Baited! Ep #10 - Leafy vs Keemstar (literally)


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    1. h3h3productions not happy

      45:12 and onward is pure comedy

    2. Pimpeaux

      This podcast is such a time capsule. This is what HUfast used to be like. I lived through it. People were talking about the ethics of a shady kid making "exposed" videos from his bedroom for "business" only four years ago. Nowadays, you need to be a Los Angeles millionare who tortures animals for 10 minutes straight before getting called into question.

    3. Raphical the Raph

      45:12 this whole part got me laughing so hard

    4. Trace

      leafy’s admission that he backstabbed keem for money kinda voids this entire episode’s point. still hilarious though

    5. Allusionsxp

      This was a different era

    6. BruhMomentHD R

      47:00 😳😳😳

    7. Ry o

      The pyro comment by leafy sounds a little off now

      1. theWhiteHatMagician


    8. Simplelife55 lol

      well... the pyro stuff aged like milk

    9. Aaron Rainge

      Every time Keemstar says "Friend" or Leafy says "Literally" take a drink. Then again, don't do that because you'll die from Alcohol poisoning.

    10. That Child


    11. Thegn Penrose

      6:40 oh god don’t make me sad again

    12. ComicSans_ MS

      The underage girl turned into an underaged boy.

      1. Ethan

        Aged nicely

    13. Utopian Structures


    14. EviLLivE Clan


    15. Musty

      Fucking despise leafy

      1. Musty

        BeastMaster69 thanks for just saying ok instead of starting something

      2. Musty

        Brady Hankins i like keem, but he has done snake things.

      3. Brady Hankins

        I'll admit leafy has done things and said stuff that I'm not pleased with. As for keemstar he has his few shares of controversy and things he said i wasnt a fan of

      4. BeastMaster69

        @Musty ok

      5. Musty

        As a content creator and a person

    16. Ann Claire Pahlavi

      Keem you are just a huge ass with no morals

    17. Ann Claire Pahlavi

      No Leafy wins. He’s not making fun of cancer patients

    18. Ann Claire Pahlavi


    19. Space Jam Joe

      Man I miss 2016

    20. yung bruh

      Lol it’s funny looking back after leafy admitted he did it just for the views 🤣

    21. assaf chen

      Its sp fucking funny that 4 years later leafy completely admits he did it all for money

    22. Romana

      this podcast is cancer

    23. bigd curiousme


    24. redrim redrim

      leafy is on weed

    25. Shacklesjpg

      1:09:00 "do you think there is a possibility you two will bury the hatchet" *4 years later* ...

    26. Vineet Y

      Its crazy how in 2020 its known that this was all fake, the things people do for a dollar...

    27. S. E.

      You guys should release the unaired episodes of baited if you have them 😭

    28. Logan Burnette

      4 years later and it's still so embarrassing for Leafy. Too bad he doesn't have a platform to defend himself anymore!

      1. ParaIsBad


    29. Seema Rizvi

      bass boosted

      1. ParaIsBad


    30. Pro Fury - Official

      Still the best one.

      1. ParaIsBad


    31. Jillian Slowater Banks

      Keem destroyed Leafy here.

      1. Takuan Pickles

        He actually did, none of Leafy’s points really held up. It’s amazing they became friends again years later

    32. Twigga 04

      To answer your question at the end 4 years later in 2020 clown, yes.

    33. Reese man19

      This reminds me of the Biden Trump debate

      1. Fleur

        Best fucking comment

    34. Tanzila Rahman

      5 years later, this is still entertaining

      1. Classic Pinball

        this was uploaded just over 4 years ago. Leafy's true rise started roughly 5 years ago as well

      2. Ay Fordays


    35. William Smith

      I wish I knew who the artist is that draws these screens because they are great I’d almost call them realistic caricatures.

      1. MemeCube

        His name is ultrajoe he used to do commissions but I don't think he does anymore

    36. Emily Nguyen

      money in the grave

    37. aDemonPanda

      Ugh i miss these episodes. Made a yt acc back in 2018 just to sub after 2 years lmao.

    38. John is_morrison

      who is here after leafy's account is banned on both youtube and twitch leave a like

      1. John is_morrison

        @Alibi *too

      2. Alibi

        John is_morrison you two :)

      3. John is_morrison

        @Alibi okay, have a nice day :)

      4. Alibi

        No thanks :)

    39. Tempus Optic

      So much shit has changed in the last 4 years..

