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    1. Astella tella

      Where's the 'Pretty Savege' Dance Pratice YG??? PS have a choceography, why did do? It's already December soon into a 2021 and PS song is the 2020, October song. Please do a PS dance practice. Thank U, hope u read this. Thank U again.

    2. Matarafu

      4 Love icon of Blackpink : Jennie Rosé Jisoo Lisa

    3. Matarafu

      After watching this video, I will immediately dance.

    4. •Princess Gacha•

      They are good at dancing! They are really great!🤩🤩💖❤💖❤💓💓💘💘💗💗💖💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    5. Jeremy Berimy

      I guess can dance to this unlike HYLT. Lmao. Is it just me? My bias constantly changes in every BP content I watch. Fell into the rabbit hole because of Rosé (after watching Netflix docu). Then it became Jennie after watching their coachella stage. Then it became Lisa after delving into their MVs. Then it became Jisoo after watching 24/365 & BP House, and fan made contents. I guess I'm an OT4 Stan. I'm a new blink and I wanna say let's all support each of the girls and make sure no one gets left behind :)

    6. Мираида Муралиева

      I love you Black pink 💖💜👑

    7. Raphael Castro

      Ay. Love. Ate. Jienei. And. Ate. Rosa

    8. Christ-Anne Arquiza

      lmao those 65k unlikes doesn't know what does perfection mean,btw this is my mom's account and i saw her search history 'blackpink full album' 😅❤️

    9. Tutus Aulia


    10. Tulip Rio

      Please watch my Boombayah cover. I am a 13 year old Indian girl who dreams to become an idol. Please support me. Blackpink is my inspiration. Thank you blinks

    11. Robbie Geoffry

      They aren't princess because they're QUEEN

    12. 김용환


    13. Patria A. Wijaya


    14. dış minnak


    15. Susanna Lalayan

      Who like Jisoo,like

    16. Abdul Wahid



      내가 좋아하는 노래 정말 재밌어

    18. BLINK ARMY

      Dance practice rasa MV ya bund❤

    19. JOJO Anu

      Blackpink I love❤️ you

    20. JOJO Anu

      blackpink sa inyong lugar

    21. Mơ Mái

      Blackpink ❤❤❤💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖💗💗💗

    22. luana XD Segui

      Hello you loveee ❤😍 rose lisaa jenie jisso

    23. Princess Salvaloza

      Blackpink lovesick girls is my favorite dance

    24. Erick Siar

      Uiyugerreeriui Putri

    25. Merelle Shayne

      Blackpink's song "Ready for Love" is stolen by Junokim *watch here. Here is the proof. pls be informed blinks!

    26. Merelle Shayne

      Blackpink's song "Ready for Love" is stolen by Junokim *watch here. Here is the proof. pls be informed blinks!

    27. Yeti Ratnasari

      ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡love blckpink 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    28. farhana asim

      Not to be weird but this song really gives me comfort

    29. ꧁Akira꧂ Mak

      I'm going to take you!

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    31. Lusi Lusiani

      Go to 100M

    32. Amel Amelia

      Love Lisa manoban😍😘dia paling cantik

    33. Elliana Melody

      Wow so nice

    34. 제니김


    35. Lhyzia reyes

      I miss blackpink so much becuase i dont know if blackpink is banned in south korea so blackpink is no longer uploading in youtube or is blackpink just waiting for next year to make another song?!?!?!?!!??!??!!?!?!!!?!?

    36. Ta Ra Aui

      Pretty Savage DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO Please.

    37. Ethan Mainkra:V


    38. if you don't agree just ignore bye

      9.6M left to hit 100M

    39. Suria Azura

      i love black pink and bts

    40. Huyền Đoàn Thị


    41. Vivvushy LJJR

      Hi blackpink , I am from India and I am your biggest blink and commmented in many account but no reply and I am practicing all ur dances , and I am studying 8th means I am of 13 years Akka (sister) Love you a lotssss blackpink Jisoo + Jennie + Lisa + Rose = BLACKPINK in ur area ... 💜 Hope you will reply me a day My name is R.Vivega 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    42. José Manuel Sayago

      저만 ㅔㅕ얃ㄱㅁ 채ㅜㅐㅊㄷ김ㄴ

    43. Khin Kha

      Stream how you like that!

    44. Oktara Fajar R

      Love blackpink

    45. Elena Viktorovna

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    46. Suman Ghimire


    47. Dessa Mae Base


    48. Angelo Camit


    49. Novah Jane Soberano


    50. alzena 202

      Hai. BLACKPINK. Bisa. Bahasa Indonesia. Saya. dari. Banjar masin

    51. bts lover

      Am I the only one who is worried for rose

    52. BellAnishhh basir

      Ji soo so pretty,you all pretty, I LOVE BLACKPINK😘💖

    53. flash gameplay

      I have a dream in be a singer in k pop But I'm from Brazil 내 꿈을 이루도록 도와 줄 수 있니?

