Amy Winehouse Final Duet: Tony Bennett Reveals Regrets About Amy Winehouse

ABC News

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    Legendary singer says he wishes he'd told Winehouse to "slow down." For more on this story go here:

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    1. Will Dean

      its frodo!

    2. Cynth Corcor

      Me veteran

    3. Cynth Corcor

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    4. Cynth Corcor

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    5. Cynth Corcor

      If you all listened. I'm technical sound engineer everything sound cloud for male and female.

    6. Cynth Corcor

      Child star all actors

    7. rlgnoles1

      Back when Cuomo worked for ABC & not CNN. Interesting... Amy & Gaga are the top 2 highlights on the album IMHO. Would've been great if the 2 could've collabed together! 01/13/2021 3:55 am EST

    8. Gloria Hufnagel

      Her documentary said Amy was heavy into her addiction at that time. .. If that’s not proof addiction is a disease, Amy was doing a Duet with one of her idols & could not stay sober for it... Glad Tony is still around.. I could listen to him all day....

    9. cenemoh 2002

      I hate Chris fucking Cuomo and his ridiculous fucking questions! I hate him even more on CNN!

    10. g hough

      We miss her too Tony...Now in 2020...So much ...Music died the day she did...

      1. the receipts

        I am saddened by what the music industry has became

    11. Joshua Barrientez

      I miss her so much! 😔

    12. humanati

      Fredo Cuomo...

    13. Rudee Meanee

      amy 27 club member

    14. Liz Munt

      I love Amy xxxxxxxxxx beautiful lady. Loved forever xxxxxxxxx

    15. Boony Tooty

      As soon as Fredo came on I turned off!

    16. knightfive


    17. random person

      wow, cuomo looks like a friggin teenager!

    18. Kathy McKimm


    19. perlaand

      I like Tony, but Staphylococcus and Fredo, those I can't take. Will watch Tony in another channel.

    20. Florencia Suárez

      Un trio con el y Robert de Niro solo eso quiero

    21. Miss Corleone

      9 years :(

    22. SBakerNYC

      Met Tony Bennet in 2005. Saw him perform at the Pescara Jazz fest in Italy. Saw him perform for €10...amazing show. We were drinking Prosecco in the back row... At the end of the show I screamed out "Tony Fly me to the fucking Moon!"... and he played it. Swear on my life. I then finagled my way backstage... he passed by and we're both from the same "area" of Queens; i lied and said "Mr Bennet im from Astoria too (im not but bot far away either ) can I get a picture? " He said "Ok kid make it quick I gotta go"...still have that picture... one of the best nights of my life

    23. bensu

      "he said my name..."

    24. Simon Bertioli

      Its interesting that he speaks about Amy that way...yes she had that talent and sadly ripped away from us...but l too agree with him regarding Lady Gaga...she has a great jazz voice...Given that she meets with some good jazz song writers, l feel she could end up as the talented Dame Shirley Bassey in the years to come...Mr Bennett...Cleary the quiet professor...l salute on and show us more...

    25. Alicias Nowbird

      Songs of Tony Bennett really makes my heart ❤️💕inlove again😘😘😘

    26. prepro

      Gaga is annoying.

    27. prepro

      God coumo sucks.

    28. Geraldine Cepeda

      3:43 I'm crying with this part.

    29. daniel lima

      Amy -2020 🌹💓💓 9 years

    30. Ashy B

      You can wrap yourself in a cocoon around Amy she had old sentimentality other artists not a chance, being in the business forever is great.."longevity" She wanted to perform right up until it became a drag. Singers today are skin deep just around.

    31. Zack Stephens

      Tony is lucky he didn't get thrown down a flight of stairs. - Chris Cuomo

    32. Joe Valdrighi

      What would the lollipop Stephanopoulos know about music . He is a freak of nature . What you would call it a moral .

    33. R. H.

      I miss Amy

    34. Rodk Vic

      Lady gaga ain't shit, AMY WINEHOUSE did that 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    35. RexP17

      This was published in 2011. But Tony bennet and lady gaga didnt start doing duets together until 2013. And their album cheek to cheek was released in 2014. So where did this clip come from of them two?

