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    'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' & 'We Will Rock You' songs, cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation
    You can watch the FULL and UNCUT Radio Gaga and Hammer to Fall songs at
    Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture.
    Best Actor was also awarded to Rami Malek by 2019 Oscars, Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA.
    Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert.
    Kudos to a brilliant performance by the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018
    00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody
    02:56 Radio Gaga - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at
    06:15 Hammer to Fall - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at
    09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
    13:07 We Will Rock You - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
    14:27 We Are The Champions

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    1. ClickMasterZ

      Right: Perfect singer Left: Perfect actor

      1. Michael Bernhardt

        Right: Perfect singer and Entertainer.

      2. Andrya Cardoso


      3. Andrya Cardoso

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      5. Andrya Cardoso

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    2. Smush

      Watched this at the cinema and the sound system was epic, the closest I could be to being there. Rami did an amazing job, not just here, throughout the whole movie. Heaven nows why there are 16k dislikes on this video, it's not a historical reenactment.

    3. James Evans

      fun that the vocals are a mixture of Freddie mercury's and for the song that maybe didn't sound as good as they should they used someone called Marc Martel since his singing sounds almost exactly like Freddie

    4. Tho Thu

      Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    5. Инна Дунич

      Божественно и неповторимо! Браво!

    6. RIKARDO López

      Coca cola y phone que es esa grosería de interrumpir Queen tocando he ya no consumiré sus productos

    7. TheVeter1978

      Спасает только оригинальный звук - сознательные посмотрят настоящий концерт. Хоть в этом реклама Квин сработает.

    8. TheVeter1978

      Зачем я продолжил смотреть?? Это была непростительная ошибка!!1

    9. TheVeter1978

      Видимо, отупение мирового зрителя дошло до той стадии,что создатели фильма решили,что большинство зрителей проглотят халтуру. Позор!!!!!

    10. Marty Borror

      I can't hear an audio difference as I only have one speaker -_- it all just sounds very garbled

    11. TheVeter1978

      А почему главному герою не сообщили, что так близко к инструменту сидеть нельзя для качественного исполнения? Не было таких людей,более профессиональных?

    12. Liu Mat

      if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

    13. Nobody Slim


    14. Ryan Moss

      Research who you idol.

    15. Ryan Moss

      So this is the guy that eats human babies? Cappy didn't kill himself.

    16. jessica bloom

      The movie is a complete joke, so corny so cheesy such a huge fail

      1. TheaterPup

        You have been overruled by the world.

    17. Vinny Jones

      Holy cow!! It's really amazing to see how closely Rami studied the LEGEND Freddie Mercury. Every move, every minute gesture, even the flex of neck muscles while hitting the high notes, goodness gracious, that was indeed an Oscar worthy performance. Thanks you Juan Dela Cruz, for giving us such in-depth analysis of both the performances.❤️❤️

    18. 山田魚


    19. Perfect Stranger

      It only shows how perfect Rami's acting was!!!

    20. James Doyle

      And that's why it's called an Academy performance :)

    21. Reza Games Show

      3:28 Michael de santa

    22. Jennifer Herrera

      Freddie estaría muy orgulloso de lo que se a logrado, hermosa película, Rami supo lograr todos los gestos de él gran Freddie 😍🥰❤❤❤

    23. Star_ LoRd

      Who has one sided haedphones


      Real name, Farrokh Bulsara of Zanzibar, class Act

    25. Shuaib Salman

      Freddie really knew how to work a crowd

    26. cgriffits

      Many thanks for this video. Now I understand that the movie is just a parody.

      1. TheaterPup

        So you have zero understanding. Got it.

    27. Ƭonŷ ss


    28. rama astadipati

      Omg auto thumbs UP

    29. SteiMora J & K

      Vida devuelveme a Freddie Mercury

    30. thomas k

      Check this guy

    31. Lucy Lawless

      He looks middle eastern with his features, like he is very fair Egyptian, or half Egyptian half Syrian, especially with the mustache.

    32. Rodrigo Reis

      Hey you, yeah you reading this comment, you have a excelent taste in music.

    33. 2am anon


    34. Khoc Toi

      Beautiful love u.

