Britney Spears Cold Open - SNL

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    A talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) features guests Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gina Carano (Cecily Strong).
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    1. Ms Dee Jay

      Omg.... Cuomo, while I'm in no place to judge a higher up, I will just share a story.... I was actually a CM at the time where I was on a visit with one of my clients. During that visit there was a facilitator who hosted this healing event for the staff and the vented! I mean they were under so much distress, they said the hardest part was losing their patients. The roomed with one another, and one would be dead in a room opposite from their room mates. To listen to all these nurses and aids talk about their trauma throughout Covid was heart breaking. They were worried about their patients, and was scared to hug their kids at home after work. I hope other nursing homes patients and staff have also been able to heal vent as well. Thank you.

      1. Ms Dee Jay

        And that Texas situation, was inhumane at it worse. I had friends that were stuck looking for water and their kids needed water. When I hear these tragic stories I wonder why measures weren't in place in case of a disaster. That's where Community preparedness comes in. Like The nearest like location designated for supplies. I find attacking one another serves no real purpose.

    2. Flannel Power

      This is honestly the best Britney impersonation i've seen. And she's been impersonated her whole life lol

    3. Lover

      That was the best Britney impression I’ve ever seen!

    4. Diva Loca

      Chloe is killing it.

    5. Trailing Arm

      Brilliant sketch - I think this chat show idea has got the legs to run for a series.

    6. Lee Irby

      With Governor Cuomo I would have had them play Britney Spears Womanizer for when he came out on stage

    7. Jesus Soltero

      Chloe Fineman had to have had some dance experience prior to being on SNL.

    8. Shannon Callaghan

      The Cuomo De Blasio feud is a hilarious drama.

    9. EvilFookaire

      Entire cast: Superb. Premise of the skit: Pure brilliance. Aidy making me laugh so hard that I only made it to the toilet about 2 seconds too late: Mission Accomplished.

    10. Triggered4treats

      This feels like propaganda telling us how we should feel about public figures. Where's the part where we're supposed to laugh?

    11. Stroyer

      Indoor dining is back in New Yorkk???

    12. jacksparrowismydaddy

      Rick Moranis him?

    13. B.R. B

      SNL isn't as good as it would be if they were all naked or at least the females #mensRIGHTS lol

    14. John Carter

      Pete sounds like him

    15. jay m

      I can’t stand her. I want to see more of Edith Puthie.

    16. Kerry Luckett

      I want this to be a real show! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

    17. Pablo Gonzalez

      I hate that Gina tweeted that. Loved her on Mandalorian. She could have been in a Marvel movie too. So sad.

    18. Stephen Casias

      Chloe Fineman, my new favorite SNL lady, Bravo!!!

    19. Luba Zak

      Great Cuomo by Pete Davidson !!!🤣😂

    20. Panam Bhan

      The tired kick naturalistically excite because pocket analytically sack following a measly party. squalid, dysfunctional worm

    21. Kendel Kx

      her Britney is so perfect. & the fact that her dress is RED!!! 🍎🍒🌷💄👠 is too, this is amazing

    22. Niceyminx1

      Bird Bish🤣🤣🤣

    23. T

      Britney Spears is deff unhinged a little bit. You can say it's her parents fault or because she was so famous at such a young age....but Something is off about her.

    24. afternoon tea

      SNL making fun of a "lame apology" when previously it let a certain person make fun of Britney in the first place, hypcritical to say the least.

    25. Delylah Wylde

      Chloe is amazing

    26. Clyde G

      I love this Ted Cruz

    27. fanmadecom 2018

      #FreeBritney is met with "lets make her look dumb". They did this on purpose.

    28. Allie Cell

      "I'm on the upgrade list though" really got me

      1. MissJoy16

        Me too, especially how they were so accepting of the insult and just rolled with it lol. Like "ok sure, but..."

