscribed can a get a shout-out

    81. Tarachand Patil


    82. ITZJARED Z


    83. Kitty Lim

      He Photoshop it

    84. Tyler Erasmus

      who randomly got this recommended 3 years later? 😉

      1. Jediah Santos

        I did, and the song goes perfectly with it.

    85. beans


    86. Pengneh YT

      Who still watch this video until now?

    87. Jaya Laxmi

      i like this

    88. Penjelajah PlayStore

      Indonesia absen

    89. dino gamer

      yo no ablo inglles pero con los videos estoy eprendiendo y me motiva a seguir

    90. Bayu Digar

      ban bagaimana cara bikin pesawat

    91. Pinkz

      I refuse to believe that this was posed 3 years ago. It was posted a week ago i swear

    92. TIO L

      O nada :3

    93. Ayub Zainal Abidin

      😆😆😆😆😆😉😯😯😯😯😯😯😄😄😄😃😃 Aimy


      Your translate of Indonesia language is not correct Lol😀😀😀😀

    95. Fahmi Nazer

      My favorite shot was twin spin