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    Thank you for watching through my video about Suzy Lu and my opinion on it as a voice actor in the anime industry. I wanted to address some of the Suzy Lu drama surrounding her claiming since Pewdiepie watched Yugioh, her anime reactions are the same thing. They are not at all.
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    1. Rachael Messer Gaming

      I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to watch the video! I have learned even more to this story and others like it and will have a MUCH shorter update video to this Sunday or Monday! :)

      1. Moonbeam 87

        You are A very Beautiful Woman Rachael, and After Looking at Your IMDb Page You Seem to be an Introvert, It gives Your Height, and a Mini Bio Written By you. And Official Sites but Other Than Your Filmography, That's it. 68 Actress Credits from Heroes Newerth (Video Game) - Kill Park (announced) and 1 Self Credit, for a Total of 69 Credits to Your Name. Impressive Resum'e. Jelly Filled are My Favorite, That's Onigiri Brock.

      2. Hassn Gashi

        @Rachael Messer Gaming are you gonna sure Suzy lu as possible as u can just tipster exposed Suzy lu for click baiting a suicide on Twitter when a 22 year old women died

      3. Kruell Gaming

        The way you handled this situation is very commendable. Nice to put a face to your voice. Keep up the awesome work.

      4. BlitzkriegGT

        good luck with your work (anime related) i wanted to hear your point of view, i like anime, cartoon, manga, hentai jajaja, wish you the best.

      5. tenebrous soul

        Ok, I know this is shallow af, but that hair. Girl, you are working it. I love the colors.

    2. Brett Shulenburg

      Not related to the topic but she did mention it briefly. The sub vs dub thing for me it's all about which one I start out with. With fairy tail I first saw the dubbed so I cannot watch the subbed for some reason. But for akame ga kill and seraph of the end I watched subbed and I tried dubbed and I didn't like it.

    3. Skythos

      I remember this situation from when it was happening and heard about Messer's commenting on it, but had never actually watched this video. Since it randomly popped up in my YT Recommends, I figured I'd give it a listen while I farm objectives in Destiny 2. But yeah... the fact that Suzy Lu actually went after Messer and lashed out against her just goes to show the amount of denial and ego Suzy Lu has. She is *blatantly* breaking copyright and *knows* it, and would probably be wise to not actively draw attention to that fact or even draw the ire of anyone who has a direct line to the very people who could essentially bury her in enough legal trouble that will result in her future generations having to deal with it. Thinking Uncle Phil's "Your grandchildren are going to need lawyers!" scene from Fresh Prince. And what does Suzy Lu do? The equivalent of walking up to a large hornets nest or one of those massive ant hills... and smacking it with a baseball bat.

    4. Lord Vika

      I just checked out her latest video, and she is still doing the making the video see through, but but now she stops the anime, says some stuff but then goes straight into the anime again, not cutting anything out or skipping a head in the episode.

    5. GTA082

      Seem that SuzyLu banned me in her HUfast channel in the comments. I could comment but no one I mean NO ONE CANT SEE MY COMMENT. How I know about this well I switched over to my other HUfast account left a comment and switched back to my main account and saw my comment from my other account can be seen while my main can’t be seen/read don’t why I was banned from not being seen in the comment section. While other ppl be like “omg I love this episode of Naruto” they get 88likes.

      1. McLovin6n9

        F Suzy lu don’t comment or watch her videos.

    6. James TWDG

      You're a great Voice Actor Racheal, every point you've made is true.

    7. TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp

      1:14:14 "get down Voted to Oblivion" and yet it has almost 9000 Likes over 131 Dislikes aso your ok Rachael

    8. Jeffrey Allee

      I just now subscribed, I like her!

    9. Johnny Black

      It’s a shame she’s only got a few thousand subs while that dumb lazy talentless content thief had 400 fn thousand. Like what world are we living in?

    10. B Kearns

      I like anime I love rolltop desks!

