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    I was listening to the ocean
    I saw a face in the sand
    But when I picked it up
    Then it vanished away from my hands, down
    I had a dream I was seven
    Climbing my way in a tree
    I saw a piece of heaven
    Waiting, impatient, for me, down
    And I was running far away
    Would I run off the world someday?
    Nobody knows, nobody knows
    I was dancing in the rain
    I felt alive and I can't complain
    But now take me home
    Take me home where I belong
    I can't take it anymore
    I was painting a picture
    The picture was a painting of you
    And for a moment I thought you were here
    But then again, it wasn't true, down
    And all this time I have been lying
    Oh, lying in secret to myself
    I've been putting sorrow on the farthest place on my shelf
    And I was running far away
    Would I run off the world someday?…
    #AURORA #Runaway #TikTok

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    1. Hari

      🏠 HOGWARTS.....

    2. Stella Muller


    3. Brew Chanel

      Ke sini gara2 tiktok


      Very calming!

    5. Studies - Isah

      Brasileiros por aq? (Curte o comentário caso vc seja do Brasil)

    6. Fabio Cortes

      Ist very very beutiful

    7. Prem Baidya

      This song touch my heart again...just awesome song❤️❤️❤️

    8. NAMY Racing

      2021 😍😍😍

    9. Prem Baidya

      Tik tok not recognise this song...skip this song

    10. Prem Baidya

      After 6th year❤️

    11. vipin ravi

      Anyone after watching reels..

    12. t0m cs

      Who came from tik tok?

    13. M.Abdillah fahreza _

      I think sia is singing this song

    14. Avinash Reddy

      Fact : Aurora never disappoint us ❤️ Runaway is getting popular now ..... She deserves the all 🖤

    15. Whitney the wolf

      What amazing song after 6 years

    16. Nimsara Abhilash Gunawardhana

      Aftet 6 YEARS 🤯🥰❤️

    17. kurdish kurdistane

      كوردي تيايه 😀

    18. Luis tiktok international

      Nadie con comentario español 😪

    19. Ambi en New York

      who wold not like this song

    20. Kratos & Klaus

      This song is cooler than the other side of pillow

    21. Abhiram S

      Pala G ❤️

    22. solanki prashsvi

      heart touching beat and lyrics 💕

    23. Trickster Rajat

      mujhe to lga tha ye gana isi saal aya he😝

    24. Hacer Gök


    25. Anshad Sidheek

      Who is here after pala shaji sir (runway song) 😄😄

    26. Min ji

      Never thought there was an actual music video Love it 🔥🔥❤

    27. Aurora

      After 6 years ❤️

    28. Cayden Henriquez

      I love it

    29. Cayden Henriquez

      Why is she so pretty

    30. Achintha

      තව තිබුනත් අහන්න පුලුවන්❤️

    31. ps4 Kisting

      Yo this is so good

    32. Gandhari Vamshi

      How many from Tik Tok.....✋

    33. vincy fernandes

      How many of yall came in search of this song after watching instagram reels on this song

    34. आतंकवादी

      Guy's Just Fell The Song !

    35. Zakia 8-A

      Everyone searching this song after hearing in instagram reels filter

    36. Yasmine Geovana

      to aqui pelo TikTok ksks

    37. Runa



      Instagram bugs welcome😂😂😂😂

    39. Brenda Sancho

      Que mulher maravilhosa, que voz perfeita. Conheci as músicas da Aurora graças a uma música do Kamaitachi .

    40. Raja Davinsi roblox meme

      I like it I'm froom indonesia cool song your song so fantastic end cool I support you❤️I like your song

    41. Vikas Gaonkar

      A come hear after watching Whataap status and you??????

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    43. Basili Br

      Omg, Perfect 🛐🛐🛐💜💜💜

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    45. tania isabel velasco velasco

      COMO QUE 6 AÑOS :0

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    47. Game Turbo

      പാലാ ഷാജി അണ്ണന്റെ video കണ്ട് വന്നവർ ഉണ്ടോ

    48. Bilqis Nava

      she have a unic face.., her face like a fairy face..

