Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer

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    1. Rebeca Cortez Mora

      Que belleza la amo a ella y el .....

    2. Lourdes de Sousa


    3. Eliete Silva

      Hoje tirei o dia pra ouvir lindas músicas. Que fico muito emocionada gracias.tnk

    4. Owe Svensson

      En av mina favoriter

    5. Owe Svensson


    6. Dominga ANdrade

      Que Grandes los dos Bocelli y Dion🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏♥️💙💙💙💙

    7. Carmen Ortiz

      Maravilloso !!

    8. Edgar Pinard

      The best ever.

    9. Zhosef Khudaverdyan

      Andrea brother you are one of the best in the world

    10. marleni santos

      Simplesmente lindo!!

    11. Angelo Muncipinto


    12. Angelo Muncipinto


    13. Elizabeth Williamson

      Yeah! Something (magical) between ~Celine & Andrea

    14. Tade

      IMPECABLE hermosa canción interpretada por dos grandes!

    15. Matilda Vandersloot

      I am from Austin TX!! LOVED IT!

    16. amparo hadad

      Andrea doesn't sing, he feels the music. His facial expressions show us all the love and passion for his craft.

    17. Jenny Ralph

      Ll jy+h

    18. Mary Dsouza


    19. Cookie's Musical Adventures

      Love the song😌❤, their vocals are the only ones I will listen to 💯

    20. Anh Tran Le Phuong QTKD-2D-18

      che bella voce

    21. Zhosef Khudaverdyan

      We love you so much Our lovely Canadian.From USA Armenian community.God bless you and your family

    22. Giuseppe D'Orazio

      Ho ascoltato tante volte questo brano. Sento il freddo di quella notte ma i brividi… I brividi li avverto per la musica, il canto che pian piano sale e mi entra in testa.

    23. Feber MANALU proj fm2019

      Selamat jelang Natal 2020

    24. Lynne Rhode


    25. Alison Barnes

      Do dd$ buzzed me

    26. Lam Han

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    27. william cox

      So beautiful Newport Gwent South Wales UK

    28. Ueu Hin

      Very nice….

    29. Mary Ann Madewell

      Music that helps our souls sing! MAM

    30. Leila Esmailzadeh


    31. Akl 5

      Lovely music , great voice

    32. Thuan gaga

      awesome! listen again in 2020

    33. Corinne Banks

      Beautiful performance brought tears to my eyes

    34. Joanna Phillips

      I just realized this; Andrea Bocelli , Céline Dion; ABCD 😂😂

      1. C D

        U copied the coment.. What a shame!!!

    35. Marinaide Mancebo

      Listening on november 27, 2020.

    36. Michelle Barry

      Love this

    37. Linda Sika

      my two favorite singers, I could listen to them sing together all day

    38. Ed McManus

      The great ever

    39. Ina Rafdel

      1:39 music start

    40. Inger Karine Gjertsen

      Hold ut. Start er det over., Ta vaksinen,, jeg tar alle jeg få fatt i. Hilsen MD

    41. June McFarlane

      Still an awesome song in 2020 !!! 💞

    42. Tava Jo Viers

      Such beautiful voices, and an Awesom Duet! God Bless

    43. Marilú Bordón

      Me. November 27th, 2020

    44. Adam Noble

      This song really does help with my PTSD . Very magical song

    45. Marta NeryMarta Ferreira

      Músicas de muito bom gosto, amo!...

    46. Melany Best

      Посланники божьи услаждают нас!!!

    47. Manuel Humbrto Gamez Quijada

      asombroso..el unico..sensacionale

    48. Mary Horton

      Beautiful and haunting of how healing can come from such a song.

    49. Sharyn Redding

      Takes my breath away. Thank you Andrea and Celine.

    50. phyllis nji

      im still on it! great music never dies😍


      To Edward Carter, thank you so much⭐⭐⭐🇵🇭 here I always sung songs of Celine Dion.

