Best of the Worst: Plinketto #7


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    The gang is back! This time they are "dropping the ball" on the Plinketto board again! What three moopies will they watch this time? Nothing special about this episode.

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    1. Frank Cooke

      Home Alone should have grown up with Kevin, who after years of neglect and trauma is unable to form relationships and now 40, living in a single bedroom apartment

    2. steven

      I wonder who has to be the one to always clean the mess at the end?

    3. Dr. Man

      I didn't know they made a fourth home alone

    4. eri

      never thought i'd see gary busey in a cage wearing a collar

    5. Jake Ferrari

      No one said "Weekend at Busey's" and Im mad.

    6. IRAdulting

      Unexpected redemption story: Media always displayed Macauley as this grown skeezy lookin dood. And RLM redeemed him as being just another geeky movie lover you can imagine watching, and making fun of crappy movies with. This must be made known to more people.

    7. Prog47

      How did they get that hollywood a lister to appear on botw? Rich evans is usually really busy

    8. elloo98

      I just realized that both Macaulay Culkin and Rich Evans are people that you allways refer to by their full name.

    9. Guido Logish

      This was awesome again!

    10. Odin's Playground

      I'm here for the Macaulay and Rich Evans relationship drama.

    11. Cholula Hot Sauce

      fkin love Mac.

    12. Senator Armstrong

      seeing macaulay culkin come out with home alone 4 was a mental flashbang

    13. Lucy Diamond

      ah home alone 4, you stinking pile of shit

    14. Captain Mad-Dog

      It was good seeing Macaulay Culkin. :)

    15. ArmyOfAll

      feel like grew up with Macaulay, same age, was his age watching him in the cinema with my mum :) He has always seemed remarkably well grounded, bucked the trend re child actors.

    16. Pavel Shliaha

      The guy in white shirt is funny, he should try acting

    17. Oliver Heintz

      Busey crane made me spit-take.

    18. Kris Anticknap

      How savage is it that Mac's ripping apart every aspect to a shit Home Alone sequel?

    19. Snake_XIX

      I think they're giving Macaulay a bit too much adrenochrome

      1. Joshua Norris

        You wut

    20. Michael Lewis

      Usually Best of the Worst is just drunken babble, but now it’s drunken babble with Macaulay Culkin

    21. Jaydev Raol

      Rich Evans dies a Horrible Death Macaulay Culkin: Still got it! 😂

    22. Mike Forester

      39:05 Holy shit! And I thought this was just a silly Wayne's World (SNL-tier) sketch. But nay, 'twas actually a thing.

    23. Matt Hill From College

      Genuinely don’t believe that rich and mike didn’t know what roar was

    24. George Khoshtariya

      Rich Evans does his own stuntmen.

    25. poop johnson

      rich deserves an oscar for that paint can groin fall spectacular, he really went for it

    26. Kyle Atkins-Weltman

      Macaulay Culkin should write and direct Home Alone 6.

    27. HalfLifeOfHumanity

      Robert Tossberg ---> Tossberg ---> Toss ---> Gonna Toss Your Salad ---> Salad and Coleslaw are vegetable based meals ---> Hawkins Coselow... And that is how Tossberg became Coleslaw.

    28. xiaofei zhang

      you need to watch The Destroyers

    29. Randy Jarrett

      What if they did a home alone part 3 with kevin grown up and now lives in his parents basement. Parents go on vacation at the same time, the wet bandits finally get out of jail. They seek revenge, kevin fucks them up, Kevin gets hired at a home security company to revamp their defense system. Lol

    30. Friedrich Sarah E. Thompson

      JOE PESCI RAP???

    31. Nick Sluszka

      This is the best lmfao

    32. Ariel fangirl Mendez

      Did anyone saw this clip on awfully good movies review of home alone three?

    33. ShaolinDeadlyGamers

      Macaulay is the only person in the room that knows to take their shoes off in the house

    34. Robert Staples

      Nobody appreciated Rich's comment on how good the robot suit is. So I will. That suit is pretty badass.

