All Cinematic FORTNITE TRAILERS (Season 1-14)


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    All Trailers in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. Cinematic Trailers Compilation Season 1-14
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    1. randomChievos

      🔥 *NEW* 🔥 ALL TRAILERS Seaon 1-15 - 🔥 *NEW* 🔥 ALL LIVE-EVENTS Season 1-14 -

      1. Xfirex Gaming

        Why did u count down and not up by the way season five trailer out well chapter two season five

      2. VOLKAN ÖZ


      3. Farooq San

        @بدون اسم هلوات

      4. بدون اسم

        @Farooq San هلاابكككككك

      5. Farooq San

        @بدون اسم في هنا عربي هههههههههههه هلا بيك

    2. cristian tenti


    3. GAMER HQ

      Did everyone else see deadpool on the banana suit part

    4. صالح محمد


    5. Miranda Roddam

      You’re utttttrrrr

    6. GaudyMonk0

      até a temporada 8 o jogo era uma maravilha dps ficou um lixo esse jogo.

    7. Ruben Capetillo

      2:26 la temporada del plants vs zombies xd

    8. sJoselyns !

      Why did I see deadpool when peely got into his suit

    9. the best pro

      seson 8 best seson

    10. Kuushh


    11. Szymon2010


      1. Szymon2010


      2. Szymon2010


    12. Sprinto

    13. Tickle GD

      Why since 14 to 1 season and not 1 to 14 season? Thats messy xD

    14. snqzzy ツ

      omg chapter 2 season 1 are vibes

    15. Adamowy 112

      Siema kto z Polski ten daje lajka 😂

    16. DIO BRANDO

      I love how peely thinks his wolverine

    17. ツпУцанツ


    18. Krypto

      Season 7 ❤❤❤❤❤

    19. مالح

      I don't get how it goes backwards

    20. Henri Hannuniemi

      nice season season 5 is not good

    21. Davide Dask

      Season 7 ,3 ,10

    22. OryxVA

      I’ve never played fortnite before, their trailers are really unique and innovative!

    23. potato Gamer

      I just love the trailers of fortnite Fortnite is trash srry for the fortnite lovers but I dont love it

    24. spiderman


    25. Hamam amjad

      العرب يصفو جنبي

    26. Bill Green


    27. Emmy Buks

      Who else skipped to near 7

    28. Wethermans

      Bet you wont heart me😀😀

    29. Mirovoe

      My favorite season is 12

    30. Sanna Sjöstrand

      2:51 dedpol

    31. Maria Guzman


    32. ꧁༺Roald ༻꧂

      *Ranked all Chapter 2 Season* 1. Season 2 2. Season 5 3. Season 4 4. Season 1 5. Season 3 *Ranked all Chapter 1 Seasons* 1. Season 6 2. Season 5 3. Season 4 4. Season 3 5. Season X 6. Season 8 7. Season 9 8. Season 2 9. Season 1 10. Season 7

    33. naveen jain

      Thor wasted his energy by bringing the helicarrier cuz at last it was just whacked like a fly

    34. StarBrick45

      Remember this: **insert video you watched** Feel old yet?

    35. Cheesy Mcnoodle

      Watching the game go from bad to good slowly


      In my oppinion,the best seasson is 8.....locks so good..

    37. Katya K


    38. Evil Angel

      this brings me back to the og days

    39. Jordan Odell

      Why is the cat on the board homeork buba

    40. AnuelGT599xx

      8:22 ☹

    41. Shotgun T

      This made me remember all the things I did with my friends in chapter 1 and 2

    42. Aboodi ALQhtani

      مين عربي

    43. Mikael Petronius

      When season 14 is out, in the trailer (fake) Thor and iron man didn't talk yet

      1. tatiana ortiz


    44. Luka Benkovic


    45. Alberto Hernandez

      Correction: 14-1

    46. Bedea Andrei

      Who got this in their reccomended when season 5 Chapter 2 launched?

      1. Xavi Cockburn


    47. The Gaming Pepper

      Who is watching in season 15

    48. Only Derro

      This game is so much better than pubg

    49. Jennifer Hombert


    50. Terri Chamberlain

      Now you've gotta add season 15 trailer

    51. نوره البلوي

      13:18 😎✌

    52. SEBA !

      Fortnite is shit

    53. Hikaro Karrdey

      2:52 deadpool ready to change peely love that

    54. Venugopal reddy .k

      Who is watching this after season15 trailer

      1. Mc OOOF

        Me bruh

    55. Alan Salto

      Yes, the nostalgia

    56. Kirb

      Really couldn't have put them from 1 to 14? What is this? Video Manga?

