Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video

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    After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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    1. MrDushh -_-

      All Hail King Bjorn!

    2. Дмитрий Русский

      Какой же бред...Последний сезон просто невозможно смотреть.... Козловского нужно гражданства лишить за такие роли))))

    3. rich gee

      The obsequious temper utrastructurally talk because kamikaze enzymatically apologise an a cheap destruction. striped, whimsical drive

    4. Victor Ray

      I wanted ivar my best character to win. Don't like the way it ended.

    5. Royce Lerwick

      Whataa loada bullshitta...madupa some English historiania...

    6. Raymond Armatino

      Whose that dude BJORN? Was he from the MTV Reality shows

    7. Davae Dein

      They should have ended the season after this battle. Everything after this was complete trash

    8. Randy Lahey

      Too bad an ad plays every 5 minutes rendering season 6 unwatchable

    9. TheRetirednavy92

      and yet I cry.

    10. Alex Hogh

      Wow, 10 millioner visninger og bare 100 tusen abonnementer fra kanalen, da videoen ikke tok 10 millioner engang for å komme tilbake

    11. Yes we can- travel constantine

      Now Bjorn with Ragnar and lagertha 😔😔

    12. n i n d h a

      B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G -L-o-V--S-e-X-----۞------------ Here ▶️▶️ √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание

    13. luigi nicoletta

      The great

    14. Professor Abz

      *This series took me by surprise in lockdown.* *Probably one of the best shows i’ve ever seen.*

    15. Cris Cris

      Only that short part is interesting in all 10 episodes.In rest weak and boring.Vikings are only until Ragnar and the revenge of him.

    16. LiberRaider

      I must be a sexist because the women in the battle scenes just sorta ruin it for me. I know there were some exceptions but women on the front line like that just seems sorta goofy.

    17. SpaceGreenSmoke

      So I'm just here listening some vikings music and then suddenly getting hard spoiled by this video title and thumbnail appearing on the playlist Thank you Amazon Prime for punishing me for watching it too late

    18. Irish Mick


    19. Laurent Parodi

      The only guy who could survive those injuries would be Marshall Oudinot one of the most badass military commander of all time.

    20. Alien

      i got bad ending on witcher 3 wild hunt

    21. lowbaider

      i haven't seen the series yet ... that was epic and i have to say that this excerpt convinced me to look at the whole thing

    22. MillerkillerAK47

      Bjorn rest in Valhalla 😢

    23. Cory Smith

      It's 85 degrees in my house and I still get chills to this scene !

    24. SLICK GT

      Man i used to say how come those people cry over movies its all fake and acting but this episode this episode moved something in me. This is the first time a genuinely cry from a series or movie. What a scene man. No wonder it would leave a mark on me forever. Thank you bjorn ironside/ alexander for this scene😔❤️❤️

    25. t3359

      Just like how Ragnar sacrificed himself to rally his troops.


      Я думал это Юсуф раисов

    27. TRUTH

      I loved the series.. but in the end everything was pointless.. there were some scenes in the series that just didn't make sense..

    28. YTGYGY

      See you in valhalla my brother true king ❤️

    29. Roman Yarkov

      О, а Козловский как там оказался?

    30. ZiniDaTiKažem

      Stupidest season ever

    31. Ангелина Верная

      Викинги ! Честь и достоинство вам .

    32. Сергей Карстен

      ну да норвеги захотели стать Русскими! ! даже историю изменили!

    33. paulette ricketts

      That’s not the way he died they need to tell the story write

    34. Melih

      Şu rusların kralı hiçbir zaman istediğini alamadı vikinglerden. Nerden bulaştım bunlara diye beddua ediyordur. İhtiyarı yaktı, çığlıklarından zevk almayı planlıyordu adam master yi meditasyonu yaparak öldü gıkı çıkmadı. Harald kaçtı, bjorn ölümsüz çıktı. Adamın suratı sürekli " bu nedir, ne içiyor bu amına koduklarım " tepkisinde idi.

    35. Peter Mims


    36. Вова Водкин


    37. Lalit Kumar11

      the 6th season ended from this scene.

    38. DonT [Touch]

      Брен Железнобокий

    39. copsKIPISH

      Русские есть?Это новый сезон?

    40. Di Huy

      I love u girl

    41. Skywrath

      What's the soundtrack in that video?

    42. Ironside5618

      Ragnar and Bjorn are basking in their tales of triumph.

