BTS (방탄소년단) VMAs "Dynamite" Getting Ready | Vogue


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    The VMAs looked a little different this year, but K-pop supergroup BTS was on hand to inject some joy and spontaneity into the proceedings with a performance of their song "Dynamite."

    Director: Max Bartick
    Filmed by: INVS
    Editors: Phil Ceconi, James Codoyannis
    Producer: Naomi Nishi
    Associate Producer: Arielle Neblett
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    BTS (방탄소년단) VMAs "Dynamite" Getting Ready | Vogue

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    5. StraightForward Spittingfacts

      Lmao that time when taehyung was worried saying his face looks puffy when it actually was not but now he gained so much weight even on his face and still not concerned abt it. I m so shocked.

    6. We

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    7. Nathalia Gonçalves


    8. valeria Aragón

      No escucho Bts pero son muy atractivos😳

    9. mari K


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    11. Shruti Agarwal

      Is it just me or anybody else thinks V looks like really bothered by something..he looks like he has something in his mind or he is in a sad mood 🥺

    12. You and Me

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    13. Heal

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      Subscribing this channel for BTS :)

    15. Deep Shikha

      5:05... I choked seriously.... V and jhope's visual 😍😍😍

    16. shamaim suleman

      Jimin is looking beautiful

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    24. 7 diamonds

      6:23 don't u think this lady is just over....I mean she should just say "u know korea's pride"😎💣👑

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    29. All is well건물주

      따리하기쉽데 ㅋㅋ. 감히?

    30. my love, bts


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    34. Roxanne’s Hideaway

      **sees green screen** *gasps* They were fake?!!

    35. icy あいし

      I wish they could put “Name: “ during the dialogue so people like me who are about to become a new army can learn their names 🥺

    36. H03seok

      i just love how tae could not sit still for the interview. its so cute 😭😭

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    41. Meilani Ensanita

      Okeee betapa menakjubkannya namjoon😭😭😭😭😭 sekali lagi membuatku sadar betapa aku tidak bisa menggapainya

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    45. Hope in My heart

      I can’t still get over Jung Hoseok!!!! My ult bias is bias wrecking me time and time again

    46. 케이드나이트

      #방탄소년단 💜💜💜

    47. We

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    48. Deb Oz

      They all look so amazing! I love Hoseok’s hair so much! He looks incredible. Plus his outfit... Wow! Seokjin and Taehyung look so handsome, but then again they always do...Just wow! Yoongi, Namjoon and Jungkook...All class!

    49. joshyjose jose

      I was literally sad due to exam pressure and was scrolling seriously rapmonsters warm up made me to warm up

    50. Love

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    51. Zaheerah _xx


    52. Tithi Vlogs

      The way Taehyung was playing with Jungkook's earrings lol😅❤️❤️

    53. Tithi Vlogs

      Omg J hope lookin dope👌

    54. ani nahla

      1:24 im crying just by HOW TALL NAMJOON IS

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      The best video of this channel (sorry my English)

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    63. Rkive Scene

      They are so amazing.

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    65. H2•19

      Tae’s no Filter remarks lol 😆 Such a baby 😍💜💜💜

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    70. Farjana Bantanized

      Kings BTS

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    76. BTS army For life

      First 10 seconds is so caotic, I love it

    77. Loveis

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    80. Aisubeki san

      They guys sounds good and i like the moving dance. But they looks alls so feminin, that's sad. :(

      1. lleiy

        and what about it?

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      , , j.

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    94. Pam Agujar

      Thanks guys, that's really sweet of you to think of us like that. It's true we're having it very rough, but it's also very true that your song Dynamite brings an uplift. I'm very much older than any of you, in fact, any one of you are the age that can be my grandchild. I have a disability that's requiring total hip replacement, but I have to wait until we get past covid-19. In spite of that, I find myself trying to dance along with you and trying to sing. That's my go-to song when I need to feel happy. Thanks guys! It's helping us through these bad times!

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