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    I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

      1. Tay'shaun Casey

        That won't happen

      2. Skylar Craigie

        I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup

      3. Gaming with Mobina

        I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save

      4. fortnite pro master

        Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe


    3. Camaron Mitchell

      Soon as he said time is up my alarm went off 😂😂😂

    4. Abaa Saar

      Can you please give me your phone number

    5. Amir Hossen

      Zhc is now another version of mr beast

    6. nightcore carmina that laugh though

    7. foremansonthego

      i would really appreciate it if you send me something

    8. Elisha Flores



      I like mekenzies um craft Mckenzie’s is one of my fav member

    10. jim jam

      I feel like jaz Likes zhc and i mean as crush

    11. Chad Vining

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    12. adventurous knight


    13. Lamping900_Gaming

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    14. Dark Raven

      BUT WHY ARE YOU CALLING THEM IF YOU DON’T WIN THEY JUST BE LIKE: Why are they not calling back 😢

    15. Vkttr Oeqlb

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    16. Kanagi

      Oh wow Philippines thats cool i live in Philippines, i love watching his vids that's super cool

    17. Mellody Meléndez

      Ivy looks like he or she is ✨mindblown✨ with that 🏆afro🏆✋😂 (No hate, Just Jokes😂)

    18. Navin Kumar

      When u are BTS fan and also a ZHC fan and spot a iconic line told by V (bts member)…....i was soo shocked, i also saw BTS in the customizing of a truck for zack time pls do a bts drawing or customize something with BTS.......thank u in advance.............

    19. الجنون الشديد الجنون الشديد


    20. Joel Fernandez

      Michelle have a cool art why did she lost 😭😭😭

    21. Piamia Gaming

      Is it just me or when jaz came out of the pool she looked like charli damelio

    22. StuSsy

      Mr.Beast Content be like.

    23. Brandon Garcia

      I like naps too and my teacher ask if I was paying attention and ask me what is 10 dimes with 5 and I said uMMMM I don't know...

    24. HaTcH SqUAreD

      Pls let me in one

    25. bodoti qwiu

      Jake: 8 minutes of plank is nothing *Me: i can't even find my motivation to walk to the fridge

    26. Gaz Chimera

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    27. Trenten Official

      I liked the dragon

      1. bodoti qwiu

        If you custom an iPhone 11 pro for me I'll subscribe you

    28. makeup instagram

    29. Carrie Carson

      I love your videos!!!

    30. mlgsandra j.m


    31. Aubree Stahlecker

      Jake’s looks like baby yoda

    32. anonymous girl

      funny thing is when I got my 3D pen (3 years ago) and then one year after and that's how I just knew how to use it and now I am laughing at my self cause I look at them and think I am so stupid they like knew and read the instructions not like me didn't find it

    33. fortnite twins

      I love your videos

    34. adlee watne


    35. BlastBearS

      Fun fact: the things they use are 5001$ lol😂

    36. Steven Khalil

      Can I be in a vide plz it would mean the world to me

    37. Janeille Neal

      I love Michelle one it's awesome

    38. Jazz Vroegh

      Wer is lieo

    39. Jazz Vroegh

      Wer is lieo

    40. Sujal Dhonsale

      I thought jack will be the winner and thought mecanzy (idk spelling) will be second last

    41. hoda hamody

      Why she win minceraft is excelant

    42. Pavithiran Shunmuganathan

      If you custom an iPhone 11 pro for me I'll subscribe you

    43. Reem MODY

      i liked and subscribe and i want a shout out pls

    44. Deborah Grafton-Rosewell

      Jake did paper 4 times in a row WHY!!!????

