Best of CallMeCarson (2020 Edition)


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    Wanted to do a big compilation for 2019 but I'm late so now it's 2020. Enjoy!
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    Best of CallMeCarson (2020 Edition)

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    1. Joey Hover

      Wow, what an entertaining and funny content creator! I sure hope he didn’t manipulate any underage fans.

      1. Bix

        ok 😐

    2. Santiago Morelo

      What happened to carl

    3. Chopsic

      2:35 theres a fucking husk emoji underneath 2020 if you tilt your phone a bit

    4. Fred dayy

      Best of Carson 2021 0:00 long

    5. Hoobs

      0:13 yeah me too Carson Also what he did wasn’t illegal in his state so he’s not guilty of anything. Until a real report comes to the public he’s not in jail

      1. Aiden Rakow

        @Hoobs I never said you said that, I just didn't want people to misunderstand

      2. Hoobs

        @Aiden Rakow never said it was I said he was not guilty I never said he wasn’t wrong

      3. Aiden Rakow

        It's not illegal but it's not okay either

    6. UpAndAtIt

      So I'm guessing the 2021 Best Moments Compilation is on hold?

    7. Pain Or Goken I guess

      Worst of 2021 when???

      1. BX5

        worst of Weebs when??? I better see you there

    8. lucan

      sucks to say this but, goodbye carson

      1. BX5

        @Nihilista aight then who asked you to ask

      2. Nihilista

        @BX5 me

      3. BX5

        @Bix Who asked

      4. Bix

        @BX5 im laughing btw

      5. BX5

        Who asked

    9. its vince

      Oh gee golly boy! I can't wait for the 2021 version!

    10. scrufffyy

      man carson, ill always love your content, but you kind of messed up. your content will nont lose my support, but my suport for you yourself is gone. im sorry.

    11. Naomi Armstrong

      Sigh. I'll miss you, goodbye carson.

    12. Eko Gecko


    13. Marionette Hannah

      Ah this hurts.,. Come back carson.. I know you can recover and fix this so just stay the cheerful guy you always were...

    14. Ellen Wall

      I have no idea who he is... but he manipulated his fans like Onision manipulates his :) I was a fan of onision a few years ago when I was young and naive. The whole thing gives me the same vibes. I truly hope he has changed and the victims will get some sort of justice.

      1. Straif

        he didnt manipulate his fans like fucking wildcat did they were both consentual through the entire thing he didnt trick her into anything at all

    15. The Third Intellectual

      Hell yeah let’s start off 2021 right

    16. crashmax99 noot

      yall forget that they said there were other minors??? either way i do not care, i believe no one is past forgiveness so i forgive Carson and i don't want to loose him. carson, please continue making content when you are mentally ok, there will always be people on your side, and for now im one of those people. stay strong my heart goes ou to you.

    17. Atom VEVO

      This perfectly encapsulated the greatest moments of Carson’s career and I just pray that he gets through this, I still look up to him and I hope that he can still make great content someday. Thanks for all the laughs, Twas fun while it lasted.

    18. wanga

      cant wait for the 2021 one

    19. maryjane molly

      i just cried my eyes out for fucking ages and my eyes hurt I'm going to miss you carson you saved me. i have been watching for two years and you were my main comfort youtuber well I guess not anymore.

      1. superbalboabros

        Mr. Misty how does that make sense

      2. Mr. Misty

        @superbalboabros just like you bitch

      3. superbalboabros

        Go cry some more who cares he’s an obese incel

      4. Shadownate

        Yea, like, I love the videos and they’re so funny but I can’t watch them anymore really because I know what happened, a bit like Michael Jackson and his music, I feel wrong listening to it. (Also btw I see you know the album “Your city gave me asthma”, good album.

      5. anna zotkina

        I relate to u so much.

    20. Victoria Bramham

      Cancel culture is fucked but we still need to criticise where it's due (not age, ffs, it's a power dynamic issue). Still, it's sad to rewatch these and miss when we didn't know all that - can't imagine the internet is leading him down a safe path, bless him

    21. Turbkey Samdwich

      There probably won’t be one for 2021 ):

    22. gamer

      Your honor, you have asked my client a lot of questions today in court, but I have a question for you. One that I think will clear up quite a lot about this case. What... is the deal with airline food?

    23. Dough

      Best of 2021 will not be a very long video

    24. Jonake Robes

      The magnificent author postsynaptically clear because cook markedly rock till a questionable climb. astonishing, deep baker

    25. Sato0

      1:04:54 carson 2021 be like:

      1. Angel Ocadiz


    26. Hoeni Bee

      I hate how much I feel hurt. :/

    27. Daniel

      despite everything bad he has done, i gotta admit, that best of intro was fucking fire

    28. HerrAdermann

      No matter what the fuck happened or he did he will always shine in my heart as the hero of gaming and I just wanna say I will always stay behind you no matter what you do or will do!