    35. Nho Tra

      Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    36. dale starnes

      wow just a perfect comparison between the two of them . perfect singer and a perfect actor portraying him.

    37. Jens of Denmark

      - So what do you think? - Gayer :-)

    38. Ernes Fleck

      Tontos todos tonto canal soy un hater popo

    39. Кирилл Константинов

      эди мэрки ырш

    40. Ernes Fleck


    41. Fabian Alberto Gutierrez Martinez

      5:35 eoh 6:19 Hamer to fall

    42. Fabian Alberto Gutierrez Martinez

      0:48 Bohemian Rapsody 2:50 Radio gaga

    43. Videos formehdi

      They say you could always do something better. I am not sure how Rami could have done better here

      1. 2am anon

        even his guitar playing wasnt on point actually

      2. 2am anon

        i also see that

    44. Alexander. apolinar vega arias

      beautiful voice

    45. Muhammad Izzat

      2:49 PERFECT !

    46. Justin Lopez2586

      Brian May looks exactly like Brian May😂🤣

    47. Ban Han

      Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

    48. Tho Thu

      HOT SEX 18+

    49. Marylalhrietzing Hmar

      It must be so so sooo hard work for the actor to memorize every movements. New respect for him❤️❤️

    50. DaveLombardo77

      Esto es algo que realmente le agradezco al algoritmo de HUfast por recomendar.

      1. Ace vegeta

        A mí no me lo recomendó lo busque

    51. OBED7N Vazquez

      Concierto de la película: hermoso Concierto real: hermoso

    52. GrizzlyKnightX

      This is ridiculous how much detail there is

    53. lucy sart


    54. Estela Cortes

      Más que exelente la interpretación del chico a Fredy.

    55. H̪͚ͪe̩̠̓ĺ̳̅ĺ̊͝o͔͌͡҉

      15:34 lmao moment for those who watched the movie

    56. Ali Hidayatov

      I was born in that year

    57. Olive and

      🤢 the actor looks like a dead man... A zombie. Good singer...but his eyes look like a dead fish 🤮 😘 Freddie You're unique

      1. TheaterPup

        @Olive and Those were insults, not opinions. Grow up.

      2. Olive and

        @liisa kaunis nothing....😉 I have just the liberty to have a different opinion... That's all. 😘

      3. liisa kaunis

        What is wrong with you?

    58. Selvin Duque

      This is a really good movie!! People sleeping on it

    59. Sao Kim


    60. M BH

      Those reaction shots of onlookers in the movie are pretty cringy.


      tienes problemas de visiòn? quieres recuperarla naturalmenta? sigueme en mi canal para enseñarte y para mas videos :):)

    62. silvia albarenque


    63. Ольга Кадырова

      Блин........это душевная жесть ........от счастья услышанного и увиденного в частности в правой стороне.и жесть от осознания того , что ФРЕДЕРИК больше не исполнит нам своих шедевров .это самая большая жесть. 🖤🖤🖤👑😢😢😢

    64. 樽美酒友

      Rami Malek's acting is amazing! Rami is acting to the point where Freddie switches the microphone to his right hand. Rami can't be like this unless he has studied and remembered the details.

    65. БАТЯ

      Этот актер не передал его мимику, он явно не так сильно рот открывал когда пел

    66. antonio la cruz

      y de paso no hay ni un latino q expreses este sentimiento ,,,,.. y causas de sentir alguien grande si ni no puro ingleses y amare-cano ,,,....,,.. chaoooo vale ok,,,, y buenos dias

    67. antonio la cruz

      veo que le dan mucha publicidad al grupo quen pero nunca al actor y el mejor interprete q se llama freddy mercury q es el q lo hace todo en su concierto y el máximo exponente de la canción ,,,,,,,,,,

    68. 초가시

      in the movie rhapsody looks weak

    69. Boi Tra


    70. Raha B

      Rami malek's face is 180 degree different from freddie's! Especially his eyes! Definitely They should have selected another actor to play instead of rami. His performance also is not at the level of oscar!

      1. 2am anon

        i mean, the casting mustve taken a very long damn time to look for someone like freddie, and for actors who can play the guitar, bass and drums + look similar to the og members too.

