Biden Victory Cold Open - SNL

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    Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.
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    1. Steven Correa

      Well Joe's going to fix it for us Terry Crew come help us.

    2. Somepicdude

      Cringe... these people cheering don't realize who they put in office. Beijing Biden isn't like that for no reason. The people of China Communist Party gave Biden that nickname for all of the jobs he brought to China from America since 1972. Now these low information voters are cheering for Biden like he is their savior, then Biden goes an appoints big oil leaders and literally everybody Obama had in his cabinet. Anyone that voted for Biden because of their pure spite and hate for Trump, you'll feel the failed democratic policies take a toll on you. We had Obama from 2008-2016. Notice how NOTHING CHANGED UNDER OBAMA, his best accomplishment was flaming division between racial groups, and completely ignoring inner cities like Chicago. Trump had given us a prosperous last four years for EVERY AMERICAN, we don't view people soley based on the color of their skin or their gender because that is RACIAL POLITICS/GENDER POLITICS/ E M O T I O N A L POLITICS democrats have used, and STILL USE (BIDEN and Every democrat fear mongering the coronavirus DURING FLU SEASON). The lack of common sense in the democratic party is sad. They vote Democrat no matter who, and the media calls trump racist which is the BIGGEST LIE I've ever seen. If Trump were actually racists, he would not have received 70m+ votes IN PERSON, WHILE WINNING THE HISPANIC VOTE AND THE BIGGEST MINORITY VOTE OF ANY GOP CANDIDATE. Then these same emotional voters voted an actual racist like Biden into office. I'm sure most liberal voters did not bother watching the RIGGED DEMOCRATIC DEBATES, like in 2016, the nomination was rigged for Hillary when they wanted Bernie. This year, Biden was the obvious pick, and KAMALA HARRIS CALLS OUT JOE BIDEN AS A FUCKING RACIST. She said he was responsible for the school bus segregation policies he signed in the 1970s. Then he chooses Kamala as VP after she calls him a racist? That is a very big accusation only for the GOP, why not Democrats? The democratic party was the party of slavery and the south, but most democrats are low information and don't bother looking at history. BEIJING BIDEN, first elected into office in 1972. A LIFELONG POLITICIAN WHO HELPED CONTRIBUTE AND SHAPE THIS COUNTRY INTO ALL THE ISSUES WE FACE TODAY. BIDEN MADE THE CRIME BILL THAT LOCKED UP MILLIONS OF MINORITIES. KAMALA HARRIS WAS A PROSECUTOR LOCKING UP MINIORITIES OVER FUCKING MARIJUANA IN CALIFORNIA BEFORE IT WAS LEGAL. The media played all of you, they played your emotions and made you look at Trump through their despicable lies. 90% of MEDIA (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNBC) ALL HAVE TIES TO CHINESE CORPORATIONS. China is paying for these "journalists" to talk straight propaganda that these low information voters eat up everyday because hatred for Trump is what gives them meaning. I am curious to watch the collapse of the democratic party when Trump is no longer there to blame for every fucking problem. Biden is already using Coronavirus as a new 9/11(patriot act we gave up data rights) and those data rights we gave up have become the BIGGEST ASSET to social media companies like FB/Twitter. Every wonder why Big Tech supports Biden so much and CENSORS TRUMP AND ANYBODY WITH A CONSERVATIVE VIEW? Because if people were to actually try thinking for themselves for once rather than living in the Liberal echo chamber, they would realize democrats like Biden sold out America in the 1970s with Pelosi, Feinstein, the Clintons, and the republicans that claim to be conservative but really go in favor of China in the end to become richer. Pelosi is worth 120 MILLION, ON A 200K A YEAR SALARY. THIS THEME IS VERY COMMON AMONG THESE POLITICIANS, and the democrats voted the ESTABLISHMENT THAT LED OUR COUNTRY INTO WHERE WE ARE TODAY. Congrats, you'll see how badly you guys fucked up when its TOO LATE. Anyone watching mainstream media is supporting the fucking CCP CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY that helped PELOSI set up the BIGGEST MAIL IN VOTING FRAUD THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. Just do some fucking research for once and think for yourself, stop being a victim, stop being told how to think by the media, stop being afraid to express your own views. Trump got the CCP to its knees, and now Biden will finish selling America to China to save the Communist party, and have it placed and America. WHY ELSE WOULD COVID HAPPEN 6 MONTHS BEFORE AN ELECTION COMING FROM CHINA, ALLOWING PELOSI TO IMPLEMENT MAIL IN BALLOTS AT THIS SCALE; WE'VE NEVER USED MASS MAIL IN BALLOTS TO CHOOSE A PRESIDENT. STOP BEING SHEEP LIBERALS. They don't want us to validate votes BECAUSE THEY KNOW WE WILL FIND FRAUD. IT'S IN YOUR FACE AND IF YOU IGNORE IT, YOUR THE REASON AMERICA MAY NOT BE FREE 10 YEARS FROM NOW.

