Animators React to Bad & Great CGi

Corridor Crew

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    After getting tested for coronavirus (with negative results,) Niko and Clint sit down with with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst CGi animation in pop culture.
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    1. Coogan

      Alex is incredible!


      Animators react is like probably one of the most breath of fresh air shows you guys have

    3. Logan Jensen

      The scene from 9 to 5 where violet is murdering the boss, Mr. Hart. SO surprised they went through all the extra work for cartoon animations.

    4. Sean Kenny

      Man can you imagine finding out someone put your mannerisms in their animation? That's love.

    5. Gummydalf


    6. Paolo Animation

      Attack on titan Levi vs beast titan

    7. Smashzilla

      Do one punch man

    8. tatfung

      You guys seen the "Kubo and the Two Strings" before? its a Japan themed, stop-motion style animation with Origami and puppets

    9. Branse Lowe

      You guys should react to the Pain vs 6 Tails Naruto fight!

    10. iplayinv3rtd

      Can you please react to Disney's Atlantis. The animation is so unique. Its one of my favourite

    11. Redacted


    12. Zachary

      Very nice

    13. Nightmare

      Anime: Dragon ball super

    14. Tony Perri

      I'm a simple man. I see a MGS reference, I updoot.

    15. Caleb Harris

      Please talk about 2016 and 2017 Berserk! It’s horrendous!

    16. Eetu Kiiski

      7:10 nice Voice crack

    17. Bradley Atherton

      How about some anime action sequences? Like, the sequence in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence in which Batou infiltrates the R&D ship.

    18. Madeline Powell

      Could you guys react to the Levi vs Kenny Squad from AOT Season 3?

    19. Killian Sliga

      I have actually watched all the avengers movies when we were in quarantined.

    20. Giovanni Cervigni

      For anime do ATTACK ON TITAN, specifically Levi vs The beast titan

    21. Gustavo Pauzner Mezzovilla

      10:02 Please, react to Naruto vs Pain fight!

    22. Anouk Surmenian

      The beauty and the beast animation is so disappointing as an adult rewatching it 😅

    23. Muhammad Ammar

      Houseki no Kuni or Land of Lustrous is kinda cool to take a look at. Any UFOtable stuff is also cool, same with Cloverworks recent projects.

    24. Michigan San Juan

      The CGI by studio orange is the best in the anime industry. Notable shows are Land of the lustrous and Beastars which are entirely CGI. Bad cgi is Berkserk 2016

    25. Y2K

      10:52 *Bobby Scar would like to know your location*

    26. Masato K

      So much respect for Alexander Snow he is an insanely excellent communicator, no wonder he's in the position he's in

    27. EightNineOne

      Watching the bit about the easter eggs...I know an ex-SPI TD who used to sneak floppy dildoes into busy scenes in some very major movies. The same guy is now at Pixar, and does a very different job so not sure if he's still doing it.

    28. Adam Beck

      you guys should totally do one on the new season and last season of attack on Titan because people are very conflicted on how they feel about the CG

    29. Volt

      Anime: Berserk 2016

    30. Big Jack Gameplays

      People always talk about Big Hero 6; sad that they never talk about Big Hero 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

    31. nika tuxashvili

      I've loved to see your react to fight scene from hitori no shita, enjoy. Also it would be interesting from stuntsman how would they react to this.

    32. Vlada Hrechykhina

      My god, I am so blessed to fight coronavirus and stay alive to find this channel🤭

    33. chris618007

      Please react to the unique animation of Ed, Edd n Eddy!

    34. Nicole Anderson

      Having a 1.5 yr old it's all about cartoons and I didn't realize how amazing they are now! Trolls 2 for example is so genius how it uses everyday items to create the world and incredibly well animated.

    35. SomeThrillingHeroics

      10:45 I think that's unfair and elitist in a way that's detrimental to the field. No, Source Filmmaker is definitely not the most sophisticated software out there, but it has been for many hobbyists their first experience in the field, and what people *do* manage with it is a testament to how good animation principles don't rely on commercial grade software. My recommendation would be to check out "End of the Line" in a future episode: It was the trailer for a community game update, and is a good example of what Source Filmmaker is capable of if people aren't just goofing around with it. Sure, the graphical quality isn't there (it's a 2008 game built on a 2004 engine), but the animation, editing and camerawork could shame many multi-million dollar productions.

    36. Cheap Ship

      My respect for the guy when he said he wanted anime suggestions went up so much

    37. Maverick


    38. LoLiiiBOy

      Attack on titan (anime)

    39. Evan Kuryllo

      What about looking at some of Cyriak's work?

    40. Eugenio Moreira

      OH HE SAID ANIME. Oh please do Shingeki no kyojin, also (Darling in the) Franxx has some really cool things in it. If you like anime those two are very good. There might also be good material in Boku no hero, because of, well, superpowers Anyway, thanks. I love your videos guys :D and thanks to Alex too!

    41. Tony Flaherty

      This dude was great, I'd love to see him back

    42. John David Valladolid

      The animation in guilty gear would be interesting to check

    43. nick sim

      you guys should react to the yellow submarine film from 1968

    44. J Murphy

      Corridor needs to review the StarCraft 2 opening cinematics agreed

    45. Gerick Dasig

      Hey guysss can you check out bad history's animation?

    46. OrAngeAnArchy

      IF. You can get Hiyao Miyazaki and review Spirited away or My Neighbor Totoro.

