Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Lyric Video)

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    1. Kiana Borgenon

      Ariana grande mooi ik ben fan for you en mama ook

    2. Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen

      *I know I should have farted* 💀

    3. Geraldine Gowing

      Dont know about you but when I here this song I always think she's singing to mac Miller Poor ariana she goes through soo much and then she comes home to read comments saying she's to sensitive and fake haters if you dont like her ( your mad ) but if you don't like her then dont listen to her because making her sad is not making you happy it should just make you feel ashamed of yourself So sorry if I hurt anyone feeling I just dont like hate!!! Bye

    4. Thanos For President

      2020 took so many people. Gone but never forgotten. Kobe Bryant, 41 Gianna Bryant, 13 Kirk Douglas, 103 Irrfan Khan, 53 Neil Peart, 67 Nick Gordon, 29 Don Larsen, 90 Silvio Horta, 45 Qaboos Bin Said, 79 Terry Jones, 77 Harry Haines, 27 Orson Bean, 91 Rocky Johnson, 75 Sushant Singh Rajput, 34 Katherine Johnson, 101 Eddie Van Halen, 65 Caroline Flack, 40 Alex Trebek, 80 Rick May, 79 Benjamin Keough, 27 Corey La Barrie, 25 Ian Holm, 88 CT Vivian, 95 Cliff Robinson, 53 Diana Rigg, 82 Fred The Godson, 35 or 41 Frederick Hibbert, 77 Grant Imahara, 49 Naya Rivera, 33 Chadwick Boseman, 43 George Floyd, 46 Pop Smoke, 20 Kenny Rogers, 81 Logan Williams, 16 Little Richard, 87 Roy Horn, 75 Kelly Preston, 57 Peter Green, 73 Zindzi Mandela, 59 John Saxon, 83 Earl Cameron, 102 Mary Pat Gleason, 70 Gregory Tyree Boyce, 30 Jerry Stiller, 92 Fred Willard, 86 Max von Sydow, 90 Danny Tidwell, 35 B Smith, 70 Betty Wright, 66 Lynn Cohen, 86 John Lewis, 80 Ashley Ross, 34 Chris Trousdale, 34 Reckful, 31 Vera Lynn, 103 Olivia de Havilland, 104 Gene Deitch, 95 Regis Philbin, 88 Miura Hamura, 30 Emman Nimedez, 21 Bill Withers, 81 Nick Cordero, 41 Lloyd Cadena, 26 FBG Duck, 26 Jean Marc Bonfils, 57 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87 Sean Connery, 90 Kastiop, 22 Mo3, 28 Talking Kitty Cat (Steve Cash), 40 Kirby Morrow, 47 David Prowse, 85 King Von, 26 Doug Supernaw, 60 Nikki McKibbin, 42 Elsa Raven, 91 Eddie Hassell, 30 Rhonda Fleming, 97 Anthony Chisholm, 77 Diego Maradona, 60 and many more... May their souls Rest In Peace.

    5. elzė petrauskaitė

      Nice music 😙

    6. j.N.P roblox

      Why am I 5 years late ?

    7. Maja Ostrowska

      I love you Ariana!!!! ❤️

    8. Keanu Molina

      Me listening 11/30/2020 because this song will forever hit.

    9. Shadervenom ._.

      This has 330m views and i haven't found it since last 6 month🙃

    10. Reina

      My favorite song !

    11. Ree Swift


    12. WowzersTV

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    13. erich hementera


    14. Yami

      I don't know about you but I love this song, it's not beautiful as the artist, I'm a fan of her songs and hers💎

    15. Ana Claudia

      O vídeo de lyrics tem mais visualizações do que o próprio clipe o quê é isso hem é isso aí Ari arrebenta

    16. I'm just a dad


    17. stayedclassey

      one more time

    18. dunjaa


    19. dunjaa

      My queen

    20. Sheniqua Lawrence

      who still here in 2020 listening to this 🗣 drop a like if u still here and if your a real fan 😌❤🤪😊

    21. JC EDITZ

      I remember we have this lyric video in our computer playing this when I was a kid and screaming the lyrics.... Ah yes.....the good childhood memories.....