    3. Nada

      Carey 2024 !!

    4. Ray Caballero

      I thought of a funny skit where Donald Trump could really be arrogantly posting after the election comes back that he won after a recount and you say things like for all of you that died of me Y'all can kiss my ass because I'm here for another four years set an off Would like to see if I could buy some skates for you guys whenever I feel inspired but just don't really know what steps to take in order to get the process going but I'm a huge fan of your show You guys not only have allowed legends to host your show you've also produce them by giving the app giving them the opportunity to be on the show in the first place

    5. Marylou Carroll

      Jim Carey does Joe Biden pretty well. But, Woody Harrelson becomes Joe Biden.

    6. Justfactsman2020

      ! Joe Biden Won? hahaha link:

    7. Chuck Brenner Indianashogman

      No victory yet

    8. Di I

      Til there was only a widdle bit weft." Get used to it loser.

    9. Jack Pullum

      Sudeikis is a better Biden

    10. Don Kooli

      Is that jim carry

    11. Bhas B

      Is the audience so dumb that they don't realise Biden and Harris are really Republicans under a different label? Both under corporate control.

    12. JON R Wieszchowski

      FLORIDA would like to Respond to Biden with a Big "SCREW YOU"..❗

    13. Max Life

    14. Mariano Molina

      Man,.. she nailed it!! She did an incredible job as Kamela, and she even sounds just like her!! Scary!! Hahaha

    15. Kakha Khmelidze

      This show is so legendary, so original, so pure and influenced so many similar shows on Earth. Jim is insane. Any other actors and actresses too.

    16. edith Copp

    17. rosana larosa

      Eh. Not very funny really. Just a bunch of desperate has beens.

    18. JShaunOG

      I want to be.....a macho man.

    19. Kimsherri Sanders

      Still funny...

    20. terrick1984

      "I know I'm supposed to a neutral anchor, but GODDAMN it that feels GOOD!" Gets me EVERY time!!😆😆😆

    21. Superstar Roundhouse

      Did anybody notice the recent mental outreach programs in place for thanks-giving !!!?? Better late than Never , but Seriously how the eff are they going to convince Full-Retard Republicans to actually seek help LMFAO Better include a No-Strings money incentive for the Greedy ;) )

    22. Thotsweeper

      Jim's still got it! So happy to hear tom ace's voice again in 2020.

    23. Scott Damsell

      Man what a disappointment Carrey is playing Biden. Watching Joe Biden incoherently trying to piece 3 sentences together is funnier that watching Carrey parody him.

      1. christopherc93

        Incoherently piece 2 sentences together? He does a better job than Trump at it. lol