    29. Come and take them

      Gina Carano warned against the dangers of dehumanization, and was then summarily dehumanized, fired, lied about, marginalized, and exiled. But we’re SNL. We don’t care about the truth, we don’t care about freedom, and in fact, we’re colluding to steal all of the above from your lives. America is dead and we killed it. We are SNL

      1. Rhodey Robby

        Very true.

    30. Come and take them

      One guy went on vacation, the other killed 15,000 people, covered it up, and gave his family special treatment. This sketch presents the guy who went on vacation as worse. We’re SNL we can be evil, and you wont even notice. Again- suck it up, proles. This is the new normal. We lie. You believe us no matter how often we’re caught.

    31. Come and take them

      If you’re a politician, don’t dare tell anyone you were trying to take your kids on vacation, because it might mess with their heads. BUT- if you’re a parent and have a toddler you think is trans, feel free to mess with their heads, their bodies, their hearts, their souls, their entire lives, and anything else you want to mess with, because in that case, our principles don’t apply, because we don’t care about logic or reason, consistency, justice, truth, or YOU. We’re trying to destroy civilization, and every time you call us out on our hypocrisy, we just get worse. So.... Suck it up, proles, we’re getting a one world government now, and were gonna use you to do it. Suckers.

    32. Technically Speaking


    33. Tim Tran

      Can we all agree that Cecily Strong has a strong resemblance to Gina Carano?

    34. Anime Bakudan

      5:37 #FREEBRITNEY

    35. Jarran Tyler

      One of the best skits I've seen in awhile!!!! Spot on!!!!

    36. Ilyas Danyarov

      This snl sketch made realize how nice and kind Britney was

      1. pepsiele


    37. girlgetbeautiful

      Leave Brittney Alone!!!!

    38. Назар Кружилин

      United Shitholes of Alzheimer is the only country that has gone straight from barbarism to decline, bypassing the stage of civilization

    39. ALLY S

      LOL they should have the govenor return every week as a recurring guest on Britney's show

    40. Nat Correa

      It is TERRIFYING how much like Ted Cruz Aidy looks-

    41. nataliegradyy


    42. Kitty S

      How do they manage to look them alike? 😂👏🏽

    43. Daniela Mancheen


    44. Daniela Mancheen


    45. James

      Is this humor in the USA? Its not funny at all

    46. PaulIvanish

      Wow, SNL is real bad these days... the actual politics flies over their heads. It's like a reverse parody of an article by the Babylon Bee.

    47. Melissa Moonchild

      uh why is she English, this was awful lol

    48. TheWrongTone112

      Pete's is getting a lot better at impressions, he did such a good Cuomo! Fantastic Opening!

    49. h d

      Why would Gina Carano turn on Ted Cruz? This sketch is a woke mess. Satire is spoiled when you designate good characters (Britney) and bad characters (Ted), as first principle of satire is that the world is gray.

    50. h d

      My goodness, all the hand-wringing over "respectful" satire is depressing as hell.

    51. 努美

      So great seeing Pete doing something else than just be a goofy idiot in sweatpants and a snapback (as much as I love Chad, he deserves better and as we can see, he can do better) Go Pete


      Whoever wrote this, nailed it. "Anything to get out of Texas " hahaha

    53. kinganarkzie

      Pete does such a good impression, shame they could not add some makeup to make him look like him as well.

    54. abrkljacic54

      Aidy looks like Jeff Ross in Comedy Central roasts of James Franco

    55. Romina Marosan

      I really like that Pete is more involved now in SNL and does impersonations

    56. Lil_LyriX

      I love how he said *”When you die”* Not *”If you die”*

    57. Mark Knecht

      Cannot wait for Cruz kids to see this skit.

    58. Janelle Kloth

      I'm convinced Chloe Fineman can impersonate anything. She could be a piece of spinach and it would be good.

    59. Kelly Fulton

      The Britney dance moves were on point

    60. MoonCrow

      SNL is trash.