    36. norma desmond

      Watch the others, and compare that to Amy Winehouse….. You can hear why Amy on 5 Grammy's in one year. And the others are just….. well.... not magical.An Nathalie Cole was a real b..tch towards her.

    37. Ariel Smith

      GaGa and Tony! Wow!!

    38. Denny Cook Holmes


    39. Jade Zee

      what a freakin horror all these cuomos are...YOU DONT DESERVE TO CARRY TONYS JOCK YOU POS!

    40. norma desmond

      Amy was the best in this. As usual. Forget Lady Gaga and what have you. She had the voice of her generation. And tony bennett knew it. And she was so proud he called her name.... Isn t that heartbreaking?

    41. madison scirocco

      i miss you amy

    42. Rebecca Lankford

      gaga is on something

    43. 데데_DëDë

      4:40 "yeah imma sell it, tony benett" pearl on a pig, what else wud it be i feel bad for tony and his precious time wasted

    44. Himalayan Savage

      Fuck lady Gaga what a overrated bitch.

    45. Mina Yamni

      Amy we love you ♥️forever you stay the best for me you touch my heart and my soul!

    46. Ava Lou

      Well now I’m crying

    47. Frankie Ralph


    48. Rachel Shamariah

      She sinned against her talent

    49. Tempest 89

      Lady Gaga, as big as Elvis .. lol

    50. Peach of the Moon

      Ooh that was depressing in the end... Amy...

    51. Meenu pandya

      Amy my baby...u are still alive 😭😭😭😭

    52. Hafsa XVI

      Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga together gave us such a beautiful album...i love cheek to cheek. Tony is a legend & gaga is so versatile she made it look like shes a jazz singer ❤

      1. The Super Christian

        Daniel santiago Lol but she played with Metallica at the Grammy’s on year 😂

      2. Daniel Erlangga Santiago Silaban

        Well she already slayed every genre 😂😂 except Metal

    53. Hafsa XVI

      Amy Winehouse was out of this different from everyone in the music industry. She deeply cared for her music,not for fame,popularity,awards,no.1 hits. I've not seen one artist like her...fame & greed gets to everyone but not her. Rip Amy ❤

      1. Howard Manley

        Hafsa XVI Drugs and alcohol 🍷 gets them all....🙏

      2. Rebecca Lankford

        She wanted true love. Heart felt true bonding love.

    54. fabi silva

      Amy era incrível 😍❤

    55. newsreader4321

      Tony probably saved gaga from an overdose, the interviewer missed the subtext

      1. Liam McCrae

        @Pallavi kaushik she was bulimic

      2. Pallavi kaushik

        Her dad saved her and she is not bulimic like Amy. Amy died from bulimia not from overdose. She stopped doing them after her husband was arrested.

    56. robert esek

      A BadAss.....

    57. Calvin Barrett

      Tony Bennett is phenomenal he put s the a in awesome.

    58. Lisa Sironen

      Gaga is the best !!!

    59. Meike Peters

      2:29 wie scheiße künstlich Sie lacht! oh nee!

    60. 333pinkitty

      To get such a brilliant compliment from Tony Bennett I'm so happy for Lady gaga getting such a well deserved compliment.

    61. K C

      Viva Italia!!🇮🇹🇮🇹 And not that shithead cuomo

    62. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson

      Tony Bennet will turn 92 this year. How awesome is that? :)

    63. Melissa Bateman

      Live long and enjoy ur life . I like that

    64. grytlappar

      Lady Gaga is not "the best." Please.

    65. Gloria


    66. Kojj

      Tony said lady gaga is the best. Glad to hear that Tony approved this truly artist like Lady Gaga. Long live Tony.

    67. Juncales

      TRANSLATION : Tony Bennet got pissed because Ammy Winehouse has ( had ) more rythmical nuances than him, and the way A Winehouse sang was making it even more obvious. He wished Amy would have sang " more flat ", to come down to his Level. In a way, a so wonderful singer like Bennet, is praising A Winehouse ... He is saying : " She was better than me that day"

    68. MO3AÏKAH

      3:31 "I was in shock. Not because I've won the Grammy, but because Tony Bennett... He said my name!"