    57. Aarav Roy Chowdhury

      Damn it's 5 hrs to season 15 and this pops up on my recommended....HUfast is the most normal thing I have ever seen

    58. Billy Bob Joe

      Fortnite will go down as the most garbage game in history

    59. Marcia Ward

      👇this is how many people miss chapter 1

    60. Baby Yoda lover 777

      We won’t forget the old classic fortnite Don’t worry

    61. Joseph Mariun

      Im gonna miss the mythics from this season

    62. Brooklyn Collins

      This is 14 to 1 not 1 to 14 lol

    63. Sarah Mullins

      Who else is here after the big event and is sad fornite is down until 11

      1. Bee The Bro

        Me lol

    64. Niamh Campbell

      Season 3 trailer taught me and re-emphasized that you should never trust your closest friend, Because you can end up like midas, Eaten by a shark handled by your best friend (mewscles)

      1. Blue Davis L

        Someone just phased this word from word 3 scrolls up smh

    65. David Banda

      Wolverine: puts claws out banna well i got those to Activate claws

    66. cgentle82

      sorry y'all but season 12 was my favorite season

    67. NATE VLOGS


    68. xMisty on 120 FPS

      12:32 the season i joined in (I got everything except John Wick)

      1. frwren


      2. Captain YEE

        I got him but I'm a noob lol

    69. Klipzz17 Vlogs

      👇this is how many people miss chapter 1

      1. Klipzz17 Vlogs

        @Geicko Gecko wat do that mean

      2. Geicko Gecko


    70. SavageCreeperGamer

      OMG the nostalgia

    71. Ideal Flaze

      Since the event is 15 minutes long, what if this is the event lol

    72. Zorán Kovácsevics

      Trailer is goodbut fortnite is disguisting now, RIP FORTNITE CHAPTER ONE: THE GOOD FORTNITE

    73. chloe desaulniers

      fornite is the most copiest games of all

    74. kiseldebel

      We didn't even realise that the game will change so much! I got nostalgic

    75. MrMrMr Meme

      So you know how in season 1 chapter two trailer beginning link here 3:40 the black hole closed and for a split second you could see green and trees so if we were to take a rocket ship there we could get back to the map we miss

    76. the Alex gaming

      Настальгия 😔😭😪😪😪😪😔😭

    77. Caleb Adams

      Meowscles is cute

    78. Heath Playz

      It’s kinda weird how it goes backwards...

      1. GenocidexX7


      2. Chrissy Moskal

        I was thinking the same thing lol

    79. Amer Ali


    80. Amer Ali


    81. Amer Ali

      ريو ف

    82. Ignacio 2.0

      La season 12 fue la mejor

    83. Pedro Viage

      Old times never dies

    84. The Asso

      I Love season 5 and 2 and 3 i Play fortnite season 2

    85. Jack's vlogs

      It's funny when blaze saw meowslces on the choppa she said I kill you

    86. Gogeta_S_Blue

      2:51 deadpool trailer chapter 2 season 2

    87. Jordan __

      I almost cried when i saw season 7 because i had an good acc then i got scammed

    88. Gutchi raper

      old memories always remain in me

    89. Pumpkin

      4:17 if you joined in chapter 12, don t be sad you missed it. Be happy it happened for the ogs

      1. Daniel Keväänranta

        You sound cringw

    90. DynamoStarG

      Season 3 trailer taught me and re-emphasized that you should never trust your closest friend, Because you can end up like midas, Eaten by a shark handled by your best friend (mewscles)

      1. Blue Davis L

        Someone said this word from word a couple of scrolls down

    91. LazarBeam Shorts

      I hope everyone is staying safe! Yeet!!!!

      1. Zak

        Are you even real lol

    92. Yvng Ali

      Y’all saw Deadpool in the peely part

    93. Sathvik Bejjenki

      Chapter 2 season 4 had to be my favorite season

      1. Sathvik Bejjenki

        Sorry I accidentally said season 5

      2. XXXGalaxy -


    94. DawidK

      Nostalgia hits hard