    24. Danny Balint

      Journalists have strongly slanted the "news" during the Trump era in order to destroy Donald Trump's presidency, and to destroy it early if possible. Their actions betray that they feel they have important and influential platforms from which they can and should run America in between elections. The voters can have a say for about two weeks every two years. Recall 2004, when Newsweek's Evan Thomas admitted the press would go all in for Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees John Kerry and John Edwards, and that the effort would "be worth maybe 15 points." That wasn't enough in 2004. But what about in elections decided by 3 or 4 points? The media felt robbed in 2016 because they had tried so hard. And then they never let up. The president's being infected with coronavirus didn't even cause them to stop beating their war drums for a moment. In this election, it wasn't just the reporting power of the news media but the censorship power of Big Tech that could be credited with shaping the election. Fox News' Tucker Carlson said that "Democrats harnessed the power of Big Tech to win this election." In his partisan nightly newsletter, CNN's Brian Stelter mocked Carlson: "These are Jell-O arguments, all about emotion. But I suspect that this will be the go-to position for many GOP media stars: Trump was robbed, thus we were robbed -- no, we can't prove it, but we know it in our guts." This is not an emotional argument. You can watch the difference between CNN reporters at President Trump's press conferences and CNN reporters at President-elect Joe Biden's press events. It's the difference between rabid tigers and domesticated kittens. A new Media Research Center poll of 1,750 voters in seven swing states, conducted by The Polling Company, demonstrates how the suppression of news that was potentially damaging to Biden was successful: -- Forty-five percent of Biden voters were unaware of the financial scandals of Hunter Biden, which were wrapped up in then-Vice President Joe Biden's foreign-affairs power during Barack Obama's presidency. -- Thirty-five percent of Biden voters were unaware of Tara Reade's allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her on Capitol Hill when she worked for him. -- Twenty-five percent of Biden voters said they didn't know about Sen. Kamala Harris' left-wing ideology, that she was ranked America's most "progressive" senator in 2019. The media also suppressed good news on President Trump's record: -- Forty-nine percent of Biden voters had no idea economic growth surged by 33% in the third quarter of 2020, which would be unheard of if not for the extraordinary pandemic lockdown during the second quarter. -- The five preelection jobs reports from June 5 to Oct. 2 showed a record 11.1 million jobs were created in the summer and fall. But 39.4% of Biden voters said they didn't know about this good news. -- Fifty-one percent of Biden voters did not know that in 2018, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil for the first time in nearly 70 years. -- Forty-four percent of Biden voters had no idea that Trump's team had helped broker historic agreements between Israel and Arab nations. -- Thirty-six percent of Biden voters said they did not know about the administration's key role in promoting coronavirus vaccine research through Operation Warp Speed. In every case, Biden voters said they might not have been Biden voters if the "news" media had done their job and reported all the news, rather than burying stories that didn't match their manipulative narratives. One of every 6 Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories. This would have swung the swing states the other way. That's why the media hit the Mute button. Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog

      1. christopherc93

        I think Trump himself destroyed his own presidency.

    25. Matthew Spidell

      Snl fans are a bunch of sheep

      1. christopherc93

        I sense a butthurt Trump lover.

    26. J I

      Did you have to use God's name in vain I'm never listening to Saturday Night Live Again. You destroyed everything by being disrespectful to God. I'm Only One Small Voice probably no one else cares. But Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. A literal physical off of a way to die for the sins of the world. All done with Saturday Night Live.

      1. NaturallyNathalie2

        Why is God so sensitive?

    27. Madman the pope

      Black face cringe on SNL.

    28. Schon-Ray Joseph

      I remember when Maya's version of Kamala Harris announced that she dropped out she said "You could have had a bad bitch." Well I'm glad we do now.

      1. Steven Correa

        Terry Crew Maya Rudolph need to do a new movie part 2 of idiocracy. Joe's going to fix it.

    29. Golden Phoenix

      This is the real Joe Biden that the media wants you to forget. HSGAC_Finance_Report_FINALmypdf

    30. Soledad Chamberlin

      If I have ever have a daughter I'm going name here either name her Kamala Michelle Chamberlin or Michelle Kamala

      1. miko foin

        THIS IS AMAZING! ❤

    31. hblix2007

      Their voice modulation is pitch perfect.

      1. miko foin

        Everybody went crazy in the audience, just like on the actual speech😂

    32. Christopher Stratton

      Who else keeps re-watching this? Never gets old!

    33. Oshawott 63

      0:54 Yes it does.

    34. Andrew Miller

      Biggest heist in the history of politics. If republicans win the senate, then there’s zero point in Biden being president. Lol

    35. J2049

      The media a puppet to the extremist left

      1. NaturallyNathalie2

        You are not a citizen of the United States of America

    36. Sean Bassett


    37. Tania and Echo

      Subscribe here! We bet you would love our content

    38. Amy Liebert

      let me just watch this for the fourth time....

    39. WMR

      We won! I can't believe our cheating worked and we are going to get away with it..... lmao ha ha ha Hey Trump voters.... our hate trumps your love this year!!!

    40. Hazel summers

      you look AMAZING without makeup!!!

    41. proud2bpagan

      I bet Alec's never been so happy to see the end of a role,lol.

    42. proud2bpagan

      Those flags behind them can finally feel free to wave w/o fear of being humped by a President geeked out on Sudafed! #flaglivesmatter!