    35. Jason Dulin

      Just realized the Dad in Home Alone (Jason Beghe) is one of the main people in the wonderful "Going Clear" HBO documentary about Scientology. Seems like a really great guy.

    36. Andrew Hamlin

      French Stewart sounds like he's trying to impersonate Jack Nicholson.

    37. nerkyder

      8:35 WIPEOUT!!!

    38. TheClerk57

      I want meet/borrow money from Macaulay Culkin! Oh, and Rich too!

    39. Stoneworks

      i died at this

    40. Ramping Ram

      24:35 why do u has z lighter

    41. JEM ofthe80s

      Mack jumping up and yelling at Rich was the best part, plus the Subway bit:) He's so great:)

    42. Lord Kiyo

      Should had asked why they not get the original kid to play in the movie?

    43. ShaggyShan

      I keep coming back to this ep every few months just to watch that ending. XD

    44. Roland St Germain

      What, no ROLLERGATOR?

    45. protoman1214

      When are they gonna realize the movies on the far ends will never get picked with this board design

      1. Orange Generator

        movies on the far ends have often been picked on plinkettos

    46. 1chi TheKilr


    47. human entity

      you tube has looped 3 episodes of redletter... so no matter how many autoplays... it's the same 3 crappy episodes over and over

    48. theclubvids

      "The real Kevin is unimpressed" lol

    49. Koselill

      I love that Mac has red nailpolish

    50. 4Sparta

      "The only way to get into heaven is faith" thats.... not really what the bible says

    51. ThisIsG

      i thought marv was playing Erl scared crazy

    52. Sage Emerald

      Two Years later, and Twin Dragon Encounter was finally witnessed, those poor souls.

    53. rushfan32

      Home alone 6 is currently in production as a Disney+ release

    54. aaron davidson

      Jordies: I despise the main stream media for using their platform as a means to push their agenda. Also jordies: Can I get some more donations for new knee pads? I have a video coming up with a Labor member.

      1. Orange Generator

        did you forget which video you were commenting on?

    55. Will McC

      I love joe pesci's rap career

    56. matches

      Lets give a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate

    57. J

      Please have Macaulay back. He is superb and you all have an excellent flow! A perfect fit!

    58. Sly 25

      Didn't need the whistle

    59. Dracosphinx2

      Ok, so why did bardin gorikson show up at 9:58?

    60. coffeepie

      I do hope Gary Busey will play Donald Trump in the movie version

    61. GearCheck 101

      I saw Prototype X29A when I was 7-9. I would pick out any vhs with any kind of robot or cyborg on it back when our supermarkets had a vhs rental section. My mother had no regard for movie ratings. Robocop, Westworld, Guyver, Prototype X29A.... I was excited to see a movie I actually watched in period on the board and I'm glad it got picked so you could experience the theatrical masterpiece that is: Prototype X29A. On a side note I think you should graph what physical locations the ball has landed on, because I'm starting to think there is an inherent bias, since it is often the new movies getting picked. The new movies are in spots vacated by previous selections... Maybe shuffle the movies each time to help account for that.

      1. User 3937

        You can tell it’s rigged (just like the election) because they never land on the same movie twice in a row and are forced to re-spin.

    62. Thomas Giles

      Oh Shit! Addison Cain is gonna sue the makers of X29A Prototype over their use of the term "Omega"!

    63. Khono

      I'd love for them to just have random celebrities show up during the screenings, unannounced, then disappear at some point. With nobody mentioning it.

    64. J Vanstone

      when do we get the movie of donald trump turning into a dog in order to learn family lessons

    65. Strapping Young Chad

      Star Trek does indeed rule

    66. BitCoyote

      Mack seems like such a great guy. Saw him on AVGN and on here. All I need is for him to show up playing against Jared in shred wars and he’ll be on every channel I watch.

    67. 4Legacy

      The bricks scene was the best part of the 2nd one!

