Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS

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    Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS
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    1. Triptesh Raj Pandey

      PES TEAM NAMES (unlicensed)😂😂 Still PES is better than FIFa🤩🤩

    2. indomie is my bae

      I need more context of this "news program" lol

    3. Parabola

      dafuq did i just watch?

    4. Brandon Cockerill

      Is this satire?

    5. Amrit

      When you are paid 50 cents a day 🤣

    6. Al Rockman

      He sounds like Zed from police academy

    7. Matteo Tombolini

      Leitzetzetzerstsity at 1.05 😂

    8. HK_1235

      I understand him better than Harry Kane and he speaks better English than Harry Kane

    9. Michael Anderson

      2:28 Why bother pronouncing Wolfsburg when you can just howl like a wolf? Much more effective.

    10. Red Devil Studio

      Ty: We lost because we played a village not a football team.

    11. Richard Mann

      Surely this is a wind up?

    12. MGG_PJ

      Americans who never heard about football reading results be like:

    13. Lincoln City

      Lyrics: Evton 1 Manchester ernited 3 Crystala palace 4 Leeds united 1 Chesea 4 Zfrdafr united 1 West am 1 Foolham 0 West bromhawich 0 Totterhem hotspesspes 1 Liztaerhaha ziti 1 Woolverzizizimpleton 0 Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 Arse? NAH! 0 Asstawn village 3 Cagggg 2 Sampderderderder 0 Bu-bunuvunter 0 Spiz spizia 3 PAMA! 0 Fri frilintana 0 Lazi 1 Errrrventus 1 Atalanta 1 Interrizerrrnal 1 Guno 1 Roma 3 Bruh sizzi dortmornd 2 Bayern minich 3 Wallfzizi 2 Hafrinhee 1 Bay lerveskus 4 Bruhsee magszsz 3

    14. Simpleburger1968

      He pretty much howls the Wolfsburg name !! :-)

    15. Nahom Goitom

      Is this thing legit tho ?😂😂😂😂

    16. Злой енот

      Ожог мозга..

    17. Azeem Abbas

      The long lost brother of 'Why are you gae?'

    18. Ajmi Kalatoussa


    19. Silas Blockstarplanet hints


      1. Casper De Heer

        Two times isnt much

    20. Medy Saputra

      Nice meme

    21. Atrulion

      Is he saying nero, neo or no when he is supposed to say zero

    22. Elizabeth Selassie

      Hey Famous HUfast star KSI reacted to this video.

    23. Daniel Daza

      Italia: Cagliari Ghana: Cagacagaga 1:27

    24. DarwinCr

      2:28 My man really got 🐺

    25. Cyan Sea

      anyone notice the dictionary on the table?

    26. Simon Bolander

      Me trying to pronounce the wifi code:

    27. mighty mouse



      3:26 oh sorry😂

    29. Alen B. Baras

      Br'sih M'hal'g'd't was a cherry on top XD

    30. Aidan Madhar


    31. sammydoger vlogs

      We NEED to protect this man at all costs

    32. John Terry

      i want this guy to read ucl draws

    33. copyxerox

      โจอี้ กาน่า fc ❤️Ghana

    34. walesdad

      He's great.

    35. michael ardern

      Borussia Monchengladbach Vs Anzhi Makhachkala

    36. The Sprawl

      Bruce Forsyth coming through from the other side

    37. The Sprawl

      It's like he's doing an incredibly lazy Bruce Forsyth impression

    38. Stevan Mardanez

      At Wolfsburg he sounds like a barking dog

    39. God is liefde ኣምላክ ፍቅሪ እዩ

      Hhhhh what a funny man

    40. Johny Kefir

      ciekawe jakby przeczytał Szczakowianka Jaworzno, Roztocze Szczebrzeszyn, Powiślanka Lipsko czy Karabach Agdam :D

    41. Mustafa Fazal

      1:24 Syria Aah

    42. Dejan Djuric

      But Wolfsburg is most epic 😄😄

    43. Commander Rex

      "The listening test isn't that hard!" *The listening test:*

    44. Tung Nguyen

      Ashsstoon Village ... I’m dead lolll

    45. Bimawan domas Hidayat

      Even auto generated cc can't understand what he said

    46. Jimshair46

      Anyone from ksi?