    47. Owen Woods

      React to the animation of Attack on Titan, Secen deadly sins and Dragon ball Z

    48. fernando jose cabezas mejia

      You should react to Levi vs the Kenny Squad from Attack on Titan!

    49. Dylan Ludwick

      What a great show! Would love to see you guys talk about the anime Dead Leaves!

    50. Dillon18

      How have you guys not talked about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure yet? Lol

    51. offchristianamr

      My favorite thing about Olaf is how much his segmented body contributes to the visual comedy. The three different snowballs that make his body are all different masses and have their own inertia; when he’s running and comes to a stop every snowball lurches forward a little bit by a different amount. I’ve always appreciated that detail

    52. it's just me

      Attack on Titan Animation

    53. Aterhallsam

      He actually looks like Olaf, no kidding.

    54. Kekelinks

      10:38 I can't unsee it. xD

    55. Harmie 2012

      I feel like the movie Surfs Up is absurdly underrated and has a unique style to it, plus the sound track is great. So maybe give some scenes from that a go please?

    56. kohei kurihara

      Or React to The battle scenes in Attack on Titan

    57. kohei kurihara

      React to one punch man


      Come on, guys. You've had so mane episodes of Animators react and not a single one included reactions to League of Legends cinematics? REACT TO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!

    59. WonderfullyWierd1

      Can you review the sniper scene from High school of the dead anime? That boob animation was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

    60. Ozzy Wizz

      Kara no Kyoukai - Shiki vs Apartament Zombies

    61. Forp3

      Please react to heydoubleu!

    62. Brett Mckenna

      Would love to see jojos bizarre adventure

    63. hey loser

      Beserk 2016...

    64. MinutesFX

      If they could react to Naruto Vs Sasuke in the final valley in Naruto Shippuden in another react that would be great, or even Meliodas vs Escanor

    65. Cannon Blaser

      I’m learning maya in school right now, super cool to see that he uses it

    66. The Tyro of Toriyama

      I absolutely love these guys and wanna support them by buying their merch but it seems a little overpriced from what I'm seeing in these ads. Just saying. Maybe they have a good reason but I'm just unable/unwilling to meet the cost when there are amazing novelty (comic/anime/gaming) shirts that are brand new on e bay for like 7 dollars. Just wanted to lend this bit of constructive criticism in the hopes that someone takes notice since I'd wear Corridor merch like it was the new Topman or JD Sports if only it was more affordable

    67. dIdDi_K

      Can he react to demon slayer

    68. Dominic Quiros

      I love Big Hero 6

    69. Sebastián Finol

      You guys should cover the last season of The Seven Deadly Sins especially the fight with Escanor because of how bad it was

    70. David Segerbo

      A great Anime too react to is Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

    71. Brayden Dutton

      you guys should react to some scenes from jujutsu kaisen ! it has consistently amazing animation

      1. Brayden Dutton

        for example, megumi running up the stairs in ep1, there are many examples of very natural running animation, including this

    72. Jashua

      i freaking love this guy

    73. Vladimir Cruzata

      Animator animators react to Ghost in the Shell

    74. learn quick with atharva

      Look at wren laughing in the background 11:38

    75. shan coma

      7:13 voice crack Thank me later...

    76. Jesse Chen

      I'd like your opinion on Don Hertzfeldt

    77. vri vri

      From anime these ones 1) Demon slayer episode 19 last few minutes 2) Fate/zero beserker vs gilgamesh airial fight scene 3) Violet Evergarden scene where she walks on water

    78. Dark Plasmo

      i so bad want to see them react to Prostitute Mickey

    79. clodpated

      Wait yesterday you guys were stuntmen. Now you're animators? Sus.

    80. Jason Whisnant

      wrens watching at the balcony 11:04

    81. xxVeidxx

      Vida longa ao rei hauahausu (pq isso ta em pt br gzuis?)

    82. ScorpiiKhan

      I'm snow man level when I dance too.

    83. VG

      Oh, good anime huh... SHINZOO WOO SASAGEEYOOO!!!!!

    84. stevie is spify

      React to killer bean

    85. CalebTheCashew

      Ya'll should react to these two videos, they are so epic

    86. Korvacc __

      React to korra and mako vs the chi blockers from season one of the legend of korra

    87. BotBox


    88. Nullson Andro

      Hi crew, love your work !! :) Challenge for the episode: How can you make CGI Titan from 'Attack on titan' If u can make an episode of U creating this titan transformation from a real person to CGI character [and make it believable and epic :) ] Please do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it, Thanks Do it Do it now!

    89. Frijoles

      My hero academia season 4 last episode !!! Endeavor fight !!

    90. HourGlassAnimates

      Idea for an anime? Hmmm let's se- ONE PIECE

    91. George Carr

      Fight scenes from Samurai Champloo are worth covering I reckon!

    92. Taylor

      Please do avatar the last air bender

    93. Kai Stoehr

      Do jojo 3d intros

    94. Mark Skater

      i love big hero 6 so cool to see ur work

    95. James Hoggatt

      yo. Ghibli needs an episode! princess Mononoke and castle in the sky made me become an artist!

    96. Nagnullat

      That Lion King clip was incredible!

    97. Sun Bro

      Defiantly have someone come and look at the animation from because it’s from one guy and beautiful

    98. JohnNinjaplayz

      good anime: Sword Art Online Bad anime: Boku no Pico

    99. danteUp OP

      great video

    100. Devin Hance

      Alex was such a great addition! Loved this