    52. Arnaldo Baruffaldi

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    53. Angel Blaz

      So proud to be a Canadian, thank you Celine. 🌹

    54. Maria De Los Angeles Baya

      wonderful voices, great talents to enjoy listening to

    55. susan hyland

      Andrea Bocelli - Merry Christmas to You

    56. goodwaysunday sunday

      you look good

    57. goodwaysunday sunday

      hey . you

    58. Tz Tz


    59. Stringy-bark creek

      I love Jesus Christ

    60. Majd Meri


    61. erika camargo

      Esplêndido o encontro de duas vozes da música internacional lírica maravilha.

    62. Jens of Denmark

      In Denmark Andrea is a girls-name ;-) The Americans have Bert and Ernie. We have Kaj and Andrea - a frog and a parrot :-)

    63. brok3nz

      So many cover but...this is everlasting

    64. Antonia Poyato Luna



      4:15 am the day after Thanksgiving! Giving thanks for theses two fabulous performers!

    66. Flora Liu

      Épica apresentação! Inesquecível!

    67. karla jane eufila

      This song was sAng by Marcelito pomoy all by him self. And he does justice to this very beautiful Song💓 i hope Andrea and celine will hear marcelito's perform this. 💓💕💓

    68. Winnie

      the best duet ever 🥺❤️

    69. Trifena _iphy_

      love this song

    70. elsa ong


    71. Claudia Seroni

      O q dizer do q ja é perfeito por si só !! 💕💕💕💕

    72. Major_Lemes

      I love this music.

    73. Sheila crisley


    74. Investigative Audit

      Thanks COVID-19

    75. Roland Kel

      he hit man.... wow what a beautiful song.

    76. kathy nichols

      Betty sister

    77. sifanofor


    78. Judy Finnegan

      So beautiful guys my two favorite singers I'm in awe of you both sung beautifully blessings and good health to you both❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. Maegan Barrett

      “But you’re Andrea Bocelli and I’m not...” truth. That’s okay

    80. Kitten Holst35

      Only one ELVIS and Canada has only one Celine Dion

    81. Anna Branigan

      Este ano após o início da pandemia é o meu primeiro Hino que estou ouvindo, e digo com certeza não esqueci a letra e os rítimos pois são abençoados por Deus e a alma regozija, Glória a Deus Aleluia.

    82. Manal Mansi


    83. anna destha

      I watching because Lyodra from Indonesia Sing too this song In competition indonesia idol x. Amazing

    84. Anis Ranis

      2020 y'all.. Keep coming back! This feeling y'all, when you watch them, like ugh! You know what I mean??? Some other singers did great job singing this song, but you know they are "the song". Some other singers you hear and you'll be like "Oh are they gonna sing it beautifully? Are they gonna hit the notes? " and all.. But when it's Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, you know you'll be like "Now, I'm gonna relax and listen to these two angels singing"

    85. mouth high

      Esplêndido o encontro de duas vozes da música internacional lírica maravilha.

    86. bmk vonny

      An to think all of these nations were enemies but now can create so much feeling an love , and emotion in one song I’m....mind blown

    87. Tee Borphukan

    88. Susan Ohata

      Love, love, love this song with these awesome singers, cry everytime.

    89. horhay gonzalas

      she was to loud.

    90. Rebecca Seno

      Yes love this song i hope i can sing like Celine Dion

    91. Antonio Rodrigues

      2020 Incrivel parceria

    92. Isabel Bustos

      Beautiful ! Love them both.

    93. vivian tomno

      This is my 24694312356803th time watching this amazing performance 😭❤️

    94. Cynthia Narcisse

      HAPPY THANKGIVING....and GOOD HEALTH also PEACE to ALL of us who cannot share this day with our many LOVED ONES......I'm thinking of you all.😘

    95. Blackyen Fernandez

      Díos los bendiga siempre con esas voces tan hermosas... genial

    96. Rex Pineda

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ From Philippines

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    98. Et Mother

      Why i am crying after butyful 🌹 why i am crying Eventhough it is not mine🥀