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    clips from Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast ep.121
    all credit goes to Logan Paul/Impaulsive Podcast

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    1. Erica Play’s

      About the time a fucken man walked into the bathroom at Walmart with me and my teenage daughters you can bet I’m gonna be pissed

    2. Erica Play’s

      Spencer speaks and I wanna say Stfu 🤬

    3. Chandler Bivens

      You also have to think no one can change their chromosome you have either xy or xx, so really trans people are just on hormone replacement therapy which once they were to stop it their natural hormones would start working an making them look either male or female

    4. Jack Monk

      Ben looks soo out of place..

    5. Aquaspace Gaming

      Gender is like Star Wars I don’t like Rey being a skywalker. Does that not make a Skywalker

    6. TheAceOfSpades

      "You don't go home in a ambulance" 😂

    7. David Avila

      Why is Ben on this stupid show

    8. David Avila

      Why is Ben on this stupid show

    9. marcus liew

      i swear spencer is an idiot

    10. tom

      whys the cameraman on coke

    11. Matthew Carvalho

      Tf is his hair

    12. Maison Little

      I want to point out another fact. In California a transgender walking into the woman's bathroom may be normal but here where I live, you would get your ass beat laughed at and arrested if a man walked in the woman's bathroom dressed like a woman ...

    13. MicahA

      Why is spencer even involved in this convo

    14. Jonathan Chan

      Mike is a snowflake!

    15. Blue True

      Shapiro does make a couple good points about how he will call people what they want to be called to be nice (dinner party) but people can’t push an agenda.

    16. Patryk Gizicki

      This is so stupid

    17. Pomelo

      Bro just switch the cameras between two different angles instead of all this zooming in and out and quick turns lmao so disorienting

    18. Henri Bachmann

      its a bit funny that Ben Shapiro always uses biological facts for his argument but evolution is a part of it

    19. wrlds

      So much transphobic comments here, yikes.

    20. ToT ch

      he looks like he would fit as character in that cat in the hat movie

    21. Matt Bradbury

      Spencer is such a dumbass

    22. Steelaygot Maowenbach

      Notice how 99% of folk like the zoe are not quite right. The jenner, the april ashley etc all fall into the mould. However to be respectful of all let's help reinstate Transylvania they will have their freedom to be themselves.

    23. Zexstyfu J

      He’s speaking facts tho

    24. Caro D

      I feel like wasting time caring about wether a man is a man and a woman is a woman or men can be women and vice versa is such a waste of energy. Seriously your country is fucked with racial, social, healthcare and educational issues. Who cares what people identify with? They can be a plant for all I care. These guys are debating about something they don’t understand. I live in Australia, heaps of bar have mixed bathroom and guess what nobody gives a shit. I was born and raised in France, free healthcare, free education. I feel so much more open minded than Americans thanks to it. Fix your country before fixing people’s sex or sexuality or perception of it.

      1. Combat Central

        "free" 😂seems like you’ve been duped mr. "open-minded"

    25. Klaus Anger

      I’m sorry Mike but ur not as smart as Ben your just not.

    26. Day Dream

      The bathroom deal is so funny to me cause if Logan suddenly identifies as a girl to go and look at other girls in the bathroom he is not going to be trans he is going to be a predator... so if I am getting this right he is mixing predators and trans people up.

    27. gabe salehrabi

      This is the first time Logan Paul has said anything intelligent.

      1. SØBUR

        I'm not even a fan but he has one of the best takes on youtube duh

    28. Lucas Power


    29. Trevor 357

      Spencer is so dumb wtf

    30. Ora Masilo

      How the fuck do his lips move so fast

    31. TheDirtyAussie

      You can tell how left spencer is by just looking at him hahaha

    32. Twelvy Rs

      Bens such a fuckin nerd lmao. I forgot which guest on impaulsive was saying that but it was so hilarious and now watching this I can totally see why he said that.

    33. Robert Feinstein

      Mikes part of the problem

    34. Nadeeshan Hordagoda

      Others: Going into a deep conversation* Logan: "I ain't pooping infront of no girl"

    35. Josh Birkbeck

      Transgender woman thing: (grabs ben by the back of the neck) "you cut that out or I'll send you home in an ambulance". Ben: "well that's not very lady-like.... sir"

    36. Eric Lovett

      this makes me appreciate shapiro so much more

    37. Undead Wiseguy

      Laughed my ass off with that cactus statement

    38. SkepticalMillenial

      Weird how this whole gender issue dissapeared once covid hit. Just one show to the next. Desperately trying to keep us engaged with this machine and distracted from what really matters

    39. Salvador Costa

      Biologically she is no longer a man, she underwent hormone change treatment and got the weird surgeries. She is not a biological male anymore Ben stfu

    40. Arno Oganesian

      As much as I love and agree with him, I think he shouldn't be wearing that jewish hat when he's saying "facts don't care about ur feelings", cuz if he's going to use facts as arguments, he shouldn't be wearing a jewish hat, which is a symbol of religion, which is something we haven't been able to prove that exists..cuz u know, facts..but still the guy's 100% right and funny af imo

    41. kevin

      Ben Shapiro is on a whole different level of petty

      1. StoneBoiii420

        Explain ?

    42. Sasha Gaumond

      Thé cameraman is mad annoying stop zooming bro

    43. James Garland

      Many biological females probably have lower voices then nasally ass sounding pussy Ben here .

    44. Bjorn Reeve

      "(Her) voice is deeper than mine!" Well who's isnt

    45. the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

      I keep getting more surprised with who ben collabs with

    46. ?L.B.E

      Ben-my wife is a biological female-Shapiro

    47. Serpico

      Just stumbled across this I think my IQ just dropped 10 points.

