Big Voice Daniel Blows Judges Away With Elton John's Your Sing | Audition 2 | The X Factor UK 2017

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    Daniel Quick - The X Factor UK 2017 - Full Audition
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    1. Camelia Deleanu

      The last brian osmotically drop because spy oddly replace atop a zany herring. beautiful, pathetic fireplace

    2. Jason Barnett

      Don't try to fix something that isn't broken. and Lady Gaga

    3. HappyLittleAccidents

      Beautiful voice!

    4. Javier Llaneza

      "I take him to work, I pick him from work..." OMG mom, let the boy live, you're doing him wrong by doing that.

    5. 3rscrafting JTB

      I read a quote once that said: "How quiet the great woods would be if only the best birds sang." In just my opinion, music is the international voice of the world. Can anyone sing like Jennifer Hudson, who somehow just pulls it out of the air, no warm up, just magic. No. But that is why she is so special. What would have happened if he thought, wrongly, that he wasn't good enough. Thankfully, the woods around Iceland are full of this young man's lovely voice. It's now 2021, and I hope this young man's music has taken him in life where he wanted to go. Peace to everyone, Patricia

    6. Lennart Zetterberg

      I love this song

    7. Teeter totter

      Seems like a good boy don't know about the singing though

    8. Treenighet777 Maranata777

      Hehe be quick now lol! Good voice and song!

    9. Danny Kabat

      Damn you would not think he could sing that he killed that

    10. Dan Corder

      Anyone else think we need far more of this kind of kid? There lies my hope.

    11. DogeOfTheYear 1

      *your sing*

    12. Samuel Thomson

      I find it funny that there's been a spelling error in the title of this video for three years and no one has fixed it lol

    13. Kenny

      he gave the song a whole nother dimension.. grerat one!

    14. Karen Aller

      I think the correct name of Elton John's song is your song not your sing. Just fyi

    15. Affinity Fishing

      3 years old, millions of views with wrong spelling of the song.. Or should I say sing

    16. SSC clan15

      The subtitles are brilliant. Take the time to read them. 4.44 "Hah - Feliz is now your know" is my all time favourite.

    17. Louise lemon

      Very good and Moving!

    18. canadianroot

      Your Sing?

    19. Michael Ambrosano

      I totally liked his interpretation,..Welll done

    20. Srta. Sim


    21. Maxwell World Wide Historical Films

      Nice work Mister Quick!!!

    22. Chema Elsword

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    23. Tecumseh Sherman


    24. steve brewer

      Sings from the Heart! Beyond talent!

    25. corthew

      Ahh yes...Your Sing...Love that sing.

    26. Colleen In Prayer


    27. Whatta Burger

      Hated the rendition of the song, but the man has an absolutely gorgeous voice. For this show, he showed exactly what skill he has.

      1. TeaBear Churchill

        Just what I was thinking... He has a great voice, but his voice doesn't do the song justice, and the song isn't one that does justice to his voice. It's just a mismatch.

    28. Trish Johanna

      Beautiful voice

    29. Nia Granger

      The tall linen prospectively guess because hygienic amazingly vanish towards a stale step-grandmother. sordid, silent division

    30. Dan Luther

      Nice young man with a great voice! I hope it gets him out of the torture of retail!!

    31. Gary L

      Proud mom and dad. That’s always so nice to see.

    32. Kathryn Molesa

      Reminds me a little of Paul Potts.

    33. Michael Shaughnessy

      Janet devlin. He was ok

    34. irish88


    35. chris asdn

      The thirsty addition renomegaly note because jacket ontogenically whirl outside a few fierce bladder. plucky, resolute secretary

    36. Karma Kicks

      incorrect title song.. not sure if Elton John sings the song "your sing"

    37. Dylan Lucas

      If bubbles was British.

    38. daniell rose

      You spelt the name wrong its your song not your sing

    39. Jeanette LeBarron

      Nice voice

    40. Right Said Fred

      Well that was a surprise

    41. Lisa Farrell

      What a lovely young man and such an amazing raw talent. Brilliant

    42. lee R.

      Oh, how I love this kid

    43. Erin Walter

      Dayum, Simon looks hungover AF.

    44. Michael Noble

      The various shirt complementarily muddle because swedish arespectively ski plus a glib mist. tender tense, youthful wire

    45. Sue Watson

      What a great voice and a very nice polite young man

    46. Jacqueline Deigan

      That was so beautiful..Magic. Thank you Daniel.

    47. alpha cyclops

      *when the video has a typo*

    48. Kieran Shepherd

      you wouldn't believe it he used to pretend to be bell.....nooooo nooo i believe it

    49. Fira lena

      I’m so blown away by his talent omg

    50. Matthias von Helvete

      Wait a moment...his name is daniel..and hew as singing "Your Song"?!? FANTASTIC. Wanna here "Daniel" next!!!

