Bruno Mars Valerie - Amy Winehouse Tribute VMA's 2


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    Bruno Mars tribute to Amy Winehouse at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

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    1. annaiviken


    2. Rita

      This song makes me happy :)

    3. Abraham21 Linclon22

      Still one of the best VMA performances ....too bad the audience was dead !

    4. Tone Kay?

      They couldn't have gotten Adele? Wtf.

    5. Maria Ayub

      Great tribute to one of the most misunderstood, most talented artist of that time.

    6. PIE

      His voice is flawless perfection

    7. raphael frocha

      antes de começar a apresentação tem duas musicas que iniciam. Quais são?

    8. Fen Pou


    9. T3 Productions

      You know why Bruno Tributes are always the best? Because he doesn't focus on the loss and sadness. He focuses on the joy that the music brought.

    10. james proudstar

      I dont like this guys singing and i dont or never like amy winehouse lousy singers,music sucks wanna bys

    11. Aerochalklate

      did Tyler say "stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus" before or after this performance

    12. Aerochalklate

      4:04 adele was trying not to cry

    13. Luis Ch. Gonzales

      como quisiera que aun este en este mundo :(

    14. Angela Gomez de Olea

      Seguro que a Amy le encanto este homenaje, ella lo habría querido así, con luz, color y estilo como el que tuvo ella siempre ❤️

    15. flor anchiraico

      Bruno Mars lo máximo con esa canción. La escucho todos los días y no me canso. Que tal actuación brillante....

    16. Gabrielle DeCristofaro

      there's joy and celebration in this

    17. xyania

      Katy's head piece is kinda blocking the guy behind her lol

    18. Ixtepo Cadafau

      Shaun White at 3:40 appreciating the dance moves is one of my favorite moments.

    19. Rick Sore

      The song is very merry but you can feel the hurt in Bruno Mars' voice and emotions.

    20. Tom Purvenas

      Thank u for this. Even in 2020 or maybe especially in 2020. Awesome!

    21. Michele Silva

      Emocionante! Que linda homenagem!! Amo os dois amy e mars 😍❤️

    22. Barbara Leszczynski

      Bruno done Amy so honourably...Thank You so! 💕💕💕

    23. Daniel Vetter

      I think they really shouldn’t have shown Russel. Was in poor taste. Here’s a guy who fought so hard to protect and save her because he knew how hard it was to get away from all of it, and when she wasn’t able to keep going to show him as a camera cut in a tribute while he’s struggling to keep a strong face upsets me. He’s a great guy and Amy really was lucky to have him in her life, And I’m pretty sure it’s pretty clear she felt the same about him

    24. Ezequiel Martignoni


    25. Manisha Gounder

      I cried while watching this. I miss Amy.

    26. Bruno Marques

      Very good! I'am from Brasil!

    27. Ace TheHelpfulPlace

      The worst audience ive seen

    28. John Alva

      So sad that amy don’t get more tributes. I mean she was the first British singer in achieving 5 Grammy wins in one night and her unmatched talent needs to be celebrated

    29. Sarah Silva

      I miss u so much Amy, you're in my heart! ❤️

    30. test fgd

      The audience looked dead, however, it doesn't mean they didn't enjoy the performance. The tributes 🔥. Bruno Mars never fails. I loved it and the song.

    31. SAN - PLER


    32. Alba

      Que increíble hubiera sido si Amy aún estuviera viva y Bruno Mars hubiera escrito una canción para ella , eso habría sido un éxito rotundo sin dudas .

    33. Mark


    34. James Priest

      Bruno, straight up kills it, like wow

    35. E Y

      He's like 5-2 ?

    36. Leslie Swiman

      😭😭😭 R.I.P AMY WINEHOUSE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍

    37. Rosa Valerio

      Simplemente hermoso, puro talento

    38. Marcelo Ramirez

      La cara de orto de Adelle

    39. Sagicorn24

      Excellent human being

    40. Nunny

      Every time I watch this I tear up. I know she would have loved this performance

    41. Lachlan Merriman

      This is just so beautiful, Amy is forever in our hearts

    42. Erika Malaga

      Esta presentación me hace llorar , Bruno marz hace que está canción se eleve al cielo donde está Amy ❤ Amy i LOVE you darling , i miss you baby 💙

    43. Edith Guerrero

      Como te fuiste tan pronto.

    44. ShadyBeAShooketh

      fucking tyler bless him didn't expect to see him there

    45. Riccardo Zannantonio

      What’s the name of this song?

    46. fordkenny

      People in the stage Sucks, Perfect Presentation of Bruno Mars

    47. Elliotjpc

      This may well be a great performance but I find it slightly strange that when paying tribute to such a fantastic and truly talented songwriter you would choose to perform the only hit of her career that she didn't write. Amy was a seriously gifted and creative songwriter. A true perfectionist and brutally self critical of her own work. So much so that it drove her towards the sublime. This song is a catchy mega-hit, her own songs though were a lot more profound and personal which I (personally, of course) think would pay a much more powerful and deep tribute to by recognising and remembering or performing. Others did I'm sure. Edited: bad grammar/explanation. Love to Amy Winehouse x

    48. João Carvalho

      It's so good it hurts!