    11. Moonbeam 87

      I can tell your use to doing Anime, with the Pop Filter in front of the Mic.

    12. Moonbeam 87

      My Main Problem with this video, and I know you did Your best Rachael, but the Problem is something that happens to Even the Big Name Creators. It's the Lag, So Nothing Against you Rachael, but HUfast needs to do something to fix the Lag Issue.

    13. Moonbeam 87

      I Love Your Green Hair Rachael, We all live in an Anime World, Red, Yellow, Green, and Colors in between.

    14. Moonbeam 87


    15. eric peterson

      I, for one, would like to apologize for watching whole episodes in this manner. Lately, I've been watching exclusively on crunchyroll and funimation with those flipping commercials. Honestly, the aspect ratio, coloring, and sound changes actually make these re-uploaded episodes suck to watch. But as I was guilty of this, I wanted to apologize.

    16. Moonbeam 87

      The FUNIMATION ANIME I own On DVD, Are COWBOY BEBOP THE COMPLETE SERIES, AND THE MOVIE, FLCL The Original 6 Episodes, HELL GIRL the Complete First Season, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO THE COMPLETE SERIES, SOUL EATER THE COMPLETE SERIES, ALL 51 Episodes of the Anime + ALL 25 Books in the Manga Series+ The NOT Series By Atsushi Ohkubo, And the first 28 Episodes oh YU*YU*HAKUSHO GHOST FILES.

    17. Moonbeam 87

      47 Minutes in Speaking about "Fair Use" I could use that in Future Reviews.

    18. Moonbeam 87

      Well I really don't Watch Reaction Channels, Even Though some of My first Vlogs were Reactions. That's Because I was Still Honing My Skill, and Nobody had Told Me that there is a Difference Between Reaction, and Review.

    19. V3nom7

      Thanks a lot for your witness about this. This is highly interresting, as an inside point of view, and in term of law and youtube obvious incoherencies. This kind of channels are the perfect dream for capitalism : endless reproductible cashgrab content without the least work or effort (recording yourself watching anime). HUfast is obviously covering money worth law breaking channel... and if they don't adresss it, they are running into a severe loyal conflict between his money from youtubers, and announcers that include copyright owners.

    20. A D

      UranaiKuja actually does a lot of talking and analyzing, when she’s watching, but yeah, the overall situation is a violation

    21. Xeveniah Darkwind

      Thanks... Bfor giving characters an American English life.. Anime got me through the hard times you and your fellow voice actors and actresses... got me through a stroke that I'm still left arm paralyzed from sepsis and septic shock from cellulitis and recovering from a full hip replacement that kept me in a bed for nearly 5 weeks last December.. I support your industry the constitution, bill of rights, and the pursuit of happiness... Anime properly dubbed is better than the most powerful opioid in the surgeons arsenal... Love your animeesque blue hair streak


      You're fucking gorgeous!

    23. Steve Lloyd

      You are awesome beautiful person with a great voice this video was very informative cheers👍💚

    24. David Loongty

      Why... Just why you're not much much more popular.

    25. doro626

      This terrible nothing of a person Suzy Lu has one positive use. I'm learning so much more about anime and Voice actors. Internal Bleeding. damn. Also as an artist, I cant imagine drawing so well that its copyright infringement. Thats what we strive for sometimes.

    26. John Shinsky

      Piracy is not a victimless crime, thank you for speaking out this is not fair to you or anyone else

    27. Vexzus Dragon

      Love anime dubs work, so know your works enjoyed.

    28. Simon Warburton

      Like I've said, she is going to know about getting hit in the face, and it will be cocks, lots of cocks. Not only that but it will be for less that £8 for an hour, even if twenty dudes run a train on her face.

      1. Simon Warburton

        Apologies, not a misogynist, just, well, the future is how it is.