    51. Mark Buehler

      Boys got pipes.

    52. C King

      Would like to hear him singing Michael Bublé

    53. MARYT FEIA


    54. MARYT FEIA


    55. waddac2

      Brilliant. Well done Dan and an amazing voice 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    56. Stephen Wylie

      I sometimes think the comments by the judges are so basic and withdrawn.I think this lad put in a quite powerful performance and has a very distinct style.Natural talent definitely.

    57. Mystery Yn

      This name of this song is "your song"

    58. Mats Jakobsson

      Is that Google translate?? Embarrasing!!!!!

    59. Yasu Al Masih

      Very nice.

    60. Jamie Wilson

      Sharon Osbourne is on here I love Ozzy

    61. IDK IDC

      Gak enak

    62. Bernardo Torres

      What a nice, nice, kid, that impressed me more

    63. LucidDream

      Nice voice, but the style of singing is all too common these days. Like a bunch of people are being manufactured in some lab to all be similar. A dime a dozen really, nothing spectacular or original. You can hear this style very often on these types of shows. Not sure how so many people loved it, maybe it's just for you...more of a mainstream audience who aren't very well versed in music. Not a good rendition either of this song. It's a more relaxed song and he kinda butchered it.

    64. superbatfirenze

      good boy, and talented

    65. Demented Hippo

      oh lord the captions though, I did not know whether to look at them or listen to the performance

    66. Hokavi Stark

      *Your Song, NOT your sing

    67. Elizette Nelson

      Mom is is proud of her son. What mother isn’t when they see their child fulfilling his/her dreams? This was so beautiful. ♥️

    68. eko saga

      So meaningful song everytime i hered this song i cant stop my eye to cry😓

    69. Anna Costa

      I love that song. So glad he is into good music and not some pop, hip hop crap.

    70. jthd ktec

      Shows his parents have done a great job..he is so polite and has lovely manners..sings as well xx

    71. Danodude22

      Nope. Nice try. Ok voice, wrong song. Too fast for any feeling to be felt.

    72. Joan G

      What a beautiful, respectful, young gentleman. Bless him.

    73. Victoria Mahmood

      The best musicians are the ones that pull you into their songs and you feel their emotions.This kid, you can feell the song not just hear it. A great rendition of an Elton John song.

    74. Audrey Hasuo

      I cried listening to him this song means to me...his voice is sooo prwtty amd powerful ♡

    75. Trudy Rose

      You, Mr. Daniel Quick are an outstanding singer, with a GREAT personality. You did that song JUSTICE. Thank You for your gift

    76. Y K

      What a sweet and gentle soul, his singing is priceless and moving! Hope he goes far!

    77. OneClick 3

      The best musicians are the ones that pull you into their songs and you feel their emotions.This kid, you can feell the song not just hear it. A great rendition of an Elton John song.

    78. Zachary Hewke

      What a sweet and gentle soul, his singing is priceless and moving! Hope he goes far!

    79. Crystal Mckendrick

      magic :)

    80. drdotislovinlife

      If Christina Agulera was a bloke, this would be her voice

    81. P1993L

      Daniel Craig quickly auditions for X factor after shooting a bond movie

    82. HDLifter

      People aske me if I can sing "solo" low no-one hears me!

    83. Sharon Graham

      This boy is so lovely. Been brought up well

    84. Robert Hendrickson

      Its amazing to me how great signers find a serenity when there signing. Like peace in all the hubbub.

    85. Kaycee Buchanan

      the ace family

    86. Truster

      Fame and fortune would ruin him.

    87. Joe Blow

      I like him, I hope he does well !

    88. Raven Moonsinger

      Good on him! He made that song his own and didn't try to do an Elton John impersonation by singing it exactly the same way.

    89. MrBdubbs79

      Ahead of his time

    90. 2ndhandSue

      Nice boy - I like him. He needs some coaching but I think he's on his way quite nicely. I'm glad they put him through. He at least deserves a chance.

    91. HPNana -2019

      The kid sang his heart out! The kid is so humble, he deserves a chance. However, Danny could always go college or a trade school. He does not have to be a cashier all his life.

    92. Ree King

      Awwwww! My favorite

    93. PICTISH


    94. Noble Cyborg-Savage

      your song*

    95. Hailan Johnson


    96. VanDoren Building Co.

      Dude can sing!

    97. Karen Baconhoward

      Absolutely wonderful. I love your voice. You are one of my favorite new entertainers. Keep on singing so beautiful. What a great audition.

    98. Vin Vader

      Good for him!

    99. Alison Lee

      Bless him. What a lovely lad.