Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

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    Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) · Nancy Sinatra
    How Does That Grab You?
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    Released on: 1966-01-01
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    1. Langolier

      Wow! it is amazing, an idiot who wants to make money makes a movie and he uses an old song as the soundtrack, hoping that a generation of people will develop some kind of interest in the movie and relate the movie to the song. However, a whole generation of people who are highly visual develop an interest in the movie and relate to the song through the movie. The song is older than the movie and its story has nothing to do with the movie. Amazing how every generation's perception is actually the same, but distorted at the same time.

      1. David St

        This is so true

    2. Craig McVeigh

      Kill Bill, QT and RR are so good scripts and sounds. I know there was remixes etc all good!

    3. Ms. L


    4. El Sexto Beatle

      Kill Bill and Nancy Sinatra forever

    5. blackpearl guy

      Blackpearlguy,its a great album.I have that album since 1970 . Thankyou Nancy 😊😊😊😊

    6. medved


    7. Tiffany Weelborg

      This song screams so many stories for me.

    8. Stein Jonny Pedersen

      No one does music like this anymore

    9. Stein Jonny Pedersen

      Don't be silly this is great on the edge of 2020

    10. AA_Certified_Weirdo

      came from that weird ass hatsune miku leg thing

    11. broidektho

    12. Simone Jamilla - following is not really my style

      did I read you right? someone call the Popo!

    13. Εβελίνα Δεσπότη


    14. Turtle Island LAC

      Love this iconic song.

    15. Χρηστος Εξαρχος

      That song makes me wanna kill bill, the neighbor kid

    16. swooper Borlace

      Just stunning natural beauty and sex appeal

    17. 임지민

      옛날에 이노래 많이들었는데 어디서 알고 들었는지 기억이 안나네

    18. Pegla

      my good taste in music brought me here

    19. Ryan Cox

      "Bill, it's your baby-"

    20. Leonardo Chavez Aguirre

      when i heard this song, i can't stop thinking "How many people was exciting when heard this song by the first time"

    21. Casual ShOx

      "Bang Bang they kill count rise!" -Titanfall2 music better

    22. Francesco Paolo Ardizzone

      Great sound!

    23. MrDavidwilson86

      We weren’t all playing gunns&rawbers with the same definition of sophistication

    24. Egérmesék

      Amazing song

    25. ByeBuBle

      Sounds like song written by Pistorius wife

    26. Marcelita Imaicela

      Maldito, desgraciado.

    27. BigBird Loc

      This sounds like it can be in a Tarintino Movie.

      1. JFK64 Kennedy

        @BigBird Loc Kill Bill 1

      2. BigBird Loc

        @JFK64 Kennedy lmao really? I was being serious. Which movie?

      3. JFK64 Kennedy

        assuming sarcasm, because it is

    28. Royston Gooden

      Bang the shot

    29. Honey Peaches

      So this is where Ariana Grande gets her fashion sense from

    30. Que l'ombre d'un Homme.

      La French.

    31. Bridgette Rabbit

      Ah yessss,another Tarantino fan!I knew I liked you for another reason besides the very sweet compliments. 😆💜

    32. Patrick Hoey

      That sweater though...

    33. mac sauce



      Cool Very good Well done

    35. Ramon

      It’s because your boots were made for walking

    36. Uran Neptun

      It's Lucky Luke vibe right here

    37. Leave me Alone

      Bang bang...


      Very good

    39. Mantronic

      I love the instrument in the backround.

    40. Strange Nothings

      bang bang baby

    41. Toni Knickerbocker

      I totally get it You just want MORE of her! ME TOO!

    42. Андрей ПАН

      Перевод бы слов на русский😢

    43. RYROX FR

      Here by titanfall 2

    44. Fiddler Inthewind

      I love you N Sin

    45. Enver KRASNIQI

      i love nancy bang bang

    46. Scott Gray

      My earliest memories. They are like this. You make these sound so common.

    47. Norbert Egger

      Perfekt 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘

    48. Hanna Woods

      lost pause

    49. inam ulhaq


    50. klebdotio

      Kill Bill vibes

    51. Rainbow Dash7112

      Kill Bill Vol 1,2 drive in movie who's with me?!

      1. Felix Ortiz

        Let's go

    52. pale star 8

      Wiggle your big toe -Kill bill

    53. Matt Casson

      Nancy was a beautiful girl. Maybe lived in her father's shadow.

    54. Señor Cara de dedo

      Titán fall 2 ❤️

    55. Vanessa Rodriguez

      Shot outside roaches

    56. dzon travolta

      pod pricritie

    57. Music Momma

      My childhood

    58. Nathan Cade

      this reminds me of kill bill

      1. pale star 8

        Because it's from the movie lmao

    59. kiloisnear


    60. Tina Gratz

      Soooo geil

    61. Aaliyah Davila

      talent just runs in this family im telling you lord bless them.