    29. whismerhilll

      I love this video; informative and straight to the point. I'm sure you won't get downvoted to oblivion. And your green hair style is fine! I've said it before, I'll say it again... you have a wonderful smile. Even my girlfriend agrees. If you were living in Québec city (Quebec, Canada), we would introduce you to my girlfriend's brother; you're definitely his type!!!

    30. Andrew

      Yo, I don’t watch anime, I don’t watch Suzy videos, I just happened to come across the situation as a recommended video...this girl Suzy and her goof ass boyfriend are so cringe. The girl is a egotistic hypocrite and her boyfriend is a phony little lap dog. Not sure how this whole thing ended, but I would certainly hope it was in a manner whereby sue and fake lawyer are held to account for their fuckery and mello dramatic clout chasing bullshit 👍🏼

    31. DowningJ82

      You’re pretty awesome! I am just starting to get into voice acting and hope to have an impact at least 1% like yours. This situation I just heard about today and I hope you’re able to get the works protected the proper way.

    32. Bloodysugar

      I'm very very sorry but as long as I 100% agree, as long as your meaning is so true and needed, as long as your way to explain it is damn strong and bright, I may remember it attaching it to the genuine look in your eyes and the incredible sunshine in your smile. What a bloody awesome mix of greatness. ^^

    33. Paliatschi Ranukai

      Sorry im a little late to this whole thing, I have a question to the Anime Law, there are streaming websides who stream animes, many, and free to watch them. ( for example are those breaking the copyright aswell? I mean i dont think they sell them but it is still free to watch and they are not cut

    34. Samantha Willmer

      oh my finally luzy lu is SUSPENDET from youtube and rachael suzy lu got NEVER be cybetbullied or hated she use this as a lie against tipster aswell john swans channel for flag reasons not more

    35. Red Bonifacio

      you're so awesome

    36. J j

      We can confirm, Suzy Lu's head is Not 3ft above her ass🤣

    37. Ⱬ

      How can HUfast, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram yada yada even accept this? They're stealing other people's content, for THEN to make even MORE money-than the bloody content creators themselves!!!... Suzy 'Giant forehead' Lu (or whatever her real name is) should be behind bars for a loooong time to come, and so should the rest of them. I've let her know about this, and I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. And, if she so chooses from then to have the comments removed, well then let's make Google aware of just how big of a situation this is, and that it's extremely stupid of them to be simping around like this.

    38. Redfeild Lizard

      Rachael rocks

    39. mike whitelock

      your cute

    40. Immortal Assassin

      This was such a heart warming explanation. I highly appreciate the fact that you explained everything step by step and even defended suzy lu (sometimes). Its very useful to have one of both sides having an actually being rational and actually given ways of how to stop the problem. I very much hope that everyone learns from this video because this is something that COULD happen and people would understand more about copyright laws and specific industries. Thank you very much, AGAIN!

    41. Major Wolf

      Who found this channel and still watch videos from this channel. From this video

    42. Lady J Factor

      Hey, thanks for speaking up about this. I found out about this late and from someone who works in the animating part of this business (the clean-up and in-between, specifically), I find it kind of frustrating to watch people who profit more on this than the people basically slaving away to make it. Animators have to work at least 8-10 hours a day for 5-7 days a week for the deadlines. (Yes, some people don't even bother with weekends, day-offs, or holidays. There are people who work even on Christmas and New Year!) I don't know about other studios and payment may vary depending on the show but we get paid by the amount of work we put in. Whether the work be by footage, by frame or by character of each scene. Sometimes I work from 6 am to 1 am the next day just to meet a deadline or help out someone else to meet the deadline. And there's plenty more things I could say that we work just so others could watch these animated shows. But still, most of us earn less than Suzy Lu does from basically pirating these videos. So, really. I just hope she stops uploading whole episodes. People work hard on those and she (and the others doing the same) are stealing from the people who work on the industry.

    43. Summer Night

      How does abridged series and they don’t get sued?