    48. Little Miss Nala

      My wife is a biological doctor

    49. Just a Random Boy

      Guys, turn your speed to 1.75 or 2 and you can still understand him cause he talks fast

      1. StoneBoiii420

        This joke is like 7 years old dude cmon

    50. blake_cruise 10

      I don’t understand a word Spencer just said


      Ben explained the whole trans topic so well

    52. Çhïçkêñ Ñūggêt

      I’d like to let you know that “transgenderism” is not a word...

    53. Aiden Sullivan

      This whole video is mike getting cut off

    54. I T

      I feel like I’m watching a spaghetti western with this camera movement

    55. gnarhound

      With the exception of Ben....these guys are dumb

    56. Captain Caption

      Would you hold the camera still?!

    57. Kirunda Phillip

      Lmaooo 3:44 "why do you care if 10 years from now suzie wants to be a cactus 🌵"... 🤣🤣

    58. Jamal Bata

      so these are the main issues on the american street nowadays ? haa lucky them

    59. Sergio

      Doctors are called doctors and everyone follows their thing. They even get mad if you dont call them Dr this, Dr that. looooooooool XD

    60. Sgt Rock

      10:31 HAHAHA GET EM BEN!!!

    61. Urban Ricefarmer

      Ben Shapiro is the worlds biggest clown. The only people that follow him is wannabe republican 13 yr olds that think you need to follow him in order to be republicans. Same thing with Steven Crowder. This is why little kids should not be into politics

    62. Eli Sanderson


    63. Survival Gaming

      Ben is the best

    64. selfie kroos

      A right wing republican who's a pussy.

      1. Combat Central

        He's a right-libertarian that advocates for libertarian/conservatism within either party. I don't know if he’s legally a republican however.

    65. Jeremy Scott

      You know who else denounced facts that didn’t support their ideology, Hitler. Facts are facts regardless of your feelings.

    66. Mehdi Chafai

      i want ben shepiro n logan to talk about is filming a dead body hypothtically of course a normal thing.

    67. 88savior

      I think Logan and his friends are way to loud and obnoxious for Ben

    68. Tox

      I would hate having to interview him, I don't hate Ben or particularly dislike him, but it's like a presidential debate, he's always talking and cuts you off.

    69. dmilinare

      Please fire the camera man

    70. Umar Subhan

      so you're saying... context is important? D:

    71. colin peddle

      The camera man really needs to take some muscle relaxers

    72. Kyle G

      A year later seeing this however the camera man gives me motion sickness. Calm down Jerry

    73. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


    74. greeny

      Y is Ben Shapiro on this show.. none of you guys have any idea what you’re talking about. I understand its a podcast but cmon.. Bens trying to have real conversations and you’re laughing about pooping in front of girls.

    75. Sinception

      "My first mental response was: 'well you don't go home in an ambulance' " HAHA!

    76. Rohan Sastry

      Wait so ben shapiro concedes that calling people by their personal pronouns is legitimate and the only reason why he is against transgenderism is because he wants to win a debate? he himself doesn't believe in what he's talking about what the actual fuck why is he going against something he believes in, how is he a libertarian

      1. hydrated

        you completely missed the point of he was saying, flew right over your head. the only reason he is against transgenderism is that he draws the line at being forced to ignore the actual facts of situations in favor of subjectives

    77. Culper

      Such an interesting conversation. Both sides make sense.

    78. Union Playz


    79. Faizal Pratama

      Is the camera man a toddler? Stand fookin still goddamnit

    80. Zeeshan The Money Prince

      Ben Shapiro is just like Sheldon but Jewish

    81. No Image

      Suzy wants to be a cactus 🌵.

    82. Elias Andrason

      Alternative title: popular kids sit with smart kid at lunch.

    83. Garv Agarwal

      I think the point is it should not be imposed. I can call any male she and any female he right now. It's just impolite. One can cuss and it can be disrespectful but it's not illegal to cuss.

    84. Rade

      Why and when did Ben go on this show.

    85. I’m Katana

      Having stroke cause of the camera

    86. Cherry

      People predicting the future in the past, considered technological advancements would change people, but failed to think that we would change in a way that we wont even accept ourselves as who we are, and also force others to consider us as whoever we think we are.

    87. Eugenio A Sanchez Perez

      Transgederism should not even be discussed or debated, you are a man or a woman, whether you like it or not. Social norm and science should not be change because a couple of confused people dont know the world they are standing in.

    88. The Sober King

      When the fuck did Ben go on this show

    89. Cisco Caballero

      ben Shapiro is so good he could probably convince me communism is good if he tried

    90. Mauricio Moreno

      Poop in front of a maybe girl, 😂😂😂

      1. Rade

        This shows the age of Logan’s fan base

    91. William

      you don't go home in an ambulance got me dead

    92. freemanbanjo3

      0:27 the way this mans brain operates is so funny

    93. Jose Martinez

      Facts don't care about your gender. Jk

    94. PeachMallard

      Cameraman who did “the office”?

    95. Anton Dinesen

      that camera man is so bad

    96. Riveting Steak


    97. Yo yo Summers

      Jesus Ben has triple the amount of brain cells than Logan and Mike combined

      1. Rade


    98. jojo Bryan

      Ben will be good at among us

    99. Mad Dox

      For god sake hire a competent camera man!

    100. Se

      Get a new camera-man. The one filming this has some sort of epileptic seizure.