    22. Emma Shinwari

      I like this song so much

    23. Billie NotFound

      I always miss my ex when i listening to this song. Cause she once sang this song to me. ( Sorry for bad English, i'll learn harder)

      1. Aalaa Aalee

        I hope you are a stronger person now .good luck

    24. compt aesthetic

      Qui ecoute encore cette musique en 2020 perso 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🤚🤚

    25. Happiness Has to Come To An End

      One last time~~~~ 😭

    26. Allana Santos

      Amo demais essa música 🇧🇷❤🎶

    27. justyne gaudet

      My friends said i kinda sound like Ariana when I sing. They also said I look like her when my hair is in a ponytail. So whenever I wear a ponytail they always come up to me saying..... CAN I GET YOU AUTOGRAGH ARIANA!?!? IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! it does get annoying........ I have to tell them to SHUT UP if I want them to stop and that I look nothing like her..... What was the point of this comment again? sorry for wasting your time... ima leave now....

      1. justyne gaudet

        @Jacky mocha bear sorry but I don't do videos.... because I don't like revealing my identity to the internet...sorry....

      2. Jacky mocha bear

        can u make a vid of u singing to make sure u ain't lying

    28. sky nina

      That beautiful night, this song, you my angel and you forever and miss you always

    29. Ronan Morgan


    30. Deep3nd LN

      Anyone else here in 7042? The robots are getting annoying 🙄

    31. Ronan Morgan

      Rest In Peace to Everyone who died in the manchester Bombing 😭💔

    32. milk before cereal

      This song is so catchy and beautiful

    33. Dario Amaya


    34. Paulina Bogdał

      My obsession with this song is astronomical!❤

    35. Lola Dent

      Flip this rubbish song

    36. OLA UwU

    37. Just Me

      Woah this comment section is ✨Fresh✨

    38. Anissia Karina Trusca


    39. Lancits


    40. Megan Crispina

      I love you

    41. Its_Kawaii Pink

      this is how many people watching in 2020 aka qurantine >.

    42. Michelle Galvin

      Fav song love it

    43. Katsuki Bakugo

      RIP to those in the manchester attack... I was sadly a victim but thankfully didnt die..

    44. Its Ruby

      I love Arianas lyric videos - they're always unique

    45. caren Khoko

      Wow i love this song my favourite part is the one that says one last time i need to be the one who takes u home this song is a hint

    46. Vida FM

      I’m your biggest fans I’m crying

    47. Keyboard Kween

      I still hear, "Baby I don't care if you got hurt in your hallway". 😕😶

    48. stavros chondromatidis

      ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ▼・ᴥ・▼(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿

    49. stavros chondromatidis

      My favorite song with Ariana one last time My favorite song with Ava Max psycho My favorite song with Dua lipa don't star now My favorite song with Taylor Swift shake it off

    50. Seokjinnie Wifeu

      Yuh- my ex boyfriend used this song to make me forgive him... I miss him- ;-;

    51. Terry Nason

      This song remind me of my friends that died in the USA and the car accident and the fires in Los Angeles


      E encanta tu música Saludos desde Méjico dios los vendiga

    53. Melody Seddon

      I love all of the songs so so so soo very much what a talented girl you are, good job keep making more songs for us and maybe some of them can be clean or my mum will get mad at me lol haha Thank you so much for expiring me and everyone with your songs

    54. Snowy Ari


    55. Snowy Ari

      Yasss 😍❤️

    56. Pamela Mendoza


    57. Victoria Solano

      Love you Ariana grande the best

    58. Victoria Solano

      1 bored in the house 2 listening 3 love this song 4 loveing it

    59. Victoria Solano

      I am in love with this song

    60. Amanda Meita

      I hear this song for the first time its in Growtopia... I miss that day...

