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    We thank you guys for an AMAZING year! We hope to make 2021 even better with more content, funny videos and lots of beer for Papa! :D

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    1. Anomaly & Papanomaly

      What were your favorite moments of 2020 from our channel? Also yes, we know some clips were from 2019, but we didn't do a "best of" video from that year so we included them here! :D

      1. Fizzy

        i can't watch this vid due to age restriction

      2. Luuk Vos

        @Tgren nah gonna happen

      3. TammieTamTam

        Bro barely ten minutes because you're not funny smh my head

      4. Tgren

        Imagine if papanomalys New Year resulution was to drink less beer.

      5. Luuk Vos

        More baba ganoush

    2. SkyWolf

      i had to download the vid to watch it cause of 18+ registration xD

    3. Syamsul Fallah

      Age restriction kek

    4. Agent GuL

      Ni två älskar varandra så mycket. Blir så glad av att se er. Jävla muppar.

    5. kayro_ _frog


    6. idi nahui


    7. Nina Dale


    8. Vindicate

      I wonder if it's age restricted because all the comments talking about bullying, depression, abuse and alcoholism

    9. 9g9

      me watching this and eating

    10. Ogrzegorz San

      You got content only because of Linda

    11. Jamie Scott

      Sorry for my ignorance but what is with the hype around getting a knife?

    12. Avnax

      So age restricted lol

    13. Fabii Chan

      0:17 which video was that

    14. Sven Sahlqvist

      i want new papanomaly dolls xD

    15. DSlasher123 Mobile

      why is this age restricted

    16. Gripps.

      i didn't know that autistic is art

    17. mindjosav

      Why the fuck is this age restricted

    18. LR_COOL

      guess i can't watch this anymore. only thing i can see on the screen is "verify your age". very nice

    19. codenameayanYT


    20. KGB

      In the intro your father puked until no more chunks came >#

    21. Schnaubi Kan

      Das Menstruation pilsner



    23. Nathan Harvey

      SPAZ collab.

    24. richard riedle

      Jackass but less deadly and more fat

    25. Scrall

      The best papa have ever I seen...

    26. Marcus Jeudy

      Okay now that got me a lot 3:08

    27. Felix Ramberger

      I don't even watch this guy nor do I even know him but damn this is some premium cursed content

    28. Anon LvL12

      This channel is like Lord Kruszwil but not polish

    29. TamaZ

      7:51 wow very deep asthma

    30. Erica Alberto

      For me has to be the Pepsi and mentos

    31. Epik Gamer360

      1:45 niki avacado style pizza

    32. Ben Erby

      what kind of headphones does papa use i need to know

    33. Andrey Shmitko

      So funny xD

    34. Thor94

      6:10 lol i have this picture saved in my gallery since you uplouded the video

    35. mdxrling

      7:24 oof

    36. Voitekas

      7:42 to 8:05 best part of this video

    37. Cheeki Breeki Gaming

      5:53 looks a trailer for a new game: Old man fish throw

    38. Ainsley

      Finally u did one of These

    39. PandyStyle

      10:09 * Anomaly farts * HUfast automated subtitles: [Music]



    40. Harley Queen

      I think that you skall try palladins som time

    41. Attila Turcsik

      Please make more Minecraft with Papa 😃

    42. HotGreen

      i said kurwa more

    43. Jofa Annars bender

      8:03 HAHAHAHAHAH

    44. Marek _

      papanomaly throwing up vid

    45. Plazzor

      Love Streetman's old editing in some of the clips :) Btw how you found a new editor for the channel?


      00:00 -00:35 what a great way to start a video with a compilation of abusing papa

    47. Oskar Bergquist

      3:26 the funniest clip in this video xd

    48. Chancellor Palpatine

      You can think Papa as homeless meth addict version of Uncle Iroh he is wise and has beard but he does cocaine

    49. Huh

      Anomaly is 100% funny, papanomaly makes its 300%

    50. GamerHarder

      Gilla detta kommentaren om du kan svenska! 👇

    51. kubap 1111

      I wish i could be swedish virgin like anomaly. LOL

    52. KristoM Official Gaming

      Anomaly is so funny he needs to point out when hes being funny

    53. Qwertio

      Lol i love papa hes so funny, like if u think so too

    54. ImMrBossTurtle13

      More CS:GO case opning please

    55. random vigh be

      "content" i died on this xd

    56. ree man

      Do serbian snacks and drinks 🇷🇸🇷🇸 pls

    57. jude slakt

      i love the old dirty grandpa in your videos;)

    58. R2

      8:28 if u watch this in 2021

    59. Peter Griffin

      no longer sell merch?