    29. Castile

      pov: you're actually a decent percent who agrees carson did nothing wrong or not

      1. Mr. L

        Carson definitely did something wrong but I'm not ready to let go of him yet

      2. I hate Gacha

        Idaf too.

      3. aspengremlin

        ..yeah no

      4. Sarah Salmi

      5. SSDMGツ

        Thank you. All that I could say is I do not give a fuck about what happened.

    30. aesthetiqski


      1. aesthetiqski

        @Maddie you would think that if you’re 17 you would know not to send nudes-

      2. Turbkey Samdwich

        @Maddie you don’t have a say in who sticks up for who.

      3. Maddie

        @Turbkey Samdwich because he used his fame to get pictures of 17 year old when he was 19? He isn’t somebody to look up to

      4. Maddie

        @I’m Retro what

      5. I’m Retro

        They are not sticking up for him because he didn’t something wrong this isn’t just controversy because he said something he litteratley commuted a crime

    31. Bruh momentum

      I’m sorry all this has happened and the bad time Carson was going through l, we will all miss him

    32. CHIA YEE SHENG 2019

      Why am i crying

    33. some guy777

      Maybe its just an early april fools joke. Right?... right?...

      1. DepressionAndChill

        I wish

    34. Lane Ellison

      He did da bad bad.........😶

    35. dod dood

      Carson, youre not a bad person, you just fucked up, youre not a groomer or a pedophile, she was 17 while you were 19, theres barely an age difference, and its legal in a lot of states, the only thing to worry about is a cp charge from the nudes, and on the off chance this does go to court, theyre not gonna throw the book at you. Youre a genuine person who made a mistake, mini ladd did much worse and with a shittier fanbase and he still recovered kinda, dont do anything unreasonable, we're all worried about you, stay safe

    36. Talon

      I hope nothing bad happens either

    37. Kevin Prehm

      1:37:30 you don't know the power of *Shole Weat Bread*

    38. leemonfriend e


    39. AndyMurray0120

      Yikes am I right

    40. Icey.E

      12:07 is it just me or does Carson look really good in this?🤔

    41. Mathis Raymond-mourot

      Frankly I don't know you but I have the impression that you are cool I'm French by the way

      1. Shut App

        Yes, I love his humor.

    42. Chris Tovrea

      I hope nothing bad happened while I was gone. 😐

    43. OnyxVera

      Rip Carson

    44. Conner Kneisel

      Next video brat of prison

    45. bandsgt


    46. VHScott

      I'm literally bout to cry. I loved this man's stuff and he'd cheer me up even in the darkest of times and now just cuz he fucked up once, a bunch of cancel culture twitter addicts are going to end that for me and so many other people forever. I know he fucked up but I mean come on I can't even watch his content anymore without getting depressed and I really miss him and his community.

      1. I’m Retro

        I mean it’s still a crime even if it is legal in some places what he did was genuinely wrong.

      2. Tekton MC

        @JackBudi true, but it’s not just them. His fiends like jshlatt and traves r making it a bigger deal too. As soon as he makes a response people r gonna look at them like imalexx: just some people who betrayed their best friend over exaggerated drama

      3. JackBudi

        It really wasn’t as bad as the Twitter people think it was

    47. Joem Ama


    48. LD935VLCD

      Yeah man I hope nothing bad happened over the new year

    49. Ray Mak

      Has the saga ended yet?

      1. Ethapher

        Shut up. Not here.

      2. I hate Gacha

        No atm

      3. Zoren

        if you need to ask this, it's a no

    50. Woman Respector

      My comfort streamer :(

    51. Jam


      1. Redwinnations_


      2. Ethapher


      3. Geese Teeth


    52. AlexChamp

      you should do a best of 2021! love the content keep it up

      1. awakaxis' alt

        @PizzaDNA hey man i heard wood fired you from your job

      2. PizzaDNA


    53. Darth Vader


      1. I’m Retro

        Lol that got a laugh out of me but now all the Carson simps are gonna tear you to pieces.

      2. Turbkey Samdwich

        Wow very funny

      3. Geese Teeth

        @Darth Vaderoh i dont think so

      4. Darth Vader

        @Geese Teeth DID I STUTTER

      5. Geese Teeth

        @Darth Vader your lack of faith is disturbing


      guess we arnt gonna get a 2021 comp ???