    40. J T

      The HUfast Drama Saga Sam Pepper Saga The Leafy/Onision Saga 2015/2016 Paul Brothers/Ricegum Saga 2017/2018 H3H3 saga 2019/2020

      1. NigerianBrudda

        @Mr NoseyBonk why ricegum. He was just that wave of bullying jake paul. Keemstar, h3h3, idubbbz, everyone did some. Also leafy lead the charge for his style of commentary. Commentary was just big in 2016 not just two commentary youtubers.

      2. Mr NoseyBonk

        Should be Leafy/Onision for 2016 Also Paul Brothers/Ricegum for 2017-2018 And Sam Pepper is 2014/2015

      3. Classic Pinball

        Who cares about H3H3 anymore?

      4. NigerianBrudda

        no, u cant summarize with one guy.


        I think Sam pepper would be more accurate for 2015

    41. Ice Wallowcome

      And now they're friends again lmao

      1. Ice Wallowcome

        @EVIL POWER GAMING wait what ? their still friends from what iv'e seen in twitter

      2. E C


      3. Ice Wallowcome

        @Austin W ikr lol

      4. Austin W

        So wild

    42. Brandon

      I dunno how to those two ended up forgiving each other. Lmao

      1. T;V

        @MVPugsley doubt.....

      2. MVPugsley

        Because they are adults, there is more to life than childish disputes.

    43. TUMYBOI

      Keemstar and Leafy were hella enemies now they are the best of friends

    44. Am just a nigga widda rocket lawnchair

      Leafys chin is not that prominent

    45. Banta Gone

      Why did i get recommended this now?

    46. Poe

      This aged well

    47. büyücü şerefsiz

      11:29 Me, grade, colossal and myself and keemstar. -The one who wants to be seen.

    48. The space Man

      Leafy is banned lol

    49. Puzza


    50. Ethan Ratberry

      Leafy lying for an hour straight

      1. Big Money Sameer

        confirmed lying but he’s about chasing a bag you were unlucky

    51. Daniel

      No chin boy

    52. Maria

      I miss this HUfast era so much damn shit was entertaining asf and colossal was my favorite part about this I also miss seeing him on HUfast

    53. biggie smalls

      lmfao 47:06 was the one

    54. Christian Barron

      Who's here after they found out his Chanel got deleted

      1. MTB Studios

        Yeah, me.


      The crazy clown colossal damn i love him

    56. troublemonkey1 _

      why did the artist give leafy a chin /s

      1. Daniel

        Dont now :)

    57. SoftLikeSofty

      wow so much has changed lol

    58. VeryMoodyLad

      Farther and son bonding

    59. Beanie Kowloon225

      crazy to see leafy and keem are homies again

      1. O.G Logarius

        That’s what content cop does to people and h3 is being a sneaky bastard

    60. Morvill

      And now there the best of friends :)

    61. oh, bother.

      i miss these days so much

      1. Epic Gamer


    62. big tommy

      after so many years after watching this history on my ipad when i was 9. after leafy came back. i finally admit keem was right

    63. Heidar Bjarkason

      This is soooo funny now that we know how leafys side really was

    64. Lea

      Gnome vs reptilian

    65. Negative Jets fan

      “I will never ever make peace with you.” Keemstar 2016........well 2020 has changed things lol

    66. shreku deku

      Love how leafy withdrew 30 dollars from Nick cash 4 years later

    67. Rhapsodium

      This art is really good who made it?

      1. Majula


    68. Daniel the Maniel

      Calvin was so high during this lmao

      1. Daniel the Maniel

        @pokimanesimp143 He was doing tons of Adderall so he could churn out videos every day.

      2. pokimanesimp143

        what he's on

      3. pokimanesimp143

        he acts like same with the videos he make

    69. John Estevez

      Watching this now after Leafy said him going after Keem was for money is hilarious

    70. Act Nasty

      “I was an asshole on twitter forever” “exactly” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    71. pu


    72. John Stark

      God leafy is so stale of a guy

      1. John Stark

        When keem starts hitting him with facts and talks longer than five seconds leafy gets mad “aRe YoU gOnNa LeT mE tAlK. So full of shit

    73. HANCHAN

      i miss this shit lol

    74. EDVIN

      keemstar logic: 2 wrongs is one right

    75. merry twentyfirst

      So they are ganging up on leafy to justify the stupid and disgusting racism and threats Keem made ..... And they tell him to grow up !! Gees ew ew ew

    76. Walter

      Keemstar: Can you let me finish my point without interruptions? Also keemstar: Interrupts leafy several times throughout all of his points

    77. davewithaspeciale is dead

      Sounds like Leafy

    78. -KIMG-


    79. Call me Vęłøč

      Wow leafy was a fake little shit in this podcast. Now its years later and hes like “ yeah i just did it for money”.