    43. Daniel Ryan

      Transition going ahead.get used to Jim Carrey back on tv.

    44. Jizolord69

      It’s safe to say SNL has Donald being: “The Trump that cried voter fraud.”

    45. OK America

      Biden slips

    46. Virgo princess

      Everybody went crazy in the audience, just like on the actual speech😂

    47. SaimonSSL

      In January Trump is going to get evicted and kicked out. Then he will have tuff time facing person, woman, man, camera, TV.

    48. sdelizabeth


    49. roblox cringe

      Nevada counting the votes: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 ok we will continiue tomorrow...

    50. Scott Roffman

      Cue the exploding heads......of 72 million Trump supporters!

    51. ghost town

      maya listing all the firsts that kamala is makes me really emotional ngl

    52. Joshua Wichner

      how the grinch stole Christmas

    53. Zee Gee

      Nice done Jim🔥

    54. OST

      SNL is played out....

    55. Heather Overvold

      I've missed Jim Carrey.

    56. Neonim Channel

      1:21 Just imagine if someone shot him at that moment Edit: I am not American so I didn’t notice that this was a comedy play. They are too similar

    57. Julian Augustus

      That dance! LOL!

    58. Vladas Vladas

      All congratulations to President Trump-he will cleanse the planet from Satanists and pedophiles.

    59. Xavier Maximin

      watching this again.. so many talents .. baldwin too. come on.. epic.. this is epic.. what a release maaaan hahaha

    60. gabz groove


    61. CLAY HEAD

      i liked this

    62. Kali Starchaser

      Jim Carrey fit that Biden impersonation... LIKE A GLOVE

    63. Michael Mike

      SNL Saturday Night Live with this Cast is back -

    64. Pierson Christensen

      " between us we check more boxes than an unqualified ballot..." Except the ballots were supposedly *qualified* and they disproportionately checked off only Biden and not Democratic senators. Your gas-lighting is intentional. We see you. You will not get away with this.

    65. hoang nguyen


      1. NaturallyNathalie2

        are u a Vietnamese?

    66. D0M3K1LL4PR

      I swear Florida is like that one turd that won’t flush no matter how hard we try LMFAO.💩😳😬🤣

    67. randy baumery

      Bidens the man, he's the leader. Kneel right down and kiss his peter.

    68. Asana chitgar

      aaawww god :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    69. S Dwyer

      The best!

    70. Pavel Konorev

      WTF, where is my comment?!

    71. Kelly Bills

      1:37 Why does that remind me of John Cena's face?

      1. doliio volay

        Thanks for posting this video....

    72. Justfactsman2020

      Phuck SNL, here's some comedy: Thanksgiving is Cancelled! The United Spot! link:

      1. doliio volay

        7:30 omg it’s him, it really is him. I knew he look familiar Lmao

    73. Cringe Master 9000

      Laugh while you still can 😉....🇺🇸

    74. Roman Vomalsi

      Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said after the US election that Kiev can get serious support from Joe Biden. Kostya Bondarenko is convinced that the former Ukrainian leader does not understand the essence of the issue. ... According to the expert, Poroshenko hopes that Biden in the presidential chair will remember the former friendly relations and support him. But it is better for the elected head of the White house not to touch the Ukrainian topic. "Forget about words like Ukraine, Burisma, the hunter Biden scandal, and so on," Bondarenko said. We are talking about the corruption scandal surrounding the Ukrainian private oil and gas company Burisma. Biden's son hunter was on the company's Board of Directors. The newly elected us President Joe Biden is a native of the Ukrainian nobility, said Valery bebik, a Professor of political science at the national University of Ukraine. "Few people know that Joe Biden is a distant descendant of the founder of the Zaporozhye Sich Vishnevetsky-Bayda. It was his great-great-great-grandfather-a London banker-who was given the gold of polubotka for safekeeping, thanks to which the United States of America rose," bebik said in the Ukrainian media. "Gold polubotka" - a popular pseudo-historical myth in Ukraine about how the "Jewish plutocracy" in the XVIII robbed Ukrainians.

    75. Franco Cousins

      It looks like Jim Carrey just got himself elected to SNL.