    55. Hananah Chips

      Carson was the one person I could always depend on to make me laugh when I felt my world was falling apart. My heart is hurting.

      1. Turbkey Samdwich

        @I’m Retro Sam followed through and even encouraged Carson to send those pictures.

      2. I’m Retro

        @Turbkey Samdwich he is. There is no he’s not guilty he is guilty he committed a crime

      3. Turbkey Samdwich

        He’s not guilty

      4. Awsome Guy

        Just like Bill Cosby

      5. Dubstified

        I feel your pain

    56. Nicole cott

      the fact that we might never get this again :,). pain

    57. Colin Jensen

      19 and 17 could both be seniors in high school. It’s stupid. I’m 17, at least half of my friends have done something with someone over 18. It’s dumb and shouldn’t be illegal by default. Doesn’t excuse him being a manipulative lying piece of shit though.

      1. Turbkey Samdwich

        @Big Yoshi she was encouraging it tho

      2. Colin Jensen

        @BUTTERSKY11 Thank you.

      3. BUTTERSKY11

        @Big Yoshi The comment literally states that

      4. ____

        @Big Yoshi how exactly

      5. Big Yoshi

        It’s not the age difference it’s the fact he used his fame to manipulate her

    58. Michael Afton


    59. Game Carnival

      1:03:39 what a nice man at the dinner table, I hope he is texting of age people about non sexual activities

    60. The Cartoon Block Jaymarc

      18:59 uh oh this is stinki moment

    61. EagerTube

      2021’s is gonna be lit

    62. scraps

      But if you close your eyes

    63. DaBearz1027

      Can’t wait for the 2021 video compilation!

      1. Barn owl

        @aspengremlin Let him learn 😢

      2. aspengremlin anyone gonna tell him or do i have to

      3. Iskirito

        This poor poor soul

      4. Flaufie McFloof

        I mean one of us has to tell him otherwise he’ll be waiting a looooong time for that best of 2021

      5. Barn owl

        @Diedo momentas DONT YOU DARE

    64. Mason Chappell

      “Thank you all for making my dream come true” as it’s all falling apart cause he texted a 17 year old

    65. Greninja Lord97

      Something about poki being pissed bc carson killed her dog in minecraft

    66. Ronnie Bennett

      The intro he gave us in this video should be the return intro (if he gets back after what’s happening)

    67. Ppman 69

      Hope Carson figures a way out in the 2021 edition

    68. Amari Carmouche


      1. Turbkey Samdwich


      2. Joseph Joestar


    69. • VibrantDevil •

      1:03:34 ooooof

    70. Tristan Koppenhaver

      idc the man is still funny

      1. I hate Gacha


      2. Something Original


      3. Ppman 69

        Yeah tbh i still kinda want his career to be alive

    71. Galaxy25

      I'm assuming there's not going to be a 2021 edition

    72. Trumu

      Goodbye, old friend 😞

    73. Ender 6489

      I absolutely love how most of the intros or skits can be used as constant foreshadowing to what’s happening now

    74. Turtle Burrito

      We should’ve known he wasn’t getting better

    75. - Xhodia

      I still think he did nothing wrong hes 19 she was 17 thats a 2 year difference if a 16 year old can get pregnant by a 18 year old then why is this a problem

      1. I’m Retro

        Because the law is a thing and it dosnt matter 2 years is still an age gap it’s just illegal no excuses.

      2. Turbkey Samdwich

        @Reverse Sin where Carson is the age of consent is 16

      3. all, for nothing at all.

        @- Xhodia listen to everyone’s stories please

      4. - Xhodia

        @all, for nothing at all. and how did he manipulate his friends when he told them about it

      5. all, for nothing at all.

        Its about him being a manipulative piece of shit to his friends

    76. Haylee Brown

      I wish you best of luck with everything, I hope you get your life straightened out But for now, goodbye Carson. You made my 2019 and 2020 amazing, I hope you continue to do the same for other people in the following years

    77. SuckMy BigToe

      Bro everyone who’s saying “oh Carson imma miss this” just shut up he’s innocent. He was 18 she was 17. The age of consent in the state is 16.

      1. I’m Retro


      2. Cookie Monster

        @Eli Cramer this is gonna make me a shitty person but could you summarise it for me cuz it’s a long video and I don’t have the attention span to watch it all like it took me half a year to watch this

      3. Eli Cramer

        its not about the pedo allegations anymore, go watch The Narrators video on him, it explains everything about how he is a bad person

    78. ilovemonke112

      bruh people are just repeating "this didn't age well" in loop

    79. Ben Brooks

      6:01 didn’t age too well...

