Aleksib De_Nuke Basic Tips & Tricks


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    1st video of the ”Basics” series. I only scratched the surface with the tips, but it’s hard to go into too much detail if you want to show something for almost every part of the map. Hope you learned something. Feedback is much appreciated.

    Close outside smoke 00:18
    Window smoke 02:21
    Smoke for vent drop 03:37
    Hut rush flash 06:18
    Ramp push flash 09:06
    Warehouse and main smoke 11:42
    Double doors molly 14:19
    Prevent squeaky rush 15:11
    Prevent hut rush 16:34
    200IQ hut push 16:55
    Heaven smoke 18:17
    Tips for CTs playing outside 19:02
    How to play ramp 21:17
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    1. Aleksib

      The IG link in the outro will be fixed on the next vid, I had already uploaded this one earlier. What map do you want me to go through next?

      1. Mikael Danska

        Tee tällanen ylipasista ja trainista ootki vissii tehny jo ja sit inffistä vois kanssa tehä

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      Onks tää joku servu mitä käytät vai workshop mappi???????

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      why did u put the clip of you fixing your hair at the start of your video?


      Aleksib and mantuu is the kinda friendship i want😂❤

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      Toi oli kova siis se oho väärä kieli oot muuten ihan vittun kova pelaaa

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      Mantuuu is in ct and gets flashed, dies. Punches table and monitor and brokes Hand.

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      which workshop map is this



    16. SC90

      i dont even play csgo. I just stayed for the nice informative explanations and seemingly flawless throws.

    17. Mathias Kristensen

      Anyone knows what map/mode he is using for this guide? As I see it, this is the map where you can type ".rethrow" and such?

    18. Star of The Show

      Aleksib is probably the coolest name EVER on CS GO

    19. Fuck the birds

      0:16 ”ok so, here’s the first smoke... oh shit wrong language”

    20. LC

      nice biskela, tnks for the class man

    21. Pyae Sone

      share inferno things bro

    22. CraZiesT13

      how i can play training mode on nuke with granades?

    23. 7limey

      Aleksi you mean a ton to me and you are a real ass gangster i fucking love watching you call and i hope you achieve the most with OG

    24. tributepun Magar

      really helpful tho. ppl dont teach like this. he is good teacher.

    25. XXLem. On

      How u r making ur hair style?

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      thank you for making these videos

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      I slapped my IGl in the face for mollying that place and now I am kicked from the team ¯\(°_o)/¯

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      So Much shared knowledge thank you.

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      How much water do u drink Aleksi?? btw thank you for this video

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      Драко Малфой

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      What plug-in are you using?:)

    35. dagon

      What is the practice exec used in this video?

    36. us3soft /\

      Thank you from Russian community and hello from Sasha Petrik

    37. CiaSteKx

      Is there a chance to get his practice config?

    38. Nicolas Gimel

      cant wait to see overpass and vertigo great work aleksib gg

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      ”let me act im a ct” **buys ak immediately*

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    47. Acromatic

      Who is petr1k?


      @Aleksib could you please make video on train or inferno tips please?! I am new to CSGO, most videos only explain the same stuff. Thank you! I subscribed.

    49. Grim Reapz

      17:29 that timing on the donation tho

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      Could you share the CFG file you are using? Or is it some dedicated practice server?

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      Excellent!! You should have way more views. Go and take a look at SMZeus . c o m! I used it to promote my Instagram and it helped my posts start to trend. It could really help you promote your videos too!!!

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      Aleksi pls make similar videos for other maps, these are great thx

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      Hei Alex, olen tilaajasi ja fani, en ole suomalainen ja kirjoitan tämän suomeksi, jotta huomaat minut. Minulla on erittäin iso pyyntö, allekirjoita profiilisi kannustimeen ja kiitos hyvistä ominaisuuksista

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      Спасибо ALEKSIB

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      What kinda config are you using that allows you to throw your last nade with .throw?


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      Ur one of my favorite Csgo players I I just discovered ur channel lol.

    81. Surgix CSGO

      I know he already put time stamps on screen, but as they are not clickable, I thought I would make one's that are: Close Outside Smoke - 00:18 Window Smoke - 02:21 Vent Drop Smoke - 03:37 Hut Rush Flash - 06:18 Ramp Rush Flash - 09:09 Warehouse and Main Smoke - 11:42 Double Doors Molly - 14:19 Prevent Squeaky Rush - 15:11 Prevent Hut Rush - 16:34 The 200iq Hut Push - 16:55 Heaven Smoke - 18:17 Tips for Playing Outside as CT - 19:02 How to Play Ramp - 21:17 Thanks for the video by the way (:

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      1. лблю МАИНКРАФТ!!!

        Play dm a lot

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