Born This Way

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    Born This Way · Lady Gaga
    Born This Way
    ℗ An Interscope Records release; ℗ 2011 UMG Recordings, Inc.
    Released on: 2011-05-23
    Producer: Jeppe Breum Laursen
    Producer: Fernando Garibay
    Producer, Associated Performer, Vocals, Background Vocalist, Keyboards, Instrumental Ensemble, Recording Arranger: Lady Gaga
    Producer: DJ White Shadow
    Composer Lyricist: Jeppe Breum Laursen
    Composer Lyricist: Stefani Germanotta
    Composer Lyricist: Fernando Garibay
    Composer Lyricist: Edward Blair
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    1. anonymous

      Remember.... God makes no mistakes...

    2. Denki Yeet

      Hello lgbtq+ Community :3

    3. Ferdi Waskito

      Kei Nijimura is back, baby!

    4. PlatinumBladeStudios

      Remember when the comments here used to be good?

    5. Andres Martinez

      Himno que salvó la vida a muchos ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    6. Amelia king

      me at my 15th bday party

    7. Zoruark 2.0

      Female half jotaro okuyasu is back!!!!!

    8. Shroob

      Born This Way Vs Wonder of U???

    9. Aleph


    10. Athiphat Hirunadisuan

      I have no problem with LGBT and also don't like to be called as homophobia! Every one have right to be as they are and so every one has right to like or unlike as well. For me, no matter you like or unlike someone because of any reason, just respect for their humanity and be friend because there are also many others don't like you too, as always.

    11. Andrea Roces

      La cantare en la iglesia :)

    12. J.W.X. Loner

      No one's probably seeing this but I just yelled at my teacher this morning. A very typical conservative Christian who's homophobic and transphobic. I'm cis bisexual woman, but I hated the way she depicted as having trans students at school has "abnormal" or "weird". Ofc there was a part of me that was hurt because I was once a Christian and a bisexual, that caused people to criticize my sexuality and thought I mad myself like girls (like whattttt) Came back to this song as I'm doing my homework and I am very proud of myself for talking back and defending trans rights in the class. At least I didn't let her to say "I'm different" to mask her transphobia, again. Whoever somehow read this, you're valid, you're doing amazing and I'm so proud of you, have a good day/night

    13. Lu Bu

      JOJOLION 🙌

    14. Cool Lancer95

      Kyo is back, KIRA'S SISTER IS BACK! 🏍

      1. Ferdi Waskito

        Hell yeah

    15. Saskia Viking

      The girl is back!

      1. Cool Lancer95


    16. Ulrikaaikaren Gustafsson

      I love this song,and this song is 100%true!!Love to you all from Stockholm, Sweden!!!🤗❤❤❤👋❤❤❤

    17. Reyes Cisneros José María

      i love this song, reminds me of a motocycle that want to roll over me

      1. Cool Lancer95

        She's come back in jojolion chapter 102

    18. Jeffrey Campbell

      Some dude in a motorcycle is chasing me down making cold winds whenever I open things Send help

      1. Cool Lancer95

        She's back... KYO APPEARS IN JOJOLION AGAIN!

    19. Erick Phoenix

      This music remind me of when Josuke is followed by a guy in a motorcycle

    20. Markos Herm

      Gaga is killing my ears because it is on full volume

    21. Taylah Knowles

      Forever my favourite Gaga song 🌈

    22. Lucek TM


    23. Mcslappy

      Just wait 6 years until Jojolion gets animated. Oh boy these comments are gonna get taken over by the jojo fans. The cum motocycle stand

    24. Keiry Vite


    25. Wyn Ignatius


    26. [ •boringsoph• ]

      My Gayness: 😏

    27. Catlina Moya

      Cqm vedrdrtrgegrbt hththyh ggrtrb🛌😁💏🧞‍♀️

    28. Catlina Moya

      Cwm hhehyygytrhhrn nthruuti😁🧜‍♀️🧛‍♀️💞

    29. Catlina Moya

      Cwm yrgruegh4ity jhkurirgu🙉

    30. Catlina Moya

      Cwm yuuehtn u4jtirjtktjtjyjy ghuitikyurutyuj🧞‍♀️

    31. Catlina Moya

      Cwm brhrhrhtnthtnbrn rbgyhthyhghh🧞‍♀️

    32. Catlina Moya

      Cwm vbrnfbfbtg dgthrntnt💏

    33. Catlina Moya

      Cwm dgrbrbththtnth vfgrhtgtththght💏

    34. alejandra anativia bovet

      cementerio tty5yy5u5j😀

    35. alejandra anativia bovet

      cementerio hjhhrkykutj😀

    36. Catlina Moya

      Cqm grrgrb4bt gyhrn🧞‍♀️

    37. Catlina Moya

      Cwm egtrgrb vrhtheh ftgr🧞‍♀️

    38. Catlina Moya

      Cwm trt3gtgrbebg httrn thge😁

    39. Esteban Gualteros

      2020 and there is still no other song that feels the same as this. Just TIMELESS

    40. Imane Touami


    41. Sunset Days


    42. Valerie Lui

      The fact that she wrote this song in ten minutes...what a queen.

