Assassin's Creed - ALL Cinematic CGI Trailers (2007-2020)


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    Here's a compilation I made of all Assassin's Creed cinematic trailers that we've seen so far. This video was inspired by the new AC Valhalla trailer, because it looks amazing as always. So I wanted to make this, to show some appreciation for these incredible CGI trailers, that we have always been getting for Assassin's Creed.
    Which trailer is your favorite? Comment down below!

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    1. PGX

      For everybody saying that I forgot Assassin's Creed Odyssey or any other DLCs (or Liberation), they didn't get a CGI trailer. That's why I didn't include them. Edit: Also for everybody saying that I forgot Rogue, it's AFTER Unity in the video. I don't know why everybody thinks it should be before, as the games were released on the same day and the AC timeline isn't in chronological order anyway. Nevertheless, I can't change it now. Also some people still don't understand what CGI trailers are. I even put it in the title now, so there's not much else I can do...

      1. thanuka ruwin

        44444444444444 4444, new 45

      2. Paul Trenholme

        Rogue follows on from Black Flag and leads into Unity, so it would have made more sense to put Rogue first.

      3. Joe

        kind of weird because Odyssey was the best one....

      4. Giovanna Vocale

        You're right

      5. Ashutosh Tripathy

        For me the Assassin's creed 3's trailer is the best

    2. SynetraX

      AC 3, origins and valhalla the most badass trailers! 😍😂

    3. Alejandro Pérez

      19:20 storytelling at its best

    4. Rith Wolf

      I'm so glad that the Odyssey trailer ain't even here!😂 1👍+ for you my friend!

    5. Tranaee

      where tf is odyssey

    6. Sergio algz

      Revelations amazing

    7. els 1386

      Unity trailer is best

    8. Mustafa Furkann Topaloğlu

      where ac odyseey

    9. Bahaa Haliko

      yeah, its a bummer, the only thing i can practically wish for is that the next game will actually have an assassin as a main character and a better location then England, im done playing gladiator/viking simulators, i bought Valhalla thinking Eivor was going to become an assassin at the end and i feel somewhat tricked and robbed, so im not personally buying the next game without 100% confirmation that the protagonist will be an assassin

    10. Ayush chatterjee

      I like Valhalla the most bcs its nostalgia

    11. Rock Lee

      Where is Assassins creed Odyssey?!

    12. Milan Bhattarai

      Oddesy was a scam

    13. A L FI S Y A R

      To me Black Flag, Rogue, Unity and Syndicate are my favourites.

    14. Esad Akay

      the best assasin its ezio

    15. HUSSEIN

      I can't believe i watched 50 minutes HUfast video without skipping 😳

    16. Istvan Fodor

      1:04 Altair would give the NBA the smoke with that vert. Also 13:02 looks like a damn MK fatality. Connor Is a beast

    17. David Ullrich

      if ubi would only paid such an attention to the actual games, as they do to the marketing

    18. aditya shyam


      1. Simix9810

        Read the bloody pinned comment

    19. Yeet XD

      Instead of focusing on individual arcs/stories, Ubisoft is just building the Universe the world is in. I get the idea but maybe if they made a great narrative it will revitalize the franchise cuz super-powered greek or viking just ain't it rn. I just want to be invested in the characters that adhere to the creed.

    20. Yeet XD

      Whoever invented Assassin's Creed. You are a legend.

    21. Hamato Jade

      The first one probably was the trailer that inspired me the most in all my gaming live

    22. Zachery James

      AC 4 reigns supreme

    23. Rrows

      Say whatever you want about Valhalla, but at least they didn't lie with a fake title or trailer and they gave what the majority of the fan base wanted, How it all started (Well a part of how it all started lol)

    24. Magnet ism

      Ac revelations why is there a john wick

    25. Magnet ism

      The other trailers looks almosf like real life awesome dude unity is the best parkour there

    26. grofgroff

      Love this moment 40:12 it just goes so well..

    27. Nic

      shouldve used acr e3 trailer with ezio's speech

    28. Yasindu Nawanjana

      Assassin's creed ODYSSEY

      1. Simix9810

        What about it

    29. Gaurav Saini

      Black Flag and organs

    30. Kevin Zefi

      Why they even make games? With talent like this, why not just make cgi movies?

    31. Hayden Gordon

      I still believe Assassin Creed Valhalla has the best intro

    32. احمد فراج

    33. General Vic

      I just realized probably because I have never played Assassin creed game they like to kill Templars

    34. 亗『MR๛OP』亗

      When the game is good as the trailer.....

    35. André Sacramento


      1. Simix9810

        Read the pinned comment

    36. Brian Grenke

      I don't care who you are this is awesome

    37. Freezyp0tato Wee

      You forgot ac odyseey

      1. Freezyp0tato Wee

        @Simix9810 ok

      2. Simix9810

        No AC Odyseey does not have a CGI trailer

    38. - ONTAS-

      no matter which is the best cinematic, we must admit that Ubisoft excels with them

    39. FederalLamp 4357

      te falto el de assassins creed rogue

    40. Niko Kovalev

      jesus fuck I feel this

    41. Astroth

      Assassin's creed saga made me eager to learn more about world's history

    42. Zyreh

      where's the odyssey?

      1. Simix9810

        Does not have a cgi trailer

    43. Twisted Cogitamentum

      0:01 man I miss the old Ubisoft intros and sound, so nostalgic

    44. Jacob Hardy

      Am I the only one that hears tobuscus's songs when watching some of these

    45. Saad AL Sajid Pial

      wth just happend on ac rouge!!!!!!!! is that Altair?