    49. Nik Razzano

      the crowd is dead jeez, this performance was incredible

    50. enna morgan

      4:51 Did she really leave the house dressed like that?

    51. Carla Sharon

      I miss Amy so much 😢💔

    52. Tankawa Sibudu

      Thanks Bruno for these fantastic 5 minuts. The girl at 3:09 looks at her partner like WTF dude put your phone away. I like her attitude. She stands up at the end.

    53. Lei Ponce

      this proves that Bruno Mars does not need auto-tune

    54. Bill Brandine

      Bruno Mars absolutely killed it. He and his band are phenomenal in so many ways.

    55. Freddy Jefferson

      That band is tight....loved when Bruno took the the spotlight off of himself and put it on the harmony guys

    56. Ma. Mehafee Sideno

      Best performance of this song!

    57. Nolando

      HOLY SMOKES, best valerie performance right hurr

    58. Natalie Forwood

      Beautiful. I love this song

    59. V For Rak

      A yeeeee

    60. ss sss

      biggest artist in there among all of them..genuine talent!

    61. mv11000

      Holy mother of God he can SING

    62. Alain Vincent

      The Real Deal Bruno Mars

    63. Beverly Warren

      Many things have changed: Adele is thin, Katy Perry is with Orlando Bloom, I don't know what happened to Victoria Justice, but one thing I am sure is that Amy's music will remain in our hearts.

    64. Christian San Agustin

      They should have people at these music award shows that actually enjoy the music being played

    65. Bret Wahlberg

      Only Amy can do this song !!!!

    66. Dee E

      Love Bruno Mars. Such a talented performer.

    67. Rosco P.Coltrane

      Katy Perry nice hat. Fucking moron

    68. Enrique P

      Talento de sobra 👍✌

    69. Lupito H Acosta

      Me acabo de enamorar de Bruno Mars

    70. AJAE'S PLACE

      I hope we don't lose you to a white woman.

    71. Dambassador

      Bruno Mars is quite the entertainer.!

    72. Quan's IPad

      Bruno is a pathetic industry plant

    73. erika gutierrez martinez

      Le quedó muy bien

    74. Mar M. Gallardo

      Hacer un homenaje a una cantante con una canción original de los Zutons cuando ella hizo temas mucho mejores. Valerie es una cover de Mark Romsom cantada por Amy. No es un tema de ella.

    75. Gisele Nicacio

      #gratitude #quarentine #223days Kisses from Brazil #dontgooutbabies #stayinhome #listentolife

    76. Trak Star

      bruno mars is a fetus

    77. Briana Bee

      I’m so glad Bruno was picked to sing he did amazing!!! Rest In Peace Amy💔

    78. Paws Of Love

      AWESOME bruno for the tribute to Amy Winehouse miss her performance and singing love all her songs 💖

    79. Annabel Guerrero

      I cried when he said "we will miss you darling". We definitely will miss you forever. Rest in peace and thank you Bruno for this wonderful performance and honoring her soul ❤️

    80. Bob C

      The way Bruno does it reminds me alot of Michael Jacksons ABC 123.

    81. denise salt

      Don't know why this was suggested but I never ever mind watching Bruno Mars. His dedication to professionalism and perfection in every performance is astounding. Amazing.

    82. Logan Ayers

      Just a reminder that Mars is like 5'4".

    83. The Wicked swede

      Imagine sitting behind Katy Perry.... the box gonna be in the way

    84. Denise Luckie

      We need to bring Bruno Mars backwards he been we need a little dancing a little fun in our world right now

    85. Denise Luckie

      Oh my God he was so young

    86. María Cirenia Islas Zarazúa

      Beautiful, my love🥰🥰🥰

    87. Morena Flor

      Bruno coisa linda

    88. Luzviminda Dela Cruz


    89. Luzviminda Dela Cruz


    90. laura lopez

      Diosa del Soul


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    92. Leia Miranda Neale

      I love it

    93. K

      I've always loved this song, but I especially love how Bruno sped it up and made it his own.

    94. ky dacer

      ❤️❤️ RIP AMY ❤️❤️

    95. owen raydon

      Amy es única pero bruno lo interpreta impecable

    96. D.E.Batman

      No wonder Katy Perry didn't move, she had to balance that huge cheese on her head

    97. ShakyWrld

      Roses are red violets are blue I was recommended this and so were you🤠

    98. jz Hz

      This is some great energy😍🤍❤🤍

    99. Bunni Armani

      Bruno - my goodness, is there anything he cannot do? What a fantastic tribute to a fantastic lady. Thank you for putting this video on here!

    100. Nailen Chacin

      What's the name of the first song