    44. nutrino75

      This video was MORE entertaining then ALL of Suzy LU CONTENT!.... WoRD!.

    45. Xero Driifty

      I loved your work on borderlands 3

    46. Sassysylveon Eeveelution

      stay safe, dont do stupid things, love ya voice, keep up amazing work

    47. Mike S

      Well darn, guess I am lucky to watch this before Suzy flags this....

    48. Anyhony Williams

      I'm sorry I'm so late to your channel, but damn your content is good! Also damn lady you voice acted in a lot of my favorite shows!

    49. KING PXIN

      First time watching this woman and I gotta say, I love how she handles these topics not gonna lie

    50. S R

      I love Racheal’s videos a lot!

    51. Leap

      An idea for company employe a good Video maker (HUfastr, Stream ?) for have react with inferior quality video for free and make ads for the real product. You get the money from both !

    52. rudolf sanchez


    53. The Derek Ruby Show

      I'm curious what happens with dubs with licenses not renewed? An example would Haijeme No Ippo that was dubbed by Geneon. Not only did the company go under but no other company picked it up or rereleased it. Another example would be Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine it's my understanding that Funimation did not renew the license for that one. So when something like that takes place what happens with the dubs?

    54. Animebryan2

      8:41 to skip the Disclaimer Fluff

    55. Mark de Haan

      Infringing of IP IS against the law. So knowing it is infringment, it is knowing it is against the law. Your video is a bit long, but but you are very clear in it and I think it should be commended, not 'blacklisted'.

    56. Thomas Gabrielsen

      I'm not sure why I ended up here, but I've watched the whole video, for two major reasons: - Copyright is something that interest me in general - You have an intriguing personality and charisma. You put a spell on me. Damn you! :-)

    57. Demolition Gam3r

      Who's glad that Suzy's patreon is gone. I'm sure we have a good smile about it.

      1. Demolition Gam3r

        @Animebryan2 Rip. I never really pay attention to Patreon

      2. Animebryan2

        Who's happy to see Patreon getting sued out of existence for screwing people over for political views?


      I take you to caught

    59. Maze

      I used to watch suzy lu but now I support people she attacks and I'll sub to u cus your criminally under subbed and deserve way more

    60. Hassn Gashi

      Hmmm something tells me Rachael knows a lot of editing and well experience as a HUfastr

    61. Angry Ragdoll

      I'm here just because I found out you played Hina in Stampede. You are by far my favorite Hina!

    62. il biggo

      8:00 TOTALLY RELATABLE MOMENT. The dodging, too, I swear, sometimes I write myself totally unreadable stuff XD

    63. PIERCED6966

      Way to gorgeous to just be a voice actress. Disgusting how little you get paid😡

    64. DigitalDNA

      Rachel is way smoking than Suzy fucking Lu. Holy shit girl 🖤

    65. Leroy Green

      Wondering why you don't get a residual percentage on the sales of Anime your in? $35 bucks an hour when you voice act doesn't seem like much.

    66. Shepherd boy

      Intro/disclaimer: 9 minutes long. Welcome to 2020.

    67. Lachaz

      I had never heard of her until today, and from what ive seen so far, shes clearly wrong. I would never say anything mean for means sake, although i lost my sister to suicide many years ago, and was saddened to see how she posted that BS suicidal themed thumbnail making light of it. Thats all i`ll say, and its not coming from a place of hate, i`ll just say im not overly fond of her. (meaning Suzy, not you Rachael, i think youre fantastic )

    68. Brian Cochrane

      Rachel, I just love your qwerky personality while discussing this matter, it is refreshing and humorous yet factual. In conclusion, I agree with your standpoint on this matter. Sends you virtual Purdy's chocolates.

    69. Joshia Mosby

      I love your work and I'd like to say you go girl.😊 (not simping)

    70. Tai Nguyen

      Something's not adding up: 1. You're beautiful. 2. You're a voice actress. 3. Why the fuck hasn't Hollywood snatched you up?