    61. Albanu Aron

      Best song ever😭😭

    62. Natalia Nunez

      This HUfast channel is fake But the songs are actually from Ariana

      1. Princxssly

        @Natalia Nunez Oh, but maybe its her channel, but the person who controls it is her assistant or something? I dont know you know best :)

      2. Natalia Nunez

        Vsco Vibes ariana is too busy to make these vids

      3. Princxssly

        How you know that?

    63. ary Bear

      This is how many people have listened to this song on repeat ⬇️

      1. stupid foot

        its becuz im reading a royalty wattpad story and this song suits it a lot

      2. Hello owo

        I listened to this song about 30 times

      3. Farhana Paresai


      4. Flex4249

        this should have more likes...

      5. Melody Seddon

        I have listened to it way way more

    64. jomar saman


    65. Amany Waddah

      I love you arina granday

    66. Нурайша Пилтан

      It' 2020 and this song still my favorite😻

    67. Thingo Makhathini

      The day I feel inlove with Grande❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

    68. Firdaus

      People watching: -in bed -not in full screen -reading the comments

      1. Gouri Parvathy

        Crct me

      2. Pożeracz Ciastek

        Yeah, comments

      3. Camila Zuniga

        Omg how do you know

      4. emily’s vlogs

        @Atlas Slytherin same im in the car with my airpods!!

      5. •BlushBlush_Berry •


    69. Gamerz on the go

      Lyrics: On The Screen

    70. The Lexi Show

      Stop putting words in my mouth JARETT!

    71. Bruno Martins

      e isso aí porra arrebenta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    72. Everything JoMicha

      My favorite song

    73. Maryam Loved

      My favorite song

    74. Sam Richards

      One time I was singing this all night and my mom was all pissed off because it was the middle of the night

    75. Kashvi Tyagi

      Yuh, I'm just vibin here in 2020 listening to this

    76. 02iDxny

      AAA que diosa

    77. Paty Morales

      I LOVE

    78. nathan henson

      Hi omg I'm your biggest fan I will give you my number


      Even today I listen to this song It's a great song It remains the same even after many years

    80. Iucy Njiriri

      Oh my ilove this song

    81. Dastine Jariz Romero

      I remember 7 years old me listening to this over and over again, one last time is the song that i will never get tired of

    82. Jana Iris

      This song broke my heart!

    83. Stephanie Guspid

      anyone listening this until now 2020???

    84. Gacha•fluffy Bear

      why is this song so good?

    85. Victoria Criollo

      this only reminds me manchester disaster, rest in peace, angel arianators

      1. David Hendry Davidson

        may they rest in peace, angels

      2. starhatearrow _

        yess (

    86. Lily AguilarñlñhhhvxZxj lo

      Ariana Grande. I love you I'm going to give a like all your favorite song

    87. Grayson Plays

      She is so good at singing I wish I had a voice like hers she sounds like an angle when she sings she the best singer ever

      1. milk before cereal

        @Khloe Co right angle

      2. Khloe Co

        @Hi i luv u lol

      3. Hi i luv u

        @Khloe Co reflex? Revolution?

      4. Khloe Co

        what kind of angle? like an acute angle or obtuse?

    88. Luciana Tovar

      yes is my favorite singer of the world

    89. kktmba1

      she has freakin 44.9 m subscribers!

    90. Roberto Adamov

      One of Ari's Bests Masterpieces🥺❤, Have a good day❣

    91. Nicole Soria

      I love your music im s fan of you

    92. Fede bs

      My favorite song❤😅

    93. Eva and Zenovia Productions

      This was my fav song when I was little

    94. Eva and Zenovia Productions

      I remember when this came out

    95. Eliton

      I love "One Last Time"❤❤❤❤

    96. Naseem Hameed

      Its my favourite song