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    Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Back to the Future!
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    Back to the Future, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod as Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown is an absolute cinematic classic and regarded as one of the best movies of all time. It spawned two sequels, countless memes, and remains an incredibly popular film to this day.
    Back to the Future does raise some questions though. Like how is Doc Brown so lovable while also being so sketchy (animal testing, dealing with terrorists...) Why is this movie so focused on Marty’s mom trying to seduce him? Is this really a family movie? How did Doc and Marty even meet? Why did Doc flip-flop on his passionate speech about not learning things about the future? What happened to the Marty from the new timeline that “our” Marty replaces?!
    To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Back to the Future! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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    1. Adrian Puente

      You gots to do TRON and TRON LEGACY!! I love ‘em both, but that mannequin looking young Jeff Bridges needs to be discussed!

    2. LeKnight Studios

      Kim: Kanye is the best Kourtney: 0:28

    3. Raven78uk

      I clicked the thumbs up for number 54000!

    4. Coltious Tayloropitous

      Not to be that guy but he brought the photo back with him and the fact everybody's disappearing is proof that that exact photo wasn't taken in the future.

    5. Xchan 64

      If Back To The Future took place in the Hilda universe Marty Mcfly after returning to the present by the end of the first movie after having improved his parents lives he would have had another version of himself in that timeline and eventually be devoured by the time worm

    6. Caty Zocco


    7. 420 gaming yt

      In glad back to future is getting redone I loved those movies and in sad there wasnt a forth

    8. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

      Neat you gave "Larry" a name

    9. Jake Serb

      Love additional visuals which are TIGHT!

    10. Gaming Adventures

      Spaceman from Pluto was an actual thing the ceo of universal wanted to call it that

    11. Toc Rat

      OK when you put it THAT way...yah the movie does sound a wee bit absurd.

    12. LinguagemProfunda com Matheus Prado

      Now I see what Rick and Morty is actually coming from

    13. Anonymous Poster

      People of the internet.... Band together, and let them know... we DO NOT want a remake of BTTF!!!

    14. SwedMsu

      I would like the pitch meeting for: Blues Brothers

    15. towela m awesome

      Just waiting till I hear my favourite phrase "super easy barely an inconvenience"

    16. JL Media

      BTTF 3 is greatest movie of all time

    17. Lauren Conrad

      The scene that shocked me the most was when Biff tried to aggressively grope Lorraine in the packed cafeteria in plain view of a hundred students and at least one stern, no-nonsense teacher. And still no one stopped Biff?

    18. I M BuckdeSystem

      "The Tree Of Life" Over two hours of a kid in the fifties resenting his dad's house rules while his mom washes her feet with the garden hose a lot. But first it's a dinosaur movie!!!!!!!! And then it skips forward and the kid is an architect!!!!! Wow! What fun!!! Can we watch it again?

    19. Pogoboy156

      Luv this movie for beeing one of the best in my life. So Hands off from doing a remake. Maybe part IV, but only with Michael and Christopher and without spoiling the greatness for money. And by the way i like this pitch meeting from Ryan - it is great stuff.

    20. M J

      I would love to see a blooper reel of all the times Ryan has lost it laughing or messed up the lines.

    21. roger sykes

      nah this whole video is a reach, BTTF is gold

    22. Cody Laxton


    23. vikingboyt

      They’re remaking Back to the Future? I bet there’s two buttons in front over every producer in Hollywood. One that says “nostalgia” and one that says “superhero.”

    24. Matthew Gilmore


    25. D.M.S.

      That movie didn't age well...

    26. Sean Brogan

      Ya know what? This might be one of the few remakes i don't immediately hate. As long as they don't change stuff too much it's gonna be' fine. ROBERT Downey Jr as doc and im sold

    27. Suyash K.

      Rick and Marty

    28. Nathaniel Wildstone

      “He’s going to pretend to force himself on his own mother...” “im just going to go...I incest-insist!” I’m dead! 😂

    29. Akshay Murali Geetha

      Please do How I Met Your Mother

    30. Tipsy T

      Anyone here to see if John Mulany makes an appearance?

    31. camo monster


    32. bxzxb

      In real life Time travel to the past would. Mean time travel to the past in a different Timeline so his problem will not be existing but getting back to his timeline

    33. b b

      They had better not even TOUCH this trilogy for a remake. It's perfect the way it is, damnit. It's Michael J. Fox's best work. Goddddd and Tom Holland is so annoying noooooooooooo ( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)

    34. Blastoise Animations

      we need back to the future 2 pitch meeting

    35. Kevin Krawchuk

      Love these. Bad Boys Trilogy needs to be done!!

    36. Rodrigo Tello

      Ryan, I love your videos, my favorite HUfast videos these days. However, at the end of you video Producer Guy asks "so he's going to still be living there despite being successful?" referring to Marty's older brother. But I think in the movie it's mentioned that he goes to visit the parents to have breakfast with them actually. I might be wrong.

    37. M SeGall

      I'd like to see one of these for silence of the lambs

    38. CrustySchnozerWarlord

      Could you make a maze runner pitch meeting?

    39. Riceasaurus • 9 years ago

      John Mulaney did it first and with swear words (better) Edit: nevermind he addressed this at the end

    40. N Smith

      ryan george should be super proud of his videos!

    41. Gamer AL homsi

      Can you please make a pitch meeting about back to the future part 2 and back to the future part 3.

    42. Bishal Dasgupta

      To think John Mulaney's standup about Back to the future pitch meeting started it all😳

    43. puper man

      What's with these movies and rape

    44. orange cat

      Ooh! Watching all the Back To The Future movies in one night is TIGHT!