    71. Sataandagi96

      What I understand is the outrage going against Suzy's actions. The hypocrisy is undeniable and shocking. On the other hand, I see tons of channels who apparently build their career on the misfortune of other HUfastrs, Suzy included, igniting hatred, bullying, and harassment, be it insults or threats, which make the people weathering against her not even remotely better than her in my eyes. People feel like they have an official "Okay" to attack someone when a more significant HUfastr rants over another person.

    72. Benjamin Hng Hup Hoe

      Good update. I am a fan of yours.

    73. Ross Allan

      Late to the game here, found due to the Almighty Algorithm (All Hail The Almighty Algorithm, bringer of content both fair and foul) Just want to say I effing *hate* reaction videos. Why? 1. They’re typically and obviously rehearsed. They’re not genuine reactions 2. First encountered them on movie trailers, for stuff like Avengers. I want to watch the trailer myself, not some weeaboo HUfastr hamming it up with a ‘genuine reaction’ seemingly based on the barrel scrapings of the worst acting school child actors ever. 3. I just don’t get it. Could be HUfast or similar, or the frankly inexplicable Gogglebox (UK TV programme). Why would anyone want to watch someone else watching something else? Why? 4. There’s seemingly no critique, like at all. My friends and I really like our dodgy horror films. And we will rag on them when viewing together. That is a form of critique (albeit very low brow). “Reaction”? It seems to just be watching a show, and occasionally parroting back the odd line here and there....

    74. Garth Marenghi

      I can't hear anything over the deafening noise of that crooked shelf behind her :(

    75. Vagina Crusher

      Also props to your line of work you’re more successful than I’ll ever be 😭😭

    76. Vagina Crusher

      I’m here for the drama. I’m late but still here 😤

    77. Conundrum

      I honestly hope Suzy stops me from chewing my gum.

    78. Loki

      Reaction Videos are so trash. Like seriously. This shouldn’t be allowed

    79. LopingCSF

      Clicked on this video and immediately noticed the strand of lights in the background. I think you and my wife may be kindred spirits.

    80. Shelby Andrews

      Oh boy. This was a bad video. I'll start at the beginning. It takes us almost 9 minutes of you just talking about yourself and how this isn't a hate video. This runs into the theme of the video was way over padded. You barely talked about Suzy Lu at all, and you certainly didn't have evidence against her. "Having insider info" only really equals to gossip cause anyone can claim they have it. This video was all about copyright infringement. Which is fine, make what you want, but that's not the title of this video. You click baited us. You did not use any evidence about the voice actor you were speaking out against, but used clips from other videos to talk about infringement, which is fine, but those videos don't have anything to do with Lu. You could have linked them in your pin and moved on with the video, but you used multiple clips for way to long. Besides these clips, this video was also pretty poorly researched. You admit to using clips that you haven't watched in full, you admit you are not fully versed in youtube terms and conditions, which is something you should KNOW, and again, you provide no proof in regards to Lu. The sexism rant at the end was way to long. You could have summed that up in 2 seconds. Trolls exist, you don't need to explain it to us. You talked about yourself way to much for a commentary video. We wanted your take on Suzy Lu, not about yourself. The flagging of videos wrongfully is a serious problem on youtube, but those actions can be proved, and you provide no proof. Please watch channels like The Right Opinion, Ready to Glare and Creepshow Art. Those are fantastic commentary channels that do it right. You could learn a lot from them. Cheers