    61. Nick Graves


    62. Nik Pudding

      She looks more like Jamie Lynn than her sister Britney

      1. Nik Pudding

        @Canais Young I don’t think they do. Britney looks like her mum and Jamie like her dad

      2. Canais Young

        To be fair, Britney and Jamie Lynn do look alike.

    63. Chad Folkers

      Ted is an amazing leader and statesman. Let's get the balls on this failing show to make fun of Sleepy Joe and Cameltoe Harris.

    64. Karbry Ramirez

      Probably the only Britney impression that I have ever seen that isn't negative. Boy I have seen so many since 98. Remember when Britney played Skipper on SNL?

    65. isabel jaramillo

      "Hey, anything to get out of Texas."

    66. Emma McNeil Cowie

      Chloe is so great. Glad she is getting more and more air time.

    67. Allie Kim

      Her Britney impersonation is bad, the Ted Cruz was too funny.

    68. MrLenny413

      SNL went to crap JS Adam Sandler and them was the best

    69. Hu5


    70. Christian Aguilar

      #FreeBritney 🤣

    71. Randy

      Flyin Cancruz can take a long walk on a short pier.

    72. Roger Sledz

      Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!

    73. Roger Sledz

      Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!

    74. Rory Lumley

      I wish they would call out gina carno more. That investigate the count like a recount we did a lot of those.

    75. Mitchell Martinez

      Cruz and Cuomo are the only characters aidy and pete can play that doesnt annoy me. excellent fit for them.

    76. I S

      The only thing funny about this skit was Ted Cruz. Please discontinue the Britney character

    77. Patrick C

      I don’t watch SNL but that Cuomo impression was spot-on

    78. Alex

      When they 'll do Biden?

    79. Nic Chauvin

      She's terrible. It's like she's never seen Britney before. She sounds and acts like the animated Barbie characters.

    80. Megan Parker

      This one was really good

    81. Jillian Leda

      I love cuomo 💕

    82. Alan Carey

      I remember when SNL used to be edgy and also funny.

    83. Apurva Patel

      Cecily was not strong in this bit lol

    84. Kerry Egan

      Chloe’s Britney is near flawless, she’s my favorite cast member now 🥰🥰🥰

      1. Olivia Ryan

        Hard same!

    85. Karlis Kristapsons

      is this american humor?

    86. Dr. Common Sense

      I unironically love how everyone despises Cuomo now. DSPgaming of politics

    87. 24moneybd


    88. xmrtuvgs

      Aidy Bryant (as Ted Cruz), to Cecily: "because we are two strong women" had me rolling on the floor.

    89. Jaclyn Zen

      Brilliant opening skit all the way ‘round. Spot-on impersonations, especially Britney. LOVE SNL! 🖤 #FREEBRITNEY

    90. Danielle H.

      Why did Governor Cuomo receive an Emmy instead of a Grammy?🏆 Because He Killed Grammy! ⚰️👵🏼

    91. Matrix Survivor

      You idiots laugh

    92. Kai Reid

      They cheer a lot for cuomo

    93. Audrey Grace

      Are you wanting to post a lame apology 20 years late? @justintimberlake!

    94. The Frickin' North

      He sent positive covid patients back to the nursing homes where they infected and killed a large amount of the residents... a direct order from cuomo .... they want you to think it’s just a mis marking of deaths ,,,, bs ,,, snl just stop with the political narratives ... nothing is funny anymore

      1. The Frickin' North

        @j you don't... Its un bad taste allready the way it is

      2. j

        How would you even be able to make that funny?

    95. knokhol

      We have the funniest President of all time and every week I am so disappointed for lack of Biden jokes. Is it illegal now to make fun of the old fart?

    96. Lou Frances

      Her dancing is perfect! 😂

    97. UHFStation1

      TRL means? Also what is this note app?

    98. Glen Campbell

      Cringe af

    99. Sehrish Rabab

      Gina was cool

    100. Jane Foster