    46. Bearded Bear

      Früher waren die Spiele so fesselnd, man konnte nicht aufhören zu spielen. Man wollte wissen, wie es weiter geht. Seit Bayek, der noch okay war, hat danach keiner mehr mich abgeholt. Keins der Spiele danach hab ich mehr als 10 Stunden gespielt, bevor ich vor Langeweile aufgegeben habe. Sammeln, Leveln, sammeln, Level und Bugs. Wo ist der Grundgedanke von AC hin? Klettern, schleichen, töten, befreien, für Freiheit kämpfen, geschichtliche fesselnde Hintergründe, einen Geschichtlichen Teil unserer Vergangenheit mit erleben. Alles verloren gegangen. Im neuen Teil spielt man einen Vikinger, keinen Assasine. Solche Spiele passen einfach nicht zum Grundgedanken des Spiels. Auch wenn ich Vikinger gut finde, es gehört einfach nicht zu AC, wenn man anstatt zu schleichen lieber einen Krieg per Horn ausruft und mit 62727822 Menschen alles überrennt. Der Trailer vom neuen Teil war mega, aber ich erkenne kein AC mehr im Spiel. So schade.

    47. Pog Chaps


    48. Fasci

      Where is the odssey ?

      1. David Rivette

        No cgi trailers

    49. _ n8ghtmares _

      what about assassin's creed odyssey?

    50. ghost all avina

      In brotherhood how did the people in the circle die?

      1. ghost all avina

        @David Rivette oh ok thx

      2. David Rivette

        Arrow storm

    51. Johnson Squidson

      They should make a assassins creed game In Columbia with Pablo Escobar

    52. Chosen

      props to the camera man for time travelling to film this

    53. Bhuvi

      46:31 Who is that Guy? 😎🔥

    54. RadolfC7

      Why r none of ac Syndicate's trailers focused on Evie?

    55. babai sadhukhan

      Where is odyssey video 😡😡😡

      1. j'adore l'argent

        No CGI trailer

    56. Zurakto Bambuzi

      Hello, i know its not connected to the video, but i am really in need of help So i got my ac valhalla but i didnt buy it, so its not specifically online, just.offline playing, but i just recently learned that you have to be online for some missions, like viking hire, so please if anybody knows how to fix this, or knows if this mission is essential, please i would appreciate help

    57. GLX Metheore

      and odysse???

    58. bruh moment

      If we had a assassins creed based in Japan that would be cool. stealth was in a ninja way

    59. alldoben10 playz

      Name : Assassins creed Story: About vikings Fans: *Visible confusion*

    60. Edward animz

      Weird my name is Edward.......... Huh

    61. Baby Ruth Clave

      The guy in AC 2 looks like Jack Black. 😅

    62. Edward animz


    63. Dante Bravado

      Ac unity first cinematic trailer is one of my favorites of all time

    64. Ronin

      The Rouge trailer is cool and all but they got the rifle wrong. In the trailer is an actual rifle but in the game it’s just an air rifle on capable of shooting darts and such. Just found that weird

    65. XTronixX

      Solo he jugado el rogué y el Valhalla :"(

    66. hızlı oyuncu gs

      Where is odsisays

    67. Emanuel Moura Monteiro

      43:54 Assassin's Cread Valhalla

    68. Murathan Akyıldız

      8:27 the best

    69. Ethan Mark Garcia

      8:03 just 5 assassins standing there already gives me goosebumps

    70. Freedom Megido


    71. Michelle Hance

      Wait what happened to Odyssey???

    72. Dan the god and Ferry

      1:47 You can see altïar walking on the left

    73. Young Gunn

      When the assassins creed gameplay better than the trailer

    74. Rahim Sai

      Nember 1 black flag Nember 2 assassin's creed 3 Nember 3 assassin's creed 1

    75. Plow Koon

      Bruh imagine having a literal god especially if it is Odin on your side

    76. Anthony P

      Altaiir, Enzo, Conner, Edward, and Arno are easily the top 5 assassins all time.

    77. Hyper Capsule

      6:26 he looks like the villain from shrek

    78. Jeepi

      Nobody Ubisoft have serious problem with British

    79. Domonkos Kozma

      21:12 when someone see my leg on the wc at Maths

    80. Domonkos Kozma

      I don't playd with the rouge yet but I don'tthink I will like it.Like killing asassins?

    81. UltraZak 24

      Dude what’s with the annoying music !!!

    82. save the paling

      im glad you didnt include odyssey, honestly its just an insult to the franchise.

    83. poo poo pee water

      This was the best 47 minutes and 42 seconds of my life


      Las mujeres se valoran se respetan 😪😪

    85. SleepLess

      Ezio is just another level long with Altair

    86. RRINN

      Rogue's underrated. It's the most controversial and philosophical in the franchise

    87. Haekal Zidane

      If connor duel with shay, who will win?

    88. NovaKaine 77

      Reply your fav assassins creed

    89. Omar

      Every assassin: stealth is the key Kenways: AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    90. juicewar3

      Personally I think ac3 had the best, Connor is just so goddamn cool

    91. Yunus Şahin

      where s odyssey ????*

    92. MTS89

      AC has one of the best Cinematic CGI Trailers in the business, The Witcher came close

    93. vikrant chaudhari

      🤔Ac Odyssey?

    94. JustA Dad

      Can't believe Kassandra didn't get a CGI movie. I mean, seriously, what a missed opportunity.

    95. XRAY


    96. Inferno Flame

      When I first saw the AC3 trailer, my jaw dropped.


      Requiescat in pace Ezio Auditore de Firenze

    98. Jee Ku

      Why did people not like syndicate?????? I loved that game so damn much including Jack the Ripper DLC.

    99. MW Videos

      AC Odyssey? No CG?