      2. TheaterPup

        Thankfully the casting directors saw something you didn't.

    71. Weebox

      Damn i got goosebumps

    72. ana kim

      I watch the movie for Rami, i had no idea who Queen was but my god he was just perfet for the role,amazing actor.

    73. Hendra Nandra drone

      wooo very good

    74. benvaxx

      genial actuacion...

    75. thierry huyar

      MERCI..................................... THIERRY DE FRANCE......TOULOUSE.

    76. Dream's Mom

      The movie was shit and the real in good cause u can tell that the mustache is fake

      1. TheaterPup

        Thanks for that waste of a comment.

      2. 2am anon

        good for u to notice that

    77. Lizandra Crisóstomo

      Mais perfeito que isso só se o próprio Freddie voltasse.

    78. Ibnu _

      Shit. Why am i crying?

    79. Cleudes Maria

      Vc é insubstituível Freddie Mercury Farokh bulsara

    80. rado bandyta


    81. Carlos González Echevarría

      Me quedo con la realidad

    82. Haruna

      È pazzesco quanto gli attori sembrino più Queen dei veri Queen! Sono scioccata dalla loro somiglianza perfetta, praticamente gemelli dei veri.. Rami è quello che somiglia di meno fisicamente

    83. Ta Chun

      HOT SEX 18+

    84. Ta Chun

      Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

    85. Naprolom177

      No sense to compare. I was looking at Freddie 99% of the time, because he is incomparable.

    86. Алексей Вафин

      просто СУПЕР

    87. Andres Wolff

      the worst and most overrated movie in years. Malek is a caricature of Freddie Mercury

      1. TheaterPup

        @Andres Wolff LOLOLOL Honey "made up" is a term second graders use. If you're a director you should know biopics are dramatizations, not fiction. And that they have to combine events for time. Also not fiction. You are wrong and you're ridiculous. You just think it's cool to jump on the "ZOMG IT'S SO INACCURATE!!!" bandwagon. Hilariously adolescent that you mistake nitpicking for film analysis, lol. Insults like "overrated" or "caricature" are what I'd expect from first year film students, not directors. And btw, I'm not a teenager but if you really thought I was one, you're kind of a jerk for taunting a kid that way on the Internet, especially a girl, just to make yourself feel smart. What a coward and bully. I don't believe you're a director anyway, no professional rushes to HUfast just to go "Derrrr shitty movie!!!" And if you really are one, you have royally embarrassed yourself. Jog on, troll.

      2. TheaterPup

        @Andres Wolff LOLOL Honey that's called a professional having humility. You wouldn't understand.

      3. Andres Wolff

        @TheaterPup and honey, I enjoy my success and other's as well. However, I can recognize good or bad work regardless of feelings or fanatism for a band. In fact, if you are a Queen fan, you should know that almost the entire movie story is made up and not as accurate as you might think 😉. But I get it, it'd be hard for a teenager to know what's good or bad when you have poor judgement based on emotions. But maybe I'm wrong and also the ppl in the industry that think poorly about this film as well, maybe those ppl and the critics are wrong and you are right 🤔 Maybe we are in front of a genius and the world is missing your knowledge... maybe...

      4. Andres Wolff

        @TheaterPup even the Oscar winning editor acknowledged the editing wasn't great.

      5. Andres Wolff


    88. artem б2

      Какие 50 000, какой 1 000 000, нас уже 50 000 000!!! Фредди жив..

    89. Ewerton RS

      horrível esse Rami Malek.. me pergunto até hoje pq ele ganhou esse oscar?

    90. mrE38 crak

      En ese año fue el terremoto de México 1985. XD • ___ • :V

    91. Ta Voi

      A la verga.

    92. Александр Смирнов

      Актер ужасный, некрасвый, как могли такой ужас снять, смотреть оперативно, ничего общего с Фредди.

    93. Man Van


    94. Odalia Vieira

      Marcou minha infância e pré adolescência 🥰

    95. Brian C

      That mic at live aid was horrible

    96. ららら


    97. Da Nha


    98. Kid Billy

      An immortal song sung infront of a storming mob!! Yeahhh!!!

    99. Mirka Behunova Theodoru