      1. YodaLester

        @Uberaham Al for "taking down keemstar"

      2. BigPPcommie

        He's lying he did it for money because he wants to look good

    80. William Dare

      Lol this is so much better after Leafy admitted he did it for money

    81. mr. Lush

      Ah the 15 year old French girl

    82. Spot A

      I'm convinced keem takes it in the ass low-key. Idk who he's trying to fool

    83. Epic Gamer

      We still come back to baited I hope they make a new one even if they have mom’s basement

    84. Feebs Z

      Leafy made no sense in this argument. He's lucky keem forgave him snd they're friends now. I don't think his come back would of been so successful had it not been for keem.

      1. Mohamad Mahmoud

        Because leafy admitted he solely backstabbed keem for views.

      2. O.G Logarius

        Leafy’s successful come back is his own doing. But I have to agree that keem hyped him up

      3. John Stark

        Literally my same thoughts. I strongly agree. Everytime leafy talks it’s just bullshit 😂

    85. Augustus Caesar

      Everyone that watched leafy’s recent video should watch this one.

      1. pokimanesimp143

        @Augustus Caesar first part: leafy shoutouted some people in an apolgy video and that video might be deleted, in the video he gives credit to some people, and then he(leafy) says '' What? Do you seriously want a video like this? Me just saying names.. '' and some more sentences like that. I mentioned this because Nick might be in it (video).

      2. pokimanesimp143

        @Augustus Caesar i didn't said it was a good one ı was just answering your '' He also claims that he did shout Nick out'...'' ı explained, that is the shoutout that you heard

      3. Augustus Caesar

        LoL Life also, respectfully as I don’t know if English is your first language or not, could you please try to be a little more clear in your first few sentences? I honestly don’t know what point you’re making or what you’re saying. The only point I can seem to understand is that Nick was in the description, which I’ve explained the difference between that and a shout-out.

      4. Augustus Caesar

        LoL Life mentioning Nick in the description as “My friend Nick” is not on any level giving him credit for a significant part of the video or giving him a shoutout. Truly ask yourself, out of all the videos you view on HUfast, on how many videos do you read the description?

      5. pokimanesimp143

        @Augustus Caesar he said in an apolgy video might be deleted idk gives credit to some people and then says '' what? do you want to watch a video like this me just saying peoples names'' and screams some sentences like that also he mentioned nick in the description and he doesn't have a character. maybe before the ten minute vids he had.

    86. BriZ

      "We literally got you laid at" *Ad plays* *FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY*

    87. Feebs Z

      We were friends Reminds me of Ross on friends screaming We were on a break


        dats funny

    88. John Pears

      I’m happy they’re friends again

      1. Real Day Breaker

        yeah...Keem's a fascinating man who acts like a 12 year old child

    89. Steven Fonlame

      Fuck both these guys(kids)

    90. Barn Van die Bos

      This drama is 100 times better than the stupid BEAUTY DRAMA

    91. Rebecca Farr

      The only problem i have with the podcast is that leafy's picture has a chin. This podcast is now fundamentally flawed.

    92. Super_squishy_awesomeness _

      My take away is that keemstar has basically always been a douche magoo.

    93. mart m

      Leafy is a king

      1. YodaLester

        no hes not

    94. DanzoOW

      Watching this at 4am 4 years later just to feel something

    95. Sarcastic Schmuck

      0:23 HA HA HA!

      1. - Wachunga -

        Lmao Also 10/10 for the slave knight gael photo 👌

    96. TheLaughingKnight

      Nitty bitty gretails.

    97. Karma

      Lol Leafy said that he did it for money like a month ago

    98. TaskMaxer

      I like how leafy said he didn’t do it for money but has now said that he did do it for money lol

      1. Real Day Breaker

        from ads/views?

    99. PROXY WARS!

      I don’t miss this at all wtf

      1. LokiChuurro

        Fo-real fuck all this bullshit drama

    100. Sohail

      who's here after Leafy made his return