    45. Sara Anić

      Back to the Future is a perfect movie and a remake would be an insult.

    46. Aube Reitema

      The drunk himalayan modestly depend because save concordingly itch at a needy client. dear, erratic egypt

    47. Alyx Rose

      please do a pitch meeting for soul!!!!!!!!

    48. André Malerba


    49. Drace90

      We actually see in the movie what happens to alternate Marty. He goes into the Deloreon and travels back in time. And then original Marty takes his place. What I find interesting is that alternate Marty would have to appear in an alternate 1955, cuz otherwise he would encounter original Marty there.

    50. Nic Martin

      LMFAO, I love those movies... Great Points though!!!!

    51. spoonyg419

      John Mulaney peeps?!?!

    52. Mindfood

      'the day after tomrow' - more like, tomrow's tomrow

    53. Stacey J

      Hearing this makes me feel like Rick and Morty isn’t that far off from the original. 🧐🤔

    54. Tyler U

      if they remake it please do not let tom holland anywhere near it.

    55. jon GEE

      Back to the future is pretty solid of a name in hindsite

    56. natprincess123

      That’s amazing!! I didn’t know this was inspired by John mulaney’s bit😊

    57. Bret .Maverick

      Why are they still living in that house?

    58. Din bacon

      Idocracy please

    59. Kurt Everest

      I would love to see Cobra Kai, that would be great.

    60. Tim Portantno

      This would work even better with the original script for the movie, that was just dark and depressing and not at all a comedy

    61. C Hill

      I hope you do pitch meetings on part 2 and 3 now!!!!

    62. Sad Jeremy

      Fun fact Ryan’s main inspiration for the pitch meetings was John Mulaneys skit on back to the future

    63. Tinthia Clemant

      How about a Pitch Meeting for an old film? The Birds perhaps. Or, Stepford Wives. It’s not old but it was a fun movie.

    64. Devin Atkin

      Anxiously awaiting the second and third back the futures

    65. Joey Roqs

      The Marty McFly that lived his life in the alternate world at the end would be the Marty that we see jump into the DeLorean at the end, implying some sort of multiverse. So now that version of Marty is having his own adventure in the past, also maybe changing things that according to our main Marty are just normal... Kind of obvious... This was one of those Pitch meetings that didn’t really think about the “deep part...”

    66. שר הביטחון של אורי ורד

      Yeah but altough 0:29 i still love my son

    67. jp3813

      I always thought that Marty gave himself only 11 minutes b/c he didn't want to risk messing up the timeline any further than he has to.

    68. Scott Burris

      Omg I'm tight!

    69. M Harisankar

      Do Predestination pitch meeting

    70. bob rob

      ‘So what happens in the moooo-vey’ is so underrated

    71. Harding Prime

      His fathers gonna come in and beat him off... 😂🤣😂

    72. Christopher Fitzpatrick

      Napoleon Dynamite!

    73. theyetti90

      Dude, I do not want a remake.

    74. tmastersat

      There is no way they will remake this movie without gender swapping marty. Marty will be a black girl and doc will be flaming. Can we say flop

    75. Dr. Skip McWilliams

      Algorithm comment

    76. Phillip Fry

      2:39 - 2:49 "THE ARISTOCRATS!"

    77. NTFS Guy

      I'd like to see a pitch for Event Horizon.

    78. Game Walker

      Tom Holland was MADE FOR THIS! Excited!!!

    79. Blue Collar Men Productions

      Yup looked up “Spaceman From Pluto” an exec actually suggested that title....

    80. Blue Collar Men Productions

      I remember the second time I saw the movie and completely forgot about the terrorists

    81. The Perks of Being a Bookworm

      The Larry bit though! 😂

    82. MagikApothocary

      Pitch Meeting for "The Wizard" with Fred Savage: A Two-Hour Advertisement for the NES Power Glove OR Castaway: A Two-Hour Advertisement for FedEx

    83. David Stevens

      HUDSON HAWK. You should totally do HUDSON HAWK.

    84. Entity52

      It's not a pitch meeting if there is no "Barely an inconvenience"

    85. Ofentse Mwase Films

      Scott is Tight!

      1. N Smith

        @wheelspk fails SCOTT IS TIGHT

      2. wheelspk fails

        I have so many questions 🍪

    86. Orville Redenpiller

      “Hey all, Great Scott here.”

    87. Dennis Klinzing Sr.

      I laugh at all these guys videos in a good way

    88. Josh Webber

      Pitch meeting for full metal jacket

    89. Alex G

      BTTF is a perfect movie, there is no defect that you could... oh my god

    90. buckysentbycyberlife

      Ofcourse this amazing series was inspired by a john mulaney bit. That's why it's my humor

    91. Kawabxl

      :| the reboot part was just a bad joke i hope :|

    92. MrPropsy

      I think that the people that are speaking in the meeting is ryan george

    93. Hunkacheese

      woah this is heavy

    94. Oldmangames

      Thank god Tom Holland had the decency to decline a remake of a classic movie

    95. GameKeeper28

      This is why I prefer the sequels, 95% less incest.

    96. Cyrano Buckminster

      Scanners are tight!

    97. David Anderson

      Many critics and film buffs have said that Back to the Future is the closest thing to a perfect movie ever made. I'm inclined to agree, and not just because Michael J. Fox and I went to the same high school (alas, I graduated 2 years before he started, so I never met him).

    98. FartSay

      The irony is that Back to the Future is a classic... lol

    99. IQmates

      “Barely an inconvenience” challenge: 4:50

    100. Nelly Kangethe

      I really love the line:I incest,i insist.