Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL

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    Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL
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    are you looking for the other side? 
    feel like nothing ever seems quite right? 
    are you circling the drain pipe,
    getting off on pain like 
    you’re corrupted?
    i need to know where your loyalties lie 
    tell me are you gonna bark or bite?  
    do you really want to twist the knife 
    in the belly of the monster? 
    get the fuck up 
    wake the fuck up 
    wipe the system
    and back the fuck up. 
    you’re a puppet 
    when they cut your strings off
    don’t come crawling back. 
    destroying castles in the sky 
    forevermore the apple of my eye 
    i’d sacrifice my life to find you 
    angel of the blade 
    come and collect us from the night 
    暗い (Cry)
    another world
    this world is so dark that i can’t see 
    the future won’t disappear 
    but i want to obtain 
    another world 
    system failure  
    is encrypted 
    you are modified 
    like a virus 
    in a lullaby 
    artificial ‘til the day you die 
    silly programme
    you’re corrupted! 
    get the fuck up 
    wake the fuck up 
    wipe the system
    & back the fuck up. 
    you’re a puppet 
    when they cut your strings off 
    don’t come crawling back 
    you’re on your own. 

    さあ 時の
    (now, let’s go
    and open the door of time)
    destroying castles in the sky 
    i’ll fight for you until i die 
    destroying castles in the sky 
    forevermore the apple of my eye 
    i’d sacrifice it all to guide you 
    never have to battle alone 
    come and collect us from the night 
    this is your wake up call 
    we’re going down the rabbit hole 
    are you ready? 
    i can’t feel you. 
    is this what you want? 
    this is what you’ll fucking get. 
    #BringMeThehorizon #BMTH #BringMeTheHorizonftBABYMETAL #BMTHKingslayer

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    1. Trouble Queen

      The collaboration I didn't know I needed

    2. Manuele Paris

      Woowwww i'm fucking lateee

    3. masa backman


    4. Aaron Saenz

      These 2 need to tour and perform this song everywhere!!

    5. Purple Mistcx

      Love this ❤️

    6. Deden Permana

      Orang indo yuk bisa yuk

    7. ChokeOnMyRage

      Honestly not a BMTH fan but this mix with babymetal is a fucking banger

    8. saint cosmo

      Producer: Do you want metalcore, japanese power metal, or dubstep? Oli: *yes*

    9. Ricky Maulana

      I want MV this song 😎🤙🏻

    10. King Kuder

      If you change the title and lyrics to "Queenslayer" you have the theme song for Code Vein.

    11. Alvian Dicky Pratama

      Oh man I'm crying

    12. Nick Stallings

      Imagine if this was only BMTH.... sorry but the chicks voice ruined it

      1. mcrxbabymetal obsessed

        nope suzuka is amazing

      2. Levi Ackerman

        Then it will no be as uniqe as this

    13. Bubble Calf

      Am I dreaming? Are my eyes and ears deceiving me! This is an amazing colab

    14. revis

      I know bmth since 2013 and babymetal since 2014 and what the fuck did i just found? THATS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER

    15. Adam Fowler

      I don't care what haters say, BMTH is an awesome band

    16. Mad rigal


    17. David Mills

      Who's here 2021🔥

    18. Mantis

      Best song i found to play boss battle in Honkai Impact!

    19. Muhammad Basyar Abdul Haqq

      Anjing Banget!! I love it👍

    20. Mitchell Longmuir

      This could be an anime op and I would not question it

    21. dhea f

      i love this song so much how do i explain

    22. Yee Yee

      currently my favorite song B) i love metal hehehe i'm losing my mind

    23. aww aww

      imagine this song as opening of action/fantasy anime, gonna e lit as fuck

    24. SuperDaisy Hot666

      I dont know why I feel like obey and kingslayer are related in a certain way.

    25. KFP Foundation Agent 246

      lol wut

    26. Fakbordja

      i have 2 side: MetalHead and Weaboo

    27. adventures of meg

      145 in the hottest 100 is a crime :/

    28. Ola Aasen

      This is too fucking good

    29. Wilr1000

      Awesome track..!

    30. Dani Adi Kurnianto

      Cukkk, gila lahhh. 2 kultur satu lagu satu kolaborasi. Mantabbb. - Kingslayer-

    31. r0sie.r0ses

      This is the best song that exists change my mind

    32. AyeJimbae

      Alright look, this song 🔥, but just picture it. Full Siri integrated Apple smart cars.

    33. patrykbl

      9 millions views :D

    34. DanteFN

      simgeraa agidgeba imenaxddDdd edit: maisa godia

      1. DanteFN

        ok kast

      2. Lukicha

        fu ra yle xar tavi moikali

    35. Kata` Csenteri

      "Bmth can't make an anime opening" Bmth: Hold my sandpit turtle...

      1. dua server


    36. Max baker

      cant believe thats the spirit is gonna be 6 years old this year time does fly by

    37. s. az

      this should be included as one of Cyberpunk 2077 soundtracks. it's perfect!

    38. Ignis, Lord of flames

      This feels like an anime opening

    39. christina

      Bring Me The Horizon BabyMetal Mick gordon Woooooooow

    40. Comink Suadnyana

      Ok ADTR ft Marshmello already a Blast, now this is amazingly epic!!