    43. Yagura Inuzuka


    44. Loki Dee

      Valhalla or Valhell

    45. f f

      Yeah but you can change he's channel

    46. Michael Edwards

      His Uncle Rollo is quite literally my 42nd great grandfather.....

    47. Ragnar karlsson

      spoiler have not even got the last season sweden yet :(

    48. GM-Saad

      which season did this moment happened am i loosing the series or something ?

    49. А.Х. Dance


    50. SerhaTFitness

    51. High Marshal Helbrecht

      Even though Bjorn was king of Sweeden here he is apparently king of Norway

    52. Mecurian

      Uh... why are there so many women there? I stopped watching after Ragnar died, but it seems that this series really fell to wokeness. I mean there were the odd woman warrior in history, but they were extremely rare and far between. Having Lagatha as a warrior made sense for that reason, but now... they are everywhere.


      Release vikings in india too prime video

    54. Alfaid Ali

      Can't get over this video

    55. Neil Murray

      Ridiculous. One arrow in the face and game over.

    56. Kevyn Barnhart

      I rather like the fact that Bjorns last act was defeating Ivar

    57. Alex Mason

      Who is chopping those god damn onions...

    58. Homie

      Badass scene


      is vikings season is end or not ??

    60. Rilee Hupart

      One of the best scenes in this series

    61. Dustin Mcallister

      The one thing I've noticed in this clips is IP man thinks women are weak the one drink man needs to learn is that women can they just as equal is one of us no matter how strong no matter how smart are no matter how we think we're better than individual women can do just the same as a man when it comes to the battlefield or in real ID women are just as strong as men

    62. BFG Gaming Australia

      I too was an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the chest, and an arrow to the chest, and another arrow to the chest

    63. Boser Hund

      so they waited for him to eat 10 arrows so they can show up? :/

    64. Andre Alexandre

      Alguém escreve em português

    65. Daenerys Targaryen

      Amazing music.

    66. CT1609

      This is so historically NOT accurate but I guess it makes great TV

    67. Пётр Павлуков

      2:13 theyre all mortally terrified

    68. Teddy Tell

      Best scene ever in a serie!! So Epic!!

      1. bouytt guyt


    69. TDFXX

      I really expected him to come back after the witch did her thing

    70. SwordFish

      It is ironic to see that although Harold gets the kingship of Norway by bribing other rulers, ultimately it's Bjorn who stands up to the threat of invaders and rallies the whole country against them.

    71. Oma 101

      مرتاح الحمد لله.

    72. Christopher Knight

      he looks like he could really be ragnar's son in real life

    73. Daniel Green

      Go on Bjorn What a Man!

    74. Samira Elmoustaidbellah

      Amazing scene for a great king of Norway

    75. Elon Lothbrok

      Ragnar is gone now Bjorn. I'm definately calling quits on Vikings.

    76. عبد العزيز القحطاني

      الله ينصرنا عليكم

    77. Nela Nela

      I am not crying... i am sobbing This scene is just...

    78. Almeida Imi


    79. PatrickFtw

      What a moment

    80. TANKE BS تانكي

      byee bjorn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    81. Keshav Goyal

      pls name the song

    82. Coding in Flow


    83. MrThebarron007

      so they went full feminist in he last seasons of vikings? glad i didnt watch

    84. Jamie-Lee Norman

      Lol. Evil be the leaders, but we the people are not like you, and will not follow your ways and be evil. Our future be light not darkness!!! Lol

    85. Renaldo Soleyn

      wow who else started looking episode asap

    86. Ares

      The real King!

    87. Jonathan Summerfield

      I think I have never felt that much hate in a tv series as for IVAR....

    88. Henry Jurkiewicz

      I cannot be doing with females warriors.

    89. Purevee Sainjargal

      It is the mortal combat Mongolian have greet great warriors

    90. Игорь Владимирович

      Эпично,и мощьно

    91. Bolgar Balgarinov


    92. symmetry08

      Funny thing is that Russ and Scandinavian people, genetically, most closest kingship people.

    93. Zhan Duisen

      Хрень полная! 😏

    94. Festus Conteh

      If you really enjoyed this series leave a like!

    95. Hanibaltherogue

      Better than GoT ever was!

    96. Surreal

      What a bunch of feminists this show turned into

    97. Forastero

      Why in TV the armies never have scouts 🤔

    98. Vlad Tataru

      Einar Selvik, a master at his craft, as always. Thank you.

    99. Bona Venture

      This episode got me in all