among us new Five Night at Freddy Roles (mods)


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    today we play among us with the new five night at freddy roles using mods such as freddy, chica, bonnie, and foxy
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    Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

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    1. Socksfor1

      sup gamers! Download Opera GX for free here:

      1. king Peternoah

        @Boquaa bruh

      2. DarthScott2007

        @Bigburp Boi ok

      3. Bigburp Boi

        The person above me is my brudda

      4. Daniel Salvador

        @Reyansh Rayan i am trying it out now. Looks great so far :)

      5. who am i

        for xbox to?

    2. Sephiroth

      Nadwe Even if I’m Younger than You I know WAY More About Fnaf

    3. Joseph Joestar

      Mans hair looks like a sheep shed on him

    4. Cookie Plays Games

      I’m confused because that was the fnaf 2 camera map

    5. Tanya Monahan

      Fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf 6 that sl

    6. Tanya Monahan

      Pink man was behind the murder

    7. Tanya Monahan

      My sister likes sans

    8. Noel Odri

      Muffin:beeca deal wif it

    9. Oren Anderson

      It'sChica muffin idiot

    10. Oren Anderson

      That's not Sans I mean God that's an endoskeleton

    11. Oren Anderson

      I'm also a Five Nights at Freddy's face also known as finaf nadwe you know you have a battery stops for 1

    12. Josh Smith

      Can we get 10 likes for muffin

    13. Edward the green Tank Engine

      Install Opera gx

    14. MartialAncestor

      Lol, when socks said he had a way to deal with this and muffin walked towards him LMAO🤣

    15. Nuwani Perera

      I was having a cup of water but when blaza said "you called her 🅱️eeca" ... I spilled water EVERYWHERE 🤣 Edit : Aren't you agreeing

    16. Nuwani Perera

      You are my favourite youtuber , I hope I get pinned ... Plz ?

    17. JustSmallYT

      this is different

    18. SwaeyFN

      did. lik

    19. SwaeyFN


    20. Callum R

      2:11 to skip the boring

    21. Callum R


    22. Erik Hansen

      memegod: like IS TAIT SANS? socks: like no

    23. Terrance Pinkston

      Who else thought this was blaza pov at the stary

    24. [Not-Sans]

      *Meme: Is that sans " me rn: bruh moment

    25. Emiliano Moro

      evrithing in the intro is wrong

    26. Cully Johnson

      socksfor1 i dipper dog dear you to play five night at freddy` just don`t shut the dorr put the mask on make a bulloneboy and all cinds of it di it for me!!!!!!!!!

    27. Ultra Quinngaming

      You mean 27%

    28. xzero

      Dino : press red for vote socks Or press blue for vote mufin 12:16

    29. Khael marxius Vistal

      Hey make a sans roll in among us

    30. Kj Wiltshire

      Muffin:uhhhh Becca Socks:he not a real fan Nadwe:Did u just say Becca Me: IT IS CHICA

    31. Cactus Creates

      Gosh when they went to The stage over the tables and chairs with them on stage...I got Chuck E. Cheese ptsd

    32. Eyüp Ensar

      5:20 IS THAT SANS

    33. Dvna gaming

      I was here because i was a fan of Afton Family and FNAF

    34. NkDragon flame

      And I was so confused when it started out at blazas pov I was like did I accidentally click on one of blazas videos.

    35. *S4kur4 M0ch1*

      7:57 Beeca my favorite

    36. Sharkbaitares

      How was it that, Dino, Muffin, and Socks. Were the last 3 almost every round in this vid?

