[BE ORIGINAL] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) '5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나' (Behind) (ENG SUB)

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    [BE ORIGINAL] TXT '5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나'
    [비 오리지널] 투모로우바이투게더 '5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나'
    다섯 카우보이가 선물하는 꿀잼 비하인드🎁
    TXT랑 평생 있을 거니까 시간아 멈춰줘~⏰
    (4:30) 감질맛 나는 사랑둥이 의상 포인트는?
    [BE ORIGINAL] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) '5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나' (Dance Break Ver.)

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    1. Firra Yusha

      You didnt like cutie guys??? Why?? Txt could boost your mood tho

    2. DulceQuintero

      2:43 hueningkai don't show us your abs, better show us your whole family of stuffed animals 🥺

    3. 김승연

      진심 이 노래 겁나 좋은데 트와이스 분들이랑 컴백 겹쳐서 음방 1위 많이 못했던 거 아쉽다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그래도 빌보드 차트에 올랐으니!! 역시 울 애깅들

    4. Koya Online

      2:43 Omg KKKKKK

    5. wonder- G

      Taehyun: *shows abs* Me: *WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL* !!!

    6. Khia Bernard-Arnold

      Can beomgyu please get some longer higher notesss🥺

    7. 아주nice

      범규 이뻐😭❤

    8. J M

      5:00 moment of silence for his fineness

    9. Dzikri 99'

      I can't stop falling in love with these 5 handsome guys.

    10. Sher Dector

      X: tomorrow x together es un grupo muy serio Also txt: 6:11 6:16 6:59 7:52

    11. Guinn

      9:10 we need taehyun on this freaking gorgeous frame AAAAAAA

    12. ___

      10:35 // Hi Soobin from TXT. +Hi iaK gnineuH from TXT.

    13. blu orangeade

      kang taehyun will be the death of me

    14. 인석제

      it's so cute and awesome how they treat each other so well like real brothers UwU their chemistry is amazing

    15. Eara Enesse

      0:22 omgggg!!!! Cuteee

    16. Catalina Pereyra Rodriguez


    17. Catalina Pereyra Rodriguez

      i just still laughing of yeonjun's over cropped jacket lmao, it looks great on him but the poor thing is barely holding on lmao

    18. Shooky

      Imagine if there was a clone of each member, the chaos that would erupt...hahahha

    19. el alaoui amal 75 LN


    20. kit bo bit

      5:03 yall- can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful picture

    21. Letchugo Letchugo

      We didn't know yeonjun already spoiled us with him as an actor goshhh pls watch live on HAHAHAHAHA 6:35

    22. Letchugo Letchugo

      Taehyun is such a tease! Hmmmp :>

    23. chae bdm

      2:28 Moas: Let's streeeeeam!!! We need to reach 10M soon for our boys!!!! Hueningkai: Oh it hasn't reachd 10M yet? Thank GAWD!

    24. 사랑을갈구고

      2:54 스튜디오 춤 관계자님...지켜주세요...1천 넘어써요ㅜㅜㅜ

    25. 장유진

      썸네일 부터 최수빈 표정 ㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ

    26. Aoccha

      Hueningkai just too pretty 😖😭🥰

    27. kpop bangtan

      I came back cause am missing baby kai

    28. shigonoku 00

      Ok but Soobin's expression at 0:08

    29. jeje


    30. jeje


    31. jeje


    32. jeje


    33. jeje


    34. bae luvie

      It'd be nice to have We Lost the Summer in studio choom

    35. Hai :]

      TXT stands for Touching butts × Together

    36. Yellmar

      9:35 HES SO CUTE

    37. 송혜교

      내 최애 동영상이다.

    38. lorena tevez

      1:51 ahi le estan pegando la cola de los grupos de txr x:::D

    39. solange

      Los amooo

    40. Hessa Kwt

      I love studio chock behinds the sence videos

    41. Iamalimelight

      I feel really bad, because I forgot Taehjun existed. Well, I know he does now and I’m liking his blond hair. 💞💞💞

    42. foulinkelly 07

      Yeonbin...... I feel single;)

    43. Alison Enoshima

      Yeonjun's english is so pretty, and his accent, I'm melting

    44. Alexa Favila

      the way kai said 있는데~ too cute ugh

    45. 정카이내가와랄라함

      4:17 여기부터 극락간다 다시보러 와야겠다

    46. Danielle Meli

      The way i stayed till the end to see hueningkai carry soobin

    47. ATHENA_ JEY

      Look how maknae treat the leader😂

    48. Léonie Mélodie

      6:07 My heart... T T

    49. Léonie Mélodie

      4:29 This man is so bold.

    50. Léonie Mélodie

      4:18 Free eye-candy. Okay but not only Soobin actually, everyone's visuals are especially dangerous at that moment (especially Kai's).