    81. John Lee

      Hi Rachael... so there is one HUfastr who I will not name here essentially but his whole schtick is not just reacting to anime, but reacting to anime that has specific food items in it. For instance, between providing food based commentary found in an episode of say, "Shokugeki No Soma", I believe based on YT guidelines (which change like Suzy Lu's ideas) the transformative and free use nature of his videos is that he not only puts a watermark on top, but pauses to look at the ingredients, provides commentary on each episode. A 22 minute episode crammed into at least a 11-16 minute reaction video all based on food, anecdotes, ingredient breakdown and such... Where do you stand on that because his content I believe is a lot more transformative than just sitting there watching an episode a day and between his watermark logo placed on top of the episode screen, the ingredient commentary, the food breakdown, and anecdotes of his formative years... that being the basis of his channel initially (before Suzy decided to f*** it all up and change the rules again)... what is your position on such content as listed above? I'm genuinely curious because I appreciate his content as it is not just a reaction channel to an anime episode but it specifically reacts to the food in the anime that he reacts to... thoughts?

    82. Unknown Zero

      Rachael is really pretty and her smile is cute

    83. Soul Cooke

      I hate to hear that this could impact your career! D:

    84. Neros soreN

      Nice guess on the "1 out of 100,000" considering the views :o

    85. Irrelevant Noob

      Well, since Rachael has called us out on not noticing the teleporting mic, especially after she achieved that as early as 0:46 ... let me just point out that she's tried to keep her witchcraft ways quite hidden as well: besides inanimate objects, she can also teleport CATS ... like she did at 1:07:50 ! PS Love the green hair.

    86. Jay H

      You voice anime, we luhv anime. Who da fuhk is this other ~person* and who cares? You keep your head up, we're all with you.

    87. Seema

      Don't watch gaming, haven't played a game since super Mario bros first launched (I just dated myself) but I had to subscribe because you're just too lovely not to!

    88. Charlie Fox

      Don't like Suzy Lu but don't like you either. You seem bitter about her making more money than you more than anything and you are (in my opinion) cheesy/fake, not funny.

    89. Carl Hartwell

      I hope you don't lose work, but lol@getting down-votes!

    90. Crystal Lynn

      there is a youtuber/chef called CHEFPK who does (really good) reaction videos to Food Wars where he chops up the anime and only really shows parts he wants to talk about and yet he still gets hit with copyright claims

    91. Tennant64

      I think this whole situation leaves a bad image for HUfast in general, so many content creators I love get flagged on their videos (even tho they are fair use, angry joe, nostalgia critic to name a couple.) that seeing people get away with blatant copyright infringement kinda hits hard. I guess like most things these days, the HUfast industry is a flawed system. I also agree that if you use hate speech or bullying when criticising someone, you will lose the argument. Loved the video and I’m a huge fan of anime. Also on a side note, I am lead to believe that the 3rd kickass film was cancelled back in the day due to the amount of pirated copies of the second film. So I’m aware of what people like Suzy are doing to the industry.

    92. Ivan Smith

      Great video! Sub & liked!

    93. Billie Jean

      Love your hair!

    94. MS veer shreyes

      I would personally like to see Suzy luu steal Bandai’s content(Dragon ball franchise), from a guy who has seen how Bandai is a company inclined on money making(obviously on fair grounds), cuz that is the end of her entire fuc*ing uselsss sh*it of a career of stealing content without editing it and using it, Bandai is not lenient to let her get away with such sh*t that easily. I am a big fan of many anime series and what people like Suzy Lu are doing is blatently wrong, underhanded and Pathetic.

    95. Reading Gallery

      LoL reaction channel are plagiat insertion on youtube.. people saw it because they want to saw anime or any license things for free. They don't really care who host it. In fact they don't want some fillers on it.

    96. Rob

      I know I'm tardy on this lol, but thanks for this, I found it highly educational just as a layman.

    97. LiniTV

      I was going to reactions videos more often , I did one once but thank you so much for explaining so well❤️

    98. craycejedi

      I think you're an awesome lady. Very intelligent. It's refreshing. I hope you didn't catch too much crap for this but I'm glad you spoke out about it.

    99. Rio Gunawan

      This video made me subscribe, and I really don't hit subscribe button easily. I probably need to thank Suzy for leading me to your channel, I guess ?

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