Among Us - Funny Meme Kills Animations 3


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    This is the final among us funny meme kills stuff I'm making, it was funny.
    Twitter: PAMVllo

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    1. SuperWiiBros08

      on my Patreon I shared for the $10 tiers all of the Among Us Funny Meme kills Source files

      1. Naydelyn R

        rainbow among us red impostors’s broke my brick

      2. Creampuff Play Game's

        T POSE BOI

    2. Play with Eduardo

      The Part I like is The Part When Red Jumps On Black and Doing the BLD (which it means Back Long backward)

    3. Juegos de martu y juli

      0:40 Its like undertale

    4. Owen Moylan


    5. Mohamed Emad

      Part 4 please ur great

    6. 5VX00

      Me when the video isn't funny: *bruh*

    7. KIMOCHI :3

      0:25 0:25 0:25 0:25 Its very funny Make me laugh so hard

    8. GD_Viper

      0:02 pink: eeka booka Red: e e k a. b o o k a

    9. Hasan Ergen

      How much undertale and half life references this video have ↓

    10. Agent octo


    11. • milkii_tea •

      red got some cake

    12. Bouk Mess


    13. a kid falling apart

      me (brown) when i come back to rainbow six seige only to find tachanca got buffed: 0:25

    14. Titan

      0:35 just a time stamp for me

    15. Gachalevi Studios

      brown : is faking weapons. Me as imposter next round: 0:25

    16. Gachalevi Studios

      0:35 he just wanted to deliver the pizza ok red

    17. raemon davey

      0:13 I Laughed so hard😂😂😂😂

    18. Bone Head

      The funniest part is that some of these would fit the game pretty well.

    19. Haluk İşeri

      0:41 COOL

    20. smite smite

      funny with brown 0:25

    21. Kuba Playsツ

      0:42 give it on 1,45 x

    22. Piss cakehole

      0:25 X D

    23. GooUckd

      The hydraulic press remained me of Finland. (I'm an Estonian in Finland.)

    24. Ethan Bentley

      0:05 This kill make me die of laughter

    25. jeremy rubilar

      0:28 Mario 64 :D

    26. Sonic Gabriel Gamer

      How i make the animations?

    27. Drogon_ Gamingz

      Mumbo token sound.

    28. Emre Güney

      da best 0:02

    29. Ankush /mark

      Hey guys wheres the ziplock on this suit i need to take a shit

    30. Keanu Riven

      MiNeCrAft (ultimate depresion sound)

    31. Carl Parsons

      0:13 origin clip?? HELP!!

    32. Jason Stallings

      M I N E C R A F T

    33. Lourd huimell tiu

      0:25 When your acting like a tomato sus

    34. James Lanahan

      0:25 is the best one yet out of all kill animations made

    35. Neon Crossing

      When the animaniacs 2020 comes 0:25

    36. Damian Moreno

      He really liked his g

    37. Aaron Hibbs


    38. Among us red Imposter

      I did like his cut

    39. Sans The Skeleton

      Red has three arms?! Confirmed by this evidence 0:39

    40. Duck Queens

      0:05 How it feels to chew 5 gum

    41. The Mixed Piggy

      You should be one of the people that do the death animation

    42. Pop4484

      0:40 my favourite

    43. Cocinando con YoYa

      Everyone: hope the bully isnt here The bully: 0:25

    44. Pixel Buğra

      0:00 Sound familiar... THE SIMS 4

    45. Judith Valencia

      I want this to be in the gake tbh

    46. Other K


    47. Koonie

      0:25 What’s the music?

    48. Mads Bertelsen

      0:25 killed me

    49. Sufyan Mahdi


    50. Meme Games

      Make number 4 to Number 9

    51. Swag Lerry

      0:05 what is that meme?

