Ariana Grande Full Performance 2020 GRAMMYs

Jack Frost

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    Ariana Grande slays the 2020 #GRAMMYs with a medley of “imagine”, “My Favorite Things”, “7 rings”, and “thank u, next”.

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    1. Potaitoo Army

      I have never seen such a happy orchestra 😌

    2. Stream 'Life Goes On'

      Why was she trying not to cry?

    3. Margaret Bangtan

      No matter if she didn't win any award.... She'll always be no. 1

    4. Nabiha Nasar

      c'mon after all poor Ariana has been through, I think she deserves to win atleast something.

    5. Semi Wohlgemuth

      Imagine just hits so different 🥺

    6. Ellie.hxneyzz

      I swear this grammy was the worst Ariana didn't even win a single trophy she deserved one she's amazing

    7. Zylone Mitakda

      Gilaa gua merinding pen nangis


      desculpa mais ela que verdadeiramente tinha q ganhar best album. N quero diminuir ngm, todas 2 talentosas pra crlhu

    9. rg 02

      Mariah and Ariana sing their ass off... and grammys robbed them.. 😕1996 and 2020 cases arw literally the same..

    10. Hani Maisarah Ishak

      Look I respect billie but cmon.... give SOME to Ari



      Awesome 😎

    13. Devanshi Bhattacharya

      We love Ariana Grande she doesn't need to win a award for us to love her by the way Billie is also a very very nice singer it's great that she received the award

    14. zwekkq


    15. Curlyhead Khloe

      I LOVE HER

    16. Jerrica Grover

      Ariana REALLY loved Mac.

    17. Nikko mudbazar

      Grammy be like Normal voice: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Ariana Grande 🏆 THE F GRAMMY!

    18. Army Bangtam

      Mac had a tattoo written Imagine. R.P.I

    19. Aphollo Monrose

      When you perform at Grammy's and didn't win an award 🙄 What a shame 😒

    20. sanuthi usara

      she is the best 🎆🎉😊

    21. Xiomara Alva

      honestly I still surpassed and will not surpass this great presentation ❤😍

    22. loretta jackson

      ,, 🤠, 🤓, 💗, 💲, THESE, ARE, 💯 , A , FEW, OF My, 🍒 , FAVORITE, THiNG'S , SWEET 🤩, SMiLES, 🍃🍁

    23. Loretta Jackson

      ,, 🤠, 🤓, 💗, 💲, THESE, ARE 💯 , A, FEW ,; OF My , 🍒 FAVORITE 👄, THiNG'S , SWEET 😘, SMiLes, 🍃🍁

    24. zoe

      ari was trying so hard not to cry while singing imagine and she still killed it :( she's so strong

    25. DaveHH lmao

      She didn't need Grammy but Grammy needed her

    26. Santiago Amaro Escandon

      I love ariana and i love his songs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i love her :)

    27. XxGolden_GoddessxX

      IK yall are mad she didn't win but hey billie did and she said Ariana should have won that and I actually find pthat heart warming

    28. Utkan Ceylan

      We all should accept that this one was one of her bests and the fact that she didnt get the grammy...unbelieveable

    29. francia valencia

      So cutee

    30. Sreynich Soin

      So beautiful girl I love you Frome Cambodia 🇰🇭

    31. Terracota Says

      0:41 y’all who’s hating her, can you hear that kind of break in her voice? Obviously she is not out of breath, it’s just that she is containing her tears and trying to not cry! Why are a lot of haters saying she is out of breath ?? I mean if your ex dies and everyone tell you it’s your fault + if there’s a bomb attack in one of your concerts GIRL! That’s not enough ? Do you all know that imagine reminds she to Mac Miller? 💔💔

      1. Terracota Says

        And in thank u next you can see in her face all her sadness too...

    32. Keareree Solomon

      Is it weird that I didn’t notice they were all guys and trans I love it 🏳️‍🌈💗

    33. Clyde Jon official

      The end is shes breathing hard thats why she didnt win but atleast she tried i love her, and also whos watching here at nov?😍

    34. Guilherme Hiago

      A patroa faz tudo neah

    35. pooja sharma

      Don't worry yo want you getting 🤍🤍🤍🤍💜💜🗽

    36. Kimchi Plays

      Imagine IS THE TOP

    37. Diva

      Her vocals are amazing as always even when she's out of breath and her voice and performarnce is beautiful and her outfits are always perfection. The most beautiful singer in game!

    38. Eloá Trindade

      So no one gonna talk about she doing a split

    39. Nobody

      Performancer, singer, model, angel. What else? 💛✨

    40. Kritika Dehariya

      But seriously 2020 Grammy was trash 🙄🙄

    41. Kyle Jones

      Her parents must be so proud😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    42. Kyle Jones


    43. B.S Vishal

      wth who is that guy acting like a girl?