    62. Emilio The Chicano

      Lyrics: [Verse 1] I was five, and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight [Hook] Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down [Verse 2] Seasons came and changed the time When I grew up I called him mine He would always laugh and say "Remember when we used to play?" [Hook] Bang bang, I shot you down Bang bang, you hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, I used to shoot you down" [Verse 3] Music played, and people sang Just for me the church bells rang Now he's gone, I don't know why And ‘til this day sometimes I cry He didn't even say "Goodbye" He didn't take the time to lie [Hook] Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down

    63. Pırıl

      Müge anlıdan gelenler ☺️

    64. Hodai

      titanfall 2 version is better lol

    65. Jessica Mondeck

      This could be about someone leaving you without a word. Or doing something so vile that it hurts you in a way you won’t recover. In a way, it was a back and forth game of hurting each other, an endless cycle.

      1. Raoul Asare

        Or just her story in song.

    66. Memduh Başgan

      Yıl 2020 hiç Türk yok mu la

    67. Jean Pierre Reynoso - Fournel

      I'm not Australian but... fuck me mate, this song :(

    68. Dominik Gruszka

      Good song

    69. İlir Kişi

      "Remember"... She will never remember how did i love her because she even don't have any feelings.

      1. TheRedPanda

        @İlir Kişi she have feelings but not for me

      2. İlir Kişi

        @Kim Liddell i know that feel

      3. Kim Liddell

        You sure about that?

    70. Xandy 523

      Greetings from Brazil

    71. silvarback


    72. Aktiver Kokser

      Always makes me think about opiods love them but maybe they will kill me some day so i hate me for loving it

    73. Gallium Gal

      When I realize that most of my favorite vintage songs are sung by her :0

    74. Muskan Khan

      On a winter afternoon.. Autumn breeze in the air.. Dry leaves falling on the floor.. Sunshine dancing on the curtains of your room.. It hits different 🍁

    75. Real OG

      Man this is a Masterpiece ! I'm pretty critical abt Music but this topped my expectations. Sound is clear , voice tone is top Notch & the music oh man. That low tone ting 🌟🌟. Nancy was a superior singer & I blame myself for not searching her up few years ago. Time to buy her orignal CD now .

    76. David Grimes

      É triste demais; ela se inspirou nessa música para escrever um poema sobre nós, num período que foi difícil de lidar. Agora ouço-a para lembrar de nossos momentos juntos. Eu ainda te amo muito. Saiba que sempre estarei aqui por você.

    77. Dorendro Thiyam

      2020 and who is listening?

    78. Gaurav Rawat


    79. Mambrú

      “ - Worse! - I shot mommy.” 👌🔥👌

    80. Λίζα Λίζα

      The moment Nancy said bang bang , I kid you not, someone started shooting fireworks in my neighborhood 😂

    81. Blud Stanes

      damn now i gotta go watch kill bill... again

    82. kurgan anderko

      ​ @Stevie B I think I've figured out the mystery! So Sonny Bono wrote and dedicated the song secretly to Nancy Sinatra in January 1966 (of course being secretly in love with her) , and 3 months later, in April 1966, bitten by remorse, he asked his then-wife , Cher : "Honey, wouldn't you like to sing too? this song? "- H. Poirot is nothing near me! >>>> P.S. : this version, indeed, looks better. It's one of the few cases when a cover becomes more popular than the original !

    83. David

      A song from the opposite perspective of Hey Joe

      1. Der Rote Kampfflieger


    84. RcGuitarCovers

      had to come here after hearing that awful version of david gueta.

    85. Umesh Thorbole

      Who's here after watching Casey's vlog best friends.

    86. Savage Snayle

      Kill in millennials......................

    87. Michał Kadłuczka

      Is this a reference to Snake Eater?

    88. Kelly Martinez

      is she related to frank Sinatra?

    89. Derek Davis

      Young Buck - Bang Bang . Pretty cool modern twist of the instrumental and also Nancy Sinatra's voice as well .

    90. Akia Bastien

      Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids

    91. Davydov

      Couldn’t care less about the vocals... but that bass line... my god.

    92. napping koala

    93. Mili Nakub

      We could take too much and start a fight 😃

    94. maxwell smart


    95. Lill Anne Christiansen

      Love this Song ❣

    96. Mahvash Bukhari

      Salima posing for a cover!

    97. Emma Alvarez

      I wonder what she was going through or what she was thinking about when she wrote this song.

      1. Lemmy Pop

        Ask Sonny Bono, who wrote it for Cher.

    98. Gokul Raj

      Did I hear this song in Kill Bill??

    99. Anita Anil

      Avicii brought me here