    69. josiah566

      Also shoutout to Chris Cuomo for doing this delicious interview, for getting Tony Bennett to really give us those golden nuggets of quotes, and the story on Amy Winehouse. It takes a great respect and skill as an interviewer to bring that out on camera.

    70. DamienHurts

      I cried when he talked about Amy. Goddamnit girl, if you can hear me, I love you ,we all love you, and you will never be forgotten. You soul was true, your heart was true, and your legacy is a perfect and magnificent as the galaxies above.

      1. Daniel V

        DamienHurts Love this! 🖤🖤🖤

    71. zanechaos

      Amy looked high in the music video 8'(

    72. JAZZ MAN

      When I first started looking for jazz on Amazon, I thought "what's she doing on jazz lists?" Now I Know why. Tony Bennet said the best jazz singer was Billie Holiday and Amy reminds me of the way Billie Holiday sang.

    73. Ga Wa

      Tony Bennett is one of my favourite human beings. Truly special.

    74. whowantstoknow

      The feels, the tears I'm trying to hold back...Oh Amy Winehouse...I'm 27 and the feels... On a brighter note, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

    75. Phil Wagoner

      He might have been the one person that could of gotten through to her.

      1. Maggi Rider

        @ThatEraSound her dad was a $ grubbing publicity hound. He didn't have Amy's best interest at heart. When they were in St. Lucia so she could rest & rehab, her father was the one who told the paparazzi they were there. They came, took a bunch of unflattering photos & dear ol dad got paid. All against Amy's wishes!

      2. ThatEraSound

        And her dad

      3. a k

        Phil Wagoner i feel like she needed comforting rather than someone just “getting through” to her

    76. Mister Sarajevo

      Man, I'm sure Elvis fans spit soda through their nose while watching this video. Lady Gaga? GTFO. She's not even close to being as popular as she was 5 years ago, for God's sake. While Elvis is still popular & influential 40 years after his death.

      1. naomi obi

        lmao, out really think kids today are playing Elvis music out loud at their parties? yeah, they may know his name but they don't know his song

      2. Bashfully Basher

        Mister Sarajevo huh, like your going far

    77. peter sommerville

      what a shit

    78. Habibi Ting

      My heart stopped when he talked about Amy. "I wish I told her to slow down and enjoy life"

      1. Cynth Corcor


      2. Dr. Greenthumb

        *"I wasn't able to tell her to slow down... and then she died." Is what he actually said

      3. J. Mark Lane

        For me it was when she said "he said my name." She was an angel, so humble yet so amazingly talented, and he brought out the last and best of her. Damn.

      4. Siobhan Kane

        Habibi Ting He actually made me cry when he said that as he had so much regret and love coming from his soul. RIP AMY GOD BLESS YOU TONY❤️😘✝️

      5. Ha Sp PL

        Habibi Ting to bad he didn't told Amy to slow down😢😢😢 she adored him and he may saved her.

    79. jennti

      I appreciate vocals without auto-tune......♥ Tony

    80. TES i AM

      Rest in Paradise, Amy.

    81. Matheus M Lima


    82. A.33 B.

      when did Amy pass away and when did lady Gaga start in the business?

      1. Mandy Merlin

        Amy passed away in 2011. Gaga started in the business around 2008-2009 I believe.

      2. Meina Records

        @oneandonly85zo hope Amy was 27

      3. oneandonly85zo hope

        A.33 B. July 2011

    83. JAZZ MAN

      I wasn't a fan of Amy's until I saw a video of her sing with Tony Bennett. She is the modern Billie Holiday in the way she sings and in her tragic life ending too soon. Apart from her singing, the best thing about watching her sing with Tony Bennett, is the way she looks so adoringly at him.

      1. Nícolas Ramos

        @alastaire lol true, she liked Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan, but it's hard not to remember Billie Holliday when Amy sings

      2. Nícolas Ramos

        that's so true, Amy had that golden era star quality, and she really sang from her heart.

    84. hollysaga

      Lady gaga is so adorable

      1. swaggy McSwag

        I don’t know bout that...

    85. stellar beller

      "the sexiest man alive" sooo true

    86. ANGEL Koury

      amazing Tony and Frank, but I love me some Amy too.

    87. Xavier Xavier

      Tony we all love your the GREATEST hands down. 👍🏻❤️😊🙏🏻

    88. Frederic Kahler

      Happiness and tragedy and he lives on!

