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    Applause · Lady Gaga
    ℗ An Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2013 UMG Recordings, Inc.
    Released on: 2013-01-01
    Producer: Lady Gaga
    Producer: Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair
    Producer, Co- Producer: Dino Zisis
    Producer, Co- Producer: Nick Monson
    Composer Lyricist: Lady Gaga
    Composer Lyricist: Paul Blair
    Composer Lyricist: Dino Zisis
    Composer Lyricist: Nick Monson
    Composer Lyricist: Martin Bresso
    Composer Lyricist: Nicolas Mercier
    Composer Lyricist: Julien Arias
    Composer Lyricist: William Grigahcine
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    1. Slasher Simp

      All I remember is when I was in like 5th grade and watched the animation parody where she worked at McDonald’s 24/7....smh🧍‍♂️

    2. Amelia king

      i can imagen jin from bts in ten inch heels dancing to this song

    3. Shadow

      My favorite song in GTA 5

    4. Feel Speciarrr

      This is the Lady Gaga music I love and miss. I’m not saying her recent songs aren’t good, just not my taste

    5. JungShook

      I can’t be the only one who thought the title was applesauce at first-

    6. David- -Mkh

      A normal day at Vanilla Unicorn

    7. Cantu


    8. BCT_Planespotter

      Playing GTA when this is playing on Nonstop Pop makes the game 100x more fun

    9. suck my ahoge

      This beautiful song and I still can't spell Applause yeah I had to the mic so what about it 👁👄👁

    10. Ivanna_lol Ponce

      I thought this was made like 5 year ago 😂

    11. Ander Garrido

      Okay but why does this low key slap in 2020

    12. Leila Wilson

      i cant help but read it as applesauce

    13. Sick Bee2

      This song and vogue are sisters... I feel like it needs to come on right after this.

    14. Alisa Lilly

      Remember this from just dance😂😂

    15. Curcic Nemanja

      Applause for this song !

    16. Leila Wilson


    17. Basura

      How Mulan should've looked after wiping off her makeup.

    18. Maia LiX04

      me encanta esta canción es la mejor

    19. Brooklynn

      This Song Come out in 2018.........I thought is came out n 2012 or something

      1. tyler chapman

        it came out 1st January 2013

    20. Chaotic Neutral

      For a second I thought the title said "Applesauce"

    21. Cin’dy A

      When I’m listening to this I feel like a star 😆😆

    22. Maria Christina Matugas

      I made myself into a applause make up

    23. Lil Edrian

      It turns 2 today tf

    24. アリーヤBubble

      I was in volleyball practice a few years ago and this song came on and idk what happens but every time it was my turn to spike I did it perfectly . This song always gets me pumped up !! ✨

    25. XxMelon SugarxX

      I live for the apple sauce Apple sauce Live for the apple sauce Live for the Way that u cheer and scream for me The applesauce applesauce

    26. Nuno Alexandre

      A Master Piece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Tiny Mouse

      How Mulan should’ve looked after wiping off her makeup.. *Copied- )*

    28. Shadow_Fox

      I dont really like this song but i like lady gaga

    29. jerry leighton

      Is it just me or does this sound like someone else at the beginning? She's so good that her voice sounds different in different songs. True legend

    30. Martin B



      Oh My God I Heard This Song When I Was Little When I Still Like Cars

    32. Ethan NO

      Idk why, the beginning feel slow sometimes, and then fast other times.

    33. ওওওStrwbryওওও

      This was the song in kindergarten lmao

    34. Hibiki Otonokoji, SHSL Vocalist

      on this episode of "songs that should be on rpdr":

    35. lenaarella


    36. Robin Francis Rayner

      Fuck you ALL I wana here the Applause! You ALL goto Hell for no appreciation is what You taught me and I’m just mentally 1 years old and I understand that! 😭💖💕💕❤️😭😥😕😢 im the Creator & Director!

      1. Robin Francis Rayner

        Heh heh I heard it that time, I might let u live! From the Creator & Director! ❤️💖💕🌟😍😋

    37. Robert Chochola


    38. KAI and AZHURE

      1:30 - 1:31 sounds like JFC from Clone High

    39. Bella Giovinazzi

      It's a song By Antonio Giovinazzi. From formula 1 Drive to Survive 2 . Movie.

    40. Bone Paste_

      Every now and then I remember my 5th grade lady Gaga phase 💀 this song still itches my brain though

    41. Døom Guy

      Every time i here this song i think of that *green small car commercial*

    42. Lorrinda Joe

      oct 22, 2020. i am now 18 years old, having lunch at my work and this song reminds me of my middle school years. when i was 11 years old. i remember our school dances would play this. the feeling of being happy, free and having fun FELT GREAT. my word of advice, live your best life while being a pre-teen. your gunna miss those days when you grow.

    43. Andrea Rdgz

      I was grooving to this in highschool

    44. bean do

      Gaga so sexy

    45. Mikayla Daniels

      It’s been 7 years and I still don’t know what she spelled at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Gael Bluecherry

        A r t p o p

    46. Estevan Hernandez


    47. teddypg ry

      Every time I hear this I think about nocking people down in gta 5

    48. Jean Thunwarat

      You break my heart now.....