    76. DanBlob

      Genuinely had to double glance the thumbnail

    77. tconlon251

      I was thinking, if there’s a new episode on January 16th there should have a final farewell to the “Trump Cinematic Universe.” Trump (Baldwin) packs up his office and walks down the White House hallway to a procession of all of the supporting characters from the last 4 years: Pence (Beck), Ivanka (Scarlett Johansen), Don Jr (Mikey), Eric (Alex), Melania (Cecily), Rudy Giuliani (Kate hanging upside down like a vampire), Ben Carson (Kenan sleeping), Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), Rex Tillerson (John Goodman), Stormy Daniels (herself), Bill Barr (Aidy), Steve Bannon (Death), Mike Pompeo (Matthew Broderick), Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon), Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy), Robert Mueller (DeNiro), and Putin (Beck after a wardrobe change).

    78. 1stupidgenius

      @MayaRudolf... ur the lady!

    79. 1stupidgenius

      shout out to @Jim Carrey...

    80. Gina

      Biden 🎅🎄🎅 Rosie O’Donnel 🎅🎄🎅 ​Revenge!

    81. carriesteptoe

      It's been great seeing Jim again.Nobody does it like him LOL.

    82. Mason Kuldinow

      Truly amazing control and character dedication for Alec Baldwin to do this impression and not even break into a chuckle. When he starts singing macho macho man, it's just too funny.


      Maya Rudolph is playing Kamala Harris also a half Black and Half White!!

    84. Ian Himmelstein


    85. Swa69y Shark

      7:30 omg it’s him, it really is him. I knew he look familiar Lmao

    86. Swa69y Shark

      The first female? Wow, she doesn’t belonng in the White House, Kamala belongs in a museum 😂

    87. mark D'Agostino

      Wouldn’t it be great if they have a skit having Benedict Donald in bed with Melanoma . Cadet bone spurs telling her about his nightmares of Hillary as the Attorney General

    88. JOKER

      .....and Alec Baldwin does play the asshole Trump to the Tee

    89. De DuckOS

      Do you guys remember the Women of congress skit , I wish they took that concept further.

    90. 50gary

      Be very careful what you wish for..

    91. Jo

      Watch "LEGAL STRATEGY: Multiple Pathways To Victory | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 88" on HUfast

    92. J D

      I love the loser bit at the end, they know Trump is watching.

    93. J D

      I'm kind of disappointed that Carey will be the SNL Biden. I much prefer Woody.

    94. sliverjadedragon

      The iconic trademark looooooser 👎🚫

    95. label1877

      Lol...the AP has no authority to call my dog must less a presidential election.

      1. Daniel Ryan

        Transition now going ahead.get used to Jim Carrey back on tv.

      2. retnavybrat

        @label1877 Kennedy's election in 1960 being called by NBC: Carter's election in 1976 being called by NBC: (1976) Being called by ABC: Reagan's election in 1980 being called by NBC: (1980) Being called by ABC: The 2000 Election, as you know, was too close to call by the end of the night. Here's NBC ending its Election Night coverage with no winner called:

      3. robert kabus

        @label1877 while I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to in 1960, 1976 or 1980. doing a bit of research, in 1960, the New York Times called the election for Kennedy at midnight and Nixon conceded the next day. in 1976, multiple news agencies called the election for Carter around 3:30 am in the morning. 1980 was the first election where news media used exit polling to call the election, and it was such a landslide NBC projected Reagan the winner at 8:15 est, well before most of the country's voting polls had closed. now the 2000 election is a different matter all together. remember, the entire election was decided by Florida, and there was less than a 1000 vote difference. even so, media outlets called the election for Gore, then rescinded that and called it Bush. so with the exception of 2000, which was a very close election, the other 3 were decidedly won by the candidates the media outlets projected. now compared to this year's election, which resembles the outcome in 1960, 1976 and to a lesser extent 1980 ( because, gd did Reagan have a landslide ), this election nears no resemblance to 2000. so this constant demand to invalidate votes or recounts is essentially pointless, as it will not change the outcome of the election.

      4. label1877

        @retnavybrat Why was it not done in 1960? Or 1976 not 1980 or the famous hanging chad presidential election in 2000? So... as you were saying...

      5. retnavybrat

        Calling an election is basically the news outlets coming to a conclusion that a certain candidate is going to win based on the votes already cast and the most likely result of any remaining votes. They've been doing the same thing for every presidential election for decades, yet this year some people are acting as if they've never heard of this before.

    96. Mrssea Sea