    37. Bigburp Boi


    38. Luz M Reyes

      Omg 666 dislikes

    39. ThereaIBobux

      666 dislikes

    40. Dio Brando

      Ah yes, my favourite FNAF character, SANS 5:18

    41. Eric Schroeder

      I love your vids🤫

    42. Raiden Robbins

      Nice hair

    43. Caleb Bailey


    44. TheJ Star

      9:33 to 9:38 make a short clip of that PLZ SOCKS

    45. Jonih Tablo


    46. fermarie dulpina

      what did meme say

    47. fermarie dulpina

      why did i saw l4ff acc

    48. Chunka Man

      Im using opera gx to watch this video it is cool and also typing makes a different sound poggers

    49. Elena Mora

      8:42 He said ur mom if u couldn’t hear

    50. Darktitis

      I wanna know how to get that mod

    51. Kylo

      I don't know if its just me but the office in the first clip was fnaf one but the cameras map was fnaf 2

    52. Person who is stuck in space

      I like ya cut GX

    53. pedro henrique

      don't trust opera gx

    54. Иван Желязков

      Opera Gx w sponsor Wat

    55. alfred westerink

      5:20 is that sans no that is robot sans this actuly makes sans it is a robot Skeleton

    56. Aidan Aidan S

      Where gold Freddy

    57. Viesturs

      IS THAT SANS lol

    58. Alex McDaniel

      What is the mod called

    59. mathew gaming

      How to get the mod pls pls pls pls pls


      all i hear from 7:20 to 7:27 is MUFFIN PLEA- then the kill effect

    61. plague doctor Razvan

      i used gx for a while now so yeah its good

    62. Micheal Afton12


    63. StoppedCake playz

      I use opera already

    64. Hopeless

      Socks is in the buur server :o

    65. Mete Cebeci

      This is gonna blow up just because of the HUfast search engine

    66. G

      11:01 me and my friends

    67. GreenHoodieGuy _

      # GX

    68. Baris Uguz

      What does the purple one ability do?

    69. DashTrash

      I'm so cool. I'm watching Socksfor1 videos on HUfast with Opera GX.

    70. •†II_Diluc†•

      i download operagx because i use to use it but uninstalled on accident ;-;

    71. Masked Player

      B e E c A

    72. Paxton Schorsch

      me two nadwe i am also a big fan of fnaf

    73. Paxton Schorsch

      yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees we got fnaf

    74. Davian Gamez

      2:10 ah yes my favorite horror game FNF

    75. Kristina Jurišić


    76. Isabel Lemus

      Mam i like fnaf

    77. D.V.Z

      First time in a while I kinda care about among us 😑

    78. Laurine

      meme laugh was fucking scary :')

    79. The demon Salad

      It’s beeeeen so long... since I have seen my son... to the man behind he slaughter🎵🎶

    80. FullOfNoodle

      Hes joined the bacon army

    81. jack shido

      sockssssssssssss dharrrrr mannn commented on your video

    82. Bestun Karim

      Ur office is S҉ U҉ S҉ and M̸L̸G̸

    83. Bubble Gum Cat

      Read all! Clara is ballaroa William is string strap Chris is night mare Freddy Mike is ennard Elizabeth is circus baby Mike’s bully’s are Bonnie Freddy chica and foxy Taht room with the skeleton is a endo skeleton the stuff made so I can build a atramtic you can look up the rest :)

    84. Bubble Gum Cat

      Oh nadway is a five nights a freddys fan?

    85. Geometry Dash Player

      When you goi no to do 24hours on subnatica below zero?

    86. ZippyThunder

      So uh my next task is killing meme

    87. Plattypuses gaming

      Idea: friday night funkin mod: the imposter can turn into boyfriend from fnf he can beat box and kill all players in 10 feet. He can also spawn the boom box thing that girlfriend sits on and it works as a barrier. He can also do very loud singing witch does nothing but annoy the crap outa everyone. He can zoom out and he can drop boom boxes on people. Like so he can see this.

    88. Afton_Lovely_peach XOXO


    89. naziro Binti

      Its not scary

    90. Orellana Karina

      Play five night's at freedy

    91. ภูวเนศวร์ วิทยารุ่งเรืองศรี

      Hey socks I’m secret in among us the twitch pet

    92. احمد الجديعي

      Boinne freddy cice foxy Golden freddy

    93. Icelica

      I hope tbh knows that Bonnie is a dude

    94. Raphael Yniguez

      I love fnaf it was my most fav game ever

    95. ry montano

      the way he said lad instead of led in the beginning

    96. E E

      Yo, I heard that dead island music, that just makes me happy that hopefully the second one will come out