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    "Animals" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available February 26th
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    Director: Dan Searle
    Producer: Kode Media
    Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull
    Sam Carter - Vocals
    Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
    Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
    Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
    Adam Christianson - Guitars

    Written and performed by Architects
    Lyrics by Dan Searle
    Produced by Dan Searle
    Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
    Additional Production by Pete Miles
    Mixed by Zakk Cervini
    Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
    Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
    I do my best but everything seems ominous
    Not feeling blessed, quite the opposite
    This shouldn’t feel so monotonous
    It never rains but it pours

    We’re just a bunch of fucking animals
    But we’re afraid of the outcome
    Don’t cry to me because the fiction that we’re living in
    Says I should pull the pin

    Should I just pull the pin?

    I dug my heels
    I thought that I could stop the rot
    The ground gave way
    Now I’ve lost the plot
    Fucked it again
    That was all I’ve got
    It never rains but it pours

    Life is just a dream within a….

    Buried under dirt
    A diamond in the mud
    Infinity is waiting there
    ‘Cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral

    ….dream within a dream within a….
    Official Site:
    Facebook: architectsuk
    Twitter: architectsuk
    Instagram: architects
    Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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    1. Brian Fox

      wearing a peacoat over a hoodie?... time to pull the pin

    2. Eunice Kim

      What do you guys think of the meaning for this song? I'd love to hear all your interpretations!

    3. MrLimeInHD

      Just heard this on Radio 1

    4. Rui Silveira

      For someone that got ran over by a car at the age of 6 and moved to the UK at 21 I need your help more than ever, not asking for a job just light with your music... Cheers, Rui

    5. Pini Cohen

      Best song in 2020 for me.

    6. troy hooper

      Why i am the Outsider .

    7. Crimson Angel

      How have I never herd this band, truly Badass can’t wait to hear more keep rocking

    8. Cuddle the Bears

      I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤. Amazing job guys!!

    9. KFLETCH

      This song makes me wanna walk into the court and tell the judge he is going to jail.

    10. Phillip Knowles

      Should I just pull the pin?

    11. Alex Trump


    12. Doggie San

      I love the beat of this song!

    13. Johnny Ford

      What vape is he using at the start I want it

    14. Krzysiek Chmielowiec

      This song is astonishing!

    15. Dr Rockzo pepsi

    16. Md. Masum Omar Jashim

      We need new vocab to praise this song. 'Awesome, magnificent' etc. don't cut it

      1. Christian Costa

        Architectural lol

    17. Demon 1223


    18. Demon 1223


    19. Demon 1223


    20. Demon 1223


    21. Артур Никитин

      Architects steal part of my song :D RubZ - Point.01

    22. Adam Jensen

      Good tune eh

    23. Satan4lia

      Yup this is going on my playlist for sure

    24. kristine boucher

      I love this song just wooowww

    25. Mohammad Fahim

      First time hearing this band and already loving how they sound ...also is it just me or Sam Carter (Vocalist) sounds like Chester Bennington (RIP) ?

    26. Kyle Richard

      These guys used to be good

    27. Valka Mochalin

      This song makes me want to give everyone covid then sell them masks - oh wait

    28. TaKleR Gaming

      temaso loco

    29. Kristopher Koehler

      Lord Grant Random, the Duke of Douchebaggery sent me. He’s right. If you don’t like this song, you just might be a dick.

    30. Simon Lachance

      New Linkin Park?

      1. Mert Must Die

        Bring me the horizon

    31. jackfrostie.002

      every one has an animal in them just not every one knows how to let it out.

    32. Sandi Eržen

      cool !

    33. TikTok Unleashed

      This songs makes me want to steal weed then smoke it with the person I stole it from.

    34. David Williams

      Wasn't a fan at first but this song has definitely grown on me.

    35. Mariano Galvez

      Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Rusty Hill

      This shit gets you pumped if you’re a firefighter on the way to a call. Holy hell

    37. Allidoiswynn93

      This song hits so hard your grandpa got prostate cancer.

    38. Baritone Cult

      See...Metal, Rock and Progressive is alive and well This is the Golden age of music, let's all enjoy it. Cheers from Michigan

    39. Tom Files

      Dont know why, but this song was a bit spooky, had a purge vibe to it.

    40. Phoenix Plays Games

      discovering this song and this band gave me the energy to finally get my exhausted ass out of bed today

    41. Claudio Potricelli

      Absolute RIPPER, instant classic!!!

    42. Max Gessner

      Such a dope song

    43. Игорь Соловьёв

      ARCHITECTS are no longer the same as Linkin Park

    44. AE

      Always fucking deliver!! Always have!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    45. Marie Wahlberg

      Love 🙏🌸🌸🌹

    46. Rictenhur Hurtado

      Vaya! Habia estado oyendo hablar de esta banda y q oigo este single y... Guau es como si LP y Slipknot hubieran chocado y hubiera salido esta cancion Estan tocando molestos???!!!

    47. xavier bonnisse

      thanks for the new single merci encore pour ce nouveau titre. un pur régal. vivement l'album

    48. Marjorie Bicheron

      Hello, Greeting from France! I love this band ! It's awsome! If you want to support a band that just came out, don't hesitate to go listen to my metalcore band "Black Inked Ocean" . thank you !

    49. Sean Gray

      My first time hearing thes dudez,,, this is absolutely beautiful Metal,,, not just a bunch of noise,,, like most new Metal,,, 52 been a Metalhead since the 70z kiss dystoyer,,, so I have the Cred.

