Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends (Official Video)

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    I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you
    Cos' I'll forget but I'll never forgive you
    Don't you know, don't you know?
    True friends stab you in the front
    It's funny how
    Things work out
    Such a bitter irony
    Like a kick right to the teeth
    It fell apart
    Right from the start
    But I couldn't even see
    The forest for the trees
    (I'm afraid you asked for this)
    You got a lot of nerve
    But not a lot of spine
    You made your bed
    When you worried about mine
    This ends now
    I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you
    Cos' I'll forget but I'll never forgive you
    Don't you know, don't you know?
    True friends stab you in the front
    I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you
    You broke my heart & there's nothing you can do
    And now you know, now you know
    True friends stab you in the front
    It's kind of sad
    Cos' what we had
    Well it could of been something
    I guess it wasn't meant to be
    So how dare you
    Try and steal my flame
    Just cos' yours faded
    Well hate is gasoline
    A fire fuelling all my dreams
    (I'm afraid you asked for this)
    You can run
    But you can't hide
    Time won't help you
    Cos' karma has no deadline.

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    1. nary

      lmao isnt the abusive cop the dad in the end of the fcking world?

    2. Gee Coffee

      I love this Song!!!

    3. Andrea92

      my head doesn't stop.....

    4. Awesome D2001

      This version of this song is so atmospheric I love it ❤️

    5. rogerio grassia

      best album

    6. Batmanstang

      the number of commercials on youtube now when listening to a music playlist is getting RIDICULOUS

    7. Juan José Moreno Hoyos


    8. Bxnz313

      I looove the way how oli "Time wont help you" sings🥰 wich style of music is that?

      1. ezgi

        This song is post hardcore. It's subgenre of punk music :) first i thought this song is metal lol

    9. Basey TM

      what a motherfucking roller coaster

    10. Agiota Sad

      Muito bom véi 🖤

    11. Doofy V

      I really love their music they are the best I will never stop liking them

    12. Sayan Biswas

      A.C.A.B. Amen

    13. Karlinha Mendonça


    14. Carl Alt Del

      All cops should have mandatory therapy. Domestic abuse at the hand of police (and many people in high stress jobs) is too common.


      i loveee

    16. Eggy Cahya Ardianta

      apik cuy

    17. theforsaken

      That intro is powerful af. The powerful riff and the omnious orchestral strings behind it definitely suits the whole idea of a sad abusive relationship. This whole video hits hard with the music.

    18. thecish

      I feel like I learn something new every time I watch this video.

    19. Gaesk 616

      That’s the best version of te song

    20. thecish

      Watching this video always makes me feel a little sick for some reason. I know it's a grim subject matter but still. It's mostly the part with the horse though.

    21. thecish

      Who or what is that creature at the door in the beginning of the video?

    22. Rio TM

      Oh my god this song 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

    23. Ru shi

      I LOVE the VIDEO.

    24. Lefasix The Magician


    25. Ariadne Xinou

      I shit you not, I haven't pressed the like button faster in my life

    26. Fiona Coyle

      This is another tune let's face it girl n boys all there tunes are fucking fact human survival horror

    27. Julian Kuhn

      anybody watch the show Norsemen on netflix? I think the dad here is from that show.

    28. nate 123go

      still making good music even though most fans are still so fucking confused all i understand is that bring me the horizon turned a moral tide. true friends do stab you in the front, i experienced this the hard way in the back

    29. Momo Underdahl

      Anyone else who thinks Oliver's wearing Jason's mom sweatshirt?

    30. Mtu Boza

      the best band currently

    31. Lily Snowman

      The girl reminds me so much of Arica from This War of Mine. The appearance, hairstyle, clothes... even the abusive father. Only the ending is very different, but still...

    32. Salman Maulana


    33. Asphyxiation

      Tang ina medyu ang sakit ng MV na to 💔

    34. Asphyxiation

      Tang ina medyu ang sakit ng MV na to 💔

    35. karina Flores

      Después de tanto tiempo vuelvo a escuchar esta joyita :))

    36. Iyonna

      I don't listen to any rock anymore but I came back because BMTH keeps coming into my head. I miss this. Its peaceful for some reason.