    89. Tim Schmauch

      I Love the Tony Bennett Duets album! Have you seen the #2yous tribute to Lady Gaga, #2yous Goes Gaga? It's really amazing. Very eye catching and intriguing. Thanks for the post.


      "I was in shock... Not because I've won the Grammy's.."

      1. ThatEraSound

        She was as real an artist as you're gonna get. That's the idgaf attitude that every fan wants out of their favorite artists

    91. Laddertights

      Anyone know the song at 4:05?

      1. Laddertights

        @msw kmw Is it? Ahh thought it wasn't because they caption all the songs "Body and Soul", and I didn't hear the same piano tune in the video of the song.

      2. msw kmw

        +Kookieluvx body and soul

    92. Laura Kenney

      Tony has class, something sadly lacking in our society today. He is an amazing talent and is STILL in awe of the magic of music. I enjoyed the interview very much 😃

    93. Brad Hill

      Tony is such a true, and elegant gentleman...

      1. waynec38

        +Brad Hill Hell to the yeah,lol!! And SHERYL CROWE Called BENNETT "The Sexiest Man ALIVE",IN an Interview!!! Hell Froze 84 year old GUY being called SEXY by a Female Singer.....Thought TO BE SEXY by other guys,HERSELF! Holy Schmeckis!

      2. homer sayson

        Sure is.

    94. Leland Whitehouse

      Amy not only touched our hearts but she touched our soul's. She touched Tony in the same way. They were linked by heart & soul for real.

    95. Subs

      He graduated from my high school. One time he came to visit and our school played his song ft. Lady Gaga as the school bell all day.

      1. El Rikura

        Subs That just have been an amazing experience.

    96. M.J. Leger

      People have commented that she had been off drugs for three years. Not true, sadly, she had relapsed. Once on ALL drugs, i.e., hard drugs as well as alcohol, it is very difficult not to go back. She did. And that cost her her life. Not many know she had gone back on drugs but she had sought further treatment, knowing it would kill her. And it did, among other issues with her health.

      1. Ashy B

        M.J. Leger it was alcohol they concluded. She was only a weed smoker until the half Witt let's all get that straight

      2. Candes Ok

        #1drug out there is guess what???? Alcohol

      3. Andrea M

        Calibri alcohol is a drug too. She was addicted to alcohol: alcoholic.

      4. Calibri

        @***** true, but not illegal. I'm sure she'd used paracetamol/aspirin/ibuprofen too and they're also drugs. But the view that she was taking illegal drugs up to her death is false. The distinction is important because the way alcoholics and drug addicts are viewed is completely different. And alcohol is everywhere and impossible to avoid. Relapses on alcohol are a lot more understandable. IMO.

      5. Calibri

        no, no she didn't. I'd like to know where you get your information from because I've read just about every book written about her and the general consensus is that she gave up drugs in 2008. Her "relapses" were on alcohol.

    97. Brian Metz

      Tony Bennet is an incredible talent. The guy who interviewed him is a rude, disrespectful tool.

    98. M.J. Leger

      Tony is SO right, the secret of life is longevity, but you must love life along the way. Amy died because she got into drugs. What a waste of a 27-year old talent. Too bad, too sad. When will all people learn that drugs are insidious killers AT ANY AGE and to just say no and stay away from them??!! And I mean ALL drugs hard drugs as well as alcohol.

      1. Stella Justice Allen

        Drugs are an escape from people’s troubles. It’s much more complicated than that. To say drugs are the cause is ignorant and disrespectful to Amy and her tragic, short lived life.

      2. J S

        +whitestar49 She still suffered from bulimia which she had since her teens. That was one of the causes. Plus if she hadn't passed out on her front side she have lived. Her lungs were damaged from her smoking.

      3. whitestar49

        @Efrain Garcia True Efrain. but she was still on a drug called alcohol , she was drinking loads & loads of alcohol, she died of alcohol poisoning God rest her soul, way to young :-(

      4. Rouge Penguin

        She had been sober from drugs for 3 years when she died

    99. Ungrateful Bastard

      When he talked about Amy, I cried just like that.

    100. Connie Senk