    49. Andrei Bucton

      0:40 2:43 I LIVE FOR THE APPLAUSE

    50. Animator- san

      How mulan should've looked like when she took of her makeup

    51. Iyari Ximena Uribe

      Maybe not the time but any ONCE here who can't stop thinking about Jeongyeon's audition with this song??

    52. Ellie Asher

      I'm bored

    53. Ellie Asher


    54. •Çhérri•

      I'm pretty sure we all play this song on just dance 👁️👄👁️

    55. Norea Brown

      This is the song Kendall danced to Dance Mom's just a different version 🤣

    56. Wabaki

      gaga stole zeki muren's style .

    57. Jo Ja

      Gta 5

    58. Just vibing

      is it me or would this make a good stripper song?

    59. Ms.pastiche v

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    60. Furious Sherman

      It took walking into a strip club in GTA V to remind me that this song is as good as I remember it being when I was in high school.

    61. dwayne davison

      lady gaga has to one of the best artists ever, she literally gives me Goosebumps every time i listen.

      1. Free gift, not a contract! A free gift!

        Just dance! B) Check this vidout friend :)

    62. Omar's Movie Reviews 2003

      Lady Gaga 2019 Parody of Joker

    63. Jay Jay the jet plane

      Wow my dyslexic ass really thought the title said applesauce 🤦🏽

    64. Jonathan Anjelines

      Aplausos são pouco pra Gaga e pra essa música 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🎭🎨

    65. Claire Homans

      every time i see this i think the title says applesauce even though it very clearly doesn't

    66. Alice Conlin

      Lady Gaga is the one who made me realize I’m bi

    67. Vaquilbreaker

      My brain still thinks of this as the "newer" lady gaga music, I can't believe its 7 years old

    68. Gamze Polat

      Bu şarkının modası hiç geçmicek

    69. Cute and Bubbly

      Am i the only person that thought it said Applesauce instead of Applause???

    70. Rihanna Fenty

      I don’t why I thought this was Maroon 5 when I was 6

    71. Nazareth Román

      Lady Gaga me curo

    72. Y_Ichika Midoriya_Y

      The last words sound like, "We are on TV, aren't we?"😂 Like someone was recording her live around the world.

    73. sTooPid


    74. Dimitrie Lungoci


    75. Drewcifer

      "Clap you stupid bastards" Joe biden remix

    76. 911 357

      Icônico é atemporal q carregou o artpop nas costas ❤

    77. Official_weeb_maxene143 Midoriya 178

      That boy from tik tok 👁️👄👁️

      1. Denise Victoria


    78. Sabrina O'Neil

      Unpopular opinion: lady Gaga’s old songs are better

      1. Y_Ichika Midoriya_Y

        I agree. 👍

    79. Aaron Chen

      Way ahead of its time

    80. Princess Daisy

      *Jamming while slurping applesauce....* Oh wait- where did the "e" and "s" go? I FRICKING THOUGHT IT SAID "APPLESAUCE" 😂 *.....stupid me*

      1. Princess Daisy

        @Ellie Asher I'm glad It's not just me

      2. Ellie Asher

        Its okay 😂 its not just u

    81. —Cake草莓

      When i hear this song i imagine myself doing an weird dance on a stage

    82. Lex

      I feel like I'm the only one who liked this song when it actually came out, good memories of it on my old ass itunes account

    83. Scarlet Goldenriver

      I hear my imaginary fans in the background 😔

    84. Alixandra Standish

      Love pure piano lots

    85. Mikhael Caraig

      There's so many people looking for the "Mulan Makeup" comment that a straight up Ad for the Mulan movie popped up. Good... Good...

    86. mon

      yoo jeongyeon from sixteen

    87. Bianey Boo

      7 year old me after putting on my mom's heels:

    88. Jean Thunwarat

      I love this song the most of you Lady Gaga my mom I really love you so much and the most of the most

    89. Andi awan

      Firtd J GTV Shopee 2020

    90. Architect Amanda

      The only people who can like this is those who think their spirit animal is lady gaga ✨✨ Your a true fan if u liked ❤️❤️❤️✨✨❤️

    91. Lady ღ

      I feel empowered with this song, somehow..

    92. Autumn Devon

      groove with your rights on keep it going on, oh betcha, forgiven ta too.see it's me hiuih, huh? sipe, naw, what do you think!! Welles then. quizzes nope just let me get away for a minute I say let me listen my laDCy!!! my applause to them!!! lady by lady!!! oh yeah, ga ga!!!

    93. jisoo turtle rabbit kim

      I remember running people over and speeding from the police to this In gta

    94. Teacher Yankee


    95. Bone chrusher34

      Gta brought me here

    96. Dawnney Lover

      Laila McQueen vs Naysha Lopez

    97. fishy


    98. Bence Prsan

      Gaga The Best Ever Singer In The World

    99. bruh moment

      God this gives me memories


      Idk why but this song really speaks to me and it makes me want to scream the lyrics