    45. wolf girl


    46. santi tube


    47. Roshni Sara Khan

      #ZHC ..... actually I m your new fan I fell really bad that I didn't knew till now I was living under a stone till now hey....I have request will you plsssßs plssssss plssssssss Skech some oF BTS PICTURE S I MEAN I REALLY WANT YOU TO DO SOME AMAZING STULL WITH BTS BUT GOOD ....AFFCOURC YOU WILL 🙏🙏🙏

    48. ارسام یوسفی


    49. Gustav Højgaard Jørgensen

      Try to Draw with your bad hand

    50. Vihaan Sakhare

      🥒 if you know what I mean 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🍑🍑

    51. Epic Gamer

      Don’t touch the tip? Hot soy? As some cultured people would know



    53. Anna Iskander-Reynolds

      I really want a oculus

    54. s s

      Done. ...ok it needs to be a new one-


      Bro where's leoo he's my favorite 😤 😭

    56. Shirley Gonzales

      Tbh I live in the Philiphins too nd Im only 9 with my moms phone Pls chose me next challenge pls? My birthday Just Happend..... Plss

      1. Shirley Gonzales

        Im subcribed Too

    57. Lenard Binungcal

      Talking to a filipino Me: ... when filipino sees a youtuber they are happy and exited

    58. tshimollo sbusiso

      can i get one of your prizes 😂✔✔✔✔😂😂😁😍😍😍❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶😎😎😎🤔✨🐱‍👤🤩😎😷

    59. NeoN NiNjaz

      i love when people say LMAO is a swear word

    60. Anaiah Madawela

      I think pink hair girl will win

    61. Bassy456

      I have a 3D pen but it is so different the Merrell twins have a blue 3D pen and I do as well and I have a grey one

    62. niz Ali

      Tell me pet when your family they all why did I like three or four iPhones like decorated like of cartoons stranger things and they wanted like 11 Mike whole should you think gas are you do you do you know where my whole and I wanna cut your music games PUBG and things that girls can you please decorate it with everything because all the games

    63. Ferdie arthur Begas

      Phillipines yesss

    64. Kerry Paciente

      i sub like and notafacation+comment

    65. Nokkap

      I'd pay $5000 for a pen that isn't 3D Am I right? Get it. Haha funny.

    66. Zalina Sabri

      Can you make art with minecraft

    67. Ajab gazibo

      Zach:If y dont win u go for a swim Michelle and everyone:NOOOOOOOO!! me: why no!??

    68. Karthis Cosmos

      Bro bro bro

    69. Salem Aliswadi

      Your sound is mrbeast

    70. Hanna Miyuki

      Hi im new i like and subscribe

    71. reymond gayta

      ZHC i want to be in your vids

    72. Braden Builder

      And worlds largest Apple Watch

    73. Braden Builder

      You should customize large air pods

    74. Hannah Browne

      Nooooo baby yuda

    75. James Hsieh

      I somehow subscribed with the same account twice

    76. Ruveen The Srilankan Speedcuber

      Where's squidward

    77. rose pepito

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    78. rose pepito


    79. ly daro

      Hello ZHC

    80. Ali Muhammad

      I like your video at your laugh

    81. Jhoann Nicole Parallag Gazmin

      The Dragon I like it

    82. Angela Hong


    83. the default kings

      I looked in a store and I fon a bag it hade a pickle in it and its called big daddy I'm like wtffff I'm not liying I saw it!!!!

    84. Its_almagacha Yt

      I’ve subbed

    85. Kristen Zayon

      Hey don't touch the pen it's hot! Later... 30 degree burns on my thumb.

    86. Dennis Lacaba


    87. Amara Luzar

      I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and your art inspired me to do art myself! Thanks to you I even won $50 from a contest!!

    88. Jaymarie Altamirano

      I think Jake is going to win

    89. Marcus Alexandre

      alternative title zack giving them excersise

    90. Joshua Mitchell

      i love art i good

    91. G Moose

      Now I'd wanna lose. I love to swim

    92. Saff Abd

      Me:I hate art Also me:watches this dude-

    93. Addie_playz

      Can I be in stuff like this even though I don’t have a phone number??

    94. nisto ross 2

      i have bin subed

    95. Addie_playz

      I’m a huge fan

    96. ADAM Sy

      I hate everyone who said mekinze (how do u spell her name) the pink girl hair was amzingggg


      Hi ZHC 19.4 subscribers For ZHC