    49. Brenno Nery


    50. Priyanshi sahu

      This literally made me cry

    51. Sanket Singh

      Wait a damn minute. This masterpiece was recognised after 6 years?!

    52. Marly Inez de Souza

      Nussa zé q fodaaaaa

    53. Kaito / Kleyton Ferreira

      How have I never heard this beautiful song in the past 6 years?

    54. Matheesha

      Woooww...i love this....this deserves way more!

      1. Nitya Aggarwal


    55. Yasu

      **TWERKING OVER 9000**

    56. 137k views

      After getting viral they also tagged #tiktok

    57. Jonathan Rava

      i’m literally in loop with this song

    58. Darshan Yadav

      She had a dream at 7 Wrote all those dream at 11 And She sang at 19 she is Danm Incredible....

    59. Yubal Ghale

      Still best for2021 😘😊😘😌

    60. Finley Smith

      Omg she is such a great singer and she is gorgeous i love her she is amazing she is beautiful

    61. Kyaw Min Naing

      6 years ago? Now, everyone make music like this

    62. GW NIK 999

      The last viewer

      1. Hi Hello


    63. Shrutika mande

      Whenever i listen to this masterpiece unknowlingly my eyes goes moist !

    64. Dhananjay Chandra

      her hhhhhhhhhhhein is mesmerizing

    65. SPD々PAPA Gaming

      Beautiful voice 💗

    66. baz5891

      Finally found my favourite song 🎵 😍 💕

    67. Fionn Wright

      @iqra Says the only good thing about tiktok is how many underrated songs get recognized, LIST THESEEEEEEEE SONGGGSSSS:

    68. azra

      So good music thank you aurora

    69. blackred art

      Actually I come here everyday literally addicted to this song Beautiful song 😃

    70. Badsha Fahad

      Not only you..also im listening this song in..may 8 2021


      I can't stop watching this 🥰😍

    72. Ayyoobrak Rak

      After 6 years ❤️

    73. Nicole Chipana Espinoza

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    74. Carlos Carrasco Diaz

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    76. Alfredo Roberto

      I love

    77. Sasta youtuber ka Sasta channelꪜ

      Addicted to this song.


      **comment section twerking starting chain**

    79. sumit Acharya



      6 years purana ab viral ho Raha hai India me 😂

    81. Kamla Verma

      Indian lovers😍😍😍

    82. jotaG

      Ayo six years ago she predicted tik tok 😮

      1. jotaG

        I know that she just changed xd

    83. Yiseli Estrada

      How old is Aurora 🤔

      1. FaLuSa 95

        2015 = 18 , and now 2021 = 24

    84. Cristy Landi

      Eta porra

    85. owais Ibrahim india

      Babu rao ki kutai 😂

    86. Akhil Dev

      Finally! More people got to know about Aurora and this song. Thanks to Reels/Tik Tok.

    87. Raketenponys

      After six years ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. minh tu nguyen

      Hay quá

    89. Nikhil walkers

      O mg what a voice

    90. Nikhil walkers

      O mg what a voice

    91. Karen Dasman Smith

      🤩 wow so magical I love you so much

    92. ashutosh kumar

      I came here to listen this after listening on reel ❤️

    93. Veteran Keyboard Warrior

      This video is gonna hit 1B+ views soon thanks to TikTok and Instagram reels.

    94. Shah Alam

      After 1 m

    95. aaron jazz banaag

      I would had sacrifice my self get eaten by a wolf From the snow...... Idk how to survive in a lost woods I would become a wolf fight other wolf aaaaoooooooooooooooooooo

    96. nunticha thatrahun


    97. Anonymous

      Elsa twerking🥶

    98. Maria Barbara