      1. CripticSoul

        This isn’t even funny anymore it’s just boring

      2. Ppman 69

        I swear to god im sick of these that didn’t age well jokes tho

      3. walter

        Ur gay

    80. D Po

      where's the clips of carson being a shitty person to the narrator?

    81. Alan Snackbar

      Looks like best of 2021 is cancelled

    82. King Cookie

      We all make mistakes and carson made one and everyone's on his ass about it

      1. I’m Retro

        @King Cookie dosnt fucking excuse you for breaking a law that’s like saying you can shoot someone because your friend did it before grow a fucking brain ( sorry for cursing)

      2. ____

        @dr,phill m&m hey buddy, you know what high schoolers are

      3. Tristan Koppenhaver

        @dr,phill m&m 15 year old cave man ooga booga monkey noises

      4. I like turtles

        @dr,phill m&m stfu you 15 year old go to your cave

      5. dr,phill m&m

        @Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss yo mama

    83. Erik Kihlstadius

      can't wait for the "2021 edition"...

    84. Beefy


      1. ____

        Both wrong and unfunny. Now this is an epic gamer moment

      2. Sprutzy

        @Beefy 😐

      3. Beefy

        @Sprutzy I know

      4. Sprutzy

        @Beefy got the whole squad laughing 😐

      5. Beefy

        @CripticSoul Thanks

    85. Funny Guy

      We'll you know, what he did was wrong, and I'm sure everyone will remember it. But the way I see it, it could always be worse. Yes, Carson made mistakes, mistakes that may haunt him for the rest of his life. But let's face it, we have all done something that we regret deeply. The thing about mistakes is, you need to learn from them and work on how to fix it. Everyone has their low points in life, this may be Carson's lowest. Now is his chance to do better, and show the world that It's never too late to change. And maybe then, we can all look up to Carson again. Maybe he can actually be the person we saw him as. Just maybe.

      1. Geese Teeth

        @aspengremlin they were dating, she was fine with it, she couldve just left but didnt and "claimed" carson groomed her

      2. aspengremlin

        @random youtuber don't give me hope

      3. aspengremlin

        @Geese Teeth do you have any proof that she was lying though. like, first hand evidence

      4. random youtuber

        I imagine this whole thing is going to be a huge prank that Lunch Club planned for for a while. And we were all fooled into thinking that one of our favorite HUfastr's is no what he seems. Yeah, this is gonna be funny.

      5. Geese Teeth

        That girl is lying, there was consent and she is just trying to get fame, i hate her

    86. ‎Syncc

      3:27 😬😬😬

    87. Shark Man X bro!

      I feel like his whole thing is gonna go down like OJ. Everyone likes him so much that they just block the whole 14 year old girl thing. Idk that's just how I feel.

      1. Ahegao

        @MEGAscrub consent is age 16

      2. Shark Man X bro!

        @MEGAscrub Oh ok

      3. MEGAscrub

        except that Carson was 19 and she was 17

    88. Oldfag ITT

      I will miss these days

    89. Ghisst L.W.

      Carson has a laugh that deserves to be in a Virtual Riot sample

    90. Ghisst L.W.

      Traves is sometimes the actual manifestation of Cheems

    91. tom71

      bye carson, ill miss watching your content

    92. Sharkbait

      "I'm gonna shake a child"

      1. hehe

        @walter hey

      2. walter


      3. hehe

        He is a man of his words

    93. Scope Pictures Animations

      This will be the last video I see from him, goodbye 👋

      1. aspengremlin

        @King Cookie doesn't excuse him for being a manipulative piece of shit and lying to his friends lol

      2. King Cookie

        @Scope Pictures Animations it was a fucking 2 year different cmon man

      3. Scope Pictures Animations

        I’ll stop watching

      4. Sock Snax

        Does this mean that youve stopped watching him yourself, or you think he will stop uploading

    94. Orange Man

      0:11 this one didn’t age quite so well

      1. Orange Man

        @Tapenyaki still a funny one bro

      2. Tapenyaki

        Please stop using this over used joke everywhere

    95. Zygy __

      2020: Best of Carson 2021: 😐(face of utter depression)

    96. HEY You're That One Dude

      Man....its hard to hate this guy.

      1. Polar vodka

        It hurts my heart but it must be done

    97. Ghira Nade

      how about best of 2021 edition (DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY THIS IS A JOKE)

    98. K1dd1e 28

      How are we not at 1 mil yet? Also Altrive is the best (and Carson).

    99. Payton Lawhon


    100. D4rK Cord

      why did u leave out ur underaged relationship 😔