Best Christmas Songs Playlist 🎅🏼 Christmas Music 2021 🎄 Top Christmas Songs Mix

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    Best Christmas Songs Playlist 🎅🏼 Christmas Music 2021 🎄 Top Christmas Songs Mix
    The best Christmas Songs mix ever. Our 1 hour Christmas Music mix features our top Christmas Songs Playlist 2020! This Christmas Music playlist will have the family full of holiday cheer!
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    All music is either from our own catalogue or licensed from our partners: Incompetech, Artlist, and Soundstripe.
    Top Christmas Songs Playlist 2021! Christmas Songs 2021
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    Merry Christmas 2021 - Top Christmas Songs Playlist 2021 - Best Christmas Songs Ever
    Christmas Music 2020 🎅 Top Christmas Songs Playlist 2020 🎄 Best Christmas Songs Ever
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    1. Faustino Najera

      Wwwaauuu,,,Me I like this Miusic,,,very moch,,,,AAAAAaaauuuuuuu,,,,,

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      Finally 2020 is over that year was the worst

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      Someone sent a link to this video on google classroom 💀😭😭😭

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      Still listening, January 2021🎄🌟😀!

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      Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

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      с новым годом 🥺

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      He’s really funny.

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      Really amazing

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      Des song is so gooood

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      good job hosting in this video.

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        Enjoy your life while u can

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        dead no second life

    15. Cranberry-Kitsune

      Anybody know what version of "We need a little christmas" was in this video?

    16. matreb9902

      It's a pretty tight arse thing to do to allow ads during xmas songs. How money grubbing can you be? You paid for none of the content yet are deriving an income from're disgusting..😡😡😡

      1. Rock girl

        Merry christmas

    17. Cap Artist

      Merry Christmas and get 2020 tf outta here

    18. Yan Lu

      Full of joy!

    19. Ken Beimer

      I need the full title from the Jingle Bells remix. 11:44

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      Ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad fucking AD!

    21. trap house demon

      I love jingle bells

    22. Fergy fergulator

      Decent mix but 2 adds every song is ridiculous

    23. Wong Ching Tat

      merry Christmas 🎅 🎄

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      I LOVE CHRISTMAS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    27. Herrera Family

      And have a merry Christmas Eve and Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year 🎆

    28. Herrera Family

      Enjoy your life while u can

    29. Herrera Family

      Listening to this makes me feel happy and ready for Christmas 🎄 also it’s been hard to stay in touch but do what u want because we only have 1 life to live and once we are dead no second life

    30. Byron Geronimo

      I wish everyone a happy and wonderful early Christmas and can I get a follow on Instagram @704.migo45

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      Merry christmas

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      I love listening to the music

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      I love Christmas Eve

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    39. Rachel Hubbard

      Can we have one thing thats good about 2021?

    40. Havin

      im only listening to this so i have a christmas playlist ☠️✋🏼

    41. Mason Deroche

      2020 i hate you. say hello to 2021!!!!

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      BnvxOh Q oh Q

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      Merry Christmas everyone

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      Christmas is coming.. Whoever is listening to these christmas songs, i pray may our Lord Jesus Christ bestow upon you His abundant bessings.

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      Merry Christmas everyone Christmas is in four days. I am so exited for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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      I love 2 and 3

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      i like chrismas music

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      Merry Christmas everyone only one week left🎄🎁

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      Merry Christmas!

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    54. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season! Merry Christmas!

    55. flinx1241

      By any holiday

    56. flinx1241

      Have a really happy holiday everyone ok

    57. flinx1241

      Everything in christmas is nice

    58. Veronica Brown

      Im so excited for Christmas in 6 Days it’s Christmas

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    59. 1000 subscribers with 0 video challenge

      Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year 2021

      1. Nick

        Its not very happy tbh

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      I love music

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      7 day for christmas 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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      everyone in the comments: finally 2020 is ending. btch 2021 isn't goin to be any better

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      christmas is my favorite holiday

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        me too

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      Marry Christmas

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      Please tell me the name of the singer who sings the song feliz Navidad Thanks All !!!

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      Merry x -mas to y'all

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      Bless everyone :)

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        Loved it! :-)

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      On it and in the naughty list

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    81. Jad Akl

      I love Christmas songs!

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      why does Christmas always seem to save the day and come at the perfect time?

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      1 2 14

    84. Mirocode

      Who sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”?

      1. Sarah Genetti

        I am

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      So happy

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      Merry Christmas everyone!!! 😊 💓🙏🏾 💯✝️🙌

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    88. The Christmas Songs

      The only thing to make 2020, better is Christmas.

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        Christmas is almost here

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      I miss 2019 but i hope that 2021 will be a normal year again. Im crying because i miss when i was little and everithing was simple.😭

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    90. Boglárka Szigeti

      OMG I love you songs

    91. Christey Maria ❤

      Hi everyone! I am uploading 25 Christmas songs for every day of December until Christmas day, so please visit my channel if you can! Many thanks and happy Christmas season! 😊

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      I prefer original singers


      God bless you all 💖😘😘✨✨

    94. Inna D

      Christmas is not only about presents it's about Jesus our Savior

    95. Ginger Vlogs

      I am happy we can still listen to this with joy even though I know everyone is done with this year. I am listening to this while decorating my room and it brings me great joy say safe.

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      Keep up the christmas spirit

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      Who else is on the treadmill

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