    68. Nytephyre

      "House of gadgets". Pfft. Macaulay had a dad finder, remote controlled bee, device that could identify smells. Get outta here fake ass Kevin. :)

    69. Skittles McStabbypants

      Man look up the list of items that guy said were invented by women and no Gary Busy is right about most of them not being invented by women. Bad writing there.

    70. Scott Baldwin


    71. Green Lantern

      I hate to make this a religious comment, but sola fide (faith alone) is junk doctrine. Gary Busey is wrong, and sola fide is the “no-no” on the briefcase!

    72. Hardworlder

      French Stewart appears to actually be doing a terrible Jack Nicholson impersonation in that movie?

    73. RFC3514

      59:38 - Someone forgot to CGI that wink out.

    74. Eptar

      I can't believe they blinded and killed Rich Evans for this episode.

    75. TheyRiseBand

      Jason Bay-Hee

    76. White Scott

      Thanks to Macaulay Caulkin for bringing the Flowbee to my attention. That got me through the quarantine

    77. Sinister Gerbils

      Kato Kaelin is a Milwaukee native, lol.

    78. iSango5050

      So my brother is mentally challenged on the autism spectrum and loves the home alone series including the horrid sequels, i showed him this and with REAL Mac talking shit? His whole life has been changed on his opinions of the sequels and I’m so proud thank you RLM cuz he mentally COULD not think differently until this

    79. Michael Peterson

      I love it when you dont have bull shit guests. You are all the celebrity!

    80. Unloved Records

      Everyone knows who you are Macaulay! You need no introduction. It would have been polite though. Lol!

    81. DebayeuxChats

      I immediately recognized the stretch of road Dr. Strange was filmed when you put it on screen, and just had to check and confirm. No, the two driving scenes were not filmed at the same place. Quigley was mostly filmed in the Los Angeles area, but Dr. Strange's driving scene was filmed on Hawk's Nest/Scenic Byway, a very famous (and beautiful!) stretch of road. It's apparently an excellent motorcycle route, but even in a car it's gorgeous. Because of it's sharp curves, steep sides, and great views it's been used in car commercials over the years- but the only one I'm seeing on YT is a Porsche one, from 1989. :)

    82. Pramitz

      this episode would be perfect if it was jack instead of josh, sorry josh

    83. Justin

      Macaulay, who now?

    84. retrovideogamejunkie

      I didn't know Rich Evans was a stunt actor..

    85. 4Legacy

      I think the bricks are my favorite gag from either movie. No contraption, no bait and switch. It's just bricks

    86. potaterjim

      "All of those things I just named, were invented...By dogs."

    87. 5nipebite

      That blonde guy knows a lot about home alone

    88. Erique Johnson

      The only way to top this is to get Keanu reeves to review a bill and Ted with you

    89. Sean Stark

      I actually remember seeing the trailer for Quigley when I was really, really little, on the DVD for Dinotopia

    90. Kobold Gamer

      Feels like Culkin's really come a long way. Like he's out of whatever weird place he was in for a long time and finally was able to just let go and be free, that's the feeling I'm getting.

    91. Monkeygod100

      I love how Mike's normal contrarian gag is completely shut down by Mac's home alone shtick.

    92. Kyle Platz

      I wish they'd review Abraxas already. Jay's only mentioned it 5 thousand times.

    93. Kekoapono

      I didn’t know Rich did his own stunts.

    94. G A

      Pfffffffff at least try to control yourself Josh

    95. TheJeffWing

      Josh's forced laughter is unbearable. I'm convinced he doesn't know how to genuinely laugh at something.

    96. So That's Devintart

      Fun Fact: French Stewart isn’t on the cast list for Home Alone 4 on IMDB.

    97. Professor Spaghetti the Lunatic

      I love how whenever Macaulay cameos in any internet show, it’s always underplayed to an absurd degree. It’s fantastic how chill he is.

    98. Collin Yates

      38:20 Poor Rich, I relate to this so much.

    99. Dr. Aconyx

      Nothing tickles me quite like watching Rich Evans destroy his own shit.

    100. Alkemyst