    50. DarknessMVP

      Holy shit! this is 100% the best song of the year imo! keep the good work up

    51. foojan ka

      LOVED IT!!!!!!

    52. Luggi83

      A month later I'm still not sure if I like this or not. It's just so...generic. For Architects at least.

      1. Omega ZX

        I wouldn't really call it generic, softer for sure but still a masterpiece imo

    53. Cdub35 Wilson

      After the words.

    54. MÁRIO SÁ


    55. * SuNshiNe


    56. Christof Rygol

      I think a musical power is growing there 🤘🏿 ...ich erwarte ein "Tsunami" mit dem neuen Album 🔥

    57. Jeff Wharton

      This album can't come quick enough. Roll on February 2021

    58. CallmeDan426 n

      Who disliked this AWSOME Video, IS not cool

    59. CallmeDan426 n


    60. Haliana Khoma

      This is so awesome!!!!!!!! 🤘🔥💥

    61. Michael Smith

      The Royal Albert Hall show was literally the best performance I've ever seen from ANY band.

      1. Pierre Brunel

        Muse Roma 2013 was pretty solid too

      2. Michael Smith

        @MaJ0Mi I've searched and cant find anything available anymore currently. But I sure hope that it will be restreamable or purchasable again at some point.

      3. MaJ0Mi

        Is there any way to watch it now? I couldn't see it at the premier

    62. George Dominguez

      This song makes me want to steal someone’s car and give them a ride in it

      1. troy hooper


    63. Anton Renfors

      I really miss Tom's riffs... this isn't a bad song at all, but it's such a step down from earlier songs from Architects :/

    64. Bjornar Frantzen

      I think we would have a hard time putting out this fire..

    65. gabebabe1

      Not fucking bad lads - I like the heavy duty riffs.

    66. Frédéric Noiseux

      Soooooo fucking goood !!!

    67. thenameisamin

      1:37 Haki user detected . . . . . Just kidding. Dope song!

    68. KooL KeitH

      Iam going Tbh I discovered this band only a couple of yrs ago. But these guys have such quality music 🎶. And I purchased all their albums thus far. Fucking phenomenal band🤘🏾🔥

    69. skare krow


    70. john wilson

      Is it just me or does his voice kinda sound like (chester bennington)?

    71. thepurpleclown

      Guy sounds like CKY

    72. CBV

      I hear The Purge sirens

    73. Isaac Anderson

      architects rock :) awesome band

    74. LxcxntrxpxaCxrvxs

      #BRAZIL , OH YEAH BAND ☆.♡

    75. Zombie Fraser

      Lovin' that industrial metal sound

    76. O'neill RenéGat

      very good song

    77. davidcoolkid15

      Bring Me The Horizon vibes

    78. MrWhate7er

      Wow, that's some high-quality shit!

    79. Anthony P

      Burn it down/blow it up.🤔 keep your pins in place.😇🖤

    80. Yautja Warrior

      Horrible Song, Architects goes Mainstream?! Sound Like in this Moment Mainstream crap...

      1. StarScream 777

        Keep makin your dioramas and watching the pussiest sport in the world Mr Warrior 🤣🤣

    81. alit atmajaya


    82. Anastazia Beaverhausen

      I do my best but everything seems ominous"

    83. Simon Pieman

      Awesome 🤗

    84. Jonathan Wetmore

      Metal is dying . . .

    85. RS4862

      Yo Skill Specs ??

    86. Cody Warren

      My favorite song at the moment.

    87. Anthony G

      I found this song on iTunes about an hour ago. Came here to listen to the whole thing. Bought it and had it on repeat for an hour. It’s a great Wednesday night 👍

    88. Hanislip 777

      feels like eletronic music

    89. Ivan Lostthreads

      That riff makes me want to arrange someone's keyboard alphabetically

    90. gnarlynipples

      Drums production sounds DeAdLy BrO

    91. Brayden McClelland

      At first when I heard the song, I was a bit disappointed. But this song has grown own me so much since then and I fucking adore it. Can’t wait for the album!

    92. SStone SSour


    93. Marko Mitrovic

      This Guy Is Really Good Singer

    94. KeepEmCommin

      I guess I was just hoping for something heavy, this is a little soft for what I was after

    95. KeepEmCommin

      Just my opinion but this has nothing on - doomsday, holy hell or any of the others from that kinda time, bit of a step down from my point of view but again, that's just me

      1. Jonathan Wetmore

        @Omega ZX that's just it. It's metal flavored but it feels artificial. Like a lollipop claiming it's a real watermelon. I never meant to diss you. I apologize. You have every right to like it. I just am not hearing metal as I know it to be. Perhaps my idea of what metal is is far more limited than others.

      2. Omega ZX

        @Jonathan Wetmore I listen to lots of genres, I know how hard rock sounds. The chorus may be hard rock but the riff has an industrial metal flavor

      3. KeepEmCommin

        @Omega ZX they've done a bmth

      4. Jonathan Wetmore

        @Omega ZX it was generic, commercial, "hard rock". You need to listen to more metal.

      5. Omega ZX

        @Jonathan Wetmore how is that riff not metal lol


      amazing song and music song! You blew our mind !

    97. imonkeyism

      This hits harder than a cancer diagnosis!

      1. Mr. NotSoBearded

        Too soon

    98. Eddy Nguyen

      ¿Dónde está la blegh-blegh-o-tegh-cegh?