    47. Moez Boulaoued

      ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼, you are the best Mr.🎩

    48. Dogo the pogo

      he is born for this

    49. SHONE RICH


    50. X X

      Who’s here after the ksi video?

    51. Jorge Rafael

      Ayo i never laughed this hard 😭😭

    52. BeaTrix

      Aston village

    53. Junaid Lemming

      Ha ha ha

    54. Bradley Ellison

      Do the Turkish league

    55. uytuhz zjzhxhjs

      Top 10 african jokes

    56. B7beats

      -Viene Berto? -Nooo

    57. Filip Ion

      The guy has a dictionary on the left brobably for spelling

    58. Randz

      this man loves his job

    59. Laires Makes People Happy

      This guy is an Arsenal fan 4 sure. He was amazed that they have lost against a strong village....

      1. G Deezy


      2. mighty mouse

        hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. CJ

      Guys,just turn on subtitles and trust me,you will not regret

    61. Calisto Listo

      Bro do ghanese people get this even?

    62. Odelschwanck

      Omg this shit is funny as shit

    63. Dean Alfito

      Test* Listining section In this section of the part you will hear......

    64. xpolydor1989

      at least you know this guy's reactions when he tries in the toilet especially at 1:52

    65. Robin Thom

      This must be a parody

    66. Quan the vlogger


    67. StopMotionPark

      How is no one talking about the Bayer leverkusen vs borussia monchen gladbach that killed me😂

    68. Agony __

      Who’s here after KSI’s video 😂😂😂

    69. Michael Morales

      Quien me recomendó está wuea jajajaja con el mayor de los respetos lo digo pero me recontrarecague de la risa

    70. xLord_x70

      KSI TEAM !!!!!!

    71. Ross Shepherd

      Wolfsburg = What the fuck.

    72. gamerproYT

      He is a legend we will remember for the rest of our lives

    73. Macc Macc

      😭😂🤣😭😂🤣 good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 at least he's trying to read better then cannot read at all...

    74. Will Smith

      Arsenal as na

    75. Debee

      He said sorry to the bottle at the end😂😂

    76. Khoster Tim Shivute


    77. raul david

      Came from Ksi's video

    78. Sasha Bond

      To be fair they're all roughly intelligible until the final team, Borussia Mahagudid

    79. Joan Micó Vergara

      Viene Berto?

    80. hanu mac

      The glitch is the voice 😅😅😅

    81. YOXYO

      Who's here from JJ

    82. YOXYO

      Paper: West Bromwich Albion Him: Sunday

    83. Hasaan Skits

      I love this man 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Maurizio Scagliusi


    85. lukas zitko

      we need this every week

    86. Ángel Fernández

      Sounds like crack dude lol

    87. Big Sammy

      Who came form KSI’s video?

    88. Cyps 99

      I made a remix of this. Please check it out! Thanks. hufast.info/plan/vide/jqysoNR63ZTUmIU

    89. TreezN

      West Bromwichwhowhich 0 : 1 Tottenhamhotspespes

    90. mirco galetti

      Aston Village Sampdlllla Barman Florntnaaa Luventus Atlanta (yeah in USA) Guilloa Wooooflsgwherh Austtnenstin Bay levskus And from here he sound arabian

    91. msobczix

      Now do Poland. Would love to hear Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała vs Raków Częstochowa

    92. Mugen2Go

      Bair Lvsks - Love it :D Greetings from a Leverkusen fan.

    93. jestem maciek

      im cryingggg

    94. Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas

      Well villa’s are almost the size Of a small village

    95. The Observer

      When, I need a good laugh this video is what is watched. What a blast to see.I'm loving it.👍

    96. Roman Smirnidis

      Dat voice crack at West Bromwich

    97. Comeback is coming

      My man has gone the English language to another level

    98. Ravxn

      1:54 Asmr for 4 seconds

    99. Ravxn

      jj olatunji 💪💪

    100. Cedric brown jr

      From Ksi