      I dn't able to understand english but...i feel tragedy betrayed, pain and sensation to vengeancE VENDETTA

    38. Generic Legionary Recruit

      damn they really made those strings sound like some frostpunk music

    39. Someone

      good on bmth for supporting the murder of abusive "fathers"

    40. Tengku Aderangga

      Salam dari indonesia👍

    41. Bruno Ramos

      No puedo creer que este vídeo ya es de hace 5 años atrás, aún recuerdo cuánto espere por el

    42. Valentina Pazii

      ничего не ясно в видео......... но да ладно. не все видео хороши. Песня норм

    43. Cece Rudianto

      ga bosen ni lagu dari awal rilis ampe sekarang masih sering diplay #2020

    44. Alah Tittit

      Rame bener ga ada yang mau mutualan napa?

    45. Danielle Cordes

      what a beautiful group

    46. Kirsten Lynch

      the way Oli performs. its just so attractive holy fuck

    47. Zhansaya Kairatkyzy

      I really hope that these horses aren't real.

    48. Finlay Renshaw

      I just realised that the actor who plays the dad in this, is Jame’s dad from “the end if the fucking world”. Great show, would recommend.

    49. David Robert

      Wow, Amazing. That was like a Scandinavian crime drama.

    50. Peter Markstone

      he grow up well now he looks a bit like Brenth Smith

    51. Acta non Verba

      True friends stab you in the butt. Lol jk i love this song so much

    52. skeleshipper All

      that's a good story line bruh!

    53. Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng

      Listening to this while playing among us

    54. Kruemmel

      Funfact @ 4:00 the song ist Follow you

    55. Yunda nanda Eka kharisma

      Kota pasuruan 👣👣👣🌏🇮🇩

    56. ikku4321

      Once you hear it your ocd will f off the song for you. It's "I were you" not "was you". Lovely tune though.

    57. BLueBeLL

      Русские есть? Трек супер, одна из лучших групп, которую я когда либо слышал! Самое лучшее, что эта музыка, попадает под ритм сердца, огромное спасибо автором за это!

    58. Kate Fortova


    59. Danny Chan

      Every time, I SWEAR to God. Every time I decide to listen to there old music, I end up listening to every album and sit there and rant to my boyfriend how depressing I was back then. How things were so simple and now I'm an adult and I HAVE TO PAY BILLS AND SKSKS fuc.. but anyways... I still bmth the same as when I listened to them back when I was just still a youngin haaaah.

    60. grakz Aussie

      2021 anyone?

    61. Molly Woodcock

      so ive only realised this exists 5 years after it came out cute

      1. Vixter1

        You're not the only one 😂

    62. s0ul tea

      i need a full song of true friends violin..

    63. chris pudwill

      small towns man fucking small towns they put a camera and mic and get a contractor and shit.....................and fucking just ostrich and shit and let it happen

    64. Linkin Park Soldier

      0:16 i started Headbanging ... Oh Moment the song didn't start😅

      1. Nikki Mcguigan

        Almost did that too

    65. Максим

      какой же классный был оливер. земля пухом ему

      1. Максим

        @Olga Bondar это шутка

      2. Olga Bondar

        Ну шо ты несешь, он же живой

    66. Abdou Sellami


    67. Complete

      Is that the actor from "a dark song" ?

    68. Angie

      4 years ago I left a dislike on this video. I have no idea why, i really can't remember why I would do that. Anyways, I just wanted to apologize...