    44. Tahlika Hiki

      Ariana I feel you when you try to hold those tears I some times do that

    45. Marleth Noruega

      Grammys don't deserve her 💀

    46. anyang tee

      if i had ariana voices i will never stop singing

    47. Queen Ari

      Diva with her perfect vocals ended Billie even live lmao

    48. Christian Dave Pagdanganan

      Im crying rn bc she didnt win like anything argh poor ari😭😥

    49. cherrybomb

      They beeped out the first time she sang “bitch” but not the second time 😂



    51. Monica Zarate

      Just realized Ariana is not that young anymore, she grew right in front of our eyes 👀

    52. Se Lma

      Legendary !🌌

    53. Angelynn Uentillie

      monster factory

    54. LoVeL

      Damn I feel so old but it's not even a year old 😳👍

    55. Ariana Rahman

      she's way to advanced for the Grammys.... ily ari stay strong ❤️

    56. vanisaklani

      Stan ariana. Stan talent.

    57. s3xynuggets s


    58. Swetlana Terence

      It doesn't matter whether she wins or not for an award..she won our hearts..she is such a legend..Queen Ari👑❣

    59. Katharina Bachmann

      this was so dope, the way she sang the beginning of 7 rings and then the little beat dropped omggg

    60. San Eliyane

      Grammy: Perfect perfect you're too good to be true

    61. ta v

      1na ardilla jajaja

    62. Ariana Billie

      Aww Ariana so sweet she change the lyric from I'll be thank to my dad cause he grow from drama to I'll be thank to my dad cause he really so awesome.

    63. Raisa Zaman

      Does the audio cut out at certain parts for anyone else or is it just me?

    64. g Kim

      She is so stunningg and who cares if billie won it, Ari doesnt need fucking grammies shes already more successful Most streamed, followed, billboard hots and sm more

    65. Anna Luiza costa

      sempre muito maravilhosa

    66. iNeedAglobal ShookyToo!!

      In the words of Billie eilish , 'Thank u , next ' deserved Album of the year , so Grammys 2020 is a Big FAT NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!

    67. Pizza Fries

      She literally deserve the AOTY for tun. So sad she lose. Billie deserve it though.

    68. Antoi Kirs

      Only have one hairstyle a pony tail

    69. Maya Campos

      so I recently found out about this, ariana was very emotional about singing imagine at this event because her and mac used to joke about the grammy’s. they both thought that they would win one together in the same year, but if not that it wouldn’t mean anything because all they cared about was what they thought about each other🥺 ps this song is about him 😞

    70. Clara GraPa

      Su voz es maravillosa!

    71. Drama Llama

      Ari didn’t even win a Grammy she worked so hard and did u notice cardi bs face she was lik 🙄

    72. Kera Rosiey

      Shes sooooo gooood

    73. george -

      pre-corona 🥺🥺

    74. Diego olivares


    75. Draco Lucius Malfoy

      This should be an oscar performance🤩

    76. Hollywood Love

      Grammy is just only a award! But she, she is ARIANA GRANDE!!!

    77. Luisito Hernández

      she is amazing

    78. Ruben Vegas


    79. Gloria *

      Who's here after the positions album

    80. liberando contas

      o colar que ela está usando está no clipe positions

    81. Leyneleen Teodoro

      Are we not going to talk about that highlighter? 🤣🤣

    82. Rebecca Ramirez

      I can’t keep watching this video 😭

    83. Jessica Rabbit

      I was just watching Ariana and I was thinking of Jack Frost at the same time then o saw the profile pic

    84. Luzviminda Dela Cruz


    85. Mónica

      She did THAT 😌💅

    86. Rafael Bravo

      she really deserves all the claps in this world

    87. jd chy

      stop giving ari shit for holding back her tears she did a stellar job yall would cry too if the most successful & personal album of your career got ROBBED at the scammys

    88. R De Castro

      well positions (album) live with an orchestra, sh*t.

    89. Rbrtsn Cmpsn

      Ohmy 😔💓

    90. Lala Gomez

      See all the things that happened this year because Ariana didn’t win anything? Next Grammys she will win and it will be a better year fr

    91. Leoné Talks Too Much

      Okay I almost cried at Imagine Also Ari singing the original Favourite Things sounds amazing

    92. rut ro remma


    93. Taekookismybiass

      No respect- she didn’t get an award even tho she worked so hard and clearly deserved it. Wether you like her or hate her that fact that she should’ve won at least 1 is undeniable.

    94. Eva Stood

      1:20 oh I enjoy that🎼🎻💗

    95. Chris Morales

      Ariana deserves the awards more we all know how thank u next album bop. And lately the BbMA what's wrong with them. Are they all sleeping on Ariana? Or billie's music made them sleep on her?? I hope it will not happen ever again on AMA.

    96. João Paulo

      Uma das melhores apresentações da Ariana 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    97. sancheedo

      so soft, so fine, so sweet

    98. Nabiha Nasar

      She was about to cry, but I thought she had no tears left to cry. Oh wait she's crying cuz Malcom was an angel.

    99. Melek Kurban

      3:26 the girls hand I swear it annoyed me so hard but like in another way

    100. Ari

      her voice itself is *standing ovation*