    52. Justkiwi

      0:35 he’s been here before but still dies

    53. Vih Nunes

      0:29 super Mario 64 wow

    54. Elijah Dodson


      1. Elijah Dodson

        Omega yeet

      2. Elijah Dodson


      3. Elijah Dodson


    55. Hat Boi

      where does the "YOU'RE GOING TO BRAZIL" audio come from?

    56. Drogon_ Gamingz

      I Like You Cut G. YEET

    57. ЗдРаСтЕ АнТоН


    58. dccojocaru


    59. SFS Soviet Union

      0:28 I'm black

    60. XamaXasky 25

      0:13 0.25 WTF

    61. Salmonible

      How did u make these?

    62. Benjamin Larios

      the part at 0:43 is a 10/10 red: hey blue Blue: yeah Red: i like you cut g Blue: NOOOOOO 0:43

    63. Pony Hall

      I ilke cut g

    64. Midas aka Matthew

      0:06 this is how dying feels like

    65. xYukiSazukyx

      my boy lime was just trying to give red some pizza :(

    66. Luke.E.X and LaCajunGal1


    67. Ryan Morgan

      0:12 my fav

    68. Engie49 Roblox

      0:21 As if watermarks weren't terrifying enough...

    69. Moaz_Hussain

      0:45 like ya cut g 0:09 Minecraft 0:02 Tikka Boca 0:38 ayo the pizza here

    70. Ахмад Магомедов YT

      0:32 imposter very warning

    71. Moaz_Hussain

      .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was An Impostor.  。 .   '    0 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    72. Ахмад Магомедов YT

      0:28 hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂

    73. Ахмад Магомедов YT

      When well part 4 among us kills meme

    74. {Just_ Pizza}

      That last kill doe-

    75. Amira El-Charnoubie

      i like ya cut g

    76. Freddy Playz

      plz add you are going to brazil

    77. Ivelios Xilosient

      That guy in the undertale one just got dunked on

    78. Asriel Dreemurr

      Hey, a Hydraulic Press Channel reference!

    79. Lime

      0:35 When i give red pizza

      1. ramen noodle hair

        Lime thanks

    80. Christian Wallace

      Pika Pooka! *PIKA POOKA*

    81. Arctic Eevoi

      This is the most unfunny thing I’ve seen

    82. Henrique7mastergames O Mestre Gamer

      0:04 Woah lol the red it,s me kkkk

    83. Mr Cheese

      “Your pizza’s here” You: but I didn’t order, you know the punishment *you have to eat Taco Bell instead of pizza*

    84. rico plays

      look at my profile picture and what do yoy see

    85. Netflix Yay

      0:04 WAS THAT A BITE OF 87??

    86. GhoulTR

      what meme is this? 00:06

    87. Raj Nandan Das

      Guys This is how dying feels like...

    88. Daniel Dogan

      This is way red was always sus 0:25

    89. FAS Escobar

      0:25 my favorite

    90. Sy Fleming

      pika boo ka PIKA BOO KA 21 better catch mE RIDIN DIRT- AH minecraft welcome to da hydraulic press. hehe OH FCKING SH!T what- what happened there? aahhHHH. AH HELP HELPP ayo the pizza he- yo the pizza- pizza here... OH I LIIKEE YAA CUTT G... fatality

    91. Josh Keene

      Green was determined to tell red the pizza is here

    92. Lobato_lobatinho Willipe

      how logic is nice 0:24


      0:25 R.I.P

    94. Literalicity.

      0:32 this one looks real i hope InnerSloth sees this video and adds this

    95. Shibam Poddar

      0:45 I like ya cut g

    96. Among Us

      He really like cut g

    97. Neighbor Russian

      0:25 Brown: YOURE GOING TO BRAZIL Red bout to say YOURE GOING TO WAKANDA:

    98. NEKKIMAN

      whats the meme of 0:13?

    99. Aaron Wong

      0:41 i like your cut g

    100. juan avila

      0:25 when it’s round 666 and ur playing at 3:00 AM