    41. butter stamp

      Oliver is great in this and everything, but... Sumetal's vocals here truly make me appreciate her as a metal singer. Her voice completely transcends her body and provides such a beautiful part of the sound scape for these hard-rocking songs. 2:00-2:08 she sounds especially amazing accompanied by those intense drums. 2:30-2:41 Chills!

    42. Esmeralda Crespo

      This is rock

    43. ShivaTrap

      I don´t know, but I really always have liked Oli's shouts and singing, it was way more unique than the screams. Like, "suicide season" was such a good album, and I think there he started with shouts rather than screams. Well anyway, I loved BMTH from the beginning and always will be loving this band, never disappointed me tbh.

    44. Covered_in_ Rust

      Awesome song! I would love to watch a crazy fight scene with this song in the background

    45. galen portella

      I play Destiny 2 a ton while listening to this awesome track. Music for Guardians!

    46. drifting


    47. Eldar Kondratev

      Me after listening this searching for anime Kingslayer.. It would be a great opening XD

    48. Jokan

      Como cuando eres el opening perfecto para Chainsawman

    49. Fernanda Ovando


    50. Oggie Sutrisna

      2021 its late, but this one makes me goosebump, help.

    51. Katie Likes Catbois

      imagine not having a crush on this song

    52. Horst Schlemmer

      So awesome

    53. v?ctoria

      😄You're corrupted😄

    54. ahmd pajar


    55. Cremepuff

      this was so good my brain hurts from head bangin

    56. Danang Aji Saputra


    57. Red Blood

      This is anime af

    58. QueVen Gavin

      idk why but im getting Vein vibes off of this

    59. asrul firmansyah

      full of surprise !!

    60. windydays

      I found this by accident and i aint even mad

      1. windydays

        @smh part 2: return of the disappointment It was in my recommendation

    61. rord mtb

      2nd your a puppet when they cut your strings off hits different

    62. rord mtb

      Bmth is my 2nd favourite band no doubt!!

    63. A Glaze


    64. Siddharth Sreekumar

      when your waifus join a metal band

    65. Douglas Foster

      This could make an AWESOME video.....LOVE the context of the song...!!!!

    66. assassin's creed BG

      bring me the horizon - american rock BABYMETAL - japanese rock

      1. Vinicius Almeida Poço

        Babymetal = Kawaii/ Alternative Metal Bring Me The Horizon = Deathcore/ Alternative Metal

      2. Levi Ackerman


      3. FreddyYUL

        Bring me the horizon - British rock

    67. amen amn

      metal cute XD

    68. SUHA RIAH


    69. Fake

      i never see that coming

    70. Xxvnn


    71. MissingClover

      HUfast when it recommends me a video of a virtual anime dog girl: 2:52

    72. Rafael Lucas

      Algum brasileiro aq?? Se manifeste

      1. Ana Carolina Barbera


    73. David Alvarenga

      I love this song ❤

    74. Crimson Moon

      If Doom had an anime I'm pretty sure this would be it's opening them, plus Mick Gordon also helped with this music meaning this song is truly metal as hell (pun intended)

    75. The Ghost

      Metalcore + Japanese metal = Dark action anime opening All jokes aside, this is amazing.

      1. Muhammad Rehan

        Pop punk + Japanese rock = energetic happier anime opening

      2. Sin_Wraith

        Imagine this op of Chainsaw Man

    76. John China

      Haters: BMTH goin soft these past decade BMTH: hold my horizon

      1. saint cosmo

        Antony Official wonderful life and MANTRA went kinda hard tho

      2. Antony Official

        @illsakc amo is soft and meh

      3. illsakc

        what are you talkin about?

    77. foxy.

      this song is amazing 👀👀

    78. bstidh1

      Bring Me the Kawaiizon

    79. Lovro Elez

      Am I only one who think that old BMTH is a way better?????

    80. Kelly B

      Baby Metal have done a lot of collaborations lately. Arch Enemy, Bring Me The Horizon, Sabaton, etc. And they always sound great.

    81. Proview82

      Fucking rad!

    82. José Aragon

      We need a MV

    83. Naylaa Arrameylaa

      *KINGSLAYER* Why is everything so heavy *KINGSLAYEEEER* So much more than i can carry.....

      1. Autisnuss lul

        I keep dragging around what's bringing me down, if I just let go, I'd be set free... xD

    84. Vibe


    85. По Про

    86. yudha putra


    87. Fatal Blasti

      finalmente uma musica boa depois de anos soltando uns pop genéricos.

    88. Sofea Lauren

      Yow ngl this is sick AF💜

    89. Juan Sánchez Rodríguez

      i can see it as a berserk opening theme hahahah

    90. The Autumn Warning

      Metal Gear Rising anyone?

    91. Nidia Santos

      Wait what? HUfast what the hell..... For some unknow reason i liked it.

    92. Big Xan

      mommy blows stin

    93. Lud San

      take your time to admire this masterpiece this song is art

    94. Big Death


    95. Валера

      Будто вернулся в то время, когда такие треки всякие индивидумы делали по приколу) Но звучит, конечно, охуенно

    96. Wesley Bible

      This has to be used for an anime opening eventually, it’s too good not to

    97. ZonkeD OFFICIAL

      MADEP 🤘🤘