    60. alakdan 20-20

      this is just wholesome

    61. Elroburien

      Dat tofu part killed me so hard lmaooo

    62. Sand Bitch

      Hello :)

    63. Guf 29

      I like the fart... It's true magic that you didn't shat yourself

    64. Kingen

      ordered your merch today. 75$ was the total with frakt

    65. dudNo noDud

      I want to see anomaly try beer plss do it

    66. Nikola Babic

      Hey Anomaly, i have one offer for you.I have huntsmen knife ruby float 0.003 and i want to sell it for real money, if u are interested in that reply to this comment.

    67. FeHaX

      Ur Videos are stupid... BUT I LIKE IT! yEiS!

    68. Pekka Kovanen

      Your rapper name is from now lil titty B-)

    69. Nikhil Bansinghani

      No one Anomaly abusing his dad : Best moments of 2020

    70. Leon KJ

      Intro] (Ja, men dehär funkar ju typ) (Om jag börjar med typ, jag venne-) (Alla rädd för Ludde, Stockholm, söder om) (Ludde knullar alla horor, dödar dom) (Snackar någon skit om Ludde eller någon vill ha beef) (Ludde fucking pull up, fucking mördar dom) Ayy!

    71. Auto SR

      Papa's life is like "hello", "yes" and yelling in German

    72. HotGreen


    73. DenyBart

      Why is the edit that good?

    74. YWG Volf

      Anomaly does not need to smoke weed, he is happy even without it.

    75. 0seker9

      You is DEVITO 2

    76. PeepFan911

      0:39 Ludde on crack xDD

    77. Shadow Storm

      10:32 anomaly is thicker than mamanomaly thats why they hide her because there is no mamanomaly there is anomaly and papaanomaly which is a coincidence that anomaly calls papanomaly daddnomaly

    78. Fisherman Production

      3:04 Me:compitation Anomaly:boom

    79. aurel _lel

      I sold the negev Mjölnir for 70 € a year ago and now it's just worth 850 €, anomaly if you're reading this please buy me a new xD

    80. BigBean

      papa's most popular quote. ''Yes"

    81. Justin Mxgalliard

      I wish my dad and I have the same relationship like this it would be nice to have good memories with my dad

    82. JonusoMa

      anermly i got knif from case! Verr you nice

    83. KinGG

      Alternate title : everytime I beat my father

    84. Işıl Buket Özdil

      just a timestamp for myself 6:06 . don't mind me

    85. Matthew Mize

      Anomaly & papanomaly doesn’t suit these 2 enough I think something like Swedish man-child and old alcoholic Viking is better

    86. Rafał Jaworski

      When will papa paint his own m249 system lock?

    87. UGL Void

      can we see papanomaly play guitar pls

    88. Arnel Kavazovic


    89. Dat Stranger

      Papa tortur

    90. IMovie

      No papanomaly where harmed during making this video.

    91. Václav Jaroš

      Very nice

    92. grub 1

      i wish my dad was like papa :c

    93. Kay

      Who tf cleans your house everytime you do such shit lmao

    94. Stolen Space

      Papanonaly? More like abusedbyanomaly

    95. High P

      5:24 this shit slaaps bro

    96. Russo

      Baba gamathafhucking ganouche

    97. BackyardBigman


    98. Sgt.UpYourFace

      This is best begining of the video soo far !! i love to watch someone trow up

    99. Jefete

      i love papa, anomaly not so much

    100. witecreper 17

      7:19 you can do a entire series of minecraft, it could be 2 AUTISTICS MANS PLAYING MINECRAFT