    43. China Lei

      just came here because of TWICE when nayeon jeongyeon mina and chaeyoung perform it

    44. stariio!

      this song is the reason i can now open my camera without fear

    45. Victor L'incurvé

      I hate gay ppl

      1. Felix The Meddler

        fuck off

      2. stariio!

        uhm.. ok

      3. spider girl.0


    46. daniel jesus orbegoso cenzano

      se pude poner 1000 likes por persona? no? porque? BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SONG LA PUTAMARE!!!!!!!

    47. Catlina Moya

      Cwm gfgfhfgfhfg bvdbfgbv😁

    48. Dividenden Hai


    49. plolololololoo

      10.073.250 visualizaciones

    50. Catlina Moya

      Cwm vfrvfttgrgrbgr😁

    51. Catlina Moya

      Cwm vgrrrtrtrtr t rgebyr😁

    52. wnrdma dlrjdlfrdmaus

      Express Yourself by Madonna

    53. Pantag Ruel.

      some muse's vibe. Nice.

    54. Tusk Act 4

      Don’t you just hate it when you open a pen and suddenly a dude on a motorcycle starts blowing really cold wind towards you while you’re trying to get to a hospital to meet your half-mom and ask about her dead son to get some info about your past?

      1. Tusk Act 4

        I see you’re a man of culture as well!

      2. Bryan Christian Abrigo

        Damn, a fellow stand user

    55. InterGold GL

      *J O J O L I O N*

    56. Mauricio Alves

      Um obra prima

    57. Michael Mac Rae

      I born to be chossen i born for my way

    58. Beatriss L777

      I hate a gay😅😅😅i'm homofobic

      1. Moonlight Eclipse

        well then why are you watching this then? we can love who we want

    59. Alejandro C.t

      What a anthem The Queen of pop gave us. This is a bop

    60. Catlina Moya

      Cwm rtegdehveyje3ubf35jgdw😁😍😍😍😍

    61. Myrian Foxy

      Gerard was born this Way too I'm so deeply sorry

      1. Delirios De Mar

        he born being a way lmao

      2. Alex Lol

        As a mcr fan. THANK YOU!

    62. Catlina Moya

      Cwm deeererwefereederded😁🤩😜

    63. Catlina Moya

      Cwm f2desdereferwt😛😜🤩😁

    64. Fun - Shadow

      beat the shit outta me and froze me too

    65. Hanna M&G

      Love it

    66. shadowsombra

      Does that hair taste good ?

    67. Arturo Garcia

      Express Yourself Vibes

    68. moonie colls


    69. Al. S.

      Those claiming this song is only for gay people? Wtf? Bitch this song is for every insecure person out there regardless of their age, gender and sexuality. 😌

      1. supernova

        yh, kinda gatekeeping

    70. Diego hernandez rdz

      i love this song

    71. Rnhn 71

      Motorcycle go vroom vroom

    72. Putdown OFFICIAL

      Ah yes the gay anthem

    73. cherry kisses

      ¿hola? mis hermanos ya saben que soy bisexual, denme las fuerzas para salir con el resto de mi familia.

      1. Andres Martinez

        Fuerza bebé 😘♥️♥️

      2. melissa busso

        Fuerza mor❤ Suerte❤🎶❤

    74. Good Wake

      black bike that can freeze go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    75. Maddy Oliver


    76. Alejandra Anativia

      Cwm jtjtjrhthgb hrhhghgh rktjjtb😀❤️

    77. Alejandra Anativia

      Cwm ggghrhr fbrhrhg brjg😀❤️

    78. mari0b03

      To this day this song gives me goosebumps

    79. mari0b03

      My dad’s favorite song to blast when my homophobic grandma is in the car💅😂

    80. Karolina Kepinska

      I remember the scene in Judge Rinder: The Final Paso Doble

    81. Juan Miguel Salcedo

      Josuke: CLOSE THE DOOR! GoT fans: *'nam Flashbacks*

    82. Gaming Alex - Fir Fun

      when my keyboard fell: im on the wrong track

    83. James Pyke


    84. Mer Diazz


    85. LJ Oxley Official


    86. Catlina Moya


      1. Erilan

        ri tiu movro et naas ravri

      2. Ariq Raff

        tapi bakal gw tambahin tuhan mu agama mu tuhan ku agama ku

      3. Ariq Raff

        ati ati bro bakal banyak orang yang marah

    87. Catlina Moya


    88. Catlina Moya


    89. Ethan Ingham

      Autistic :D

    90. Anna Paredes M

      love this song 💗💜💙🏳️‍🌈

    91. Catlina Moya


    92. Catlina Moya


    93. Luiseduardo Gaona

      ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 💖💜💙

    94. Catlina Moya

      Cwm hytttt yyry3htrr😘😍😁✌

    95. •Piña Saurio•

      Wait a second.... I was always shown the first half of the song... And thanks to social media i found out the second half, I love this song even more know :D 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    96. Maykon Douglas

      i love this song

    97. Mando

      i feel too empowered help i am gay god on earth because of this song

    98. Kamaboko Gonpachirou

      *iS tHiS A mOtHeRfUcKiNg jOJo'S rEfErEnCe?!?*