    54. Miguel Hernandez

      Soy su fan black black pink vivo en México qué alegría

    55. Kimberly Chacha

      I love your video blackpink and hi

    56. Lan Tay


    57. Diego Iván Dezza

      Hello, my name is diego , I am Argentine, my English is very bad, but my friend Kiara, who is a very fan of your song, did the same dance as you and did it great

      1. Diego Iván Dezza

        If you could send her a greeting it would be great as it would make her very happy.

    58. Erlyn Alexander


    59. Riza Jane Naelgas


    60. mario baque

      Las amo desde latinoamerica 😍😍😘😗😙😚🖤💗💓🖤❤❤❤

    61. Loving Bts

      We are the lovesick girls❤️✨

    62. Loving Bts


    63. Loving Bts


    64. imkingpuan


    65. 빛나는AngeliqueLeigh

      Blinks: checking if they already like it Blonks: checking if they already dislike it

    66. Nerlyn Rebello


    67. Qwerty Qwerty

      I love black pink dance😍

    68. Jillian Obando

      The best Song of BLACPINK

    69. lezlyn pitallana

      New song pls

    70. nurin hisham


    71. M L

      Me: trying to focus on other members Lisa: Nope not today sweetie :)

    72. mldhryti

      Hayuk ee 100 milion

    73. Riolish_ Chanel

      If i can choice 1more member . I see Lia Secret number 😍💓


      de peru me gusta mucho su contenido aligual que a mi prima nos sabemos coreografias lo mejor mas bien sigo esperando el siguiente temazo que estoy segura que reventara en redes soy la fan numero1 de BLACKPINK . LO MEJOR

    75. berkah net01

      Aku kesel tau karenakan kalian kesukaan aku tapi yang paling aku suka kak Jennie Kim

    76. berkah net01

      Kak ada yang hina kalian

    77. To na área kpop ofc

      Lovesick girls clip: 270 milhões Teremos que bataer 300 milhões e a próxima é 350 milhões.. Lovesick girls dence practice: 100 milhões e a próxima meta é 150 milhões de visualização

    78. Jessica Angeline De Eloisa Tobing

      Who's watching in december?

    79. Chunling Fan

      I LOVE THE Outfits

    80. Marquelha Oliveira


    81. Pure퓨어

      { Lovesick Girls(가사)} 제니(Jennie) : 영원한 밤 창문 없는 방에 우릴 가둔 love what can we say 매번 아파도 외치는 love 리사(Lisa) : 다치고 망가져도 나 뭘 믿고 버티는 거야 어차피 떠나면 상처투성인 채로 미워하게 될걸 끝장을 보기 전 끝낼 순 없어 이 아픔을 기다린 것처럼 지수(Jisoo) : 아마 다 잠깐일지도 몰라 우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까 로제(Rosé) : But I don’t care I’ll do it over and over 내 세상 속엔 너만 있으면 돼 블랙핑크 : We are the lovesick girls 네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어 We are the lovesick girls 이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어 But we were born to be alone Yeah we were born to be alone But why we still looking for love 리사(Lisa) : No love letters no X and O’s No love never my exes know No diamond rings that set in stone To the left better left alone 제니(Jennie) : Didn’t wanna be a princess I’m priceless A prince not even on my list Love is a drug that I quit No doctor could help when I’m lovesick 로제(Rosé) : 아마 다 잠깐일지도 몰라 우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까 지수(Jisoo) : 불안한 내 눈빛 속에 널 담아 아프더라도 너만 있으면 돼 블랙핑크 : We are the lovesick girls 네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어 We are the lovesick girls 이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어 But we were born to be alone Yeah we were born to be alone Yeah we were born to be alone But why we still looking for love 로제(Rosé) : 사랑은 slippin and fallin’ 사랑은 killin’ your darlin’ 아프다 아물면 또 찾아오는 이 겁 없는 떨림 지수(Jisoo) : 들리지 않아 what you say 이 아픔이 난 행복해 나를 불쌍해 하는 네가 내 눈엔 더 불쌍해 블랙핑크 : We are the lovesick girls 네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어 We are the lovesick girls 이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어 로제(Rosé) : 모두 결국 떠나가고 내 눈물이 무뎌져도 아프고 또 아파도 제니(Jennie) : But why we’re still looking for love 휴우 힘들었다ㅏ...

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    83. Dr.ahmadpaghe 2000

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    87. Sannie Cute

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    90. Addy bln

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    91. ali qwasmh

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    92. medelenesantos santos pereira manu


    93. Nursu Er Official

      Hey dear Blink friends, i'd be happy if you listen to my *Crazy Over You* cover. 👉 Waiting for your comments 💜💙💁 Thank you!

    94. وهج السبيعي


    95. carolina sola puga

      me encanta esta cancion :v

    96. danlyn morez

      I love BLACKPINK

    97. Andrea Perez

      Ame esa canción hermosa,la ame y la bailo todos los días despierto con esa y me levanto con esa qué bien que ya tengas mas suscriptores entre los (100 mil) una de ellas soy yo te quieroooo😘❤💞

    98. Arda T.kahraman

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