    69. Aung Kyaw

      wow wow wow. I didn't know MGK was making such good music

    70. Amina Isa

      I forgot for a second how awesome they are😫 I'm happy to be back

    71. Jamie Dylan de Jong


    72. ThirtyOne Fifty

      I saw the comments but many of them weren't accurate, so here is the accurate version: Friend A is the detective. Friend B is the Farmer. Friend A had an affair with Wife B. Friend B caught on and had a fallowing out with Friend A. Friend B realizes that its not Friend A's fault that his wife is a slut but also resents his friend for sleeping with his wife. Being friends for so long, they mend their relationship (the irony of the phrase "bros before hoes"). Wife A caught on about Friend A sleeping with Wife B and begin a downward spiral relationship. Friend A murders the wife due to hardships at home. Friend B helps Friend A dispose of the body at the farm. Daughter pieces together the fights and multiple abusive events and doesn't buy the story that her mom just up and gone missing. She learns the truth about her dad killing her mom so she decides to kill herself. While trying to drown herself, her mothers face flashes before her eyes giving her the drive, the passion, whatever it takes to avenge her mothers death. She begins by killing off Friend B's life stock symbolizing death in that field, then gradually works to tipping off her dad that she knows he is the murderer. Friend B finds the daughter at the train station bruised and beaten many times. He confronts Friend A about the daughter. Friend B says "I think its time we had a talk, dont you think?" meaning that he wants to talk about Friend A's abusive relationship with his daughter. Friend A thinks Friend B wants to kill the daughter because Friend A knows that his daughter caught on about the murder. Friend B states "We dont want her to go missing. As well." making Friend A think Friend B is going to kill her. They fight, Friend A leaves. Days later Friend A comes home to find the house a mess. He goes back to the pub and confronts friend B (notice how he is wearing a darker shirt from the last time they met signifying days have changed). Friend B reveals that he was talking about the abuse and was confused why friend A was so hostile towards him. Friend A runs to the station to see if his daughter is alive, there he finds his buried wife. Daughter hits the dad with a shovel from behind ending the seen. Thus true friends stab you in the front, and a friendship you thought you had, will likely stab you in the back "Cos' karma has no deadline". Cheers 🍻.

    73. Alison K

      Not sure why the story is this strange but the song is a banger. I approve of both

    74. B AsILayDying M

      Love it!!

    75. ilkim aydın


    76. Jamie Dylan de Jong


    77. Josh Coakley

      anyone who beats their kid for no reason deserves a painful death

    78. Metanich

      This is one of my favorite song!!....and i still listens to this everyday

    79. MaryJane Armstrong

      I don't have true friends, so i can't be stabbed in the front.

    80. Steven Casteel

      You guys are really good!

    81. Arthur&BusterBFFL

      #FreeBlock13Kakuma #Pride2020

    82. Broken Hearts

      They really need to make this a movie I would literally watch it over and over again if it was it has the talking like a movie so it would be amazing if it was or is a movie

      1. Arthur&BusterBFFL

        #FreeBlock13Kakuma #Pride2020

    83. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      ledematen esmer van de jd crew

    84. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      superman miror away

    85. Jamie Dylan de Jong


    86. Nguyễn Hưng

      2020 brothersssss

    87. xpochiex

      ...Oli's so pretty...

    88. MrMaddrum

      Насилие порождает насилие...

    89. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      6:45 i know its you!

    90. Chaser_ID

      The dislikes are from their true friends

    91. isabela

      is that guy from the end of the fucking world

    92. Dantes E

      geezus i was today years old when i found this bad

    93. a grumpy monkey

      Holy shit! I’m really late to the party, but I’m a big bmth fan. This one of the best music vids I’ve seen in a long time. So glad this band is still going strong! Forgive me for being out of touch for a few years, but I’m still listening and still loving!

    94. Богдан Стецюра

      You Want A Battle (Here's A War)

    95. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      leaf biting brwooo

    96. ShaolinEvoli

      They are true artist. Wtf they made a MOVIE (story + acting) and a music. The talent is real I just can't


      The " friend " who introduced me with this band. Well, I wanna dedicate this to him now!

    98. Karmyn Reaves

      probably the best music video ever like fr the storyline was AMAZING

    99. Jamie Dylan de Jong

      Jamie best baaaarbeeeer!