    51. Léonie Mélodie

      Fact: 0:11 Beomgyu yawn, it is very cute.

    52. Léonie Mélodie

      These behind the scenes are my favorite thing in the world, please keep it up!

    53. Stan

      Hyuka's visual ugh he's so cute!

    54. 이서진


    55. Pia

      but what camera did they use 5:53

    56. nadira zahra

      They are so naturally chaotic in their own ways, i think 5 ppl is the perfect amount bcs any more than that then theyd be too much to handle 😂

    57. katriina

      that soobins ''auch'' sounded so latvian

    58. Minnie internationalpopksensationsunshinerainbow

      4:16-4:24 they're all so beautiful omg

    59. A. A.G.

      7:52 Soogyu bickering again and again

    60. Jiny

      can anyone tell me what camera theyre using in the middle of the video? plees :>

    61. Tin Agustin

      Let's reach 10 million for Can't you see me!!

    62. seal george

      not how camera filming while taehyun talking to staff

    63. Hampt Doggie

      we need 5 million views, moas. 5 million views to see some glory for a few seconds🙂

    64. •selen gacha•

      سؤال للمواا انا موااا جديدة واحتاج مساعدة صغيرة ؛-؛💗💗. 0:55 ذيي المساعده من ذا هذا سوبين ولايونجون بس كانه يونجونن اناا موا من يومين بس فااا ما اعرفهم عدل الي يعرف يقول ؛-؛💗💗💗.

    65. •selen gacha•

      0:08 يمااا الكياته اللفففف😭💗💗. 0:24 😭💗💗💗💗.

    66. ʟᴜᴠ ʙɢ

      tomorrow x together official 시청자가 이 영상을 시청합니다

    67. GG Gaming


    68. lisa _

      아유 귀여워 상큼해 청량해!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. paaoql

      한국 모아 모여라~!~! 영어 속에 묻히지 말자~!

    70. Andrea Maia Katrina

      forever faaave

    71. Danielle Pariente

      What camera are they using to take pictures of each other????

    72. Ananya Kushwaha

      Okay they are so good but like seriously and taehyun's outfit 💜

    73. Luzmiriam Condori Lima


    74. anastasia_ 13.

      0:21 soobin look sooo cute 🥺

    75. 인생참신명난다

      썸네일 강태현 미모 실화냐?

    76. PeiLing

      Both the maknae of BTS and TXT are the strongest😂poor hyungs

    77. paperhyuka

      1:54 This is indeed what you call friendship..... slapping each others buns haha

    78. PJ Bustamante

      Soobin spread his feet at 9:18 to level with them uwu

    79. PJ Bustamante

      Thay are so comfortable here uwu

    80. Carmen Rose

      Soobinie here for you 👍👍😂💙

    81. Carmen Rose

      Moa Fighting

    82. 또 봐야지

      4:30 감질맛나는 기장

    83. Eto' ́

      Beomgyu 💖💖

    84. Eto' ́

      Hyuka 🥰🥰🥰

    85. claraluvstxt

      mds q sdd do mullet do yeonjun, jamais vou superar

      1. gabs

        foi bom enquanto durou k

    86. JungkooksMilkshakeBar

      Yeonjun always tryna kiss Soobin hehe

    87. Israa 〜

      Hey, Studio Choom, I really really appricate you guys putting English subtitles on your videos. But I'd like to suggest using a different font with more shadow as it's a little difficult to see and read the subtitles. Anyway, thank you for bringing back TXT! Your videos are amazing

    88. Angry British Frog

      Soobin's fierce scrunched look when he's about to flick Yeonjun is so funny to me

    89. Ivana Suigo

      Me parece a mí o acá hay un triángulo amoroso entre yeonjun soobin y hueningkai,

    90. sookai XD



      No one: Literally no one: Soobin at the thumbnail: Wtf....?

    92. rosiepinks

      cuties lmao

    93. Lame Bombones

      Jaja losss amoo😍 tan extras que me gustan

    94. Alya Setyani

      10:49 i don't understand why beomgyu and taehyun being transparant?

    95. Student Alaina Torres

      I’m a MOA and always will be

    96. Camila Andrea Rivera Salazar

      Ya termina el 2020 y desde que debuto TXT aun no puedo elegir un Bias, es imposible, los 5 son demasiado perfectos, demasiado lindos, talentosos, y tiernos ♥ los amo

    97. Vanessa Maria

      10:31 Ok but... HOW STRONG IS HUENING KAI??! He literally just caried Soobin like he's just a feather 🤣🤣🤣 (English is not my first language, sorry if i made some mistakes)

    98. Shibangi Sankarsan

      Moas let's get cysm to 10 million. We need to see their promises, don't we?